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So, what do you think of the “Health Care Reform” bill?  Feel free to spout off, but do so respectfully!

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38 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. Joy says:

    I don’t think much of it. I hate the thought of it. Damn, damn, damn!!!! Little by little bit by bit, we won’t be the America we love anymore. We’ll just be like any other socialized country very soon.

  2. SKL says:

    I am not sure I can answer this question since you tacked on the “respectfully” requirement.

    Disgusting. Is that respectful enough?

    Let me just tell you what they should have done. It is very simple, much more fair, and undoubtedly cheaper:

    1) Subsidize COBRA for unemployed people who don’t qualify for Medcaid (if any). Although the taxpayers foot the bill, it will keep premiums from going through the roof as the young, healthy people getting laid off won’t drop out of the insurance groups.

    2) Encourage high-deductible health insurance for catastrophic problems only (for the 10% currently uninsured). This would be cheap enough that there would be no excuse for presently healthy individuals to opt out of taking responsibility for their own health risks.

    3) Get rid of state-imposed requirements that require insurance to cover lifestyle-oriented stuff most of us do not want to pay for: drug rehab, sex changes, and hundreds of other things.

    4) Put limits on malpractice claims so the cost of malpractice insurance isn’t such a huge percentage of doctors’ income.

    5) Let individuals take a personal, above-the-line deduction for health insurance that is computed the same way as employers deduct health insurance benefits.

    6) Inform individuals of the insurance choices they have right now. Many people have no clue that they could easily access and afford the insurance they need right now.

    I have a lot of problems with the legislation just signed. My biggest issue is that this was blatantly done against the will of the American people, and many members of Congress knowingly abused the public’s trust. The second issue is that there is no money for this. That’s why they need to spend the next four years taxing people like me to death even before the first benefits happen; and it still won’t be enough, because this is going to hurt the economy and cause more unemployment, and the costs are not going to be contained, because government bureaucracy always increases costs exponentially. The third issue is that once again, they are punishing people who have made responsible choices by making them pay for other people’s irresponsible choices. The fourth issue is that eventually everyone is going to have what Medicaid offers; which is a huge step down for most. The fifth is that this was done based on lies, lies, and more lies. The sixth is that they are going to use tax money to pay for health care for illegal immigrants and abortions. I could go on all day. But fundamentally, this was not a result of democratic government. Is the USA no longer democratic? That’s how it feels right now.

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t think it’s health CARE reform. It’s health INSURANCE reform and hardly that because all it’s doing is giving the insurance companies more business. Yes, you can argue that the IC tried to block it, but at the end of the day they get more business. I don’t like it either because Congress did not listen to what the people wanted. I don’t like it because it was pushed through with no real specifics given along the way. I don’t like it because they are going to collect taxes for 4 years before anyone sees a benefit. I don’t like it because a bunch of people in Congress don’t have to have the same plan. They get to keep their Cadillac coverage while the rest of us have to struggle along. There should have been a clause that Congress has to take whatever health care reform they pass and give up their current ways. How much money would be saved if they didn’t have the coverage they have? Anyone ever analyze that?? I haven’t, but it’d be interesting to know.

    I did read that these funds will not/can not be used for abortions and I heard something that illegals were not able to get the subsidizes to help pay for insurance.

    How can Congress feel so good about themselves for getting this bill passed? Ugh, I had a great thought to go with that statement and I completely lost it! Time for bed!

  4. mssc54 says:

    I understand that people with existing conditions have difficulty getting insured. But let’s say I decide to by a car and feel like I don’t want to get the insurance. I’d rather do something else with my money. It’s my choice right?

    But after a year or so I am careless and have an accident. I total my car and kill a person in the process. Is it unresonable for me to pick up the phone and :

    Me: “Hello automobile insurance company. Yeh, well I just totaled my car in an at-fault accident and killed a person too. I now realize that I do actually need insurance. Can I come down and sign a policy now?”

    Insurance Carrier: “Ummm Sir, I think we would require you to take a drug test. You must be high on something.”

  5. Tessa says:

    We watched last night at my aunt and uncle’s-they are against it. I am for universal healthcare. It will be a long, difficult change, but I believe everyone should have it and this country needs the change. The insurance companies and government have too much control, it is time for the people to have more benefits and control. Just my opinion. I can understand others views too.

    • Joy says:

      The people?? The “people” didn’t want this. I say if you want Universal health care, you should move to a country that has it. You don’t want the government involved? What would you call this?

