Olympic Dreams

Friday, February 12 found my family scrambling a bit!  It was my FIL’s birthday (Joy’s husband Paul!) so after a day of working, we headed out for supper to celebrate.  As we were enjoying our meal,(as much as we could without Jason, Nikki and Bailey-missed you guys!) we started talking about the Olympics and how excited we were to watch them and then it dawned on us.  Opening Ceremony!  That night!  Must eat faster to get home in time!  LOL!

No, we didn’t shovel our food in or drive 90 mph to get home, but we did want to see the ceremony and we made it in plenty of time.  We were able to see the pre show and see the highlights of some of the athletes.  (Prayers to the family of the Georgian luger who lost his life pursuing Olympic greatness.)  As the actual ceremony began, my 9-year-old daughter says, “I want to be an Olympian.  That looks neat!”  My response, “Pick a sport!  Any one but luge, but pick a sport and you never know what might happen.”

Now, I know the reality of her actually becoming an Olympian, but who am I to squash a dream?  Dreaming never hurt anyone!  I just thought it was so great that she thinks it’s so great to achieve that level of athleticism.  I can remember as a kid becoming just as excited when the Olympics were on TV.  I can remember wishing I was one of those hopefuls.  Wishing I was good at something.   Pretty soon my 5-year-old son was in on it too.  He was “speed skating” around the island in the kitchen!  It was so adorable!  He was bent over, arms and legs going  just like they skate.  I asked what he was doing and he said, “I’m speed skatin’ mom!”

There is an excitement about the Olympics that no other sporting event brings. Maybe it’s because you can win a  gold medal and be the best in the World. Maybe it’s because people from all across the globe are peacefully gathered together in one place.  Or maybe it’s because we  feel united as a country, cheering together for one team.  Whatever it is, I hope that excitement never dies and Olympic dreams become reality.

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26 Responses to Olympic Dreams

  1. Joy says:

    You have addressed many things and I know I’m going to forget something so I’m sure I’ll be back. I can just see Christopher speed skating around the island. He’s so dang cute.

    I love the Olympics. I can’t remember ever not watching them. We always did when I was little and it’s just something we’ve always gotten into. I think it’s a feeling of feeling bound by our country and having all the other countries doing the same thing. There is no war, no fighting and only good sportsmanship.

    That poor Georgian boy. My heart is still breaking for his family and country and how hard much it be for those other athletes to continue without him. That’s got to be so hard.

    You absolutely can’t squash dreams. Whatever your kids do, you have to be there to support them. Hey, you never know. You kids have just as much of a chance as anyone else’s.

  2. SKL says:

    I remember how pumped I used to get while watching the Olympic skaters and gymnasts, especially. It was only recently I admitted to myself that I was officially too old to keep telling myself “you never know, if I got lessons, maybe I could do some of that.” I never actually got around to trying, but it was cool to imagine.

    I am not sure why it feels so different when I watch the Olympics, versus any other sporting event. Maybe it is the fact that people are watching with real interest and emotion all around the world. Maybe it’s the sense of “once in a lifetime.” (I know you can try again 4 years later, but even then, it’s never the same, because 4 years is a long time when you’re that young.)

    My daughters haven’t had the opportunity to watch Olympics yet. Today, Miss A was watching a replay of the opening ceremonies, and she was enthralled with the dancing. (She’s intense that way.) I’m not sure we’ll watch much (very busy around here), but I will try to have the girls watch the figure skating, at least. I could see at least one daughter dreaming of doing that someday.

  3. Joy says:

    The “once in a lifetime” gets to me too. This kind of opportunity could be lost so easily from 4 years to 4 years. You might not ever have your “game” right again. You know?

    Do you think we all love this because it unites us as Americans or Canadians or Dutch or what have you? That and the fact that these are young people who love what they do virus grown people getting paid to play?

  4. Laura (LS) says:

    Joy, I think you got a lot of it… the egos are out of it. Except for those who are pros, and take time from their jobs to compete… and you can just tell who they are. The amateurs (who are every bit, sometimes even more, professional as those who get paid for it) are wide-eyed, earnest, dedicated. They’re here to represent themselves, their families, their country. They’re proud to get out there on the field of competition and lay their hearts at our feet. And every single time, we’re happy to hold it for them. Win or lose.

    I was devastated for Lindsey Jacobellis tonight when she DQ’d out. I cried for her, then in the next breath, was screaming for Maelle Ricker of Canada as she sailed across the line for Gold. (Snowboard Cross) Two hours later, tears were streaming down my face as Evan Lysacek gave the best performance of his career.

    I think we all had Dreams of Gold when we were kids. I had two… I wanted to skate in the winter Olympics, and return in the summer on a horse. Alas… neither was meant to be. But now Josh has started “Bi-athling” around the house… gliding from room to room with yardsticks as ski poles, wearing a nerf dart gun in his school backpack on his back. Who knows? Maybe, Sue, you and I will be rooming together, and cheering on each other’s kids in 2026!!

