I tried very, VERY hard to shake this feeling that I’ve had nagging on me ever since I watched The View this morning (Mon, March 8) but I’m really ticked off. Not even ticked off but I’m pissed. The ladies of The View were talking about what else, the Academy Awards. Vanessa Williams was guest hosting as Whoopi is on vacation.

Barbara Walters was telling everyone how happy she was that Sandra Bullock won best actress for The Blind Side. She said she interviewed her for her last Oscar night special and she was so glad she won. Then Vanessa Williams said something that made me so mad that I wanted to, well, I don’t know, slap her or something. This is what she said: She said she knows it was a true story and she knows she won an Oscar for it (or something to that order) and blah, blah, blah, BUT, (now in  her words) “it brings up a theme for black folks that, okay, another white family saved the day in terms of another black story that has to have a white person come in and lift them up.” Barbara goes on to defend the movie and say things as “we’ve come too far to think this way” and other things, you can watch it here if you want to. It’s first up on the second take. To which Vanessa responds “I’m just telling you what people have said.”

What do you think of this? Are you kidding me? Why couldn’t she just let Sandra Bullock enjoy her Oscar? Why did she have to bring the race card into it? Can you really tell me why people do this? This is a movie. Aren’t movies just stories? True or untrue. Fact or fiction. Wouldn’t you think Vanessa Williams would know better than to make a racist statement like this?  She’s an actress who also “acts.”

I think it was in very poor taste on her part and I feel throwing that race thing into it was very catty and I will never look at her in the same light. What about you guys? Did you think this necessary? I will admit to not seeing the movie but I never once thought of race when I saw clips of it and I have heard people say what a wonderful story it was. I think sour grapes look bad on whoever wears them and race?? I felt it had nothing to do with that. Am I wrong? Did I miss something? I just saw a good family and good people wanting to help someone.

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  1. Martha says:

    Okay, I did not watch the Oscars–never do. But Sandra Bullock was extremely deserving. Having said that, what is up with Vanessa Williams?

    I just saw the movie a couple of weeks ago, and when it ended, I looked at my husband and said, “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every Christian family would reach out to someone less fortunate the way this family did?”

    I’m sorry, Ms. Williams, but your comments were out of line, and I consider them discriminatory towards whilte people! Kindness and a good deed has nothing to do with color! Get a grip!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Martha. Yes, I agree. Nice is nice and loving is loving no matter who you are or what color you are.

    • Toni says:

      I think Vanessa Williams needs to get a reality check!!! Movies are movies Vanessa nothing more so don’t get reality mixed up with your script girl! The Blind Side was about people helping people and the fact that this person went along way in this world because of that help is all for the greater good. Had it been an all white or all black situation it would not have changed the impact it played on humanity. You showed yourself as “sour grapes” and nothing more. It was a true story-it was a great story-and I for one found it inspiring. Had she been in the movie or any other movie lately I think she would have a different view. As for you, Vanessa Williams, did you play the race card at home with a white and black parent? Give me a break and qiut being so jelous of Sandra Bullock who is a great and gracious actress. Before you throw stones you might remember your beauty pagent days or was that racial too? My opinion of you however has changed completely and I feel that you owe the public and Sandra Bullock an apology.

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Oh good grief!That was so un- called for.Stop playing that dang race card!!Martha is right,a good deed has nothing to do with color!

  3. Ellen says:

    I agree with you Joy, this is dumb comment of Vanessa Williams. The others of the view gave her good reply. And Vanessa made it even worse for herself by saying, “that is what people have said.” She played innocent then. I did see the Bind Side and it was a great, touching movie. Sandra Bullock was superb.
    Furthermore, I do not entirely agree with Martha, by saying:

    “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every Christian family would reach out to someone less fortunate the way this family did?”

    I think it is not exclusive for Christian families to reach out to someone less fortunate. It is for all kind of people to act that human. Their are a lot of good persons out there who aren’t Christian.

    Maybe Martha did not mean it the way I read it.

  4. mssc54 says:

    “I’m just telling you what people have said.”

    Perhaps she should have said, “I’m just telling you what some of the people said that I was around. It was a very elite group of people. Not at all like your average person who sees a person in need and does their best to help them regardless of race. No, these people I was with see color of skin first.”

    I’m sorry but this just really ticks me off too!!

    What would Ms. Williams have had THOSE WHITE PEOPLE do? If THOSE WHITE PEOPLE would not have helped a young person in need who would have? How many people had an oppertunity to help just that one young person? How many people could not have been bothered?

    Would Ms. Williams have only people of the same race help each other? Just look at the statistics on black on black crime! Guess what the number one cause of death is for a young black boy/man. Anybody? Anybody at all?

