What If We Lost The Internet?

Last night when this came on the news Paul laughed and said “I’d like to see what you’d be like with no computer!” I turned to him and said “what the hell about you?” What about all your farms and your card playing?” We both LOVE the computer and it’s no secret.

What if you lost your Internet? What would you do? When this was on Good Question last night, we both kind of chuckled. If we lost our power and didn’t have the Internet, I’d be okay. If I know it’s going to be down for a little while for maintenance, I’m okay with that too as I know it’s going to happen so I just do other things. If I were going to go somewhere where there was no Internet, I’d still be fine. I’d miss it but I sure wouldn’t die. But I do like having it and wouldn’t want to go back to the days of not having it.

Some of the people were funny. One woman said she loved her Internet but if she didn’t have it anymore, her house would be clean. One man said if they didn’t have it, he and his wife may start talking to each other again. There were a lot of people who they interviewed and it was kind of humorous.

Back before we had it, I did pretty much the same things I do now. I read and knit. I spent time outside. I will admit that I’m online more than I’m not and I really enjoy the interaction with other people and I love looking things up and playing some of the games but I still read and knit and still do spend time outside and play Guitar Hero. Just not as much I guess.

As for husbands and wives taking. Paul and I are having a pretty good time doing the whole farming thing on Facebook and he’s on his and I’m on mine and we harvest for each other and stuff and before we had the Internet, he was sleeping on the couch and I’d be sitting there reading or knitting so for us, I think it gave us something fun to do together.

What about you? What all do you do online and would you miss it if you didn’t have it or do you wish we didn’t have the Internet at all?

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12 Responses to What If We Lost The Internet?

  1. SKL says:

    Just today I was laughing at myself because of how much the internet has influenced even the way I think. My kids have this seasonal book that I bought to be used at Thanksgiving time, but it seems to have disappeared. Since I have thousands of kids’ books in my house, many in boxes in the basement, the thought of doing yet another comprehensive search for the book is daunting. Well, just for a split second, I got this brain impulse that I should go do a search on my computer! Google to find a book that’s lost in my house? But really, almost every question I ever have, I can find the information on the internet. So now that’s how my brain expects to solve every mystery. Scary!

    So if I didn’t have the internet, what would change . . .

    I’d either read more books or be less behind on my work;

    I’d probably put more effort into using my brain to solve problems;

    I’d talk more because I’d need to vent somewhere;

    I’d either see my friends more, or I’d lose my friends;

    I wouldn’t have some of my good friends at all;

    I’d probably have to watch TV to find out the news, and probably be in a worse mood all the time because of that;

    I’d have to shop for everything in stores and never find 90% of the things I really want;

    I’d have to buy stamps and envelopes and checks and keep track of my paper bills instead of just paying everything online;

    I wouldn’t be involved with nonprofits that are outside of driving distance (might be a good thing);

    I wouldn’t be able to work at home 90% of the time;

    I wouldn’t have faraway clients (which most of my clients have been over the past 15 years);

    Lordy, I begin to think I wouldn’t be myself at all if I didn’t have the internet.

  2. Mabs says:

    To be honest with you, I think I’d be a much more productive person. Even going on a little bit sucks the energy out of me. I check FB, check email, Check blogging buddies, Check on my banking, and I’m off. I think I’d be better off without it. Sometimes I feel like scrapn’ the whole thing. Farming is fun, but I should be cleaning my house and making order- all that stuff has fallen to the wayside. I’m not cooking nearly as much as I use to and my house has really gotten messy. 😦

  3. Just a Mom says:

    If I didn’t have the internet I would be caught up on all my Soap Operas!
    I love the internet because it allows me to keep in touch with my family. My brother lives out in California and we chat just about everyday. Without the internet we would be lucky if we got to talk once a month!

  4. Nikki says:

    You know I really love that I have the internet now. It’s only been about a year and half having the internet. I am able to research more stuff, I’ve learned more about Bailey’s ADHD and how to handle it better. That has been a life saver. I have reconnected with great old friends, and have remained close to them. It’s brought Jason and I closer, at night we are on the computer if we don’t have a show on but we are playing poker together. We have a lot fun together. It’s after Bailey goes to bed and we just sit here and play cards and talk.
    The internet has caused some heart ache though too. It’s very easy to assume the worst when you don’t know what someone means by something.
    I could go without the internet but I wouldn’t want to. Nothing really would change, my house is still clean, I’m still very active in my sons life…I can seperate the two.

  5. mssc54 says:

    If the entire world did not have the internet I would be fine with that. However, if I were to lose it and others were still able to access it I would even stoop to going to the public library to gain access there.

  6. javajunkee says:

    seriously???? I am starting to twitch just thinking about it. i can go without my cell phone and a lot of other things but oh shit somebody is gonna get hurt if I lose my internet..which is sad that I am that addicted to it..but that’s just a fact!

  7. Sue says:

    I’d be ok without it. It would take getting use to, but hey if ya don’t ya don’t!

  8. Gary says:

    Man, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t blog or play Yoville on Facebook.

    In the summer when I am at the resort, I don’t have internet and it SUCKS! I do however have the luxury of going to the library or home for a bit when I start tweeking in the corner of the camper.

  9. Karen Joy says:

    Im already getting heart palpitations wondering how I”ll survive without it(or less of it) on our winter holiday.I’d seriuosly miss not having it.I’d probably pick up a book again,I used to be a big reader,now I never read.Thats so sad!For me its a great tool to stay in touch with family,thats what I use it for most,well and of coarse the silly games on FB.

  10. pammywammy says:

    I would miss it.I keep in touch with family and friends more.Although,I dont write letters like I use too.But I do occasionally write something and email to everyone at once.Maybe in the New Year,I will sit down and write letters.I love facebook.I love the games,but I love how people download their pictures right away and I love to see all the pictures of my grandkids instantly 🙂

  11. LVISS says:


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