Returning things

returnsI don’t know about anyone else but I just hate returning something to the store. I don’t care if it’s something that doesn’t fit, sour milk or something that I have a duplicate of, I just hate it. IF I do want something to be returned, I usually make Paul do it.

I don’t know why I’m like this. I’m so afraid of hurting someone’s feelings that I practice my “explanation” on why I want or need to return it. How dumb is that? Like those sales clerks would get their feelings hurt. They most likely don’t even care but it’s really something that bothers me to do. You have no idea how many things I’ve kept over the years that I never wore or used simply because I didn’t want to return it to the store.

I can’t mention any names here but I know certain people in my life who used to buy something and use the life out of it, go buy another one just like it, or as close to it as possible and return the old one in the new box and get their product in new condition for free. I used to try and explain to them that’s like stealing but they didn’t see it that way. It’s thanks to people like them that the return policies have all changed and it’s now harder to return things.

I think with me it’s all the questions. It’s someone throwing questions at me and I’m nervous to begin with and then I start over-talking. I’m famous for over-talking when I get nervous. Hence, why I practice what I’m going to say before I go. HENCE why I usually make Paul do the returning. I’m hopeless.

Am I alone here or do you know people who hate to return things?

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19 Responses to Returning things

  1. joz1234 says:

    I used to refuse to return gifts…until I thought about how I would feel if I got something someone didn’t like…and would I care if they returned it. Usually the answer was no. So now, if it is not sentimental, I don’t worry about whether I’ll hurt feelings by returning an item. I think it is a little generational, though.

  2. Tony says:

    I take stuff back if it’s damaged or doesn’t work. If it’s something damaged I get a bit worried that they might think I damaged & am trying to pull a fast one.

  3. Tony says:

    Forgot to say I shocked that someone would take something used back swapped into a new box. Shame on them!!!

  4. shane says:

    I don’t like returning things either but I will. I bought 2 antenna’s from target for my tv so I could pick up local channels in hd, but neither of them worked. I only got some of the channels. Plain old rabbit ears worked better and those antenna’s where expensive $40-$60. When I returned them they asked why I was returning them and I just said they suck, they don’t work like advertised. Both times they just said oh ok and gave me my money, I don’t think that they care.

    As far as returning something old for something new “shame on those people” an old friend of mine did that with a stereo system. They bought one and used it for about a year and one of the speakers was blown and some of the buttons didn’t work so they bought a new one, then returned the old one for a refund and got away with it.

  5. I don’t remember ever returning anything except the one time where I bought mom a coat for her birthday and saw an ugly stain when I got home. They exchanged it no problem… But as for people returning things I’ve seen it plenty before. My mothers half sister would buy something, leave the price tag attached, wear the thing with the tag hidden for however long she felt like it and returned it when she had had enough. I always thought it was disgusting and wrong.

  6. mssc54 says:

    I return stuff when I NEED to but I just hate standing in that return line.

    ” I know certain people in my life who used to buy something and use the life out of it, go buy another one just like it, or as close to it as possible and return the old one in the new box and get their product in new condition for free.”


    If they steal from the store they will steal from you. Next time they come to visit HIDE YOUR EXTYRA ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER!

  7. Laura (LS) says:

    Thanks to all those people returning things they shouldn’t, my name is on the ‘watch’ list for Wal-mart, Target AND Toys R’ Us. Why? Because I have a 6-year old who receives gifts from a lot of people. And 90% of those people do not include a receipt with that gift. And, since he has no use for three Lego Tow Trucks, we return two of them. With no receipt. So the people at the counter ask for my driver’s license. They quiz me on the reason for return. They won’t give me cash, only store credit, even if the store has a pathetic offering of Legos.

    And all of this is thanks to those people who go and buy stuff, use it, and return it later. I’ve been told that people will even stock up on stuff when it’s on sale, then go back and return it when it’s off-sale, and without a receipt, so they “make a profit”. Really? A profit of what, 25 cents??? Now, I don’t doubt that this has happened – people will do darn near anything – but is it really that prevalent that you have to inconvenience the majority of your customers who are honest?

