No Mail On Saturdays?

This was on “Inside The Box” one night last week. What do you think?

“Getting mail delivered to your home on Saturday may soon be a thing of the past, as the U.S. Postal Service looks for ways to cut costs.

The post office was nearly $300 million in debt between October and December of last year. That’s usually its best season because of holiday mailings.

The postmaster general is expected to ask Congress to allow them to drop Saturday mail delivery to save money.

Canceling Saturday mail service could save the post office $3 billion a year.

If congress gives its approval, the changes could go into effect sometime in the middle of next year.

So what do you think about this idea? Would you be able to adjust to a 5-day mail schedule? Or do you think the post office should look for other ways to cut costs?”

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24 Responses to No Mail On Saturdays?

  1. SKL says:

    I don’t see that it makes much difference. There isn’t much I get on Saturday that couldn’t wait until Monday. Most businesses aren’t open to process their mail on Saturdays anyway. In the rare case something absolutely has to be delivered on a Saturday, there’s always FedEx, UPS, etc. And I’d bet the USPS will still have Express Mail services on Saturdays, because they can make money on it.

    I am wondering why they waited so long to cut Saturday delivery if they are that much in debt and the taxpayers are sucking it up.

    I also recall hearing this same announcement long ago when I was a kid. (Hmm, that would have been during Carter’s time or in the aftermath.) I’m not sure, but didn’t they cut Saturday delivery before? What was the reason they didn’t just cut it permanently? Probably to keep mailmen employed.

  2. Nikki says:

    It wouldn’t bother me. Nothing is that important that I can’t wait till Monday to get. if it’s going to save them $3 billion a year! Why not!?

  3. Joy says:

    It wouldn’t really bother me as far as getting mail goes. I guess I wonder how all the mail carriers feel about losing a day of work. I also wonder how they divide up those Sat’s. We have a man most of the time but he works sometimes on Sat’s but so does a lady sometimes. I wonder who “gets” those days or in some cases, who “has” to work them. If it’s overtime, I’ll bet they’d miss it. But as far as me getting my mail, it can wait till Monday.

  4. Ellen says:

    I think it is sad that their will be more jobs lost and a good point ofr thegirlfromthe ghetto. A lot of people can only go to the post office on Saturday to do their shipping and mailing stuff. For me, I do not mind to not get mail on Saturday.

  5. pammywammy says:

    We only get mail up here in Emerson monday-fridays.The post office is open on saturday from 9am-1pm.No mail does come in or leave.I guess its for those who work all week,I have no idea why they are open.Mail doesnt leave till the truck comes in monday at 4pm.

  6. Joy says:

    I thought of loss of jobs right off but did forget about my magazines. Good point tgftg. I wouldn’t die but I do sometimes like to sit on Sunday afternoons with them.

    • Nikki says:

      At this rate they won’t be able to pay their employees. $300 million in debt!? That’s not chump change. Everyone has had to make cuts, sometimes it’s better for the company. For instance, Buffalo Veneer, they would have gone in the hole had they not layed people off. Sometimes you have to make that sacrifice.

  7. Tony says:

    We never get saturday mail except at christmas time Bah Humbug

  8. mssc54 says:

    I was a Letter Carrier in the early 80s. You have to have lots of seniority to get a Saturday or a Monday off. I would like to see no Saturday delivery simply for the fact that it will allow employees to have a more family friendly schedule. It stinks to have Sunday and another day off in the middle of the week off.

  9. Nikki says:

    I’m fairly sure companies would rearrange their mailing to fit the schedule of no Saturdays. Maybe not, but I would think so. It personally wouldn’t affect me one bit. But it would save a LOT of money for the post office so I say go for it!
    My Uncle works for postal service, I wonder how he feels about it!

  10. SKL says:

    I think magazines could arrange to get their mailings out a day early. I also am not too concerned about postal workers having less hours or even a fraction of them losing their jobs. The alternative is the American taxpayer subsidizing unnecessary jobs. Might as well pay them unemployment, it’s a lot cheaper. Nobody is offering to pay higher taxes to keep my unemployed sister in a job, and she spent a lot of time and money getting her engineering degree.

  11. Laura says:


    On one hand, I believe we would all adapt if Saturday mail delivery was canceled. With the exception of those magazines, and my newspaper (we’d have to completely change our publication schedule – our town’s paper comes out on Wed and Sat) that occasionally arrive on Saturday, there’s nothing that can’t wait until Monday.

    That said, here’s the REAL problem that nobody’s addressing, as I see it…

    All these were on my local news last night:
    1. No more Sat. mail delivery.
    2. Kansas City, MO is closing HALF of it’s schools
    3. One of our State Police facilities is closing (Ottumwa). It’s said that no officers will be released, but instead, spread to the surrounding districts.
    4. There was a ‘student-led’ protest at our capital building, protesting the elimination of programs and classes related to the Arts (music, art, theatre, even languages in some cases), due to budget cuts and lack of funding.

