Send your photo’s

Let’s share our favorite ornaments. Lights, tree’s. Send in your pics and we’ll see how each other do things. I’ll start with my favorite “store bought” Christmas ornament. I bought this ornament in the gift shop of North Memorial hospital in November of 1990. My mother in law was dying. She held it in her hand and said “you’ll buy anything” and she laughed. She died two weeks later and to this day, I can see her holding this in the palm of her hand and it’s one of my happiest memories.

It’s a little snow globe and snow falls when you turn it upside down.

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12 Responses to Send your photo’s

  1. Nikki says:

    I love that story! 🙂 I actually lost some of my childhood ornaments in the last move. 😦 My Rainbow Brite is my favorite one. The ones Bailey have made though are my VERY favorite!!

  2. moodswingmabel says:

    Oh, what a memory. Joy, this is a special ornament, indeed! I’ll go snap a few pics of my favorites!

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  4. Nikki says:

    I also forgot to say….she SO knew you!! You will buy anything!!!!! LOL

  5. Sue says:

    One of my favorite ornaments is on my Christmas card this year. My mom got it for me. I looked at the year the other day and it’s from 2005! My how time flies. My favorite ornaments as a child were some my mom still has. My grandpa worked for Hallmark also and has us put our orders in from the book so he can get them at the company store for us.

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