      • eric says:

        This is TESSA

        Joy, I have a right to a different opinion and to live in this country. I do agree with Eric’s points and think if the majority do not agree with this bill as they do not, then it should not be passed. I think the people should create the bill and the majority should vote for it. I do want the government to listen to the majority. They are not. And the insurance companies are not listening to people either-many insurances are run by the goven’t and the government has a huge hand in the insurance companies and in our food policies. And I assume you are talking about me in your post below. Yes, in my opinion I think like in European countries and Denmark, healthcare and college being paid for and taxes raised to pay for that would be great. I have a right to that viewpoint and I respect yours.

        • shane says:

          You enjoy Denmark then!!!
          Hope you have fun paying a 59% individual tax rate.
          Oh yeah and everything you buy in that country has a 25% tax on it. “Have fun there”
          Plus there’s a 25% tax if you own a buisness there.
          Seriously if that’s what you want, then feel free to move there. Sure college is “FREE” healthcare is “FREE” and many,many,many other thing are “FREE” (OH WAIT THERE NOT) YOU PAY FOR THEM IN TAXES!!
          If you “don’t work” it might be a great place to live!!

          • Joy says:

            People don’t understand that Shane. That “free” isn’t “free.” Ask any Canadian if they are happy with their heath care. For emergencies it’s okay but if it’s something you can “live with,” you have to wait on a list.

            I’ve talked about my really good friend Lisa who lives in Canada. Her daughter was born with her bladder deformed. It took 3 years to get her in to work on it in. She had surgery a year ago at 3 years old after her whole life was spent being on antibiotics. After a year, she started having bile back up in her bladder again and now is on a brand new waiting list. She has to have “so many” emergency room visits so she can have them recorded before they will operate again. They may just bring her down here where it can be done for a little more than $50,000.

            But don’t listen to friends and family. Listen to Michael Moore.

        • Joy says:

          You do have the right to live here with a different opinion but when you spout shit, I’m gonna call you on it. Nobody helped your mom. Nobody helped my parents. They worked hard and honestly made a good life for us and themselves. What makes you think you should get everything you want without having to pay for it? It would just be more simple if you lived where life was the way you wanted it because the majority of Americans want to take care of themselves and the government is getting so involved in our lives that they are making a mess out of everything.

          I honestly want to know WHY you feel the government should pay for things for you. WHY??? It’s up to us to take care or ourselves. If you can’t afford college, get a job so you can. It’s as simple as that. Take out a loan like everyone else and go but don’t expect someone else to pay for what you want.

          • eric says:

            THIS IS TESSA

            Joy, I do have college loans. A lot. I also work when I need something. I would pay higher taxes for universal healthcare and college for everyone. I believe in unity and supporting others who cannot support themselves in times of need. My dad has worked very hard his whole life, and he does not have insurance. He is self-employed but insurance is too expensive. He just had an xray that costed more money than he has. If he had to be hospitalized, God forbid, he could not afford it. I believe in things differently and I don’t appreciate being disrespected for my views. I have family and friends stories too, Joy, and my own experiences.

            • mssc54 says:


              “I also work when I need something.”

              Must be nice to only work when you “need something.” I’m not sure you are aware of this but most productive, self-supporting people have needs they need to provide for on a daily basis.

              “I would pay higher taxes for universal healthcare and college for everyone.”

              But don’t you see Eric YOU CAN PAY HIGHER TAXES IF YOU WANT! Just send in what you think is FAIR FOR YOU. I think perhaps you misspoke. I think wha you truly meant to say was, “I WANT EVERYONE TO PAY HIGHER TAXES!”

              “I believe in unity and supporting others who cannot support themselves in times of need.”

              Really? Do you truly believe in “unity and supporting others” or do you believe in the IDEA of supporting others? In other words, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO TANGIBLY SUPORT OTHERS IN NEED? There are people in need every single day. Shouldn’t YOU be working every single day to help those needy people? Why do you work ONLY WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING?

              ” My dad has worked very hard his whole life, and he does not have insurance. He is self-employed but insurance is too expensive.”

              I too am self employed sinced 1985. I know first hand how expensive health insurance is. I also know that major medical policies can be found that are somewhat reasonable. However, if you are saying that health insurane is expensive because your dad needs to have two cars, a home phone, a cell phone, a boat, a flat screen tv and two other tvs, a motorcycle, buy his smokes and alcohol then sure most things will be expensive once we purchase all of our wants. I’m NOT saying your dad has all those things but my point is that MOST self employed people do not have a written budget and it is easily to over spend on items they WANT to have and then complain about how expensive things are that they NEED to have.

