You Name It!

Have you ever let your spouse cut your hair? I did! Why? I don’t know, I was bored and thought, why not! No, he is not a hairdresser. Has he ever cut hair before me? No. I had planned on going in for a trim, he offered to do it so I let him. He actually did a great job. He was confident, as he always is, but I was not. I really thought I’d be going into get it fixed. He just trimmed the bottom. The problem now is he thinks he’s a professional. He says to me, “call your girlfriends!” I’m thinking, I don’t think so! They will laugh hysterically! I know most women would never let their husbands cut their hair. But really it’s only hair and it’s not like he tried cutting a new style, it was a trim. Am I still crazy?! Probably, but I enjoy crazy.

Does anyone watch American Idol? I love that show, but only when I have a clear favorite. I haven’t watch the last two seasons because no one ever stood out to me. I actually like a few from this season. I love the idea of the show. Carrie Underwood may have never been discovered had it not been for American Idol. And Kellie Pickler! She didn’t even win and she is doing great!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. We always have a good time when we go out to celebrate. Jason and I, Paul, Joy, Toby, Sue and Uncle Darryl all usually go out. I don’t know about this year, I hope so though! We go to a bar called Son of a Butchers, aka SOB’s. It’s out by where Paul, Joy, Toby and Sue live. Great little bar, great people! I can’t wait! I got me a new pair of jeans and hopefully I can find a cute top with green in it. So far, no such luck. How do you, if at all celebrate St. Patty’s Day?

Oh I need all of your help! The title for Thursdays free chat posts. The first week it was “Care to Share?” and last week it was, “Random Thoughts Thursday” I don’t really like that though. The picture says that so I wanted something different but can’t think of anything clever! Help please! Give me some ideas. 🙂 You Name It!!

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43 Responses to You Name It!

  1. Joy says:

    I have a lot to talk about but it’s going to have to wait till tomorrow. We’ve had fog and rain for 3 days and it’s been hard on my lungs and I’m bushed tonight. I’m sick of wearing this oxygen 99% of the time for 3 days. YUCK!!! It also looks like we have a good 2 days left of it.

  2. SKL says:

    We’ve finally got some sun over here, so that’s a relief!

    We don’t do anything for St. P’s day. We’re not Catholic and I’m not a partier. Last week my kids’ teacher asked that the kids bring in something in the shape of a Shamrock. Now how many people have a bunch of shamrocks lying around their houses? The closest thing I had were playing cards in the suit of clubs.

    Today I took the girls to the museum again. Their teacher said they would be learning about volcanoes this week and making a volcano. So I decided to take them to see the volcanos and stuff like that. I’m liking these Wednesday outings. Yesterday I read them a book about volcanoes to get them interested. The book had a section on “dead volcanoes.” My kids felt sorry for the volcanoes and wanted to know how they died. Today they said they expected to see volcano bones at the museum. You gotta love this age! (Most of the time!)

    As far as a man cutting my hair, no, I can’t think of anyone other than a paid professional whom I’d trust with my hair. It’s unusual hair so if it isn’t handled just right, it will stick out and look all scraggly. So, no thanks.

    Name – I thought Random Thought Thursday was fun. I can’t think of anything better right now, but maybe I will think of something within the next 24 hours.

    • Nikki says:

      Well I just wrote a long comment to you and *POOF* it was gone!
      Try again. I am not Catholic nor a partier either. It’s the rare occasion we go out and St. Patty’s Day is really a fun night. Doesn’t hurt my son gets to stay in his own home since my brother watches him.
      They have green beer, which I don’t drink it but it’s fun to see others drink it. We go out a few times a year, on special occasions. More in the summer though.
      That is adorable that your girls were concerned for the volcanoes! 🙂

  3. Tasneem R says:

    Trimming the hair is an easy job . I mean it is really easy .

  4. Laura says:

    I think it depends upon the guy who is doing the cutting. Obviously, I’m not going to let Steve cut my hair, since he can’t see it, but when he *could* see? I might let him have a go at trimming. After all, I’ve cut his hair – both a trim and a full buzz, and I’ve also done Josh’s multiple times. And my hair grows very fast. Now I take Josh to the barber just because he can get done in fifteen minutes what it takes me two hours and a movie to do!

