I know that I’ve talked about this before but I really feel the need to do it again. For those of you who know us, this will come as no shock. For those of you who could care less, sorry for bringing it up ONE MORE TIME until next year.

I think we have to be among the Vikings biggest fans. We just love them so much and it’s always been this way. When I first started dating Paul he had season tickets and it was back in the day of the Purple People Eaters with Fran Tarkington and other players most of you wouldn’t know anymore.  Anyhow, I thought to myself, unless I want to be alone every Sunday, Monday night and Thursday night (there was Thurs night football back then) I may as well join em. So, I became a bigger fan than Paul. Joking. But man, I do love football and we produced two boys who were brainwashed at a very early age love it as much, if not more than we do. Guess what else? They married two girls who let them love it and did what I did, they joined in. We have also now brainwashed given our love of football and the Vikings to our three grandchildren and they can cheer like the best of em.

As most of you know, our Vikings were only one game away from the Superbowl and played the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night but lost in a heartbreaking overtime. We are VERY superstitious about football and have the same routines for each game and we do what we did the week before IF we won. I know it’s ridiculous but hey, it’s harmless and it’s just who we are. So Sue can’t have a jersey. If she gets one, sure as shi*, that person either gets hurt or leaves. So, she’s a jerseyless girl. Sometimes if she’s good, Toby will let her wear an old jersey of a player who no longer plays! You may think I’m joking but I can assure you, I’m serious. Well, I’m not serious about the “being good” part!!

Most of you know that we live on the same  property as Toby and Sue so it just ended up over the years that Toby would come over for each game and even that got to a point that we would “seem” to lose if Sue was here so she started staying home. Also, as the kids got older, they don’t really care to watch the game and it makes the men yell so I think she stays home because of the kids. ANYWAY……We wanted to celebrate this time but were scared. Scared if we did anything so “different” as to have people over*gasp*……Jason and Nikki or my brother, we’d lose the game so we opted to keep things the same and Jason and Nikki KNOW this and they didn’t want to come over either. IT’S JUST HOW WE ARE.

Well, as it turns out, I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered. Nikki and I were on Facebook telling each other we had to puke!! It was a great night!!! I walked into the kitche and as soon as I did, we scored so I had to stay in the kitchen. The phone rang and it was Sue, she had just walked into the bathroom so Toby told her she better keep her fanny in there too. So, I didn’t see the 4th quarter. We do have a TV in the kitchen but I opted to listen to the other one and listen to the cheers or the jeers. So, I heard us lose more than I saw it.

It just got very quiet. We just love the Vikings so much. It wouldn’t matter if we won every game or lost every game. We love them NO MATTER WHAT. But it was such a fun year. I have to admit, Brett Farve is wonderful and I thank him and the rest of the team for a great year.

Okay, I’m getting now to the point of this post. After the game I heard my phone telling me that I had a text. I’d been texting to one of my cousins from Canada during the game because she couldn’t get the game. The text was from a 17 year old cousin and it said “good game go saints.” I was so sad I almost started to cry. What a jerky thing to say to someone. I already felt like someone punched me in the stomach. So I texted him back that “I always thought you were nicer.” He texted me back that he was “just kidding.” Ya right! Too late for that. Then this morning another cousin said this to me on Facebook: “great game, last night, hope you didn’t think the vikes would actually win.”

Is there something wrong with me that I don’t get? Has all kindness left mankind? You know, I could really care less if you hate the Vikings. I could care less who you love or what you do or anything else but was there a point to the deliberate hurt to me and my kids? What was with the deliberate slap in the face when we were already walking around all day today like we lost our best friend? What is the point of deliberately hurting someone for NO REASON??

This isn’t about football to me. It’s not about the Superbowl but it’s about family. It’s about friends. It’s about love. It’s about kindness. What makes people just want to lash out and hurt someone? For no reason. I don’t see these people very often but I do communicate with them on various networks. I’m seriously thinking of deleting both of them. That’s how hurt I feel. Then I ended up calling one an ass-hole on Facebook and then I felt sorry that I didn’t just ignore it but something inside me wouldn’t let me leave it alone. It just hurt.

HELP ME!!!!! Why are people mean to each other just for the sake of it?? Is it a lack of manners? Personality? Meanness? Low self esteem? Immaturity????


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39 Responses to Spoilers

  1. SKL says:

    I think low self-esteem puts an edge on some people’s dry humor. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they hoped you’d take it as a joke. But they were obviously lacking in good sense and compassion.