    Because of that suspicion, I am LOATHE to return anything, even if it requires returning. I also now request that people include a receipt with EVERYTHING that anyone gives me. Maybe it’s rude, but it’s also self-defense. I’m about to be banned from everywhere!! (seriously, I wonder what they’d do if I returned more than three things in six months, without a receipt?)

  8. SKL says:

    I don’t like to return things, but if it’s got something wrong with it, I will return it. I too have about half a closet full of stuff I have never worn – tags and all. Because if it’s brand new, maybe “someday” it will be the perfect thing for some event, right? Maybe I should donate them to those people who return stuff just to make money. Just kidding!

    Yeah, I’ve heard of those people who return stuff they have used. I could never dream of doing that, but different people have different values, obviously.

    I think in this country, if anything, the rules are really lax when it comes to returns, credit, etc. They are being tightened recently, but in most places you go, there is no such thing as “taking you at your word” in business transactions. Because corruption is so much more rampant in most places. Something to be proud of – in our country, there’s a reason why people are presumed to be honest most of the time.

  9. pammy wammy says:

    I have returned a few things in my life.Only if I get home and find out it doesnt work proper.I then usually go right back.Some places stamp a month to return.I have found that some mark downs have a no return policy too.
    But i would NEVER return a item I have used for a long period of time and get another in return.Thats so wrong!Also to wear clothes for a function and return later,is so wrong too!
    I have never had a problem returning things.I dont do it alot.

  10. Gary says:

    It’s not my favorite thing to do but I will do it. Thankfully I don’t have to do it very often. Maybe once or twice a year at most. Usually after Christmas I exchange or return something I received as a gift.

    I would never return an item I have used for quite sometime and return it. That’s stealing!

  11. Karen Joy says:

    I return stuff too much.Its usually clothes,I get home and try the item on and dont like it so back to the store it goes.That has to do with my decision takes me awhile to decide if I like something or not.I would never wear something out and then return it.I dont think I could even get away with that at most stores here.Alot have a 2 week or 30 day return policy and I dont know of a store that will take something back with out a reciept.Joy ,yuo shouldnt feel bad for returning anything,I figure its not me who has ripped stores off,I am an honest person and have a right to take back or exchange if I want too or need to!

  12. Just a Mom says:

    I don’t have a problem returning things. I don’t have to do it very often but when I do it’s not a big deal.

  13. nikki says:

    I don’t return many things but if I have to I will. People who do this only causes our costs to go up. It is stealing. I know people who do far worse things though and it makes me sick! Like people who change price tags….it all falls on us honest people who pay full price.

    • nikki says:

      I just had to exchange our movie…Transformers 2. The disc was messed up. I took it in and she asks…was something wrong with it to make you want to exchange it? Here’s your sign! No I just felt like getting a new one! Wow…I thought!

  14. Sue says:

    I don’t mind returning most things if they don’t fit, work or whatever. I don’t like returning things without a receipt for the reasons Laura mentioned above. I buy a lot of my clothes online (because places don’t carry Xlong pants in the actual store!) so it’s a guessing game with sizes and if doesn’t fit it’s going back! It’s too much money to keep something you hate that you’ll never use or wear – you might as well burn the money in your face! Mum, you ever need anything returned all do it! One thing I would NEVER do is buy something new and try and take back something old…that is just wrong! I wonder who you know like that???

    • Joy says:

      I’ll tell you who it is in person. You told me your sheets story yesterday and I knew this post was going in today so I thought you’d bring that up.

  15. odette says:

    my husband hates returning things, even if it’s spoiled milk. he’d rather trash it and buy a new one than having to explain why he’s returning it.

    i only return stuffs if they’re expensive, like electronics. with clothes, i never buy one without trying it on first because i don’t like the hassle of returning as well.

  16. LVISS says:


  17. tassneem says:

    Well Joy , I don’t really hate to return things which would be of no use to me . But that would be just occasionally , returning stuff after purchase is little embarrassing hence I generally avoid doing it .

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