Happy 2nd Blogversary

Happy 2nd blogversary to us. It’s been 2 years since we’ve opened up shop. 2 years. I can’t really believe it. Well, I can actually but it seems longer to me. Paul thought it was our first and I thought it was our third so did double-check. I guess it’s not him that does the work so it didn’t seem that long for him and at times, I feel it’s never ending.

Here is the first post I did on Trinity’s tooth coming out. March 31, 1008.

I’m not going to bore you to death with all the minute details but here’s a rough summary of our Dashboard Stats that none of you ever get to see. I used to look at them quite often in the beginning but I don’t really anymore too much.
We’ve had 2,262 Posts and 27,276 Comments
Our top post is Martha Stewart vs. Maxine earning us 21,108 hits.
Our second top post is Would You Live in a Church? And that gave us 17,256 hits.
Our top hit gaining Question of the day is “When did you go to your first funeral and that got 7,544 hits.
Our top post hit wise is still 12 year old wants her belly button pierced, written by Lisa. It got 136 comments and has had to date, 9,578 hits.
Our second top hitting post was Do you believe in magic, written by Sue. It got 22 comments and has had to date, 7,339 hits.
We’ve had a total of 366,678 total views. The views that you see are only the views since I added that counter.
Our busiest day was December, 22, 2009. We had 3,397 views and there was nothing special on that day so I have no idea why people were flocking here that way.
Our average number of hits each day is 1,087.
This is what we did last year on our blogversary.

This year I’d really just like to talk about you guys. What makes you keep coming back? We couldn’t/wouldn’t have this blog if you didn’t all come. How did you find us? How long have you been coming? If you’re reading this but don’t make comments, your hits count so thank you for returning. We’d much rather you join the conversation but for whatever reason you don’t want to, thanks for coming back.

When I think about what I wanted to accomplish when I started this blog, I think I achieved it. Talking and meeting new people. Getting closer to people I already know and stay in touch with my family members for whom without Facebook and this blog, I wouldn’t even talk to. That part is nice.

I also know that blogging families change. We’re into our third family (I think) if you go by “groups.” I hate when people lose touch but we have to face it that they do. I miss people when they leave but soon enough, new people come. It’s sad but happy at the same time.

I’m also very happy that Laura has joined us. It’s a lot easier when you have such fun people to share the writing. Our new Free Chat Thursday that Nikki does is really fun too. I think it’s fun for all of us to talk about everything or nothing. So thanks for heading that up Nikki.

From all of us here, thanks for coming back day after day and talking with us or just reading us. Tell us how you came upon us. How did you find us and why do you keep coming back?

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25 Responses to Happy 2nd Blogversary

  1. SKL says:

    Well, you know how I found you. I just love this blog, and you know I’m not the type to just say that. I am not sure how to explain why.

    I guess for one thing, the posts nearly always invite people to share THEIR views. It’s never about “look how great I am” or “feel sorry for me” or “please tell me I’m not as pathetic as I feel.” Although we get into opinions sometimes, there’s never a sense of “you are stupid if you don’t agree with me.” Somehow I always feel like this is a forum for MY thoughts as well as a place to listen to others. So that may be one of the secrets of your success.

    I also like the way you get a bunch of different people involved. Each of your “team” has a unique, valuable, and fun perspective. Mixing it up keeps things fresh.

    So that’s my two cents on why this blog rocks. It is still my favorite by far. And I still keep checking, beginning around 10pm, to find out what “tomorrow’s” post is going to be, and then to find out what (if anything) people thought of my brillant comments. Come to think of it, you are probably the biggest reason for my internet addiction.

    • Joy says:

      What a nice thing to say. Thanks SKL. We go back a long way. Thanks for always being here.

      I think what’s fun about involving everyone is all the different views we have and no matter how different we all are, we all still put one shoe on at a time and it’s fun getting to know others ways of doing things.

      I also want to thank you for all your help too for these two years. You always alert me to stories of interest and you send me Questions of the day frequently. We thank you.

