Random Thought Thursday

I’m wondering what kind of random things we will talk about this Thursday! The last two Thursdays have been fun, just chatting about anything and sometimes nothing at all. It kind of felt like I was sitting in my living room having coffee chatting with great girlfriends!!! Thanks to the ones who share a little bits of their lives with us!

I started my 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels Monday. She’s tough, but motivating!  I cannot get my butt on that elliptical anymore! I’m sorry but I know myself well enough to know if it bores me, I won’t do it. I must have a goal set, a deadline. That’s why this Thursday chat day is so good for me! If you give me specific directions, or a specific job it will get done. If you let me have my choice, well chances are I won’t do it! Just being honest! So this DVD is perfect for me. It’s all in the title…30 days! How have you all been doing? Seems like we’re all trying to get in better shape! Age seems to be creeping up! 😦

Spring is certainly in the air here. Our high is 40 for the week. All of the snow around my house has melted. What I am left with now is MUD! A big mess but it only mean one thing…GREEN!!! With all the snow starting to melt you really start to get spring fever. And with spring comes my very favorite season. SUMMER! Heat, tank tops and flip-flops and lots of bike rides!! Oh I can’t wait! We have so many plans for this summer, it’s exciting. We’re planning on having my 11-year-old niece here for the month of June. She lives in Iowa with her grandma. July is Bailey’s BIG birthday, the big 1-0!!!  That’s gonna be a HUGE party!! I should start planning now! Every family member and friend will be invited this year.  Plus Bailey will be traveling with baseball this year. Given he makes the team! Watching him play baseball is probably one of my favorite things to do. He’s so good, a natural and he loves it so much!

Today is the Twins first spring training game against Boston. Opening day for the new Target Field is in 39 days. I’ve been counting down since they started! I cannot believe we are that close! Go Twins!!!

In August Jason, Bailey and I are driving to Montana. We’re having a huge family/friend reunion and I couldn’t be more excited. Some of them I haven’t seen in 13 years!! Most of all, I can’t wait to hug my sister Roz. I miss her terribly! She just opened her own restaurant and we’re excited to see it! This will be both Jason and Bailey’s first time there. I really love Montana, if I ever win the lottery I will have a 2nd home there!!

You have any big plans for this summer? Wedding, trips, parties??

Okay, lets start chatting! Please, feel free to jump in any time! That’s why we’re here…to chat, about something important or nothing at all! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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42 Responses to Random Thought Thursday

  1. SKL says:

    My main plans for this summer are to do a lot of things with my kids. They will be 3.5, so they are old enough to do just about everything. They have little bikes which they occasionally practice riding in the house, but I want to get at least my older daughter to try “the real thing” once the weather is nice. She just loves physical stuff, but she’s also easily scared, so we’ll see if she’s ready. Either way, I look forward to taking the girls to the park almost every evening, and I am thinking this is the year for swimming lessons (though my older daughter isn’t so keen on that idea).

    I bought a membership to the Museum of Natural History and I took the girls there today for the first time. They have a big “discovery” room with hundreds of things for kids to do, and it’s perfect for their age. In the rest of the museum, they were a little intimidated by the dinosaur bones and life-sized critters, but I think they will warm up to them as time goes by. The museum is open until 9 every Wednesday, as is the art museum, which is next door and has free admission. Next door to the art museum is a garden center, and across the street is the hall where the city’s orchestra plays. All of these have really impressive collections/shows, and I look forward to sharing them all with my kids as often as possible. In addition, cultural groups have Wednesday evening festivals all summer long, with live music and such. These are held in the space between the museums/garden center. So I think we will have lots to keep us interested all summer long.

    As far as exercise, I know I mentioned this before, but I have been doing kiddy exercise videos to try to get my kids moving over the winter. I go through all the motions, even though my kids don’t. I also pick the kids up and fling them around quite a bit during these exercise sessions. I noticed I am getting some muscles where I haven’t had any for a long time. Yeah! I am not losing a lot of weight, because I am still not giving up some of the yummy snacks I enjoy. But I feel like I’m moving in the right direction overall.

    We still have a fair amount of snow out here. Some melted today, but we have a way to go before we see our lawn again. I am very much looking forward to that day!

