Being Perfect

I’m not sure if any of you have read about Heidi Montag and all her plastic surgery and I’m not even sure if some of you have ever heard of her. She’s almost famous just for being famous. She is a 23-year-old young woman who I thought was very cute before all this surgery. The pictures above show on the left, what she looked like before and the right is after the surgeries. Here are a few pics of what she was having done with the marker on her body.

She had 10 procedures done in one day all at one time. She now claims to be addicted to plastic surgery and even though  she has DDD’s, she’s already planning her next surgery because she says “I know it sounds crazy but I just love boobs!”

I’m all for a nose job here or a boob job there but man, this bothers me. This young girl was so darn cute before and it really makes me wonder what’s wrong inside herself that would make her go to this extreme. She said she wanted to make it in the music industry and she had to compete with the Brittany Spears of the world and beauty sells. Okay then. Her album which is ironically called Superficial has sold less than 1000 copies. That is a very low number so I’m wondering then, didn’t the surgery work?

I guess she didn’t tell any of her family and after hiding out for 4 months she flew to Montana to see her mom who’s reaction “hurt her feelings.” She said her “mom looked at her like she was a circus freak.” She also said “I feel like I look like me but a little bit of a different version. Like an upgrade. The best me.” I’m wondering how she can say that. She looks nothing the same and I guess if one of my kids did this, it would really bother me too.  There would be no more family resemblances or any trace of genetics.

She also said “everyone in this industry does this” but that’s not true.  Not everyone does this. Also, she’s so young and to me there’s a big difference in fixing sagging eye’s to doing 10 procedures in one day at 23. She didn’t “fix” something. She “changed” the way she looked because she didn’t feel she looked good enough. I wonder who she wanted to look better for. Her husband had real problems with this and didn’t want her to go through with it.

You take a look at the before and after and tell me what you think of this. I guess for me, what bothers me the most is her age. At 23 you aren’t even grown into yourself yet. I feel she was so young to do all of this and I wonder WHY. Why all of it?

She also was quoted as saying she wanted to be “perfect” and it makes me wonder what perfect is and who decides that. What do you all think?

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30 Responses to Being Perfect

  1. pammywammy says:

    Thats sad 😦 The tv and media make you feel like you are never good enough.I remember when Twiggy came out.Back then I wanted to be like her.Slim and straight hair.I still feel as I always have,not good enough.I dont go to extremes as I use too.I dont know where it comes from,but being better than what I was,was always my goal.From diet pills for years to starvation.Yet,when I got to where I wanted to be,I was still not happy.I think with age I accept myself more graciously.Its not that important anymore.But I would still like a nose job.Get rid of my ski slope 🙂

  2. Ellen says:

    I think this young girl is lost. I hope she will awake soon and see that she has to stop. Where are her parents and who pays those bills for the surgeries? If I had the money, I would fix up some things, like getting ride of wrinkles etc. But further than that, I would never go. Even my cellulite thighs am not plan to change rather than training harder 🙂

  3. DM says:

    the thoughts each of us have inside concerning ourselves are powerful and don’t just go away with the snap of a finger. I have a couple of more comments on this one, but need to get ready for work, so I’ll be back.

  4. sweetiegirlz says:

    She has a screw loose.

  5. Sue says:

    I think sweetiegirlz is right! She does have a screw loose! Like Joy said, I’m all for a nose job here or there, but this went too far. She is an adult so the question of where her parents were/are doesn’t apply, but maybe someone should ask what her surgeon was thinking! I found this article addressing this very question:

    These are the procedures she had done during a 7.5 hour period and total time she was asleep was 10 hours. 10 HOURS under anesthesia! She does have a screw loose!

    1. Mini Browlift
    2. Botox for forehead and frown area
    3. Nose job revision
    4. Fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial fold, and lips
    5. Chin reduction
    6. Liposuction on neck
    7. Ear surgery
    8. Breast augmentation revision
    9. Liposuction on waist, hips, inner & outer thighs
    10. Buttock augmentation

    I have to say I laughed at the ear surgery one! I can see procedures like #1,2, & 4 being done together and MAYBE #6,8, & 9, but all of these together went overboard. I have never found her beautiful (not ugly either, just not drop dead gorgeous) but now I really find her unattractive. Her breasts are ridiculous! She had really nice ones before and I think if she would have just had the liposuction her breasts would have appeared larger and she wouldn’t have needed to change them.

    For someone this young to think “perfect” is looking like a barbie doll and going to extremes to achieve it, tells me she needs serious therapy!

    • Joy says:

      This is what her doctor had to say when asked.

      Isn’t it a lot of surgery for a 23-year-old?

      “Heidi’s request was for me to make her more beautiful. Arching the brow isn’t commonly done at her age, but it’s a nice look. And it’s not rare in L.A. for 23-year-olds to get Botox.

