No alcohol allowed

We just built a new stadium for our University of Minnesota Gophers. It’s called the TCF Bank Stadium. All very fine and good. But some “do gooders” have decided that it’s going to be an alcohol free zone. Okay, that’s all very fine and good too I guess. Or is it? You can read a short article about it here.

It would appear though, they are having a hard time getting rid of selling the suites. It used to be standing room only at all these college events. People took business acquaintances to these games and there were “meetings” held in these suites and they were impossible to get your hands on. Now they are roughly only 1/4 full at games.

It would also appear now that there is NO ALCOHOL at any event at this TCF Stadium and not just college events. Apparently there have been some bands that didn’t want to play in this stadium because of this. Live Nation and U2 are okay with it and will play there in June for the first concert.

I have a problem with this for more than one reason. I had no idea that there would be no alcohol anytime in this stadium. I first of all find it very wasteful. Am I the only one who thinks that most kids who are off at college are living on their own anyway? Don’t people think if they want to drink they will? Whether it be at home or at other places on the campus? There’s Northrop Auditorium where alcohol is allowed and I would assume where most of the concerts will now be. They have plays and such as well here so it’s not like this is an alcohol free campus. Isn’t it time to loosen the apron stings yet?

So who’s bright idea was it to waste millions of dollars on this lame idea? The “do gooders” I mentioned above who think everyone should live the way they do? It’s the people who think their way is the right way. “The economy has not helped in terms of people renewing and the alcohol decision has really hurt us as well,” said University of Minnesota Assistant Athletic Director David Crum.” So if the economy and no alcohol sales are keeping people from going, why would they have agreed to this? So now this beautiful new stadium is not going to be full? It will be going to waste?

I personally am not the kind of drinker who would drink at an event like this anyway so it doesn’t really bother me or matter to me other than the fact that they built this for $288.5 million and it’s not going to be used for more than just school events and the minority of concerts. “They” said they were trying to discourage underage drinking but there are other places, many in fact, that allow drinking on campus. There are also people who signed on to rent these suites with the assumption they could entertain clients in them and have a few beers and watch hockey, that want out of their contracts and are now fighting the U.

You know, not all people who have a couple of beers or a glass of wine get drunk out of their mind and can’t drive home. Some groups of people take buses to these kinds of events and some people have designated drivers. Back in the day, Paul and I would take turns on who could have cocktails and who would drive home. Isn’t that a shocker? Not all people who have a couple of drinks are drunken bums. Why do people act like anyone who drinks is going to get drunk and kill someone behind the wheel of a car? I also guess if there was no alcohol allowed anywhere on campus, I would feel differently but I just think this was a group of some “high and mighty” people who just like telling other people what they should do. A lot of college students are old enough to have cocktails or a number of them live on their own and can drink if they want to anyhow.

How about leaving this up to the individual who’s going to have the drink and not “assume” that nobody is responsible. I just don’t understand how building something like this with this kind of restriction on it is like treating all these adults like children and quite frankly, ticks me off. College events would be one thing but all events, I feel is a big waste of this center.

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12 Responses to No alcohol allowed

  1. SKL says:

    I agree! I don’t drink alcohol except at Thanksgiving dinner, but I do believe that adults need to be treated like adults. This has always been a pet peeve of mine. Yes, people are going to make mistakes, so should we all live in bubbles? Why should everyone pay for the mistakes of the minority? And then when it comes to dealing with that minority who cause the problems, we have to treat them with “compassion,” kid gloves, etc. We reward the fools and punish the wise. What else is new?

    They should have made it clear when they first sought financing that this would be an alcohol-free facility. Did they tell their lenders that? Did they tell the taxpayers or alumni association members who surely footed part of the bill? Did their projections, used to secure financing and various approvals, reflect the reality that there would be minimal demand for the seats at most types of events? I’ll bet you the answer to all of the above is no. Otherwise a facility of that size would not have been built. Why isn’t someone cracking down on these people for basically defrauding those who provided the money to build this thing, and now have a right to expect it to pay for itself and then some?