              “I believe in things differently and I don’t appreciate being disrespected for my views.”

              This montra always gets me. So, let me see if I understand you. When someone disagrees with YOU they are disrespecting you. But when YOU DISAGREE with them you just have your own views and experiences?

              Tessa, since your dad has worked so hard so hard for so many years and is still having financial difficulties, instead of paying higher taxes why don’t you take your lawn mower out and cut a few yards and help suppliment your fathers income. It’s called families taking care of each other. But then that would require some PERSONAL RESOPNSIBILITY!

              I’m not being disrespectful. I am just stating my views and personal experiences over the past 35 years of self employment and life. 🙂

              • SKL says:

                I agree with MSSC. Tessa, when I was your age and my parents were having difficulty, I sent them a significant part of my earned wages, even though I was deep in student loan debt and was living very frugally. I worked exceptionally long hours and also did many hours of volunteer work. I had siblings who would laugh at my “Mother Teresa” spending, and then ask me for money to cover bills from their extravagant spending. OK, maybe not extravagant if it was THEIR OWN MONEY paying for it.

                So Tessa, why do you think I should care more about your dad’s medical needs than you do? I mean, you think my tax money should pay for it. Because as far as I can tell, you aren’t ponying up many tax dollars into the US Treasury. Thing is, I (also self-employed) am paying health insurance, co-pays, and lots of uncovered health expenses for myself and my kids. You glibly declare that I have plenty of cash to pay higher taxes after all my household expenses are covered. And that furthermore, I have no better use to put my cash to than the health expenses of someone whose choices have left him without insurance. (Yes, choices. Choice to be self-employed, choice not to research affordable insurance, choice to prioritize other purchases over insurance. Not to mention your choice to prioritize other purchases over helping him pay for his insurance.)

                You know, my partnership invests in low-income community businesses. We create JOBS for people who are currently unemployed. These JOBS will (a) raise tax dollars; (b) increase the number of individuals with insurance; and (c) reduce insurance companies’ need to raise premiums due to healthy young people falling off the rolls via layoffs. If Obama taxes me to death, I can’t afford to invest in businesses, and those jobs won’t be created, and those unemployed people won’t be able to help spread the cost of running this country, including the healthcare system. But do you care?

                Get a part-time job and send your dad a check to pay for his insurance.

                And someday, I hope you find out what it feels like to be taxed till it hurts, and to have some unemployed-by-choice individual complain that your taxes should be higher.

                • SKL says:

                  Tessa, this is a perfect example of liberal “compassion.” You see a need – and you see a pocketbook to pay for it – but that pocketbook is not your own.

                  This is also a perfect example why college shouldn’t be free. Most of the US “halls of learning” are already run by liberals, but at least many of the students are paying their own hard-earned money to attend. The last thing we need is to provide even more subsidies to put young foolish people through a liberal / socialist / communist education. So they can come out hating America and the capitalistic system that paid for their education in the first place. These halls of learning turn out the Barack Obamas of the world, who’ll let their mother die slowly of cancer and never visit, then opportunistically declare that her problem was health insurance.

                • SKL says:

                  Another thing. I have a question for Tessa. She says she would pay more taxes for universal healthcare and college for everyone. My question: how much more would you pay? Because whatever you answer, I don’t want to pay one cent more than you pay. Let everyone pay in the same amount, and maybe that would be fair.

                • mssc54 says:

                  Joy, I really thought all that was just common sense. I mean why stand back and watch your parents struggle? You know the people who took care of you when you were completely dependant on them for everything except air!

                  Let’s revers this. What if a parent (who has an infant) would just sit around and say things like, “Boy diapers are so expensive! And when is someone going to come by here and feed that baby anyway? I wish someone would take care of that baby. He/she sure is a needy little thing for being so little. This is just wrong. Somebody should do something.”

                  • Joy says:

                    More people should look at things like that but sadly, most don’t. We all stand back and want someone else to take care of things. Remember back when kids did take care of their parents and lots of times they lived together as they got older. People don’t do that anymore. People are very selfish now. It’s the “I want” and “I want someone else to pay for it” society.

        • mssc54 says:

          ” Yes, in my opinion I think like in European countries and Denmark, healthcare and college being paid for and taxes raised to pay for that would be great.”

