Free Chat Thursday

Well happy Thursday folks! Grab your coffee, tea or whatever you like to have and sit down for a chat!

We’re almost there, another weekend right around the corner. Any plans? We don’t have too many plans. No plans as of yet for Saturday, which is kind of nice. I hope we have good weather so we can get back outside and continue cleaning the yard up. If I remember correctly I’m pretty sure I cleaned it up before winter but wouldn’t ya know, it sure doesn’t look like it!

Sunday Bailey has baseball try outs. This is a first for us, him. I honestly don’t think he’s one bit nervous. The coaches gave him excellent feed back and he’s fairly confident. It’s for a traveling team representing our town. So given he makes it, that’s what the first part of  our summer will consist of and I couldn’t be happier. Watching him play ball is one of my favorite things to do.

Recently I was asked if I miss my home state, California. It was a discussion on Facebook. I quickly said no. I hope that didn’t offend any of my family or friends that still live there. I did explain I miss them just not the place. If I didn’t have any reason other than seeing friends and family I can honestly say I would never EVER go back. Many reasons come to mind, memories are the hardest to forget when they are staring you in the face. It’s hard to go back to the town I grew up in, nothing good came from that place. Not for me anyway. In a perfect world, I’d pick and choose my favorite people and make them move here! But then again they all think I’m nuts because I choose, and love to live in such a frigid place! And I wouldn’t have any one to make fun of my accent. 🙂

Our St. Patrick’s day party was a lot of fun! We had a much-needed adult night out, and I woke up just fine! Now that’s what I call a successful night! No praying to the porcelain god for me!

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27 Responses to Free Chat Thursday

  1. SKL says:

    Holy moley, I have been so busy with work these days. I will probably have to post in bits and pieces and hope I get a chance to get back to it sometime during the day tomorrow.

    The weather has been nice. We’ve been to the park a couple times, just to walk around. Pretty much all the snow is gone. My house is in a spot where all the road crud gets dumped into our yard by the snow plows. So when the snow was done melting, I was thinking, this is a nice project for me and the girls to work on. Thought I’d start us on it Tuesday night. But Tuesday night, I didn’t feel like it. So today I was pretty happy to find the road crews out cleaning it up. Of course, they blocked my driveway and made continous loud noises all morning, but at least I didn’t have to go out there and clean up a thousand chunks of pothole shrapnel.

    Wanted to go to the museum tonight with the girls, but it didn’t work out. Worked late, kids took too long to eat, kid misbehaved . . . oh well, we took a nice walk around the neighborhood instead. Met a relatively new neighbor whose kid will be 2 this summer, so maybe the kids will have someone nearby to play with. I’m teaching them about crossing the street and stuff like that. Not sure when I’ll be ready to let them go play in the neighborhood without me; most likely they will be ready before I am.

    I have been getting annoying calls from the president of one of the nonprofits I volunteer for. I have had no time for that stuff but apparently it’s the most urgent thing in the world (since yesterday) and I have to produce reports by tomorrow a.m. This means I will be doing nonprofit accounting (pro bono) at 2am tonight. I know it’s a commitment and all, but I would have preferred a little more lead time before being told it is an emergency. I mean, it’s an ongoing commitment, but I wasn’t even expecting the meeting this week; didn’t we just have one a couple weeks ago? Maybe it’s time for me to step down from this organization too. I have always been on several nonprofit boards, but this past year or two, it’s been really hard and a lot of pressure. So I have been trying to quit one of the boards for the past 6 months, and now if I quit this one too, I’ll be down to only 2 (of which one is not very active). Which actually sounds kind of nice.

    Gotta go for now – am cooking up a midnight snack – will try to check back in later.

    • Nikki says:

      Wow, you do sound busy!!! I hope your neighbors kids’ end up great friends with your girls. It’s always nice to see your kids interact with other kids and get along. How old are your girls again?
      We’re dealing with a lot of mud here. Most drive ways in our neighborhood are dirt. Paved roads though, thank goodness! Still makes for messy roads. I had to level the drive way back out, it was horrible from people driving in it when the mud was wet.

