Taking some time off

LOL!! No, we aren’t “going” anywhere but are still going to take this week off. Maybe more, we’ll see what happens. It just seems that we are having less and less commenting and it’s just too much work for that. I know people are coming. Today we had 1,229 hits so maybe people just don’t feel like talking. I’m not sure. Even the questions and Braingle’s are only getting a few so we are going to take this week, write some good stuff and come back next week and see what happens. Hopefully we will feel more like talking then. If not, we’ll talk about only doing a couple of new things a week.

In the meantime, we will have a new question or joke and if you want to talk, the same ones of us who have been here, will still be here to keep you company. We ALWAYS feel like talking.

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23 Responses to Taking some time off

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    That’s really weird! because I’m having the same thing happening to me… lot of views, no comments. I noticed for a week my stats dipped almost overnight to nothing then back up to almost where they were, but no comments. I wonder if it’s a wordpress glitch?

    • Joy says:

      Do you mean the glitch in the amount of comments? We don’t really go by the hits anyhow. We all do this for the fun and conversation and without that, I know for me, it’s too much work and I know if it stays like this, we won’t do it everyday.

  2. SKL says:

    Hmm, I don’t know the reason, but it’s always good to take some time off sometimes. You shouldn’t feel like you’re chained to this place!

    That said, I will miss you a lot! But, I have so much work to do, frankly, I’d be better off if the whole Internet took the week off! Now if I can only learn to channel my restlessness into my work, that would be super.

    So, will there still be Random Thought Thursday? Just a “what’s your update” kind of thing? I seriously wait all week for that – even though when Thursday comes, I might be too busy to post much.

    Well, enjoy your week off. I hope you do something fun!

    • Joy says:

      Unfortunately, none of us are going anywhere. The other funny thing is we have things “in the can” and ready to go but with nobody saying anything, we hate to waste them. If it’s just “us” talking, we don’t need to go through all the work of writing posts. Everyday could be a free chat day. You know? It’s hard and it’s time consuming to do this everyday and when nobody says anything, we could be just chatting on a free chat instead.

      I’ll have time to email you tomorrow.

  3. Karen Joy says:

    Enjoy your week off.I know for myself I come here and read but have been too tired to even think of what to write for a comment.The weather has been so nice and this time of year there is so much more to do,to dang busy!

    • Joy says:

      That’s kind of part of the problem I hate to say Karen. People come and then don’t say anything and we don’t know anyone was here so we think nobody is coming and it’s like we do this all for nothing. Until I go check and I think WTH???? Who are all these people who come here and don’t say anything. *slap myself on the forehead*

      • Karen Joy says:

        Yes I know thats the problem for you.Could it be the time of year for more than just me for not commenting as much?Maybe you could slow down posting stuff in summer and wind it back up when its colder..I dunno!!Thats when I sit on the computer more and have more time for this.Dont let it bother you when we dont comment,we are still here and enjoy reading your posts!!….AND appreciate you!!!

  4. Joy says:

    On a totally unrelated note. This could be like a free chat SKL. Has anyone read The Time Travelers Wife? I know people loved the movie and I wanted to read it before I saw it but I could only read a few chapters. I had NO idea what was going on. It jumped from one thing to the other so often that I just couldn’t follow it.

    • Karen Joy says:

      Ive not read the book but actually heard the apposite about the movie.Ive only been told its NOT a good movie.

    • Nikki says:

      Oh Jason and I loved the movie!!! Got us like The Notebook did. But it did jump back and forth quite a bit and i could see the book begin very confusing to read. Don’t let it discourage you from seeing the movie though!

    • Oh gosh, it’s a fantastic book, but the movie’s supposed to be nothing like it, I’ve heard…

      I know the first few chapters are hard to deal with, but if you give in to it and let the flow of the novel take you, you’ll soon get into the stride of things.

      I hope you enjoy your break, but I also do hope you guys will come back to keep writing! I know that I comment every time I read a post, even if it’s something short, I just want you to know I’m here and checking you guys out. The problem with me I think is that because you guys are on a different time-zone than me, then sometimes I don’t see the longer posts but only the Braingle ones lots of the time.

      • Joy says:

        I’m going to try and read more if you suggest it Ilana. I just really found it complicated when one passage said he was 2 and 26. I really want to see the movie but I’d like to read the book first.

  5. Ellen says:

    I can relate to your feelings regarding blogging. You put so much work in it, and not many people react then. I hope your break will be really nice and relaxing.

    Take care!