    To be honest, I checked the score just before they went into overtime, then when they lost, I came here right away with the intention to post something light-heartedly humorous. (I was surprised that you had already posted the question of the day, but nobody had commented on the game yet.) I couldn’t think of anything to post, so I went away. I checked back a few times, but since nobody had posted anything, I figured everyone was feeling really bad and I’d better keep quiet. I guess if I had been having a bad day and needing a way to vent it, I might have posted something with a tinge of sarcasm, not even realizing that I was dumping my own baggage on you.

    Oh heck, I guess I’m just trying to give a couple doofuses the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really are jerks.

    But though I didn’t watch it, I could tell it had to be a good game, which is all you really want in football, right? I mean, I was once a rabid Browns fan, so you know where I’m coming from . . . .

    • Joy says:

      I wouldn’t have even posted this SKL had I not had such a day from hell from people who supposedly love me. I mean come on. How low can you go? I really felt today like I lost my last friend in the world and then these senseless idiots, joking or not, made me feel even worse. You and I have “known” each other for a few years now and email privately and you know me so much better than most people who come here so I know you wouldn’t hit below the belt joking wise. Why would anyone is what I’d like to know? It was just plain hurtful.

      It was a good game. I really feel whoever would have had the ball last would have won. Football really isn’t the point either. It’s just the worlds nastiness.

  2. Nikki says:

    I’ll say a lot more tomorrow. I will say too every word is true…we are that crazy about our Vikes!
    It makes sad, sad that people who claim to be our friends, even family go out of their way to hurt us. Anyone who knows us, even just a little, knows how we feel about our team.
    As if what happened Sunday wasn’t bad enough. It’s like pouring salt on fresh, very bad wounds. It’s just mean.
    I just watched on the news a “so called” fan burning a Vikings shirt. Really?! That had nothing to do with your post, I was just sickened by it. All of it…so much unnecessary hate, sad people in this world.
    BTW…your post made me cry…again. I can speak for Jason and Bailey and say we feel like our hearts were ripped out and stomped on. People rubbing it in was just hurtful.
    Okay that ended up to be more, but I’m quite sure I’ll have even more to say tomorrow!

  3. jason says:

    I have bled purple since the day I was born. My first pics I’m wearing viking clothes. If you were born here you have no reason for being a fan of any one else. For those so called Vikings fans today burning things, badmouthing the team, MOVE to Wisconsin. If You can’t support the team or the true fans when needed most PISS OFF. I had to tell my crying 9 year old last night this happens. If it was easy to be the best team it wouldn’t be special would it? I’ve had one of the best seasons ever as a fan. Win lose or draw, I will always be a fan. Brett made it fun to watch. The fun he had on the field made you see it’s truly just a game. It broke my heart yesterday. The last thing I was thinking about when I closed my eyes and it was truly a long drive into work this morning. Not because we lost but because of all the ASSHOLES I would have to listen to all day saying “I knew that would happen'” “Vikings suck” “Favre sucks”….It was a team loss last night. We deserved it less. Hats off to the saints…So the jersey got hung up till august when I can start saying “I think we can win it this year”…..I’ve been saying that since I could talk and will say it until I cant….GO VIKINGS….LETS WIN THE GAME…..GO VIKINGS HONOR YOUR NAME………………..

    • shane says:

      Great comment Jason. I just can’t stand bandwagon jumpers. This guy that I used to work with loved whatever team is on top. His favorite football team was the team that won the superbowl the year before. Same for hockey, baseball, etc. “How do you get any satisfaction out of that? I’ve been through the “98” season, the dreaded 41- donut season, and this season and come next season I’ll be right back cheering on the purple!! Someone I know on facebook is a Saints fan, and she was born here and has lived here her whole life. The 1998 season pissed her off and she jumped ship and her husband is from New Orleans. “How Pathetic” After the game she commented about how Brett is a “drama queen” and that the “viqueens did it again” and so on and so on! Man did that piss me off. I don’t know how to explain people like that. That will never happen to me “skol vikings” Thanks for a great year!! We’ll see you again next season. And if Brett’s listening we would love to see you again next year.

  4. Joy says:

    I feel so bad for you and Toby. You are the ones I really wanted this for. For all our years of constant love of the Vikes, I would have wanted you guys to see this in MY lifetime. Next year, we watch this game TOGETHER AS A FAMILY and say to hell with what we did last week. I’m so sorry for Bailey and you. I woke up at 5:45 thinking of the same thing as I went to bed thinking. Oh crap, we lost!

    But seriously Jason, Hats off to the Saints! What? Are you daft? They played one of the dirtiest games I can ever remember watching and there is no “hats off” from me to them.