    My general theory is that no matter what I think about what other people do, the only person I can control is myself. I wish other people would realize this. If I don’t believe in something, I vote with my pocketbook. Like you said, forbidding something outright, in just one place, is just going to mean people will find another place to do it. What they should do is crack down more seriously on people who do drink and drive or do other dangerous / damaging things when they are drunk. We recently had a fatal accident caused by some woman who had like 15 prior DUIs. What the hell? Meanwhile, most of the people in that stadium never have and never will endanger a life while drunk.

    • Joy says:

      I would assume that it was alcohol free pretty early in the game but I don’t think they freely told people who had season tickets and those with the suites. Otherwise, why would they just be trying to get out of these contracts now? I think hockey is the biggest one where people are unhappy.

      I just feel people have a right to make their own choices in life and realize it’s not up to us to police others. I highly doubt that anyone with 15 DUI’s would be affected by this. This is like any other thing, it only involves people who obey the law.

  2. javajunkee says:

    I agree that this should have been made known from the beginning. People get their panties in a twist when it goes the other way around.
    Having said that. I am not really a big Bono/U2 fan (for my own personal reasons)…but holy crap get them to play there a couple of times and the thing will be paid for.

  3. A Joy rant! I’ve missed those.

    Just so happens I agree with you. I’m not a drinker, really. Sure as hell wouldn’t shell out $6.00 for a beer at the stadium. You’re right about the students–they’ll go get hammered somewhere else before and after the games.

    Such a shame to not fully utilize a new facility like that because you have some agenda to impress upon the community.

    Oh, and I noticed someone lost the game last Sunday.

    • Joy says:

      I haven’t had a whole lot to rant about lately JW. What did that last line of your comment say?? It’s all blurry….can’t see it………

  4. nikki says:

    I’m totally ignoring JW’s last sentence also. lol I still feel ill!
    I’m so with you on this. I don’t agree with it being alcohol free at all, what happen to freedom to do what you want (law abiding ofcourse) I personally would never buy more than 1 or 2 because they are so damn expensive but people do and that is a major profitable market right there. If they drink, they drink. Not being able to drink in one place won’t stop them. And as for the underage drinking, that lies with personal responsibilty and the people who work there to NOT serve underage people.
    Fine if they are going to do it and they are obviously they should have made it very clear to the season tickets buyers. I don’t think that is fair one bit. I’ll be interested to see what kind of #’s these concerts pull in!! Compare those to the ones that allow alcohol. I’m sure they’ll be taking a BIG hit! Perfect timing too…with the country doing so well! <<<sarcasim there….

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I have been to a few stadiums and venues that are “dry” and don’t serve alcohol but they let you bring your own in. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot by keeping it a no alcohol zone.

  6. Laura says:

    I’m totally not a drinker. I mean, it’s sparkling grape juice for me on New Years, kind of a not-a-drinker. So I absolutely would not miss it if I went to a “dry” venue.

    Having said that, though, I don’t think it should be that way for everyone else. Yeah, it’s a relief to not have to worry about the drunk jerk next to me – but now he’s not even funny ’cause he’s drunk! He’s just a jerk!

    I do have to say, though… the time for complaining was when this whole thing first started – if people knew from the get-go that the place was going to be dry, why are they just now complaining? Or was that kept quiet, except for the investors, until now?

  7. Lucy says:

    It seems like I agree with most of you. I think adults should be treated like adults and should be able to decide for themselves whether they choose to drink. I could potentially understand if certain events that are mostly attended by teenagers (e.g. Miley Cirus concert) are alcohol free…but then again why would you make the poor supervising parents hang out there without a beer or two???!!!

  8. birdpress says:

    I think I agree with most of you too. I think it’s silly to tell other adults that they can’t drink, and naive to think that college kids aren’t going to get drunk ahead of time if they want to, whatever age they are. (That’s what we did, anyway.)

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