    • Joy says:

      You seem to have so many problems with this non profit. Have you told them you are thisclose to not working for them anymore? It’s not your whole life. Not now that you have your girls. Maybe you need to clear the air with them. they’ve been giving you grief for a long time now.

      I love the idea of being outside with the girls. I’ll bet they love it. You will have lot of museum time but enjoy nice weather when you’re lucky enough to get it. It’s gorgeous here today. I’m not sure if I’ll see much of the nice day. See my rant below!!!

      BTW…..what did you cook up for your midnight snack???

      • SKL says:

        I had some leftover stuff from last Friday’s restaurant. It was a pasta dish but I ate all the pasta and what I had left was a lot of veggies & sauce. So I boiled some pasta last night and mixed it with the leftovers and finished them off. I made too many noodles, though. So now I have to figure out how to finish THEM off.

        I never did finish all that nonprofit work last night. Spent this morning on it. Found a little bank discrepancy, so as usual, a woman’s work is never done.

      • SKL says:

        Well, we had the meeting for that nonprofit. They scheduled it for 6pm – how convenient since my kids’ daycare closes at 6:30. So I said I could call in, and I did. I figured I’d take my kids to the park at 6pm and they could play, then we’d have a picnic after the call. I figured about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. They started the call way late as usual, and then it went on over 2 hours (I hung up at about 8:10). They knew I was at the park with my kids. At 7 I finally decided I’d better serve the kids’ picnic with the conference on speaker phone. They put off my report (treasurer’s) until almost 8pm. At that point, my kids were wanting me to hold their hands as they walked the balance beam, and then one of them starts saying “I have to go poo poo” (I hope they all heard that on the call). They start complaining about me not sending the information about new members sooner. Er, the membership chair has access to the payments on the computer and has 99% of all the info I have. By the time I hung up on them, I was so drained; it is hard enough to watch two 3-year-olds running in different directions at the park, without trying to listen and keep quiet half of the time, and then trying to justify your position. And no, it would not have been better to shut the kids up in the house on this rare, pleasant March evening. So anyhoo, I felt like this is about all I can take. 2+ hours of my evening is not worth this. I plan to politely decline to continue as treasurer for the next fiscal year. I am way too busy anyway.

        • Joy says:

          Good for you. I don’t blame you. What a bunch of bunk. You are doing them a favor, not the other way around.

          • SKL says:

            I would probably be more excited to quit if it didn’t mean I’d have a bunch of transition work.

            • SKL says:

              The thing is, I really tried to do the right thing here. I felt like a shmuck in the end because neither my girls nor the organization really got all of me during that time. I know you can’t please everyone, but it sucks when you try and can’t please anyone.

  2. Ellen says:

    I am glad I am not the only one with a funny accent! Nice post again, Nikki. I am glad we see each other on Facebook also! I am just home from an evening shift in the hospital. Still in training. It is pretty okay to do. Now it is getting late, good night and see you tomorrow 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I love different accents Ellen. I’m actually working on a little post about them. Stay tuned. I’ll bet yours sounds really cute.

  3. Sue says:

    I had a BLAST last Saturday 🙂 I too, woke up just fine on Sunday other than being a little tired from the time change. We have no plans set in stone for the weekend and I’m kinda happy about that. There is a surprise b-day party going on Saturday night, but we don’t have to be there.

    Tomorrow we are having a going away party for our ENT doc at work 😦 He’s moving his family back to the Chicago area to be closer to his wife’s family…it’s always the wife that takes the good ones away! He’s a great doctor and so easy going that we’re going to miss him. We haven’t met the new guy yet… Oh, so what should I make for the pot luck tomorrow? Any good suggestions??

