Question of the day

Would you rather have all your friends be smarter than you or have all your friends be much better looking than you?

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7 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Joy says:

    I’d rather they be better looking. I’d hate to be the dumbest person I know.

  2. Lucy says:

    I agree with Joy

  3. SKL says:

    Better looking. I like to tell myself that I’m the smartest person I know.

  4. javajunkee says:

    I would rather they are all smarter…beauty comes before brains 🙂

  5. Sue says:

    I agree with Joy! There’s always plastic surgery!

  6. Gary says:

    I’m going with smarter. There are many more advantages to being the best looking one in the group. 😀

  7. nikki says:

    Oh wow umm….I’d say I wouldn’t want to be the dumbest in my crowd. I already feel that sometimes and it’s not fun.

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