  5. shane says:

    I love the olympics also, I remember when Sue was our babysitter “not the Sue on here” LOL- we used to wait for her to fall asleep and sneak out and watch the olympics. They where always on real late and we just loved watching it. I can’t imagine what these athletes go through just to make it there, and then they have one shot!! I was watching downhill skiing and there was a couple skiers that wiped out. That’s dissapointing to watch because these people have trained for years, and then one mistake and bye bye.

    • Tessa says:

      Shane, that is so cute you guys did that!! The key is, Shane, that those who wipe out or don’t make it, they keep trying and coming back for more-it is that drive, that joy they get from trying to succeed that they are really there for. The medal is just a bonus.

  6. pammy wammy says:

    It is awesome how all countries get together in competition.Not war. Go CANADA!!!

  7. Ellen says:

    During the Olympic Games, I think it is “allowed” to be chauvinistic and being so proud of “your guys”. I have the same feeling when the Netherlands have made it to the World Championship Soccer or Speed skating.
    It is also so clear how much the competitors have trained to achieve this level of performance.
    And deep inside, I silently wish I could had been there. 🙂 So dreams will not die totally 🙂

  8. Tessa says:

    Sue, that is so cute! Dreaming big is what kids do best! Following a dream is what gives us excitement and joy. Trinity and Christopher sure have great parents to get them there! I remember watching the Olympic gymnastics and me/my friends would practice outside pretending we were one of the Olympians-the time of Kerri Strug who stuck her vault one legged and won the gold for the team. It is the sense of teamwork and being united as one that is the ultimate feeling of joy. I cannot wait to see Ben be part of a team. No greater feeling, you learn so much, life really is about being a teamplayer and doing for the greater good. It is what we are on Earth for. Great post!

  9. Nikki says:

    I’m sorry too we couldn’t make it. I wasn’t a pretty sight that evening! LOL
    Having dreams is what it’s all about! Having parents encourage those dreams is thee most important thing, I have to stress that! Bailey’s dream is to be Gophers, than a Viking. During baseball season his dream is to be a Twin. All wonderful dreams and seeing him work towards those dreams is amazing. Of course we all know the probability of it all, but that doesn’t matter.
    As you were explaining Christopher, I could see it! LOL He’s is so damn cute!
    The Olympics unite us all. I think that’s most important thing. When so many horrible things are going on, for those moments we all just one. Nothing better than that! Great post!

  10. We have been lucky to catch some of the Olympics as a family too. It fills us with pride to see these athletes.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to Joy’s hubby!!

  12. Laura says:

    Just thinking about what those folks are….

    The Best In The World.

    It’s an amazing thing. Could you imagine???

    • Joy says:

      No, I really can’t begin to imagine it. The last year I bowled, which I think was 3 years ago, I held the high game title all year at the stupid bowling alley and I felt like king of the hill so I can’t imagine “in the world.”

    • Sue says:

      I can’t imagine either! Especially after just watching Lindsey Vonn fly down the mountain like a crazy woman! What is wrong with those people?!!!

      • Joy says:

        I know. She did great. Toby just said he could relate to that sport because he’d love to fly down the hill that fast. He’s nuts too.

        • Laura says:

          Did you see Shaun White???? THAT’S flying!!! Holy. CRAP!!!

          They both did awesome, and of course, I bawled like a baby when Linsey got her medal. And I’ll bawl again when Shaun gets his.

          • Joy says:

            I got goosebumps when I saw him take that last run. I had to call T&S just to say to someone “did you see that?” Awesome. It was hard to NOT find out what happened today but I managed and LV is awesome too. I’m a proud American tonight.

  13. Just a Mom says:

    I have been watching the Olympics when I can, my husband can’t stand watching them for some reason and I love it! I was watching last night when the men were snowboarding and Shaun White performed his magic. That was awesome! When he started chanting USA, USA I was proud. Proud to be an American.

    • Joy says:

      Last night was a great night for us Americans. I was bursting. Shaun White made me tear up. He was so happy that it was contagious.

      • Nikki says:

        He made me cry too! Last night was the first time we actually sat down to watch the Olympics. What a night!!!! I am hooked now! WTH was wrong with me???

  14. Shaun discussed the story of his mother going the gold medal to get cleaned at the cleaners in the interview with Cris Collingsworth on NBC. It was really funny! He asked his mother if there was anyway they could get the gold medal ribbon clean as it had grown quite disgusting and his mother took the whole thing to the cleaners! Shaun was shocked when his mom came back it back with the dry cleaning bag over top of it. Shaun also found it was hysterical that she complained about how much money it cost to clean it.

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