    • Laura says:

      Always happy to be an enabler!

  2. sweetiegirlz says:

    Well, that it’s a group effort makes it all the more special. wish you many more!

  3. Lucy says:

    YAY! Happy Blogversary!! I have been reading your blog for about a year… but I lurked for a good three months. I remember specifically when I started becoming a commenter. It was sometime towards the end of July when you all were thinking of changing the way our blogged…. and I realized how much I enjoyed your daily posts. I think that your questions of the day and all your posts are fun and thought provoking. I’ve been trying to at least comment on a regular basis even when I’m really busy.
    I agree with the above posters that I love the team effort…. its nice to see different perspectives and always interesting to “hear” different “voices and opinions.” I definitely like that this is one of the only blogs I’ve found where there are good discussions… where people respect other people’s opinions (although I dont agree with a lot of them 🙂 )

    So hopefully there will be many more blogversaries to come!!

    • Joy says:

      That’s sweet of you Lucy. I’m sorry you don’t agree with us more. I guess it’s politics. I try very hard to be respectful. Every once in a while I mess up but I try hard. Thanks for coming and THANKS for taking the time to let us know you were/are here.To get that many “hits” a day is so unreal to me and it makes me wonder how so many people can stay silent.

      • Lucy says:

        I’m sorry you don’t agree with me more :p That’s just how the world and politics are.

        Yes, I too find it strange that you get so many hits and so many people that stay silent…. unless the hits are form a small number of us continuously coming back to check for new comments 🙂

  4. Ellen says:

    Happy anniversary from me too. I am reading your blog for some months now, and it feels so good to visit your blog. I love to see your emails coming into my inbox with your new posts. I like the diversity of every post. It is always a surprise what will come next. So maybe that is why I always come back. Keep it up! 🙂
    I am glad I found you. But where, I really do not know anymore. Isn’t that scary, already forgotten…;-)

  5. mssc54 says:

    Congrats to the three… then four and now five of you!

    Like other commentors before I like the way a cross section of life is expressed here. Through the various contributors AND through those who come by to comment.

  6. pammywammy says:

    Happy Anniversary 🙂
    I found out through you Joy 🙂 Love to keep in touch with my favorite cousin, but don’t tell the others 🙂
    I have loved getting to know Nikki and Sue through here and facebook.You have been blessed with AWESOME daughter-in-laws 🙂 And you also have AWESOME sons 🙂 And AWESOME grandchildren 🙂
    Since being on here, I have enjoyed the feedbacks and always find it interesting. At times makes you feel you are not alone in the good and bad stuff.
    I wish I had more time some days. Life just gets crazy. But I always check in even if I am busy. I admit to not commenting at times. Some days my mind just goes blank and I don’t know what to write. Must be my age 🙂
    CONGRATS on a great job. You are appreciated for all you do 🙂
    I think and hope my #3 grandchild will be born this day 🙂

    Love you bunches,Pammy

    • Joy says:

      I’m crossing my fingers that your new grand-baby comes today. How people here think they want healthcare like you is unbelievable to me.

  7. DM says:

    Congrat’s on your second anniversary! How did we cross paths?…not really sure, though I think it may have been over @ Amber and Sanity found’s blogs..why do I keep coming back? similiar reasons that others have mentioned.- there is a healthy cross section of perspectives- you guys are all so real- I also appreciate having a facebook link to a couple of you- makes the relationships seem a little more tangible. have a fun day! dm

    • Joy says:

      Thanks DM. You and MSSC have been here about the same amount of time. I’m not sure how I found Amber but yes, I met you both through her. I came to know Auds there too but I’d seen her at a few other blogs I went to and got to know her a lot better at Ambers. I miss those days sometimes. That’s one of the “families” I was referring to. Thanks for coming back and being a real friend to me. I enjoy you and Mrs DM on Facebook too.