    It’s beautiful here again today so I’m washing the kids’ bedding and it’s going on the line 🙂 I am going to try and tackle Christopher’s room when I’m done here. It’s not a disaster, but I’m going to go through his toys and clean out his closet. Trinity took her hermit crab to school today so I had to bring her this morning and it was a successful trip. I could just see her dropping his tank or something crazy like that!

    Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Off to get lost in a closet!

    • Joy says:

      I hope all goes well with Mr or Miss hermit crab today. She’s been dying to take it. Wait till Bailey gets his. Nikki doesn’t know yet 🙂

      If you need more clothesline, you know where to come. I have lots of room today. I’ll be busy with the floor!

      • Nikki says:

        Nikki doesn’t know what yet?! What are the floors doing? Not drying evenly? Was it a bad idea???

        • Joy says:

          No, I’m getting Bailey a hermit crab the next time he’s here with me. I got one for Trinity and Christopher a few weeks ago and we were going to get one for Bailey but I said I thought he should pick it out himself. So, the next time I get, he gets one. Don’t tell him yet. I want to surprise him. They’re cool. I think he’ll like one.

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve had my head buried in Power Point this week. Our school does a live/silent auction as a fundraiser every March, and I’m working on the slide show for the live auction.

    We have approximately 40 items, and I need to create a unique slide for each one. And I have NO PICTURES for them yet, so I’m trying to create this show, and come up with catchy phrases and quips, using generic ‘placeholder’ pictures from Google Images. There are several trip packages (two to MN, incidentally – one to MOA, and one to East Silent Resort, between I-94 & 10, near Pelican Rapids), including Orlando, Omaha (yes, Omaha), and Chicago. Those, I have done.

    I wish we lived closer into town. There are no kids out here that are Josh’s age, so if he wants someone to play with outside (well, inside too), it falls to us. Not that that’s a problem, but it’d be nice to be able to say, “go out and play” and know that there would be playmates.

    The weather here has been wonderful, too, and I wish I could find a decent pair of inline skates (I have the dreaded “cankles” and NOTHING fits me). Doesn’t really matter right now, though… the bike/skating trail at the park is currently under water. Our town is pretty cool – we have a major river that runs through the middle of it, but the downside is regular spring floods. Which is also pretty cool… as long as you don’t live in the flood plain. Although, people around here are so used to it, that they put their stuff on floatables in their basements, and then hold “Flood Parties” on their balconies. They also have boats that they use to get into town to get groceries and whatnot. It’s pretty funny, actually. Two years ago, with the 500-Year Flood that wiped out Cedar Rapids, the Red Cross and Fema finally got up here, to a response of, “thanks, but no thanks. We’ve helped ourselves.” It was a point of pride for our little town…

    So, it’s wet, but nice out. And of course, this weekend, we’re expecting snow. Welcome to Iowa.

    • Joy says:

      Don’t those programs like Power Point turn your brain to mush after a while? I’ve been trying to learn my new photo program and my new office program and I can just last so long with it. I used to be able to sit and play longer but I just can’t do it anymore. Which reminds me Sue, can I borrow that photo book for dummies?? About now I fit that category.

      I always wonder about people living in a flooding area. Without getting “too into it” right now, I lived up in Manitoba for a while where the Red River goes when it leaves MN and I don’t know how people can stand it. I actually got stuck in my house for 3 days and wouldn’t have been able to get out no matter what emergency arose. I don’t know how people live like that year after year. The flooding is also changing. It’s now flooding every year really bad and is hitting places that it didn’t hit before. I mean really, think about it, this never happened every single year like it does now. Hhhmmmmmm…but that water is such a mess. They already have one million sandbags sitting in Fargo waiting to put them out. I can honestly say, I’d stay in the same area but there is no way I’d live dealing with water in my house like that. It ruins everything and it’s terribly dirty. I had to keep washing my floors and walls with bleach. I had a hard time with it. Had we lost our power and our pumps went out, I’m not sure what would have happened.

