Aging Rock Stars

(and the best part?  He’s family-friendly!  Not many comedians are, anymore)

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6 Responses to Aging Rock Stars

  1. Joy says:

    OMG Laura!!! I’m wetting myself!!! I only wish I would have previewed it. I don’t want anyone to think this is “pick on the politicians day.” I didn’t mean to put on two of these in the same day.

    Given that said, I really laughed in spite of myself. SKL, I know your speakers don’t work but you really have to try and see this. You will laugh!!

  2. The guy can sing!

    This song will stick in my head all night and into tomorrow.

    Did everyone sign the Get Well card we sent around for Mr. Pelosi? ;^)

  3. Laura says:


    Notice that the title doesn’t match the song. I had two different videos of his open, this one and another (which will be posted at a different date…), and I mixed them up!

    But this one fits in with the “Pick on Government Day” theme, so that’s fine.

    I might change the title though…

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