          So what if you don’t go to college? Can you get the money to start a business instead? Like a car repair business or some sort of service business. I mean it seem pattently unfair that just because someone wants to go to college that they get “free money” while other’s who begin producing right out of highschool wouldn’t get “free money.” Just to be fare shouldn’t every highschool graduate get the same amount of free money to do with as they choose? What about the artist who wants to do artsy things? Or what about the inventor who wants to invent things? I mean let’s make sure EVERYONE gets to suckle on the teet of Big Government.

    • SKL says:

      You say you are for “universal health care.” Is that like “universal food availability”? I mean, yeah, I think it’s ideal to live in a country where if you need cancer surgery, you can get it. And in the USA that is true for EVERYBODY (who is here legally). Just like everyone can secure their daily bread one way or another. The only question is how they go about paying. If you’re one of the 90% of Americans who has health insurance, good for you. If you are poor, you can sign up for free health care. If you are self-employed, you have access to a variety of different insurance options, which you can mix and match to suit your needs, risk adversity, income, etc. If you think you are going to live forever and would rather spend the modest high-deductible premium on cigarettes and booze, you can still get care; you might end up with a medical bill, or not, depending on the circumstances. But there is nobody in this country who is unable to go to the doctor or hospital when he needs care. Nobody. So in reality, we already have universal health care in this country – high quality universal health care. With some accountability and choice worked in, thank goodness. The bill they just voted in will only serve to destroy the quality of the health care access that every American already has.

  6. Joy says:

    This is what I posted on JW’s blog today.

    One thing I’d like to know. One thing that really cheeses me off too is why do people, certain people, think it’s up to the government to take care of everything for us? I have someone in my family who thinks the government should pay for people to go to college! Are you serious? I’ve heard people say “I work for my health care.” Ya, so what! That’s what life is about. Working to take care of yourself. If we need anything, we will be taken care of. All hospitals and doctors account for that so why do people think they can’t get “help” if they need it? I had a friend years ago, in the 80’s, when we worked for what we wanted and needed who’s husband was self employed and she only worked for the benefits. Why do people seem to feel that it’s not up to us to take care of what is ours? If you want to go to school, save your money and go. If there’s something you want, it’s up to you to go out and get it and not depend on someone else to do it for you or pay for it for you.

  7. eric says:

    I’m against it. The government screws up just about anything they run. Social security it falling apart and so is medicare and now this, Plus they had to borrow like 500 million from medicare to get this program started. I believe that with the amount of problems this country has medically that it would end up costing an obscene amount of money to pay the bill for this country’s health. With as much debt as this country’s in right know does this sound like the right direction to head in.

  8. SKL says:

    I know, I can’t believe the number of intelligent, hard-working people who have said to me, “but what about people who made a mistake, should they really have to live with it?” Um, yes! Most of the people who say this have lived a relatively privileged life and don’t understand that in this country, you CAN get what you want with hard work and nothing else! People like me who have come from relative poverty (by US standards) and are now living comfortably are perhaps most disgusted by the liberal mindset. Success requires accountability. Cleaning up other people’s messes may keep them out of trouble for the moment, but it sets them up for mediocrity and failure in the future. The fact is, the Democrats do better politically the more “dependent” constituents they have. So they actually don’t want people to “rise above.” Think about that for a moment. What government entitlement progam ever resulted in people becoming self-sufficient?

  9. Nikki says:

    I guess my problem is at some point I just may not have the choice in what insurance I get. There’s a good chance your employer will stop buying the private insurance you have now and instead opt for the less-expensive government plan. Less expensive in-turn means less quality. I’m just flat out not okay with that choice being taken away from me.

  10. Laura says:

    Oh, so much I want to say. Much of it has been said already… this is what happens when I unplug for an evening. Wow!

    I am absolutely disgusted and sickened. Not just because we now have to live with this legislative debacle, but because of the way in which it was passed. Pelosi: “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” Boehner: “There are no rules, we’re making them up as we go along.”

    I don’t believe for a New York Second that abortions will not be paid for by public dollars. That “executive order” meant nothing – it is not law, it will not be enforced. I will not be surprised if Obama very quietly writes another executive order belaying the first, now that he’s got his way. Not that following the rules matters to him.

    I am irritated that nobody – NOBODY – except the “extreme right wing nutjobs” like Beck and Limbaugh – said word one about the little note that was also passed in this bill (or maybe it’s in the “fix it” part) that takes ALL student loans out of the hands of the private sector, and places it with the government. The ramifications of this could be staggering, and nobody says “boo” about it.