    I’ve watched exactly one full season of American Idol… the one with Carrie Underwood. That year, Josh was still young enough that he’d just kinda play quietly or even go to bed before the show came on, and I could actually WATCH. I’m proud to say that the minute Carrie opened her mouth, I thought, “there you go folks, there’s your winner. Shut the contest down, ’cause nobody else is coming close!” And I was right. Pat me on the back… woohoo. And now that I say that… I’m thinking that maybe next season, if it’s still on the air after all these judge shake-ups, we’ll watch it. It might be a good lesson for Josh to actually sit and hear what good voices are compared with the not-so-good, and why we think that. (I know, but I’m still at the point that, for him, the TV should have a redeeming quality – he should be able to learn SOMETHING from it, or at least NOT learn bad language/habits. Thank Heaven for the PBS Kids channel)

    We’ve never done much on St. Patty’s day… in past years, I’ve simply broken out my Irish music (ok, it’s out ALL the time, I just played it more), and contemplated making Irish food. This year, I have a recipe for Colcannon (it’s kind of mashed potatoes with either kale or cabbage in it – traditional for Halloween in Ireland, tho) that I want to try. There are a couple other Irish dishes that I might give a go at, as well. I still haven’t found decent green clothes. It’s very frustrating that you can only find Kelly Green at/around St. Patty’s Day, and then it has all kinds of stupid sayings on it.

    No ideas yet for the title… although I have alliteration swirling around in my head…. Thinkin’ Through Thursday… naah. eh, we’ll come up with something. Give it time…

    • Nikki says:

      I knew the second I heard Carrie sing she’d win too! This season there is no clear winner in my mind but quite a few that are very good!

      I was sure you all would just tear me apart for letting Jason cut my hair! LOL It’s only hair though, and it’s not like he did a styled cut. I would NOT let him try that! I thought a trim couldn’t get that messed up and if worse came to worse, I’d just have it fixed!
      I haven’t found a cute green top either and I don’t like that Kelly green either. I’ll do some shopping tomorrow or Saturday morning.

  5. Ellen says:

    I think “Thinking Through Thursday” is a great title!
    My husband would not want to do it. and it will take him ours and hours.
    I have never celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Maybe we can do something this year.

  6. Sue says:

    I laughed when I saw Jason cut your hair, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I wouldn’t let Toby cut my hair, but he has cut Christopher’s before and he cuts his own. I clean him up after he cuts his hair and I’ve cut my own hair before, but not for a long time!

    I have not watched one episode of AI this year. I got sick of the “they’re so bad let’s show America” shows that I gave it up. How about showing me all the people that are good that didn’t get to go to Hollywood?

    I like Random Thoughts Thursday as the title! It makes me feel like we can talk about whatever without having to stay on course with something.

    I can’t wait to go out with you guys 🙂 Jenny and Jason are coming and I hope Joy feels better so they can have some green beer! I don’t drink beer so I will not be having any 🙂 I’m Catholic, but not even close to being Irish, but it’s a good excuse to get out and see people. My best friend growing up is Irish and Catholic so they really party! My jeans should be here today and I hope they fit. I had no luck shopping last night so I may go to Cloudy this afternoon to see what there is. I do have a cute green shirt I bought awhile back that I can wear so we’ll see. I hope everyone can come on Saturday b/c it’d be a ton of fun to get a picture of all of us to post here!

    • Nikki says:

      Is the top casual or dressy? I don’t know which route to go! My jeans are supposed to be here today too and if they don’t fit I’ll cry! LOL

    • Joy says:

      I watched American Idol years ago but haven’t watched in probably 5 years. I think, with me anyway, they got to greedy needing too many nights. I’m not watching anything 3 nights a week like that. Paul also hates it so watching something 3 nights a week just isn’t fair. Besides, how can I ever watch anything else? I do get a kick out of Big Brother though and that’s on 3 times a week but two of those nights Paul golf’s or I probably wouldn’t watch that either. Yes, Carrie, dontcha just love her?? She’s good all the way around.

      I’d love to go out on Sat. We’ll have to totally play that by ear. Looks like another foggy, crappy day. At least I know now why I felt so lousy. I actually got scared on Monday. I was having a really hard time breathing. My chest mainly just feels very heavy and I get winded just doing something simple but Tues on the news they said the pollution alert was up in the orange, a light-bulb went off in my head. So, it’s been me and my oxygen machine all week which is depressing in itself. At least I know why now though. I plan on doing nothing today but take it easy.

