Theme time is over!

Anyone notice we are right back where we started? That’s because I’ve been looking at every theme in WordPress trying to find that perfect one for us. Well, for what we all like, we had it.

When you look at all the themes WordPress has to offer, they don’t all show up like they do in the previews so I’ve had to activate each and every one of them and then add our picture in the header so it’s taken me a lot of time. The criteria for us was

#1, we like our own picture at the top on the header. We change that often.

#2 is it has to name the author. It would be one thing if only one of us wrote here but we have a team and it’s to confusing if none of you knows who wrote what.

#3, we all like the comments at the bottom of the post. Otherwise there is a lot of needless scrolling.

Our little “Mistylook” has all that and it’s the only one that has what we the people want.

I’ve been up doing this since 7 this morning and those of you that know me know I don’t DO mornings very well but when I went to bed last night I hated the one we had so it bothered me. I’m sorry to Nikki and Karen who got caught in the battle of changing themes when it went to bright lime green!!! If you don’t activate them to see what they’re like, you aren’t going to know. I’d see a few of them and chuckle and think NO WAY…SORRY!!!

I wanted to weed out the ones that I knew none of us wanted but it left me back to the original one we started with!

SOOOO…I think we should keep this one for now but along my journey I found places that you can design your own themes from top to bottom. I’m vowing to learn this. Then we can do it the way we want it. Anyone out there know how to do that? It doesn’t look that hard but it does look very confusing and it’s something I’d need total quiet to do. It’s a lot of codes that I know nothing about. But hey, this was all new to me when I started so I think I can do it.

We are a fussy group!!!

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19 Responses to Theme time is over!

  1. Karen Joy says:

    Hallelujah!!!Your back to your original!

  2. Nikki says:

    Ok, did you take this post out or something? It’s not there unless I click on Karens comment to it. Weird stuff going on around here!!! I like the original, just wish we could add a little color to it!

  3. starlaschat says:

    LOL fussy, fussy. That’s funny glad your back to the old and familiar I have the same thyme. Ive thought about changing my thyme but I like some things to be the same and change up other things. I wonder if building your own thyme is like building a website learning about HTML ? Just wondering.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    LOL I knew you guys would end up right back to the original theme! In my opinion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! 🙂

  5. LVISS says:


    • Joy says:

      We all loved the colors of that one LVISS but from our look, as authors, there was an “edit” button in the comment box that we all kept hitting accidentally when replying that you guys didn’t see. That was the big problem with that one.

      I’m trying to learn to see if I can “color” the sides of this theme. It’s very confusing but it can be learned. I may need help with it but I’m going to try.

  6. SKL says:

    I am so glad. I’m glad you didn’t go through all the other themes, too. Made me feel all disoriented.

  7. Ah, refreshing! Back to the look that works. 🙂 I don’t know how to create my own background, so best of luck with that.

  8. Sue says:

    I’M SO GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ellen says:

    This is good! I like it also. To make a website from scratch in HTML is pretty hard to do. Dan, my husband, knows how to do that, but I can recommend dreamweaver. That works great. Artister (not sure I write it well), is a good one too tow work with.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Joy says:

      I’m not going to start from scratch but I got a book tonight and I’m going to try and learn to tweak this theme. It’s got everything we want except a little color.

  10. This feels like home :^)

  11. Laura says:

    Sorry, I’ve been out and about all day, and I missed all the excitement.

    Well… running through all those other themes seemed sort of like a vacation, didn’t it? Fun to see and do new things, but it’s nice to be home again, where you know how to work everything!

    I know NOTHING about writing code for these things. I’m happy to let you do that one, Joy!

    One thing… I vote for purple. I don’t care where. but it’s my favorite color. 🙂

    • SKL says:

      Eew, I am not fond of purple. I could send you my daughter for a week, though. She is a self-proclaimed “purple girl in a purple world.” Between that and her appreciation for country music (blah) and Indian food (OK once in a while, but), I think God’s getting me back for something.

  12. lucy says:

    We are all such creatures of habit and like to stick with what we know/like 🙂

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