    I also want to say that we need to be more vigilant now than ever… because the next issue coming down the pike is going to be immigration, and extending amnesty (and God only knows what else) to the illegals who live here. It’s been said that Obama is going to need all their votes come 2012, and the Dems sure need their votes this November, so that’s the next bit of corruption that we get to witness… WHILE we’re still fighting this one. Because this healthcare thing isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

  11. Laura says:

    I wanted to put this in above, but it’s so important, I felt it needed it’s own space (really, I should have made it a post):

    I am appalled by the lies that got this to the floor in the first place. That “nobody” can get healthcare if they need it.

    People spend so much time confusing healthcare with health insurance. And they don’t even have the definition of health insurance correct.

    Health CARE is the act of taking care of one’s health. That means eating salads and lean proteins, going for a run every day, taking your vitamins, getting enough rest. And yes, seeing a doctor once a year to check your “levels” – cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, etc. And paying for it yourself, if needed. It’s not that expensive. That whole thing, last year, cost me less than $200, start to finish.

    Health INSURANCE is, essentially, gambling. You set a predetermined amount of money on the table, and say, “this says that I won’t have a heart attack.” If you never have a heart attack, the money remains there, and the insurance company wins. However, if you have that heart attack, the insurance company steps in, and uses your money – and the money that it’s won from others who made the same bet and lost – and pays your bill for you.

    What we have, and what people now expect, is Health Payment Clubs.

    We’ve made a grave error in this country, and I believe that it started with “allowing” businesses to get involved as the middleman between consumer and insurance company. It started, I believe, as an altruistic or money-saving venture. Let’s pool our money, and we can strike a deal to get lower rates. Ok, fine. But the end result is that now, people believe two things: that health insurance is a right, and it’s free, because they’re not writing a check every month. It’s taken out of their paychecks – but who looks at that pay stub?

    Further, having full-coverage insurance plans have warped our perception of the value of medical care. I’ve heard people complain, with a straight face, that a $10 copay is too much to pay to see a doctor!! TEN DOLLARS!! They often pay more than that for a bucket of popcorn and a coke at the movies.

    If we eliminated the middleman between us and the insurance companies, and between us and our doctors – and yes, the two can coexist – would go a LONG way to solving the problem in the most direct, democratic, and efficient way possible. How?

    When people are paying their bills themselves, out of their own pockets, they know exactly what they’re getting. They know for sure if their coverage is costing them $90 or $900 per month. And when they know how much they’re paying, they know what their coverage is, and what they can and cannot do. When they know, they’d start pressuring the insurance companies – with their dollars – to offer policies and coverages that work.

    If we eliminated the “bill the insurance” procedure that exists in the medical system today, I propose that prices would go down, as well. Of course, this would have to be on the office level. When you’re hit with a massive trauma, the bills pile up so quickly and so furiously that nobody has that kind of cash laying around. Unless you’re Limbaugh, of course. But even in a situation like that, hospitals are equipped to deal with that situation, and they’re willing and able to set up a payment plan, assist you with insurance paperwork, and the like. They are not the enemy.

    All of this assumes, of course, that we had these options in the first place, and that the federal and state governments hadn’t stepped in with ridiculous rules like “you can’t take your insurance policy with you” when you change jobs (not sure if that’s a law or an insurance rule) and “insurance companies MUST cover birth control for ALL women” (and similar rules).

    It also assumes that people can be rational about discussing their differences, and not allow the argument to decompose into the screaming match that it has.

    • mssc54 says:

      “I am appalled by the lies that got this to the floor in the first place.”

      Surely you jest! I think Madwoman… errr I mean Madam Pelosi is on to something. She said that the Health Care Bill would creat entrepreneurship. She is absolutely correct. I mean it will be illegal to go without health insurance. In fact you can be fined AND go to jail!

      So I think it is very likely that some young entre[reneurs will start businesses selling health insurance. Their close is simple:


  12. SKL says:

    The thing is, I could agree we could benefit from “insurance reform.” But that was never the goal of the Obama administration and this Congress.

    I am a member of a very small “group” (3 members), so my insurance (for myself and my 2 kids) is over $9,000 per year and it doesn’t have the greatest coverage. Once I realized how high it was, I started lobbying the company to join a high-deductible plan and set up HSAs, which is going to eventually be illegal under the new law.

