Question of the day from Steve and Laura

mac or pcMac or PC?

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20 Responses to Question of the day from Steve and Laura

  1. pammywammy says:

    PC 🙂

  2. SKL says:

    PC. Never had a Mac. Last time I used a Mac, it was in the days when everything was completely incompatible with my PC skills. (That was about 100 years ago.) I have never felt the desire to bother with one again.

  3. Joy says:

    I’ve never used a Mac either but I’m leaning that way for my next one. We’ll see.

  4. Lucy says:

    Mac!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I have a PC at work… and hate it.

    • Joy says:

      Do you mind me asking you why you like the Mac more? I’m seriously considering getting one next time. What about them do you like the most?

      • Lucy says:

        there are several reasons why I like macs (in no particular order).
        1) Never had a virus (and I dont have any anti-virus software). My PC at work has software, but I’ve still had at least one virus.

        2) I can leave my mac on for days without rebooting it… and it doesnt have a problem or slow things down. I have to restart my PC at least once a week or more, otherwise it freezes. (Macs also do not take as long to reboot).

        3) Great support people at apple stores. I have no clue who to turn to if I have problems with my PC. I updated my Mac system and was having a hard time syncing my ipod. Took it into the Mac store and had them resolve the problem in less than 5 minutes.

        4) Built in camera allows for easy skype-ing (although I’ve heard that PC’s now have built-in cameras too)

        5) There is a Microsoft office for Macs…this gets rid of any compatibility issues (that I know of) between Mac and PC documents.

        6) Macs have less lights that light up. My boyfriends computer is a pc… and if he doesnt turn it off at night or when we are watching a movie its really annoying to have 3-5 blinking lights.

        7) A lot of great applications that come with the computer software without any installing necessary (Iphoto, Itunes, sticky notes, Icalender)

        That’s all I can think of right now. There are some negative things about the mac:
        1) Not as many games available for Macs. Many more are available for PC. Although, I think this is slowly changing as more people are getting Macs.

        2) More expensive

  5. Tony says:

    I’venever seen a Mac let alone used one. Are they much different to a PC in how you use them & the way they work???

  6. javajunkee says:

    joy what my daughter says is MAC’s are good for “artsy” people. Like you can do a lot with music and art crap on them. One of our friends has one cuz she’s in a band and she can do alot of stuff with her equipment and her Mac…but she says for just everyday crap they are pretty much over rated and over priced. I think they are less vulnerable to virus’s but is it worth the extra money?

  7. Sue says:

    I have a PC now and it does the job, but next time I really want a Mac!!!

  8. Laura says:

    I’m on a PC, we’ve always had PC’s, but every time we look at new computers, I’m wondering if a MAC would be better. I do a lot of writing (!), so I don’t know which would be better. Probably I’ll just stay with PC … seems like an awful waste to spend twice as much to write the same words on a prettier screen…

  9. LVISS says:


  10. Just a Mom says:

    I have a PC. My theory is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  11. javajunkee says:

    isn’t it mac if you call for help you’ll be speaking to somebody in India? or is that Dell?

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