Question of the day

Would you rather have a constantly plugged nose or constantly plugged ears?

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7 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Joy says:

    This is hard but I’m going with the plugged nose. I feel off balance if my ears are plugged.

  2. SKL says:

    Nose. At least there is a backup system for breathing.

  3. mabel says:

    Ears. I hate having a stuffy nose- I always get headaches from them ;(

  4. Sue says:

    Ears! I have ears that are plugged more than half the time (but not quite constant) and I can deal with that better than a plugged nose!

  5. Lucy says:

    Plugged nose… I hate it when my ears are plugged. I feel like I always talk too loud :p

  6. nikki says:

    Nose, because I’m used to that. I can’t ever breath normal out of my nose so I’m used to breathing out of my mouth. I can’t stand when my ears are plugged, it’s so annoying!

  7. kweenmama says:

    I would rather have plugged ears. I panic if I feel like I can’t breathe.

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