    See, I maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle for myself and my kids. I’ve never drunk, smoked, taken recreational drugs, engaged in unusually dangerous activities, or “tanned,” and I drive responsibly. I’m not overweight. I never have been and never will be pregnant. I have no need for birth control, VD coverage, etc. I am careful about my kids’ diet and make sure they get exercise. When they catch a bug, most of the time I let their immune system fight it without going to the doctor. So I don’t see why I should have to pay a rate that reflects risks that just aren’t present in my family. “Especially” since I’m rated as an individual/small group member, not a member of a huge group.

    In addition to the choices mentioned above, I have made it my business to study health and nutrition and learn what I can do to prevent and treat non-catastrophic health issues. I want the opportunity to choose to take my family’s routine health matters into my own hands. The liberals want exactly the opposite. Why, people like me are what they need to “spread the risks,” i.e., soak up the costs of the irresponsible choices others make.

    Down with accountability and self-determination! Up with communism!

  13. Joy wasn’t kidding!

    Okay, I could type all the stuff I said on my blog here, but that would be bad etiquette. Instead, if you’re inclined, I’d ask you to go read the points I made on my blog.

    In short, I’m against it because government involvement removes personal responsibility, which we all end up paying for in the end.

    One thing that occured to me today was, what about the people who “can’t afford insurance”? Hell, a lot people can’t afford a lot of things. Out here we have a ton of people who drive uninsured even though state law madates basic coverage.

    So you can’t convince me that any large fine for not having coverage is going to mean squat to these kind of people. We will still wind up paying for them. We’re screwed any way you look at it.

  14. Just a Mom says:

    I don’t like it at all!
    I am just hoping that the states suing win. If they don’t win I hope Texas will secede and Sarah Palin will move her to be our leader!

  15. eric says:

    Fuck all of you tag teaming assholes and joy what do you give a shit for you don’t buy dick PAUL DOES!!!!!!
    And fuck you to shane it’s called an opinion everybody has one and just because it’s not so so wHAT.

    • mssc54 says:

      I sure hope u wash your mouth out before you kiss that adorable little baby with it.

    • Joy says:

      Now that’s really mature. Just like last time. Tessa goes crying to Eric because she never knows when to shut her mouth and he has to swear and tell everyone off. Nice way to handle it. Sorry you feel this way Eric. Neither of you have to come to this blog you know. You know how we all feel. Shit, you feel the same way. You said so above. So, don’t bother coming here anymore. Won’t it be nice when Ben grows up and he can see this?

      Also, what do you mean “tag teaming?” We all said how we felt right at the beginning. You think in a public forum like this your wife can talk like that and get away with it. Especially on a blog where everyone is republican and don’t want all these handouts.

      If you’re going to talk like this, please neither of you come back.

      • SKL says:

        I think some people don’t realize how emotional a topic “taxes” are, once you’ve paid a lot of them.

        Think of it this way. Hearing “I think you ought to have some compassion and pay more taxes” is about the same as hearing “I hope you get raped by someone with AIDS.” OK, maybe just Herpes.

    • Darryl says:

      Hey Eric I think everyone in here has been fairly respectfull until now. This is a very passinate subject but for you to come in here and talk like that is out of line. Like Joy said you weren’t for it earlier but now you have a different view hummm. Do you remember the debates we used to have they got very heated at times but we all had respect for each others opinions thats what gets us all thinking about life and views, I think its healthy for the mind. When Shane got home from work It looked like someone hit him in the face with a frying pan, I said whats up and he said did you see what Eric wrote on the blog. Also Joy has been very good to you and your family. ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  16. eric says:

    SHE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING i came to post a comment and read what you said and responded all on my own

  17. eric says:

    I apologize for using swear words-that was disrespectful and out of line.

  18. joz1234 says:

    This healthcare reform bill stinks.
    It stinks because we will be paying so much for taxes to afford other’s healthcare and still have to pay for our own.
    It sucks for my husband, as a doctor, because there is no limit on the amount of money he can be sued for. It also sucks because after working for 10 years post grad to do what he wants to, all of a sudden everything changes. He will pay a crazy amount of his income to taxes and he sees people on a daily basis who REFUSE to take care of themselves, or who simply cannot figure out how to afford their medicine because they keep buying stuff like new cars and other non-necessary items. He sees people all the time that take advantage of social programs such as WIC, Foodstamps, etc…and yet when they get thousands of dollars back from the government during tax time that they did NOT pay into the system in the first place, they go spend it on designer clothes instead of paying debt or buying meds.

    If you don’t require people to have responsibiltiy for themselves, they won’t. If you lower the standards and lower the expectation of people, they go lower.

    Do we need reform? Yes.
    Do we need this bill? NO

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