Toxins shmoxins!!

After a long afternoon of shopping at the outlet mall and getting awesome deals, I came home and turned on the boob tube for some veg time before the kids got home from school.  The channel was NBC and The Doctor’s happened to be on.  Yippy!  I  like that show so I turned up the volume and they were just starting a segment titled “Healthy Hearsay:  Colon Cleansing”.  Please, watch this, it’s short!

Now, what’s your two cents on the issue?  I’m kinda passionate you could say about this!  Ask Joy’s brother Darryl!  He told me he’d bought some cleansing stuff after reading a book and I politely argued with him on how it was not a good idea!  I told him flat out don’t do it!  I’m not sure if he ever did or not…

Anyway, I’m beyond thrilled that this is finally being talked about on TV!  I’m so tired of hearing the ads on TV, radio and in the newspaper about how toxic the stuff in your colon is and you have to get rid of it or else!  PLEASE!!!!  We humans have not survived for thousands of years because there are toxins in our colons!  If the stuff in your colon was toxic, you’d be dead because that’s what toxic stuff does.

I have seen the inside of colon’s whose owners use cleansers.  It ain’t pretty!  It’s easy to spot a chronic colon cleanser because the stuff actually leaves a thick, black sticky film on the surface of your colon.  And if you’re having a colonoscopy, that thick black sticky stuff doesn’t help the doctor find polyps and other problems that could be serious.  It also wrecks havoc on the colonoscopes!  Clogs it up and makes it really hard to clean!  (And yes, they are cleaned and disinfected between each patient, but you can’t always get that gunk out!)

Some of the patients we’ve had have said that it helps them with bloating, gas, and keeping regular, but like the lady in the video said, water, exercise and a high fiber diet will do the same thing.  Have you ever done a cleanse of any body part/organ?  Mine consists of working up a great sweat and avoiding the junk food!  There’s no way I’m going to give myself the runs on purpose!  It’s just not for me 🙂

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15 Responses to Toxins shmoxins!!

  1. Laura says:

    mmmm…. this is LOVELY breakfast conversation.

    anyway, I have a friend who has done one of these things, and she swears that she suddenly lost 10 or 15 lbs immediately after, and kept it off.

    I don’t know that I’ll ever try one, considering that your body is supposed to be “self cleaning” when it’s functioning properly.

    I think, though, that these things are so easy to sell in this society, because we’re such clean freaks. Everyone I know is a germophobe… they have hand sanitizer everywhere, antibacterial soap, they dust and vacuum obsessively, and can’t handle the sight of dirt. So when somebody comes along and says that there’s all this nasty gunk caking up their body? They freak. They *must* be “clean”. And they fall for it.

    Now, if there ever was real evidence that 1) my body can’t clean itself, and 2) those things actually work, scientifically/medically proven, THEN I might consider it. But not until.

  2. pammy wammy says:

    I have used a cleanse every year before I get my colonoscopy.It aint fun.I have had many colonoscopies the last decade.I dont think I have used pills for a cleanse.I know of some that do.They say they feel better.But as years go by,I realize for all over good health,that water,healthy eating and being physically active works for me.Any pills are a short fix unless you change your whole life style 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    No Sue, Darryl never did use his after you told him all this stuff. I do believe for the most part that our bodies take care of themselves in matters like this. Unless a doctor told me to do it, there’s no way I would.

    What does kill me though it the number of people who do stuff like this.

  4. javajunkee says:

    I always thought taking a good healthy shit was cleansing enough. Our bodies are designed to kind of take care of themselves in that area if we aren’t putting all the crap in it that prevents it from doing it.

    I drink coffee..that’s a good cleanser!

    OH and that thing where you go in and stick your feet in a dirty basin of water for the sake of pulling out the toxins??? R U FRIGGIN KIDDING ME??? And people PAY to do that! They saw some people coming…get out the fishing pole.

  5. Gary says:

    Yeah, uhhhhh…, I’m good thanks.

    Sometimes I shove a garden hose up there as far as I can get it and ask my wife to turn the water on full force. That ALWAYS makes me poop and cleans me out very nicely. Sometimes I will squirt a little dish soap up there first and shake really hard when the water is turned on to slosh it around.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Gary says:

    Now this is odd. I have tried to post something here 5 times now and it won’t post? What the heck?

    The test posted and this will hopefully post so I don’t get it?

  7. birdpress says:

    I agree with you. Fruits and veggies (green smoothies!) are much healthier and “colon cleansing” is just not necessary. Also, Dr. Oz says it is bull too, and I like him. 😉 I really need to start making green smoothies again. I swear I felt healthier when I was drinking them every day. The cold weather makes me not want to drink anything cold though, and I like them best with frozen berries. But yeah, if you want to “cleanse” your body, I will swear the green smoothie thing is the best you can do. Better than juicing because you get lots of fiber this way too.

  8. SKL says:

    I have one of those weird new-age friends who is into that stuff. I’m not sure if she ever did an all-out cleanse, but she has talked about it in the past. She told me that we have up to 50 lbs of yuck in there if we don’t cleanse. I wasn’t buying it. I am not one for doing anything that doesn’t feel natural to me. Especially if it involves artificial or concentrated chemicals / extracts. I know that a few extra apples, oranges, and greens can work wonders.

    But I was supposed to get a colonoscopy because of family history of cancer. So I did the “prep,” which I guess is not that different from a “cleanse.” I lost one pound if that. So much for 50 lbs of yuck rotting in there. (I wouldn’t have minded losing 5 or 10, ya know?)

    The prep didn’t really bother me that much, but I wouldn’t do it except for the colonoscopy or similar purpose. I too have read that it can cause problems. Besides, like most of the above posters, I like to respect my body, let it do what it does well, and not discourage it from doing its own job.

    • Sue says:

      Doing the prep for a colonoscopy is one thing, but this is about those people who do it to get rid of the “toxins”. A prep for a colonoscopy is a MUST!

  9. nikki says:

    Great thing for everyone to know! Thanks Sue! I know this b/c I have heard you speak of it, not that I would try any of this! I don’t eat the best but I am trying. I go from one extreme to the next, with eating a lot and everything in sight to not really not eating anything. I get too over weight and hunker down and I don’t eat. that’s what I’m doing right now and I’m trying really hard to eat more, just healthy food! It’s hard….but I do know the healthier the food is that goes into your body the healthier your body will be, it’s simple. Thanks for this Sue…I hope it helps someone if just one person!

  10. Good overall site enjoyed reading will def bookmark.

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