    What I didn’t see, and have NEVER seen as a solution to any problem, is the elimination of the bureaucracy that is involved with each and every one of these organizations. If I recall correctly (and I do), the Postmaster General received a ridiculous pay raise early last year, bringing his salary + compensation package to over $850,000. This, in the same news cast that brought us the report that Saturday delivery was going to be canceled due to massive debt within the program. Who gets a pay raise when they are failing at their job? The Postmaster General. Congress.

    In his first speech as Governor of N.J., Chris Christie revealed that his state is massively in debt and heading into bankruptcy, because it is still trying to support massive pension/insurance plans for teachers and other government employees who have long since retired.

    Now please don’t think I’m beating up on teachers, here, or the Postal Carriers, or the Police, the Firemen, or anyone else in the trenches, because I’m not.

    My problem is with those who run these bloated “programs” (for lack of a better word) – the schools that continue to cry “poor” while cutting classes for students but not cutting a single retirement benefit or administrator. It starts with local school boards and goes all the way up to the national level.

    So no, I DON’T think they should cut Saturday Delivery – all that’s going to do is piss us little guys off because we cant’ get our magazines and newspapers. I think they SHOULD cut the pay and benefits of the Postmaster General – fire the current guy (WITHOUT the “golden severance package”) for being a useless prat, bring that salary down to something realistic, and hire someone who will EARN every penny of it by balancing the budget and applying some good old fashioned Math and Economics 101 to the problem. And THEN, when the garbage and waste is eliminated, if Saturday delivery still needs to be cut, so be it. But at least everything else has been tried, and we “little people” don’t have to continue paying for somebody who retired twenty years ago.

    Unless they can’t find someone who knows about Math and Econ 101, because the school system cut those classes during “budget cuts”.

    • SKL says:

      Maybe the guy at the top does need his pay cut. Not sure if he needs to be fired, though. Depends how long he’s been in office and whether he added to the problems or has a decent plan to fix them.

      I have a problem with cutting benefits on retirees. It may have been a terrible idea to give those benefits in the first place, but once people are retired (or nearing retirement), it doesn’t seem right to take away what they probably consider their retirement savings. Maybe a middle ground could be found. Maybe a gradual reduction giving folks a chance to re-order their lives so they don’t go bankrupt. It doesn’t feel right to punish these blue-collar workers for the bad decisions that were made by the management years ago. But on the other hand, it isn’t fair to make the taxpayers pay for outrageous benefits when many taxpayers are struggling financially.

      Since there are no market controls on organizations like the USPS, maybe their top management needs to have criminal consequences for policies that are obviously bad for the organization and ultimately the taxpayer. While the libs attempted to prosecute lawyers for writing opinions regarding the legality of interrogation methods, why aren’t they prosecuting the people who headed up badly-managed government organizations? When you know no for-profit organization could have offered those kinds of benefits to large populations of blue-collar workers and still stayed in business, you know there had to be bad motives (bribery, etc), an unacceptable agenda, or at least gross negligence at play. Maybe if they were criminally and civilly liable for these decisions, they would fear the penalties more than they fear upsetting the union or whatever.

      • Laura says:

        I agree with you that cutting/eliminating pensions across the board is not only a bad idea, it’s cruel. It would be like walking in and grabbing up everyone else’s 401K’s. However, I find it staggering that in this day and age, we are still doing the pension thing, when we KNOW that an incoming teacher (for example), who will retire in 20 years means that teacher will likely be supported by that pension for 40 more years, at least! There is no way to support something like that.

        I am much more in favor of scaling back/eliminating pension plans (scaling back those that exist, in a logical fashion; eliminating going forward), and replacing them with a logical 401K-style program. There is no reason why government employees can’t have the same type of benefits that the rest of us do.

        This whole thing just ticks me off, because here you and I are, sitting at our computers in our underwear (figuratively speaking), and between us, we’ve just found logical, enforceable solutions to half the problems that those people that we pay millions to, couldn’t. There is something seriously wrong with this.

  12. Joy says:

    I’m all for scaling things way back and there is no reason why anyone should make that kind of money when they are thinking of taking away so many jobs but I’m totally against taking something away from someone who is retired or getting ready to retire. They more than likely planned their retirement out and to take that away at the last minute is really wrong in my opinion.

    I also agree that getting a magazine on a Saturday is dumb compared to people losing jobs. My oldest and dearest friend is a mail carrier in AZ and she loves the day off during the week. She gets her dentist and doctor appts in on those days. She also like to be off work when other people are at work and she can get her shopping and stuff done and not have everything be crowded. So some people actually like working on Saturdays.

  13. Laura (LS) says:

    300,179!!! WOOHOO!!!! Yay, us!!!

  14. TRS says:

    Sounds like a great way to save $300 Million dollars a year!!

    I wouldn’t miss mail on Saturdays – everything important goes via email or online banking anyway. Just make sure to get birthday cards in the mail a day early if the birthday is on Monday.

    As for those who can only do shipping on Saturdays… most post offices have the automated shipping kiosk now anyways… and I know of at least one that is in a post office lobby that is open 24/7.

    Plus… did it say the post office wouldn’t be open on Saturday? Because if they’re just not DELIVERING the mail on Saturday… that wouldn’t impact post office visits.

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