    • Nikki says:

      Wow that Museum of Natural History sounds like a lot of fun and really good for your girls! We have to drive about 45 minutes to get anything like that!
      I think as long as you are getting some exercise you’ll be fine. Today is the first day this week I’ve been able to go up & down stairs with cussing at them! I’m still doing my workout though! It IS hard!
      Seeing the grass here is nice, even if it is brown! We still have quite a bit of it, all the snow around the house has melted though. I am craving summer!!!!

    • Joy says:

      I think the museum and all the activities you’ve always done with your girls sound awesome. It’s also cool that you exercise with a child’s video. I can’t see what difference it makes. You’re up and moving around.

      Our snow here is almost gone too. There are parts of the lawn where I can see brown grass and I have spring fever pretty bad. I’ve been working on the deck getting it all cleared off. The way it snowed here at first was we got snow. Then freezing drizzle and then snow again so there were patches of it that I couldn’t shovel. I had a big wide path shoveled but behind my table and by our grill, I just couldn’t get it off. I’ve been taking it slow and with 40 degree days, it’s almost gone and I can even move the grill around. I have spring fever very bad.

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Hey,I like this chatting thursdays thing.I havent been on here much lately because we were away on holidays.That sort of answers your question,do I have any plans for summer?Nope,my husband is super busy in summer so its winter fun and holiday time then for us.I am already planning our trip for next year(well thinking of it anyhow).I LOVE summer too,get to a pool/beach and Im happy.Though this summer we do plan on doing alot in our yard,so that will be fun planning it all.
    I love hearing all you have planned Nikki,the trip to Montana sounds awesome!After our travels this past month I am more interested in traveling agian than ever before.Cant wait for the next road trip.
    Just out of curiosity,what type of restaraunt did your sister open?

    • Joy says:

      How dare you take a holiday Karen! LOL!! This is our 3rd “Random Thought Thursday” and it’s really pretty fun. It’s fun that we just keep talking back and forth about whatever we want to. What do you want to do to your yard? Do you have a big lot? Are you done with your remodeling now?

      • Karen Joy says:

        Oh man ,where do I start.We have SO many plans for our yard.Some work needed inside too.Well inside its a kitchen re-do but that may have to wait.We want to plant trees and shrubs,build two decks,one around the back sunroom and one out front, and a fence.We havent really done anything outside as we had so much to do inside the house first.So this spring will be full of planning where I want what(I really need help with that though,not my expertise).Last summer I took pictures of other peoples yards that had things planted like I want so I hope that I can walk into a nursery and say “This is what I want,help me make it work for my yard”.Oh and my Wes said he’d build me a raised garden this spring,he never got to it last year.We shall see if this all happens or not.

  3. SKL says:

    Say, since this is for random thoughts, have you guys had this situation? My 3yo daughter is acting more emotional nowadays. It looks like drama for the most part, but I’m not sure. She’ll get ticked off at something small and go to her room, muttering to herself or even crying (she isn’t a tantrumer). She also tells me at least several times a day that I’m not a good mom, I’m not her mother, and/or she’s not my daughter. I take it all in stride, but I wonder, is she hormonal or what?

    Today she was mad at me because I pointed out that she hadn’t done as I asked. “You’re a bad mommy,” pout pout. I reminded her that I was about to take her to the museum, but if I was such a bad mommy, maybe it would make more sense to just go home. She brightened at the thought of the museum. Then I said “so am I such a bad mommy?” She gave it some thought, then said, “sometimes you are a bad mommy.” I got a good laugh out of that. Talk about stubborn!

    • Nikki says:

      Sometimes you’re a bad mommy!? Kids are so funny! Tantrums, I never went through those with Bailey. He’s been a pretty mellow kid so far. Going through so emotional growth spurts right now though! Boys mature in such different ways than girls let me tell ya!
      My daycare kids on the other hand have gone through all the terrible two’s, all the things that make me glad I didn’t have a 2nd child! LOL The best thing about kids though, is they will out grow it. Phases come and go, I’m sure she’ll quickly go into another phase. They are ever changing!

    • Joy says:

      Kids are so funny. They go through the weirdest stuff and just when you adapt and or get used to it, it changes and they’ve on to the next phase of things. Bad mommy indeed. That sounds so funny.

