Disney Characters

How well do you know your Disney characters?

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16 Responses to Braingle

  1. Joy says:

    6 correct out of 10. I got a C. Better than last night but still poor.

  2. paul says:

    Not very good 4/10

  3. Sue says:

    6/10…thought I’d know more than that!

  4. shane says:

    4/10.. At least I passed right.

  5. Laura says:

    eh… 7/10. The only one I missed that I’m at all shagged about is the whale in Pinocchio. I said baleen, but that was the one in Nemo.

    The other two I missed were from Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear. I haven’t seen those movies, so I took a guess.

  6. Vicki says:

    Another bad one for me… 4/10

  7. Joy says:

    I’ll have to go through and try and find better ones. When I see topics I think we’ll all like, I sometimes don’t read them all. This weekend they were both pretty hard.

  8. Karen Joy says:

    4/10.When I read the 1st one I thought,oh Ill get these…nope..quessed on most.

  9. SKL says:

    50%, but I changed my answer from right to wrong on one of them.

    I never saw most of those movies. What kind of mother am I?

  10. Lucy says:

    6/10… its been a while since I’ve watched any of these disney movies.

  11. darrylf says:

    Do I know my Disney or what 2/10 😦

  12. Whoo! 7 out of 10! Not bad considering some were guesses.

  13. Nikki says:

    omg I only got 2 right! 😦

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