      Try and win the Pelican Rapids trip and we’ll meetcha there. It’s a beautiful area. Tell Josh it’s good fishing.

      • Laura says:

        I was looking at that MN Resort trip, and thinking real hard about it. It would be very cool, wouldn’t it? I’ll see what i can do, but the bidding generally goes fast and furious, and usually, much higher than I can afford… but I’ll try.

        Every house we’ve ever shopped for, we’ve paid very close attention to the lay of the land. I grew up having to deal with sewer backups – oh, dear GOD was that awful!!! My parents finally got that fixed, but I never forgot it, and have been very picky about where we live in relation to water. And I certainly don’t understand why people move back to flood area year after year. It simply doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, I get if you live someplace that’s near the river, and it’s NEVER flooded there before, and suddenly, here comes a 500-year or a 1000-year flood, and it comes in, and previously, you never had any reason to believe that you were in a “flood plain”. I get that. But those who live on riverfront property, IN the regular flood plain, and just put up with it year after year… THAT’S what doesn’t make sense.

        And it’s even worse that they cannot live there unless they have Flood Insurance… AND THEY GET IT!!! They KNOW that the place is going to flood, and yet they get the insurance anyway. And then we have to pick up the tab.

        i’m going to stop before this rant gets any worse. sheesh.

  5. Joy says:

    Hi All. I’m in downer mood today! 😦 😦 I’m glad things are all peachy with everyone but here, I’m about ready to pull my hair out.

    Nikki came out yesterday and cleaned my house and it looks very nice. For the most part. We’ll get to that in a minute. The minute she left, Maddie comes pouncing up the stairs with a mouse in her mouth and drops it as near to my feet as she can, lays back on the living room floor like she’s the Queen of Sheba and the mouse takes off for unknown places under chairs and Paul’s desk. It got chased around the living room by two cats and is now stuck in the kitchen behind a dresser “thing” I have and I’m going CRAZY!!! If she’s going to get mice, why does she have to do that with them??? The sad thing about me is if it would just run out the door if I opened it and said “here mouse,” I’d be really happy. I hate to see them die too but they can’t run around happily living in my house like this. I feel like I’m going nuts.

    My house looks really nice and clean and it smells really good. There’s just one small problem and I hope someone can offer me some advice. Nikki waxed the floor and when it was wet it looked really, really nice. But this floor is 10 years old and has never been waxed so in the high traffic spots, it did’t get glossy or shiny but instead dried streaky. Also, where the streaks are, it’s also very “tacky” and not quite sticky but it’s very close. If I take my toes and make a circle with my foot, it’s so tacky it pulls down my sock. HELP. I read on the bottle that you should reapply if this happens but I’m wondering if I should just try and take the wax off. Is there such a thing of a floor just being to old to do this with? It’s never been done. OR….I’m wondering if I should put it on with something other than a sponge mop. Should I use a material like a cotton cloth or something? I just am at a loss but man, thinking of it all shiny the way it looked when Nikki did it makes me want a nice shiny floor and the wax says on it that it’s for all kinds of floors.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO??? What do you think Nik? It’s driving me nuts right now the way it looks but now with the mouse out there, I sure don’t feel like going in there and attempting a job like this. I know it’s going to run out and then I’ll have a cat chasing a mouse while I’m trying to wash or re-wax my floor!!!!!

    Thank you Nikki for yesterday. I did have fun with you. While Nikki was doing her thing in the bathroom and laundry room, I got the sound fixed on Paul’s computer and I got my windows washed in the living room. It looks really nice. Also, on Saturday Sue is taking our dog Ella for a much needed bath and grooming. When she gets home she’ll look like a labrador. Thanks Sue for doing that.

    I think that’s all the steam I have for now and I’m not proof reading so if there’s a mistake, suck it up. I don’t care today.

    • Nikki says:

      Well I was in a good mood until I had 3 kids here fighting over EVERYTHING! Early naps today! Pheew!!