  8. Well, Joy, I think the reason I keep coming back is made up of many things. First, the fact that you guys raise interesting issues and hold an open forum to hear others’ opinions of them. Second, you all write well and I simply enjoy reading your opinions or your personal thoughts or daily happenings.
    Third, and most importantly I think, is that your blog gives out an aura of family, of intelligent women coming together to speak their minds, of a joy in living and appreciating what you have, and well… I feel at home here.

    Thank you for continuing to write and be here for all of us!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks so much Ilana. What a great compliment. I’m blushing as will the others when they read what you wrote. I enjoy all your stories too. It seems like we’ve known each other forever but where did we “meet” the first time? Do you remember? Was it like DM and through Sanityfound? I thought I knew you before her blog though. Do you remember?

      • Yep, it was through SanityFound’s blog. I wonder where she is… I thought she’d be writing forever.

        I feel like I’ve known you forever, too, and I’m so overjoyed that we found each other here in the blogging world!

  9. Vicki says:

    Happy 2nd Blogversary
    Ive been coming here about a year now, We were made aware of the blog by Sue, She used to talk alot about it so decided to check it out.. I enjoy reading your posts and leaving my two cents worth every now and then, Its become my daily routine to come here. I also like your weekend brain game. Good job ladies.

  10. Karen Joy says:

    Congrats on 2 years!!!I believe you Joy let me know you had a blog going and Ive been checking in almost everyday since.You all do such a great job here,truelly my favorite blog.You all feel like family to me 🙂
    Keep up the great work,Id be just a little lost without you all!

  11. Nikki says:

    Wow, I had no idea! LOL Yay to US….I can’t believe it’s been 2 YEARS! How times flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

    I have to thank Joy, without her none of this would ever happen. And our loyal friends. I am going on the record and saying, WE have thee BEST bloggers/friends here!!!

    We’ve learned a lot from each other. We’ve gotten close to some, some leave and some come back! Most are here to stay…or else! 😉

    Happy blogging to you all!!! And Happy Blogversary to Joy, Laura, Sue and Pam! It is a group effort, and each one gives a little something special to make it all happen!

  12. starlaschat says:

    WOW. Two years is truly an eternity in Blog land. How fantastic that you have done such a Great job putting together and keeping up your blog! I’m so glad I found you, why I keep coming back even after a bit of a hiatus? Feels like Family I would say that’s the big reason. I also appreciate the way you guys write. And you tickle my fancy on occasion which makes me laugh and as we all know laughter is wonderful medicine for life. Thank you all for having this blog and the number WOW thanks for breaking that down that was interesting. Keep up the Great work!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  13. Laura says:

    well, I’ve only been here for a little less than the two years, but I have to tell you, it’s been an absolute blast! I love writing, and you all give me a wonderful outlet for that.

    I’m so glad that I met Joy over at that “other blog”, and that we got back in touch after we missed each other. That sounds confusing, doesn’t it? But not so much when you think about the relative anonymity and vastness of the Internet, and then how you manage to find someone in all that mess. That tells me that we were all meant to be friends.

    And I’m glad I have you. These past two years have been, in my offline life, the most challenging two years of my entire life, and at times, the camaraderie and even the debates, have been my saving grace – a place where I find sanity and humor and a place to just be for a minute.

    Thank you to all of you for providing me with that.

    Long Live Us!!!

  14. paul says:

    Happy Anniversary. I don’t always comment but I do come here every day. Keep it up.

  15. Sue says:

    Happy Blogiversary everyone!!! I love coming here everyday to see what everyone has to say. The days I’m on call I feel like I miss a lot since I can’t check the site from work anymore 😦 So, by the time I see the post/comments a day later, the discussion is over and done and I didn’t get to add my 2 cents! That’s life though.

    I really appreciate all of you who stop by, read our posts, and share your thoughts. I can’t believe we can get so many hits in one day either, but I’m glad you all keep coming back!

  16. Just a Mom says:

    Happy blogoversary! I just looked I started blogging March 29th, 2008!!

    I have enjoyed meeting you guys and I look forward to many more years!

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