Question of the day from mssc

What is the highest year of formal education you have completed?

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15 Responses to Question of the day from mssc

  1. Joy says:

    I used to be ashamed of this but I only went to 9th grade. I got my GED with my brother the year Jason graduated in 1995.

    • Tessa says:

      Joy, that is great you went and got your GED. My dad only made it through 8th or 9th-didn’t get his GED-but back then it was not needed like now.

  2. SKL says:

    Joy, my dad didn’t finish the 8th grade. He was allowed to quit school before age 16 because he was in his own “business” – servicing broken radios. My mom quit on her 16th birthday to help her family. It wasn’t that unusual before the 1970s. I remember both of my parents getting their GEDs and then their Associates degrees.

  3. SKL says:

    I got an MBA and law degree at the same time. I guess you’d say my final year of law school was the highest year of formal education I completed.

  4. joz1234 says:

    My mother quit too and got her GED and went to Job Corps. She later went back and graduated from college 2 years before I graduated high school. She is now a high school science teacher and is working on her administrators license.

    I have a BS in Math.

  5. mssc54 says:

    I quit skool in the tenth grade, went into the navy and got my GED. I have completed several semesters of Bible College, horticulture and welding. I almost finished Aviation Ordanance School in the navy… until I figured out those bombs were full of explosives and could be set off by static electricity. I went to work in the admin office after that.

    I mostly study stuff that interest me now.

  6. Ellen says:

    I went in The Netherlands to Highschool. It is a bit different system over there. You have average, intermediate and advanced highschool. I did intermediate, graduated and then went to college for 2 years. Did not finished college.

  7. Laura says:

    I have a B.A. in Music Performance, with a Marketing Minor. Funny… the marketing has actually served me better than the music did.

    I want to go back and get my Master’s, but I have no idea what I’d get it in… I like learning.

  8. SKL says:

    I used to want to go back to school to get certified as an elementary school teacher (my original dream) so I could help kids having difficulty learning to read. Unfortunately, they make it so hard to do this, especially if you already have a college degree. Although a 22-year-old with a $20K bachelor in education (financed with subsidized loans) and no experience is fully qualified to teach, and is eligible for complete forgiveness of student loans if they teach in certain communties, I would have to complete a 2-year, $30K master’s in education, ineligible for any subsidies, with no ability to take advantage of the education courses I already took (since that was more than 6 years ago) and no consideration whatsoever for any work or volunteer experience I have. There is something wrong with this picture.

  9. Sue says:

    I have my A.A.S. degree in surgical technology. I’ve been thinking about going back to school, but I don’t know what to go for. Nursing would be logical, but only if I can work in the O.R. as a circulating nurse. I did go to a state university for 2 years right out of high school for nursing and got my generals done, but I hated the school I was at, and then life got in the way 🙂 It wasn’t until Trinity was 2 that I went back to school. As far as I know both of my parents graduated high school and my mom did get her nurses aide certificate once, but that’d be it.

  10. Tessa says:

    I was finished an AA degree when I was pregnant in 08, and am going full time for a B.A. in Psychology. Should be done the end of this year! Or beginning of next yr. Time will only tell what career I’ll go into and what the journey to Japan brings! But I absolutely love psychology, helping people, teaching so we’ll see.

  11. Nikki says:

    10th. Twice actually. I moved around so much my sophomore year in California that when I ended up in Montana I was behind so I did it again. I WILL get my GED this year. If not for a better job in the future, I want to be able to tell my son I did it.

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