Question of the day

Burial or cremation?

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20 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Sue says:

    I don’t know yet. My side of the family has done burial and a couple of people on Toby’s side have done cremation. If I am buried, I would say skip both the funeral home and the church and just have it one place, but maybe it’s a catch 22. Maybe what you pay the funeral director to prepare the body includes the cost of the funeral home for a wake. IDK, does anyone? I don’t have a plot picked out or anything so I think I have time to change my mind!

    • Joy says:

      I think you can do whatever you want to do Sue. Wakes in those places sure turn me off too. I’d hate to have that. But some people must find some kind of comfort in it. I really do think we are getting away from those kinds of funerals and I’m very glad of it.

  2. SKL says:

    I prefer to be cremated. But it’s really the decision of whoever has to deal with it after I’m dead. If it freaks them out to think of cremating me, who am I to insist on it?

    I should probably ask my parents what they prefer, but I don’t want it to look like I’m planning for their demise, ya know?

    • Joy says:

      I don’t know how it all came about but I do know what both my parents want (cremation) and both my boys know what we’d prefer. Do you think this is “one of those things” that people don’t like to talk about?

  3. Joy says:

    It’s definitely cremation for me. I just can’t stand the thought of being in a box that size under the ground. If my boys want me somewhere they can “visit,” I’m fine with that but I’d really prefer no funeral, good music, everyone have a flower, a walk up to the big hill and let me go and throw the flowers in the air. That way I’ll be here forever haunting you! But even if they want to bury me somewhere, I still want to be cremated.

  4. LVISS says:


  5. Ellen says:

    I also have no idea, what I want. My parents were both buried. I cannot stand thinking about making a decision about that, you know. I think I am sticking my head in the sand, but it is to scary to think about it.

  6. shane says:

    Creamation! I’m with Joy. I’m claustrophobic, I know I’ll be dead but I still can’t stand the thought of it. Plus how many critters would be trying to feed of my dead body ewwwww.

  7. moodswing mabel says:

    I’d like a coffin, but not just any coffin… it has to be a really sexy one. – click on the “calendar” links to the left of the page and see what I mean? Who in their right mind would want to be cremated after seeing this? Feb. ’08 really sealed the deal for me *pardon the pun* – She’s really super sexy, in a trailer park sort of way- how does she pull that off?

  8. Nikki says:

    I do not want to be cremated! Put me in a pretty dress and put my lil butt in the ground. 🙂 I know I want to be buried here in MN with Jason. I hate even thinking about this really! Deaths scares me. I do not want a funeral in a church, something small at the cemetery with just friends and family. Jason knows exactly what I want, and what I do not want.

  9. mssc54 says:

    I’m planning on donating my body to science. I have had TEN “major” surguries the most serious (for me) was shattering my ankle and both the bones in my right leg. I’m thinking the medical students may learn something from all the repairs I’ve had done to my body. Maybe not.

    I think burial is a waste of good soil. Plant a garden or something. But I think the cemetaries frown on planting vegetables on top of aunt Mable. 🙂

    • Joy says:

      LOL!! We have Aunt Mabel’s ashes scattered out on our big hill along with Uncle Ronnie and a black lab named Lanie is buried out there. It’s perfect for me. I’ll be in good company.

  10. Just a Mom says:

    I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread out at the beach. They can have a church ceremony if they want it as long as I get my Last Rites I don’t care!
    My mom wanted to be cremated and she wanted her ashes spread up North. It took me a few years to get with my brother to spread the ashes but we took care of it for her.
    My dad planned his enitire funeral himself right down to his obit. He was buried, had his stone and casket picked out and everything. I have a half-breed, I mean a half-brother who was given the honor of my dad’s estate. All he had to do was call the priest and have the date of death put on my dad’s stone.

  11. kweenmama says:

    Burial, but no open casket.

  12. javajunkee says:

    neither.. i prefer living 🙂

  13. Tessa says:

    I would like my body donated to if possible,otherwise it does not matter, I will be dead!! Whatever is best for loved ones. MSSC makes a good pt that it is a waste of space for burial…

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