White house party crashers

I’m sorry if you’re sick of the subject but it’s just not going away. It was on every single news broadcast that I watched today. Not even just news shows but shows like The View were talking about this today and it seems opinions are very varied so I thought it might make for a good discussions while it’s still news.

I had this conversation with my mom this morning but of course she thought I was “picking” on or “making fun” of Obama. Heaven forbid I do that so she wanted to pick an argument with me.

First she laughed over it. I didn’t really ever find any humor in it. I mean, it’s kind of funny I guess if you think it’s funny for just any person off the street to touch and be in the same room with our president. These people “seem” okay but hey, they didn’t have clearance to be there. Then she blamed the people and said they broke in. I asked her how did she figure that? They walked in the same door everyone else walked in. They didn’t sneak in a side door or climb through a window. Then she said they were trespassing but I still begged to differ with her. They were ADMITTED to that dinner. SOMEBODY let these people in knowing their names weren’t on the list. The first check point person who let them in didn’t see their name on the guest list but he “thought” the next person would catch them. HUH???

People are talking about pressing criminal charges. It leaves me wondering what for? These people didn’t break in. They didn’t really lie. They pretended like a couple of kids would pretend. They never planned to hurt anyone and they had nothing on them to hurt anyone so what would they be charged with? Is lying by omission a crime now? These are two celeb wanna be’s and they went to a dinner at the White House with no invitation and they were admitted. They were thisclose to our president. OUR PRESIDENT!!! This is downright scary to me. But I don’t blame the couple. I blame whoever’s job it was to keep this from happening.

This is an attention seeking couple and whoa, they sure got attention didn’t they? As an American, I’m also embarrassed that something like this, in these times of war and nuts being on the lose, that someone with no clearance was in the same room and shaking our presidents hand and is being “hugged” by the vice president.

So, what do you think?

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13 Responses to White house party crashers

  1. Sue says:

    They are attention seekers, but that’s not a crime. I also saw on some news show that she kept talking about how she was going to the party that night to the hairdresser dolling her up for the evening. They crashed a party ( a very important party) and some idiot let them do it. His ass should be fired b/c you know if it was you or I that did it we’d be canned faster than tuna!

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve managed to avoid a lot of this particular scandal. The only thing that I’ve really heard is the woman who was in charge said that a lot of the security stuff that she was supposed to be in charge of had been taken from her by “Obama’s Personal Staff” – whatever that means.

    I agree that someone needs to be fired, I just don’t know who.

    Then there’s the conspiracy nut in me who wonders if this isn’t something set up by the administration itself to deflect attention… oh, forget it. I don’t even believe it, and it’s bouncing around in my head!!! I’ll just go over here and think about pioneer tools.

  3. SKL says:

    Well, I miss the days when anyone could go into the White House most any day. I did when I was 23. Isn’t it public property? I don’t view it as trespassing to go into the White House. It’s really sad that my kids will be lucky to look at the outside through a telescope whereas I was able to go in many of the rooms without any sort of “clearance” or advance notice.

    I have also gotten pretty close to George Bush a couple of times (while he was President) without having to get any major security clearance. They checked people’s bags but that was pretty much it. I mean, he’s still just a man.

    I understand the need for security, and I agree that the security people screwed this one up. But unless the couple actually broke in or used fake ID or something, I don’t think they should be prosecuted. If they are Americans, they own the White House just as much as Obama does, when it comes down to it.

    And I do think it’s kinda funny that this happened. I mean, they could have a pretty good laugh about this at their next “legit” party. I don’t think the news folks are helping anything by harping on it. It just makes the administration look stupider and stupider.

    But you probably noticed that this administration deflects blame by blaming those who expose the problems. The folks who exposed ACORN’s assisting criminals in, e.g., child prostitution and tax evasion, were accused of breaking the law. The folks who exposed the global warming hoax have been accused of this or that violation. Even Joe the Plumber was investigated and sent through the beating machine for asking Obama a question. This tactic enables the media to “get distracted from” the problems they ought to be investigating and exposing. The saddest thing about it is that it apparently works.

  4. pammy wammy says:

    Seems they need to do some work on security there.Thats not very good.They shouldnt have even been able to make it past the first check point.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I don’t know if the couple should be charged with a crime because I am just not sure that they commited any crime. I do think there was a major break down in security and something has to be done about that no matter what. We got lucky they were just attention getters and not someone wanting to do harm to the president. Like him or not he is our president and he is to be protected no matter what.
    Just my 2 cents worth!

  6. nikki says:

    UGH..okay first of all I don’t watch the news because it either pisses me off or makes me sad. So I’m sitting here last night with not too much to do and decided to watch the news. BIG MISTAKE! Within 30 seconds I had seen that this couple had crash some presidential party, more soldiers were killed and a poor police dog fell to his death in the persuit of a suspect! I then turned to Jason and said…THIS is why I don’t watch the news. Jason actually wanted to hear the story about these two people.
    I don’t blame them, they wanted attention and they’ve been doing it for a long time, with several other celebrities. I don’t care if they crash Oprah’s party or the Black Eyed Peas…..but The White House?? What happened to the security?? It’s scary to think anyone can get through the gates if they act the part! The President’s death threats are up 400% and they allow these people in that have no invitation. They very well could have been wanting to cause harm (thankfully not) I just don’t understand how this could happen. The people responible for allowing them in without proper clearance shoudl be fired…the couple well I think all the news programs and what not did a good job of plastering their face all across our TV’s so hopefully their gig is up!

  7. Jim says:

    I must agree with SKL, it’s the “people’s house” we own it, not the high and mighty politicians.

    If they didn’t use any false ID’s or any force, then I see no reason for any charges to be filed.

  8. Laura says:

    You know, it’s true that the White House IS the “people’s house” – and a public building, and it’s also true that We The People should be able to visit anytime…

    This was a private party being hosted in that public building. Just like if a private party was being held at the Smithsonian or at the local country club – both public buildings, open to the public most days. But, the party itself was private, and therefore, security was appropriate.

    Those folks, if they were not invited, had no business being there. Is it a criminal offense? I don’t know. But it was certainly rude – just like it would be if someone crashed a wedding. If you’re not on the guest list, you have no business being there, public building or not. I would think that the worst that these idiots should be charged with – based on what we currently know – is trespassing. And Criminal Stupidity.

  9. Tosha says:

    IT’s insane and I have to agree with you.

  10. SKL says:

    I have to chuckle, by the way, when I hear the media call them an “attention-seeking couple.” As if everyone who was legitimately at that dinner wasn’t attention-seeking! People will spend thousands for a “dinner” just to get a photo with a politician with whom they don’t even agree. So who’s more warped?

  11. javajunkee says:

    totally agree and I am sick of hearing and reading about it. Security breech? Hmm not sure they claim they have emails backing up the invitation. What they should have done if they weren’t wanted there..escort them out and let it go at that. Does anybody in america really give a rats ass ??? The only thing that concerns me is that they got in so easily…if the prez can’t keep a grip on his own house how can we expect him to take care of our borders?

  12. LVISS says:


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