To Coin a Phrase

There are many common sayings that refer to coins. See if you can figure out what coin is mentioned in each of these phrases.

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7 Responses to Braingle

  1. Sue says:

    Ooooh, 8/12! Not so good, but in my defense I’m not that old to know most of these!

  2. Vicki says:

    11 out of 12 for me..not bad, I guess that means im old. lol

  3. Laura says:

    10/12. But actually it was 11/12, because I actually KNEW the answer to one of them that i got wrong, I just clicked the wrong button. oops!

  4. Paul says:

    Sue I must be old, I got them all right 12 for 12

  5. Joy says:

    Another old person here. I got all of em.

  6. nikki says:

    10/12…I got #7 and #12 wrong….never even heard those terms!

  7. SKL says:

    100%; and here I thought this was too easy. Nice to know we old people still have something on the young folk!

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