      • SKL says:

        Today her sister was the recipient of it. “You are not my sister.” “Sometimes I don’t like you.” “I don’t want to play with you any more.”

        She doesn’t tantrum or anything like that. Just gets pouty and mutters these pronouncements. It’s pretty funny at first, but when she does it over every little irritation, it gets old.

  4. Nikki says:

    Not much happened this weekend. I had summer on my mind! It ended up being more of post about summer! LOL I’ll write more tomorrow, I’m actually going to try to be in bed before 11pm.
    Did you all see that little horse!? It was on the news, I want one!

    • Laura says:

      What little horse?

      • Nikki says:

        I’ll try to find it, it was on our local news. It’s so small toddlers can ride it. It was SO cute!!!! They had it in a little wagon.

    • Joy says:

      I’ve seen those horses. They are kinda cute but talk about altering genetics. They are no bigger than Cruise Laura.

    • Joy says:

      Laura, I think they might be related to the Shetland Pony family.

      • Laura says:

        Sorry…. I’ve been gone all day. My folks came out, and i have a houseful.

        What you’re talking about are Miniature Horses, and they are tiny tiny, and cute!

        I have horses here – they’re my neighbor’s – and they are registered mini’s, but they’re all HUGE!! The size of ponies. Some of them, though are pretty tiny – about the size of a St. Bernard, maybe. But the babies!! Oh, my, are they cuuuuute!!!!! I measured a hoofprint once. SMALLER THAN A QUARTER!!!!

  5. souldose says:

    Summer is just passing here so I’ll ask an awkward question that I’ll talk about more on my blog tomorrow, what are your thoughts on freezing eggs? Is it better to free eggs or embryos? I’m 26, have been very sick sick 19 but just in case I do recover one day I wanna be a mother badly… By the way I’m new on this blog.

    • Nikki says:

      Welcome Souldose. I know nothing about freezing eggs or embryos. That would be something you should talk to a doctor about. I wish you luck, and good things to come though! I will checkout your blog! Thanks for stopping, come back anytime! 🙂

  6. Lucy says:

    I don’t really have concrete summer plans yet except for a weekend in Colorado for my friends wedding in June. I’m also hoping to travel overseas to visit my family and friends and am especially excited to see my niece again.

  7. Sue says:

    Well, my Thursday is going to be busier than I thought! I have to clean the house this morning b/c I’ve neglected it all week, then I have to work out, then it’s off to take Chris to school, go to St Augusta and pick up my tax stuff, head to Cloudy to find Trin an outfit for her concert tonight that she just informed me this morning she has to look fancy for, get back to school by 3 to pick up Chris, head back to school at 4:30 to get Trin from RAMS, get home to eat supper quick b/4 we go back to school by 6pm for her concert! I better put my track shoes on now!

    • Nikki says:

      LOL Sue!!! Good luck!!!!! I hope everything goes smooth for you and you get it all done! What kind of concert?
      My Thursday just opened up. A is sick! 😦 I knew he was Tuesday, I sure hope it didn’t stay here. I’ll be disinfecting my house today!

    • Laura says:

      sheesh, Sue. I’m exhausted just READING that. I have a crazy day lined up here, too… doing the “Flight of the Bumblebee” House Cleaning because my folks are due to arrive in… CRAP!!! 5 HOURS!!!!

      And I can’t see the carpet for all the dog hair!!!

      that’s it. I’m shaving the dog.

      • Sue says:

        Well, I altered my schedule so I could fit a run in this afternoon! I went to St Cloud this morning with Christopher and we did find Trin an outfit, ate lunch at McD’s, picked up my tax stuff and I had Chris to school on time! Yippy! Now I’m going to get ready for my run and maybe fold a couple loads of laundry. At this point, the house may not get cleaned, but I don’t care b/c my exercise is more important!

  8. Joy says:

    Honestly, I’ve felt crappy all week. Not physically but emotionally. I don’t know why. Well, maybe I do but I’ve got to get rid of these feelings. I know I have spring fever really bad. It’s just been so nice here and I want to get out in it but there’s still not much to do out. I’d almost give my eye teeth to get out on the 4 wheeler but the snow is just to deep. If any of you saw my Facebook pictures of Toby plowing out under my clotheslines, you’d know what I was talking about. It doesn’t look “that deep” in the yard and land but I can assure you, we still have a LOT of snow. At least it’s off the deck. But Toby did dig out my clotheslines for me a week ago Sunday so I washed all the cats blankets and hung them out and all the bedclothes are clean and smelling fresh.