      I’m sorry the floors are making you so mad. 😦 They certainly didn’t end up the way we had imagined. I don’t know what else to do. If I didn’t have my own spring cleaning to do Saturday I’d come out and help you get it fixed. I guess, it’s up to you. Either have someone put a coat on by hand or scrub it off. You probably shouldn’t do either of those though, so someone needs to help you. I can come back out next Wednesday if you’d like.

      • Joy says:

        No, it’s okay. It’s not our fault. We didn’t know. I do think it’s the age of the floor and the wear of it. I’m going to try and do it once that damn mouse is gone but I’m not dealing with trying to catch that thing and then mop. I know where it is and it pretty much can’t get anywhere now unless it gets brave but Maddie hasn’t left that spot since I got up. I’ll start the laundry room though and see how hard it is to get off. It’s not your fault Nikki and where it looks good, it looks really good and if that damn mouse wasn’t where it is, I’d try re-waxing that area by hand but I’m not getting down on the floor with it right there.

  6. trishatruly says:

    Wow. You have the longest darned comments in the history of wordpress, Nikki! I like to try and read what everyone else says before I comment but dang, girl! LOL

    Anyway, I get where you’re coming from on that not wanting to go “home to Ca. ” thing. My hometown is not really a place I could ever live again, but I love the state itself.

    As for funny accents, well, according to my southern family I sound like a “damn Yankee”! LMAO

  7. trishatruly says:

    Well, I actually think my voice is nasal and whiny-sounding.
    Except when I am singing in the shower and then I sound a lot like Barbra Streisand.

    NOT! lol

  8. Laura says:

    I would LOVE for my family to come and live out here near me… they all live near Chicago, which is cool, but congested, and completely riddled with ridiculous laws. Yep… they live in Obama Country, folks. gag.

  9. Tessa says:

    Wow, it was fun reading everyone’s comments! Minnesota accent is so distinct, I get made fun of too, especially by our old neighbor in Florida-he had a thick southern Alabama type accent-and loved making fun of me!

    Well, Saturday morning we are off on our road trip to San Diego and we are getting excited. It has been a long, stressful few weeks getting prepared, but we are ready! I have a few more assignments to turn in tonight, and tomorrow hope to find a pair of comfy cute sandles.

    I have had 3 more skin cancer spots removed in the last 2 weeks, I have stitches in my arm right now. Feels like I got punched! Although it gets emotional and scary, I am just trying to focus on the health I do have and to be grateful for it and grateful I caught this early. I have stock piled on SPF sunscreen and lotions. I hope to find a cute hat tomorrow too for our trip and for the summer. I no longer care about getting a tan or sun! It has been a real wake up call. I have had 6 spots removed in the last 9 months and I am only 26. I am taking fish oil and vitamins also to help my skin heal and stay healthy.

    Right now we are camped out in the Navy Lodge hotel and will spend the weekend at my aunt’s in Oregon. She has terminal cancer, and is in the hospital unfortunately right now. She hopes to be out by the time we get to her house, so please pray for her. This will be a special weekend for it may be the last visit with her. She is the sweetest woman and I’ve learned so much from her. I am going to make my grandma’s famous enchiladas for the family this weekend.

    Well, our trip and move to Japan is a dream come true for me and I cannot wait to go! I will be posting lots of updates and pictures on my blogpage and facebook. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Good luck to Bailey!! I am sure he’ll do great. It is great to hear about his love for baseball and how you guys cheer him on.


  10. Just a Mom says:

    My kids have Spring Break this week so I have been busy with them all week. Today we took our boat out and tomorrow we are going to the beach with some of my old work friends. It was actually a little chilly on the boat today so I am hoping it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.
    Hopefully next week will be a bit slower for me!

  11. sweetiegirlz says:

    *ahem* I can say this after having lived in S. Cali for 2 years, California sucks.

    lol. but glad you have loved ones there. I have some good friends and Doug’s aunty and Uncle live there.

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