      Names??? I thought Free Chat Thurs was good or Random Thoughts Thurs. I even like You Name It!!! I’ll sit back and see what you have to say. Nikki’s Ramblings?

      I’m not Irish but my mom once said “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” We used to always eat corned beef and cabbage on this day and it was a nice tradition. Now that I live so far out from my mom and brother, I haven’t made it in years. I may get a corned beef. It sounds good to me now. The green beer?? It’s just a fun thing to do. Its fun to see everyone wearing green and the green beer is enjoyable just this one time a year.
      I called the portable oxygen people about filling the tank in the garage and if they come before Sat then I’d still like to go but going out last night without it, I can’t do that again. Unless all this fog lifts and I can breathe a sigh of relief. I did tell them it wasn’t an “emergency” but the guy said I said that I didn’t need that one filled. What a crock. I never said that. What I told him was he didn’t need to come every two weeks. So my tank in the garage is completely empty. I also told him I need new tubes and stuff. He was odd when he was here too. It was the first time that guy had been here. The other guys have been super nice. How can you take “I only need you to fill it once a month” to “I don’t need it at all?” If it was like this out and we lost our power, I’d be in trouble.

      • Nikki says:

        I don’t watch the elimination night. I only watch the performances. And there is nothing else I watch at 7 on those nights. . Everything else we watch is at 8, 9 or 10pm.
        I was looking at our Weather Bug and it said moderate air quality for tomorrow and it goes up to good on Saturday. It may take a couple days for you to feel better though. I HOPE you can well enough to come out for at least a beer though. 🙂 Of course we understand if you don’t.
        I think you should always have a tank full, just in case! I wonder if you can call and request a certain person. One you feel more comfortable with.

        • Sue says:

          Different people at work have said that the one guy is really good from the at home health place and the one guys is kinda odd! Good luck and I would try requesting one guy, it can’t hurt!

      • Laura says:

        I had a similar problem with a propane guy. Called him, he said he’d be out, and never showed. Called again, same story. Third time I called, it was to report that my tank had run dry.

        That guy was fired the next day.

        If I were you, I’d call the company and report Mr. Creepy-Boy. And request that the next one they send out be not only conscientious, but drop-dead gorgeous, just to make up for the inconvenience!

        • Joy says:

          Maybe I will do that Laura. Someone who can come and fan me with a big leaf come summer 😉 I’m sure I’d tell them not to come here anymore. If nothing else I need new tubes from time to time. I do sleep with the oxygen 50% of the time. I’m wondering if he got in trouble and that’s why he called me today. Had I remembered about Bailey’s concert, I’d have made him come out today. There was just no way I could go out and that far from home no less feeling like this.

  7. Sue says:

    Oops, should say casually dressy

  8. Lucy says:

    That’s great that you led Jason cut your hair. I’m not sure I’d let my b’f cut mine… but he does dye mine and he does an amazing job 🙂

    I ve never watched a full season of American Idol, but every now and then I watch an episode or two. I watched some last week and some yesterday, but noone has really jumped out at me yet. I don’t know if any of you have noticed this… but I think the vibe of the judges has changed drastically with Paula leaving and Ellen joining the panel. I love Ellen, but she’s not really convinced me of being a good judge. And I’ve never cared much for Kara…. who knows what will happen to the show after Simon leaves at the end of this season. It will never be the same again.

    I used to go out drinking with my friends on St. PAtrick;s day, but I highly doubt I’ll do anything this year.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree, I don’t think it’ll be the same after Simon leaves. I don’t care for Kara at all. And Ellen, I like her too but what back ground does she have in music? I never understood her being a part of the judging. I love Randy too.

      I don’t watch a lot of the beginning because I’m not really into the whole,”making fun” of people. And, I think a lot of people in the beginning only go on to for that reason, just to be on TV. I watch more after they have their 24 picked.

    • Joy says:

      You guys make a very interesting point. The judges and the panel really do make or break a show. It’s like The View to me. If I had to pick one thing I enjoy a lot each day, it’s my hour of that show. Or at least just the first 20 minutes. But when they change it up, I hate that. Like you all like Ellen on her show and other things where you see her, she’s just not “right” for Idol. I was like that about Rosie O’Donnell on The View. I loved her show she had on but it was also on at 3 PM. Not first thing in the morning. Rosie was just too much for me in the early AM. I didn’t like her at all on The View and it really did affect how much I ended up watching it and I missed it. I like her but not on that show. She is too selfish, self centered and didn’t learn to play nice or share and I don’t think she got the concept that it was a show about 4 different peoples view on things. That’s what makes me love the show. I know I heard people say they hated Star Jones but see, on The View, I really liked her. She fit in well. Ah, I miss the old cast. I’d love to have Meredith and Star back.