    • shane says:

      Amen Joy, They are a very dirty team. I know football is a contact sport but they absolutly tried to kill Brett. All of those late hits, “c’mon” I hope the Colts kick there ass!!!

    • Nikki says:

      Honestly I think he is just being the better man here. He knows some Saints took some cheap shots, but he also knows that isn’t what made us lose. 5 turnovers and buttery fingers and bad choices lost that game. So that said…Colts are the better team, they got to the Super Bowl FAIR & square and I hope they spank the Saints!

    • Laura says:

      I still wish I’d seen that hit. I was sitting down here on my computer “watching” the game on NFL.com so I could offer my support to Joy and Nikki through Facebook… if anyone finds the replay on Youtube, could you let me know? (there’s someone ’round here who needs it described to him…)

  5. Ellen says:

    i am not sure what to say. The one who texted you those thoughtless messages, must have not known you are so attached to the Vikings. And indeed, there are low people out there, who are enjoying hurting people with words. The are cowards. Please, do not let them make you more sad.

  6. Tessa says:

    That is just immature, like Ellen said just try to ignore them. They are insensitive. I use to tease Eric when we watched and like the other team just jokingly-I didn’t realize how much it bugged him. But I realized that Eric is really emotionally attached to the Vikings too and it hurt him, so now I only support the Vikings and no jokes about the Vikes! But I didn’t realize until I started watching with him this year- he is so part of your family and just like you guys!! It is funny because he never even watched with you guys, but he is just the same. Don’t tell him I told ya, but he was actually crying after the Vikes lost-I was surprised!
    I think your post is so funny! I enjoy reading about your superstitions! So easy for people to have them! I think you guys would have so much more fun though all watching together since you all love it!! I love the brainwashing 🙂 Eric is so ready and excited for Ben to be a fan. Ben is already raising his arms in the air when we say “Go VIkings!!” and he has “go” down! lol It is cute.

    • shane says:

      Don’t tell anyone this Tessa but I cried in 1998, the 41-0, and this year. We are the most passionate Vikings fans you will ever meet!

    • Joy says:

      I did try to ignore it. When I got the text after the game. I texted one thing back and then thought “what the hell” and just turned off my phone. It was the next day (Monday) when I got the other comment on a status update I made Sunday night. That’s when I could have cried and it wasn’t about the game. It was more that I felt sad that this boy (I know he’s man now but he’s still a boy to me) could have such an angry way about him and that he could so easily make all of us feel so bad and take such obvious pleasure in it. I know none of us will ever feel the same way about him and to me, that’s sad.

  7. SKL says:

    We never let my granny watch an important game, because the superstition was that every time she watched, they lost. If something bad happened, we’d call and say “are you watching the game?!” Poor Granny!

  8. I think lots of people don’t really understand the essence of fandom, so they don’t necessarily realize that they’re being simply unkind! Also, when it comes to sports, I feel lots of people think that they’re allowed to “rub it in” about other people’s team’s loss. I don’t know why, they just do :(.

    • Joy says:

      That is so sad to me. That people would take pleasure in “rubbing someones face” in something like this. I have never been that way. I would feel so bad to razz someone over a big loss like that.

      What has happened to people’s feelings?

  9. Sue says:

    I really don’t understand why “family” acted this way either. I think slightylignorant makes a good point; that people feel like they can rub it in. A little razzing is one thing, but to be a jerk about it is unnecessary. I was not a big football fan before I met this family, but it did not take me long to become one! Like Joy said, if you don’t want to be alone you’d better join ’em!

    I think the superstitions really started with me and the jersey’s! Every time I got one, the player either ended up hurt or traded and the year Kleinsasser got hurt Toby finally said, “No jerseys for you! EVER!” LOL! I did stay home this year b/c of the kids and the yelling, but it was ok because the kids would go play and then I could watch the game in peace too!

    I don’t really care who cheers for who or what team you choose to support, but then you’d better show me the same graciousness. True fans can admit when their team doesn’t play the best. True fans are still excited for the next season no matter when their team gets knocked out of the running for that coveted place in football history. True fans don’t jump ship and blame all the mistakes on one person. True fans do get disappointed and upset, but they still hold their heads high and have a smile on their face when you talk about their team.

  10. Laura says:

    Two of the things you said, Joy, pinged me. 17 years old, and on Facebook.