      The longer an operation, the greater the risk. Why not divide up Heidi’s surgeries?

      “My first concern is for the safety of the patient, so I would never push the envelope. Heidi’s a young, healthy girl; she was cleared medically. It was well within the realm of safety.”

  6. SKL says:

    I agree with you, at 23 you don’t actually know what you look like yet – there are still natural changes toward being more beautiful. In my opinion, at least.

    She looked better “natural” than lots of stars; the only difference is, they have great makeup artists. I don’t think there is much that plastic surgeons can do that make-up can’t, unless the person is actually deformed, which this woman certainly was not.

    I wonder where she got the idea that “perfect” is a measurable, obtainable goal? Maybe she has a chemical imbalance or something, because normal, healthy people don’t think like that.

    We all have things about ourselves we’d love to improve. But we have to accept who we are and work from there. I know, easy to say, but you have to be walking on the ground if you expect to get anywhere.

  7. Lucy says:

    She totally went overboard and will most likely regret it one day. I’m especially worried about the message she is sending teenage girls, who watch and love her show. But then again I hope they are smarter than that and do not idolize her because she consistently exhibits a lack of judgement all throughout the show (e.g., getting eloped in Mexico to the guy your family/mom despises, wanting to secretly stop taking her birthcontrol although her husband CLEARLY stated he didnt want children…. and the list goes on and on).

  8. Just a Mom says:

    Way to young and immature for what she did in my opinion. If you don’t like the way you look THAT much then you need to do more soul searching not plastic surgery.

  9. Laura says:

    This was a colossal failure on so many levels.

    First off, those of us who are well past the age understand that 23 is still very young. I understand that she’s in a career that places far more emphasis on looks than on talent, but somewhere in that industry, there has GOT to be someone who can act as a mentor, or something. Of course, she’s not going to listen to her mother at that age, most of us didn’t. But it’s sad that the “mentors” and the powerhouses in the industry lead the way… Joan Rivers, anyone? She looks like a pile of plastic.

    I wonder where the AMA is on this? Where is the Plastic Surgery Board, or whatever the professional association is that deals with the doctors? Where is the psychiatric help that this woman obviously is screaming for? Why didn’t the doctor say, “I will do these surgeries AFTER you go and visit with my colleague, over here… his name is Dr. Freud.”

    This is a very, very sad situation. And it is even sadder that Ms. Montag is considered a “role model”, while someone like Sarah Palin is scoffed at and called “stupid”.

  10. mssc54 says:

    “I know it sounds crazy but I just love boobs!”

    I’ve heard lots of people say that. But then again, just how much wire can one bra hold?

    I think the next proceedure she needs is a brain tuck.

    I WOULD like to have one proceedure done. I want that permanent hair removal thingy for my back. 🙂

  11. Where’s Rahm Emanuel when you need him?

    This, what she did to herself, is f’n retarded. Mother Nature will catch up with her in time. She will pay a price . . . eventually.

  12. joz1234 says:

    This is sad. What’s even more sad is that she looks much older now with the new face…and if she ever has kids, all that will likely be undermined. She totally should have waited and done a little at a time.

    • Laura says:

      My brother e-mailed me earlier today and asked… “that person on your site, the one with the two pictures?” (no, he didn’t read the story, apparently) “Is she SUPPOSED to look 16 in one picture, and 40 in the other???”

      It’s a shame that she didn’t allow Mother Nature to age her gracefully. I’m sure the job would have been done much nicer.

  13. LVISS says:


  14. Nikki says:

    This is a tough subject for me. I should be 1OO% honest and say I would have a hard time not having a lot of those surgeries if I had the means to do so. I’ve had plastic surgery and I know if I had the money I would have more. HOWEVER I would never change the whole way I looked. I do have my limits.
    I think with Heidi she has no limits. She won’t stop. It’s almost an addiction and a constant search for acceptance. I think the poisonous snake she is married to has damaged her so much that she will never ever be 1OO% happy with herself. What’s sad is when {and I hope like hell she never does} has kids they will look nothing like who she will look like!

    • Joy says:

      I hope you know I have nothing against plastic surgery. I just feel she’s so young to do this much all at the same time and she looks nothing like the fresh faced cutie I think she was before she did all this. Now she looks like every other plastic face in Hollywood.

    • SKL says:

      Not that there is anything wrong with kids who look nothing like their parents. But my question would be, would she be able to accept her kids with all their imperfections? Hopefully the maternal instinct would override the sickness that affects how she views herself.

      • Nikki says:

        That’s a very good question. I didn’t mean in anyway that not looking like your parents was a bad thing. I hope you didn’t think that. Either way her potential kids are really in for it! Those 2 people should not have kids especially together!

  15. javajunkee says:

    without reading all of the comments..have to leave so pardon if this is a duplication of what anybody else came up with.
    Apparently a lobodomy should have been on the list too because she’s def screwed in the head.

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