      I think American Idol will be lucky to last one season without Simon. People love to say they hate him but on a show like this, you have to have a Simon.

  9. pammywammy says:

    I like the title “RandomThoughts On Thursday”
    I dont watch American idol faithfully.I occasionally watch it.Mostly when they are picking threw the thousands of applicants.Now thats funny 🙂
    My ex and daughter are Irish.I would celebrate when I was married.Sorry to think I dont now.Though Ialways have wanted to go and see the green beer!!But I dont like beer.I am nore of a Pina Colada girl 🙂 But I do hope you guys have fun 🙂

  10. javajunkee says:

    Thursday Trinkets

    Thoroughly Thursdays

  11. javajunkee says:

    What’s your thought thursdays

  12. Just a Mom says:

    First off Nikki you are either nuts or very brave!! I would never let my husband or anyone else but a hair stylist cut my hair. The last person who cut my hair other than a stylist was my mom when I was about 10. She butchered my bangs and I vowed never again.
    This did remind me of the time my older brother “trimmed” my hair when I was about 4 and he was 7. He used my mom’s pinking shears to cut it! I should have killed him then!
    I have never, ever watched a whole episode of American Idol. It just bores me. I catch the 5 minute update our morning news does on it and that’s it.
    Now on to St. Paddy’s Day! My mom’s family is half-Irish so we celebrate it like a holiday. Every St. Patricks Day we have Irish Soda bread for breakfast and for dinner we have Corned Beef and Cabbage. The corned beef HAS to be cooked on the stove not in a crock pot! And we pinch anyone not wearing green. I always say I get a break because my eyes are green but the kids never fall for that one.
    I like Free Chat Thursday for the title.

  13. SKL says:

    Does it have to be Thursday?

    Tuesday News Day?

    Weekly Check-in and Chat?

    This ‘n’ that chat?

    A Peek into Your Week?

    I don’t know, I still think Random Thought Thursday is pretty good.

    • Sue says:

      I have to say I’m glad it’s Thursday b/c I’m always off on Thursday and can participate 🙂

    • Laura (LS) says:

      Peek Into Your Week is fun… especially if we don’t want to tie it to Thursdays… although I like the idea of a designated day.

      • Nikki says:

        I need a designated day! It works for me to actually get it done. You don’t only have to talk about what has happened that day though, talk about whatever it is you want. I kinda like “This & That Chat” or “Free Chat Thursday” I think that’s what Joy calls it anyway…

    • Laura (LS) says:

      Come to think of it… I also like the title (however inadvertent the suggestion might have been)…

      “Does It Have To Be Thursday?” except I might change it to Monday…

  14. SKL says:

    Small talk?

  15. Tessa says:

    Nikki, I like the “care to share” title. It is cute. I love American Idol, but never get to watch it. I missed the last Bachelor too where they got married 😦 I have had too much homework and stuff to do. I love that Ellen is a judge now. I think that is great Jason cut your hair!! I would let Eric, but I would be biting my tongue the whole time! I let Eric take out my stitches last year for a cancer spot removal I had done on my stomach! I was freaking out, but he did good! He’ll have to do these ones I just got. Why is it we trust our own spouse less than a stranger? lol I guess cause we can tell them we are worried!

    I love St. Patty’s Day!! Every year my mom has sent us a care package-she is too good to us- I love it. We are very Irish-my mom use to color the toliet, the milk, everything green. I do that now! She got me and Ben a cute green shirt and Eric a nice one too that is gray and green. We will be scrubbing our house for inspection that day!! And wishing Darryl a happy birthday on Thursday! Maybe we’ll make it out for a beer to celebrate in town. Have fun you guys!! Happy Patty’s Day early.

    • Nikki says:

      That’s funny, I let Jason take my stitches out years ago too. I had a fairly large mole removed and didn’t want to drive 20 minutes to get them taken out! He did good! We must trust our men…for some odd reason! LOL

  16. I wish my boyfriend could cut my hair for me! LOL.

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