    I also had the Epilepsy Foundation come here yesterday and I had 9 huge bags of stuff for them. I’ve also been cleaning Paul’s room. I won’t say how many days I’ve been at it but if you have seen Paul’s room, you’ll know how bad it was. I can actually see the floor in both closets now. Nikki and Sue, I know both your jaws dropped but YES YOU CAN see the floor over on that side of the bed!!! LOL!!! Another few days and I’ll be done in there and I want to get him new carpeting.

    I’m not going to talk about my diet this time. Or should I say “non-diet?” I have to get back on that horse because I think that has a lot to do with why I’ve been feeling so sluggish and out of sorts.

    • Karen Joy says:

      Joy,Wes and I were just talking today about how aweful we’ve been feeling.Since we got home saterday I have been SO extremey tired and moody.Today my body hurts,I just want to crawl into bed.I said it must be the weather.I felt great in AZ,never this exhausted state after supper etc.I looked at the dirty snow today and how much is still on the ground and it made me feel depressed.I think its just time for spring/summer already!!Winter blahs.And I know I shouldnt complain because I did get out of it for a month but Im always effected this way in winter.My Mom was really bad too.She would draw out her garden plans for therepy,thats what she said.

    • SKL says:

      Today I asked my daughter if she is a hypochondriac! First she put fake bandages on herself and her doll, then over the course of the next half hour, she claimed to have a bellyache, a headache, and a sore foot! She also has something going on with her sinuses for real. But maybe there is more to “cabin fever” than I previously thought. Ugh!

      • Joy says:

        LOL about the bandages!!!!! Trinity went through that too. I do think that’s a “girl” thing. Neither of my boys did it nor do Bailey or Christopher. That’s hilarious.

  9. SKL says:

    I have this huge urge to drop everything and clean the house, inch by inch. We have crap piling up in so many places. And although we have maids in to clean once a month, they don’t do a great job as far as making things stay the color they are supposed to be, you know? Our linoleum floors all look like crap. Then there is the basement, where there is shrapnel from the times my dad had to remove the drop ceiling pieces to fix the electricity (hello, mouse poo), and the skunk smell and the mess the skunks made trying to get comfy in a corner of the foundation. And the garage, which is full of empty boxes, stuff that was “temporarily” moved out of cars years ago, donations that never made it to the charity drop box, etc. And the thousands of books and educational toys that I need to organize before my kids get too old for them. And the miscellaneous things that have gone missing that I’m sure will be found once I do some serious cleaning.

    Oh, how I wish I could get some days off to just do this. Even a whole hour a few days a week would be great. Unfortunately, I’d have to take it out of my “family time” which is already limited and hectic – and though it’s mostly other people’s mess/junk, I would get no help and no credit. However, if I wait around for them to do it, well, you know how that works. And I just can’t stand looking at it much longer.

    • Joy says:

      I think the feelings of sadness or slightly depressed have a lot to do with my house. The crap laying everywhere and Paul’s room are awful and there are times I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t do anything. Then it keeps piling up. My room isn’t like this so I don’t know why I can’t keep the rest of the house the same way.

      I’ve also had to face a few things that I just can’t do by myself anymore. Some things are very hard for me to do since I’ve been sick. I have a hard time cleaning the bathroom for example. The scrubbing everywhere makes me so out of breath that I’ll do the sink and counter and need a break and to make a long story short, I just give up and nothing is ever clean at the same time. It’s the same with my kitchen floor. I think it’s the fast movements and the scrubbing motions that I can’t do. I get so damned winded so easily now and it’s very hard for me to ask for help. I have a bad habit of thinking everyone should just know how I feel without my asking so it’s my own fault. It’s just very hard for me to ask for help and then I just get overwhelmed after time. I did finally break down with Nikki the other day and if felt good. I think she’s going to come and give me a hand a couple times a month. I just need help with some things and it is what it is.