    I have a theory that’s probably way to over-analytic, but here it is anyway. It’s the whole “kids today” thing. The generation that they belong to is so incredibly narcissistic. Ridiculously so. I look at the FB pages of some of them, and they have THOUSANDS of pictures uploaded – and there are only a handful of those pictures that don’t have their face in them. And most of the pictures are self-photos. It’s always been a trait of a teenager that they are the center of the universe. They’re bulletproof and all that. The world revolves around them. But now you add the “fame” of having a facebook page, the ability to have your face out there ALL THE TIME, and the possibility that anyone, at any moment, could all of a sudden be on a Reality TV Show – because of something stupid they’ve done, not because they have talent – and it makes for a ME Generation unlike any other.

    Which leads me to the things that were said to you. They don’t think, now, about what others are feeling. Conversations with them on the topic are revealing: “so what? I don’t care. F* them!” are typical.

    So as sad as it is, I don’t think they realize that they’ve done anything wrong. They truly don’t understand that what they’ve said is out of line. It’s just a funny that they put out there so that people will laugh at how witty they are, regardless of how badly it may make others feel.


    And as for the loss the other night? I seriously thought of sneaking on here and putting up a black ribbon, but I couldn’t think of a way to put it up here that wouldn’t sound snarky. And I did NOT want to be snarky… I would have meant for it to be like the days of old, when a respected figure died, and people wore black armbands. I was really bummed that they lost. Now I have to cheer for the colts. And I’ve been mad at them ever since they beat my Bears in the SB. Even though they totally deserved the win, I still haven’t forgiven them…

    • Joy says:

      I know you are so right about the age thing. I did think about that. It’s just that with the 17 year old, I’m so close to him and his family. What really bothers me is he’s going to have this kind of personality. He isn’t going to have any compassion later in life. He’s always going to think that speaking his mind, no matter what is okay. He really wasn’t taught right in my opinion. I’d like to hope that neither of my boys would say something like this to someone who was in our position. I was so sad.

      The older cousin, well, he’s a spoiled brat and that’s about all I’m going to say about him. He always was and always will be. I know he doesn’t think he did or said anything wrong. He’s like you described above. “Everything in this world is about me.” He didn’t even have the balls to post this to me in his own name. He did it under his wife’s name and then she came on to say it was him. The only thing I was grateful for was that I didn’t go with my first reaction and call her a bitch. I am SO GLAD I walked away to “cool off” before I said anything to her cause I hardly know her but she’s always seemed nice enough.

      I’d still like to know where the “meanness” comes from and what kind of a thrill people get by being like this.

  11. Gary says:

    I’m scared to comment on this one. 😀

  12. Just a Mom says:

    Why are people mean to each other just for the sake of it?? Is it a lack of manners? Personality? Meanness? Low self esteem? Immaturity????

    All of the above Joy! I think it started with everybody being a “winner” these kids don’t know how to lose. Seriously! They think they can say whatever they want and if the other person gets hurt well that’s their problem, you know they are just “kidding.”

    * The Saints did play a dirty game. That’s why I don’t like them!

  13. Laura says:

    JAM has a point, too…. so often, we let stuff slide when the insulter says, “oh, just kidding”. Because if you were just kidding, then it must be ok. But it isn’t.

    The other “get outta jail free card” is “sorry”. SOO often I hear parents rebuff their children with “say you’re sorry”. The child dutifully mumbles “sorry” as he’s racing past, chasing another kid with a baseball bat, and mommy is satisfied that her child has manners because “he said sorry”.

    Well, he didn’t did he? He mumbled a word on a reflex, but he had NO idea what he was saying.

    I’m trying to combat that in my little corner of the world. When Josh screws up, he is to stop what he’s doing, look the offended party in the face (above the shoulders is acceptable for now… we’re working on eye contact), and say, “I’m sorry for [fill in the blank].” None of this one-word throwaway crap. He will know what he’s apologizing for, and he is to MEAN IT when he does. Otherwise it means nothing.

    And I think THAT’S the thing that people don’t understand anymore. There are no consequences for actions. A “just kidding,” “sorry,” or an emoticon (because nobody talks face-to-face anymore) does the job.

    Gotta wonder, though. If either of those… um, gentlemen? … had been standing with you, face-to-face, would they have DARED to utter those horrible things?

    I think not. That would have meant accountability. Strangely enough, the permanence of the internet is also the ultimate wall of separation and guarantor of anonymity.

  14. Nikki says:

    Maybe these people have just never been fortunate to be in the situation we were in. Our teams ROCK…maybe theirs suck all the time and are just jealous! Just wanted to add that lil bit!

  15. DM says:

    Joy, We read some more of that book I mentioned this morning on Facebook -Don’t let Jerks get the best of you- by Paul Meier MD


    We are only in the middle of Chapter 1 and I feel I’ve already got my money’s worth. I think you would inhale the book. later- dm

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