    Perhaps Ms. Williams is just needing a bit more time in the spot light.

    • Joy says:

      That’s just it mssc. This boy fell through all kinds of cracks and it wasn’t until this family and this women took him in that his life started to change. Where were all the “black folks” that should have helped him? I’d think they’d be happy a “white” family did swoop in and “save the day.” I don’t believe in “them” and “us” but that’s how Vanessa must feel because she’s the one who said it.

  5. Joy says:

    I kind of think you missed my point. I wasn’t giving a book or movie preview nor was I talking about whether I was a fan of anyone’s or not. I was talking about just being nice to others and wondering why some people always have to play that dang race card and then wonder why things don’t change. Talking about Precious, a lot of people were up in arms over the way “race” was portrayed in that too. Barbara Walters talked about that also during this program.

  6. Nikki says:

    At what point will race ever NOT be an issue. This strikes a cord with me. I’m so sick of it! Love is love, help is help, it should be blind. I’m sorry but black people are always the ones that play that dang race card. GET OVER IT!!!!!!! OMG a white person helped a black boy! I’d like to think a black family would help a white boy. What century are we living in? Racism will never go away because of people like her and not that I was ever a huge fan of hers, but she lost major points with me! I wish everyone on this planet was color blind. To live in a world where no one judges another….it’s a dream. One that I don’t think will ever come true, not in my lifetime! Makes me sick!

  7. Sue says:

    I am also sick of the race card being played and for her to say another white family saved the day is ridiculous. One family saved a lost boy who had no hope. Plain and simple. When was the last time she saved a life like that? When was the last time she lived on the streets barely surviving? The movie was great and Sandra did a great job ACTING and that’s why she won. Because she’s great a her job.

  8. pammywammy says:

    I love Sandra Bulluck.I watch all her movies.I am glad she won and was awarded for her great acting.
    I love all colors of people,but some people will never let go of everything being a RACE thing.Its their hang-up.Great movie.Would be nice if everyone helped in that way 🙂

  9. SKL says:

    Is Vanessa Williams saying that white people should stop doing nice things for nonwhite people? Or that it should just not be appreciated or treated as true charity?

    So now I should check to make sure the recipients of all my donations are white, lest someone with darker skin feel like I stepped in and saved the day?

    V.W. needs to learn how to think before she speaks.

    V.W. should also stop bitching and go looking for a true story where a black person saved the day for a white family. I am sure it happens. Let’s have a movie about that and stop whining.

    And learn how to think and talk without a chip on your shoulder, V.W.

    (I didn’t see the movie or the awards show, but I think the quotes you posted speak for themselves.)

  10. kweenmama says:

    If that white family had chosen NOT to help the young black boy, and had driven away…would not people have THEN considered them racist–for not helping a black person? Sometimes you can’t win for trying.

    I loved the movie. Great for families to watch!

  11. Gary says:

    I have not seen the movie but that was a ridiculous thing to say. It was a TRUE story told as it happened. Why on earth would she play the race card? Like Barbara said, we have come too far for something like that to be said. 😦

    • Sue says:

      I thought Barbara’s answer was awesome and she controlled herself so well even though you could see she wanted to rip V.W. head off and toss it to the audience!

  12. Laura (LS) says:

    Unfortunately, it seems Ms. Walters is wrong – no matter how flowery her sentiment is, and how much we’d like to believe it. We keep thinking, “oh, we’re in a Post-Racial society” … after all, we have a black President, we’ve had a black Secretary of State, black Oscar/Emmy/Grammy/People’s Choice/Dork of the Year Award Winner…. Black People have held every position in this country from the poorest homeless man on the street to the highest position in the land.

    And yet, this keeps happening. Why?

    I’m looking at you, Jesse Jackson. And you, Al Sharpton. And Barack Obama. And everyone else who sees it as a political issue and not a human issue. Because if it was seen *just* as a human issue, then we’d have to disband the NAACP, because “colored people” wouldn’t need “advancing” anymore. We’d have to disband the Black Caucus in Congress, because blacks and whites are now equal. We’d no longer have to have “affirmative action” (which is *anything* but affirmative). There’s WAY too much money invested in racial discord for it ever to go away.

    I know. Glum way to look at it. Fatalistic, really. But do I lie?

  13. souldose says:

    First of all Sandra gave a perfect performance, it was flawless and she deserved that Oscar… As for Vanessa she’s a grown woman and should know better, race and that movie and the Oscar are not connected in any way.
    I’m a Black Zulu South African woman and her statement makes me mad, why did she try to ruin Sandra’s moment? Luckily I don’t think that many people care what Vanessa says, including me.
    Sandra rocks and I hope she takes more roles that will lead to more Oscars because she’s one great actress and she proved she’s an actress by being so versatile.

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