      I will tell you one thing. I feel tremendously good being so close to having Paul’s room clean. It was a real sty!!!!!

      • Nikki says:

        Yes, I sure am!!!! I could probably start on it Saturday if you’d like! I wish I could do it during the week. The guy who we bought this last car from wants to buy it back, so I’m looking for a another car right now. Then I am switching my days with Lilly. I never have Andrew on Wednesdays so I’ll change Lilly to Monday, Tues, and Thursday. Frees my Wednesdays up, which will be nice!

        • Joy says:

          I’d be happy for you do start whenever your little heart desires. If you do it on Sats, Paul and I will just go away and you can crank up the Bose and go to it. It’s too hard to clean around people. Now I feel I have to clean before you come!!! LOL!!! My dad used to do that. He’d clean before his cleaning lady came!!! How funny is that??? Do you want me to have certain products for you and gloves and stuff? Let me know what you want.

          • Nikki says:

            Don’t you DARE clean? I enjoy doing it. As for cleaning supplies, that’s totally up to you. Whatever you have will work. I have a bag of disposable gloves I can bring. Probably just your basics…glass and surface cleaner, floor cleaner. I do prefer Green Works, but I’ll clean with whatever. No chemical fumes…I’m already ditzy enough! LOL

      • Sue says:

        Oh, I feel left out 😦 I could have/can help you too, you just have to ask!

        • Joy says:

          No Sue, please don’t feel that way. It wasn’t like that. Nikki just called me when I was at a very low point on Monday and it all just came tumbling out. I didn’t even realize I needed the help until we started talking. You’ve also been so busy with Trin and your work. It wasn’t a planned thing at all so please don’t feel left out. I’m wondering if both of you shouldn’t do it the first time with me here too. We might get it done better that way. It’s really a mess in some places. But you’re busy Sat. Are you busy a week from Saturday?

  10. Tessa says:

    Sounds like a fun summer you guys have planned! I love that spring fever feeling of it is almost here! I am starting to get really excited about our road trip to San Diego! I cannot wait for the beach and warm weather and to just relax. Right now we are very stressed-we our just go, go go with packing, organizing, I got to finish up a week early in my classes and have lots of homework. So after Ben goes to bed I am doing that until really late. I wake up around 5:30 with Eric to drive him to work, then we’ve had appointments and paperwork with the Navy to finish up the move!! We are almost there. I am just trying to remember this is all worth it, and I am so grateful for our travel opportunity and our move. A saw one friend for the last time before we leave yesterday, and that is hard. We’ve watched our babies grow together. On Saturday, we are having a huge going away party with all our friends and his close co-workers. It will be so fun! But it is hard to say good-bye to a place you’ve called home for almost 4 years now. But being in the military, you always have it in your mind that this is temporary and will be moving on. I love that we have many people we will stay in touch with and we know we’ll probably see again though.

    Have a great weekend everyone!! I love reading the chats. Sounds like it has been a fun girls chat here today!

  11. Ellen says:

    You all have a great weekend. We have not much vacation plans this summer other than trying to get cheap tickets to go to Holland to visit my family. But, because I just started my new job, I am not sure what the situation will be then. Also, my sister and her husband are coming over to visit us, and we want to go to Utah for a few days. We are not sure when that will happen.
    I do love reading the chats too.

  12. Adell says:

    I haven’t been reading your blog lately, but so enjoyed the Ramdom thoughts comments….Nikki, it sounds like you have your summer all planned and what great plans too.
    Family reunions I think I so much fun.
    We will be taking a long road trip to Manitoba to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday which I am so looking forward to.
    As you know we have a very large family and there is always someone to visit with and lots of people to laugh with. When Joy and Karen talked about the doldrums, I too felt down after Karen and Wes and Joe and family left.
    I cannot blame our weather, as it is so fabulous. It actually helps with the doldrums. One day I sat in the sun, went to lunch and in the afternoon sat in the sun sipping my Starbuck’s…I needed that. I do not like clouds so I am getting very spoiled living in Arizona.
    Keep up the good work and BTW Nikki how very wonderful of you to help Joy out with her de cluttering. Once in a awhile we need and that and it is so fun to work together.
    I live with my daughter and she is so encouraging. I love her so much…..

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