    XX Ellen

    • DM says:

      I also can relate to your feelings…I’ve been blogging since early 2007 and the comments do seem to taper off when we get into the nicer weather…plus I’ve also seen a pattern where people seem to banter where people seem to loose interest in blogging after a while. Joy, you alluded to it a few weeks ago..about 3 different “groups” since you started…yep. I’m feeling that tapering off in volume of comments @ my blog too. most of my regulars have been pretty silent on the blog- yet I will hear from some of them on facebook so I know they’re still around and I still come to mind. but as I said @ the beginning of this comment..I can relate. later- dm

  6. Nikki says:

    We can’t control others, all we can do is change what we do. Warm weather could be the reason for no one coming but if they are coming and not commenting, then I don’t know! Free chat then I suppose for those who do want to participate. I’ve been very sick for the last 3 days, but I still come and comment, but it’s part my blog, I should! LOL And I like too! We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

  7. Sue says:

    No, we can’t control others and we should be doing this because we want to not because we feel like we have to. I haven’t been commenting as much for 2 reasons. First, I’m tired of my comments not going in and ending up in the spam folder. I don’t have time to log into wordpress every time I want to say something and it’s never happened b/4 so it’s just irritating. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just irritating! Second, between working and having a busy weekend I just haven’t been around to comment. If I miss a day, I do try and go back and get my comments in. Laura’s post yesterday about making change was great, but I was at work and I can’t check anymore except on a public computer in a waiting room and that makes me too nervous. I also feel guilty when my 5 year old says, “Mom, you’re ALWAYS on the computer!”

  8. SKL says:

    Speaking of movies, I’m not up on the latest, but I’ve been looking around for musicals for my kids. I thought Annie might be appropriate. I found the DVD at Sam’s for a reasonable price, so I bought it, then previewed a bit of it on my (soundless) computer. It didn’t look that good, so I did some Web research and now I’m thinking it was a bad deal. For one thing, the “pan and scan” allegedly turned what was a really great visual performance into a mess.

    But besides that, this was a “G” movie, but within the first 10 minutes, the woman in charge of the girls was visibly drunk, carrying around and sipping from a bottle of some type of alcohol (while with the girls), and then making obvious and obnoxious passes at some delivery guy. It also bugged me that the girls were always showing off their underwear and sometimes placed in poses that were uncomfortable for me to look at. Now, I don’t think my kids are old enough to notice the underwear stuff. But they will ask for an explanation of the liquor and the flirting. It’s one thing to explain blushing and making bashful eyes, another to explain what’s obviously an invitation to have sex.

    So aside from deciding to put Annie on the shelf for a while, I have to wonder – what exactly does a “G” rating mean?

    Oh, and most of the mainstream reviews were all positive on this “sweet” children’s movie. The negative stuff mostly came from consumer reviews and a few critical reviews. Also, I asked on an adoption forum I participate in, because I wanted to know if there was anything particularly disturbing to adoptees. Wouldn’t you think that the mainstream reviews would be honest and say there was some content that might not be ideal for young children? Surely mine aren’t the only kids who ask questions about everything they don’t understand.

    So then I google best DVDs for preschoolers, and nearly every one is a cartoon. The only one that might not have been a cartoon was the one about Martin Luther King (which, has anyone here ever heard of a popular preschool movie about MLK, or did the list maker have an agenda?).

    So anyhoo, the quest continues. I think I have mentioned here that the Sound of Music is my kids’ latest obsession. They are so into it that it inspired them to ask me to teach them to play music. That’s all great, but I am ready to move past hearing “jam and bread” every time I enter my car (where the soundtrack CD is).

    I got a recommendation for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I didn’t know that was available on DVD, but I plan to go get it. I saw a live production of it years ago, and loved it. The music is by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

    • Laura says:

      Have you checked out Common Sense Media? http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ They seem to have a pretty decent grip on a lot of movies.

      I pulled a “bad mom” move a couple weeks ago and took Josh to see “How to Train Your Dragon”. It scared the ever-lovin’ crap out of him, and he spent much of the movie with his head buried in my chest, crying. But at the end, he perked up for the Final Battle, and cheered like crazy at the end. I left the movie thinking, “geez, that was a good movie, but I wouldn’t take him until he was a little older, maybe 10-ish.” The review on Common Sense Media recommended 8+, which I’m willing to agree with, as long as you know your kid.

      They have a bunch of different rating sections on there – stuff that you mentioned being concerned with: drinking/drug use, sex, violence, etc. Also, what kind of role modeling there is in the movie, what kind of message it gives. There are reviews by the site itself, and also from parents. They review movies, tv shows, video games, books, and websites.

      It’s a great resource.

  9. starlaschat says:

    Here’s a thought maybe the change of Season? I know the last few days here have been spectacular. And no sharks just a few octopus lol Coffees kicking in :+) I understand wanting to take a break! I was glad for a little brake it is a lot of work. I am really glad you guys are here and up for a little chat. Thank You guys for all your hard work I sure do appreciate that. cutting back on post maybe I don’t know what the answer is. ;+/

    Comment people!!! Please Comment!!!

    ;+) Hopefully that will help.;+)

  10. Laura says:

    Ok, am I the only one with “that look” on my face?

    I think it’s rather ironic that the post that has gotten the most responses in the last few days is the one saying, “nobody comments around here”!!

  11. Enjoy your Spring Break. We did not go anywhere either, but enjoyed time off.
    I can understand about things getting slow. Nicer weather must be leading people outside and away from their computers. I’m not sure.
    Always good to see you.

  12. starlaschat says:

    LOL I just was thinking about this post and looks like others are too. We love you guys and feel bad. We don’t wont all your hard work for not. I understand how much work blogging can be and like I said I understand the need for resting. It is funny that you are getting comments on the no comments post. If I have anything else to add I will come back and comment.:+)

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