I Wanna Rock!

Who doesn’t love a good song that you can really rock out to?!  That allows you to let your hair down and just get wild and crazy!  I’m sure we all have a favorite song that makes us want to shake our booties whenever we hear it and makes us wish we could see the band in concert.

This past weekend was a coworkers 50th birthday so we had a gathering at her house and then went to see Hairball!  Now, I’m not sure how “big” hairball is in your area, but they are popular here in MN.  They are an ’80s rock impersonation act and here is their website… http://www.hairballonline.com/ I had yet to see them myself, but everyone I’ve talked to about it (that knew who they were) LOVES them so we were all really excited for Saturday night.  If you grew up listening to ’80s music, this was so nostalgic it was scary!

The whole band dresses just like the group they are impersonating, sounds just like them, acts just like them!  They were fantastic.  They sang songs from Kiss, AC/DC, Poison, Ozzy, and Prince to name a few.  Their Prince act was my favorite I think because the lead singer looked just like Prince!  It was a riot!  Purple velvet outfit, big curly hair, headband, sunglasses, swagger, everything!  I have to admit, I was expecting more of a good bar band.  These guys have a big stage, big speakers, big lights, a  light show, their own security, their own technicians, their own niche.  It was like I was at a concert of a “big time” band for a lot less money!  It was a great way to spend a Saturday with friends and I would highly recommend seeing them if you love ’80s rock!   I wouldn’t call it the best concert I’ve ever been to b/c that goes to Metallica, but it was darn good!  What’s your best concert experience/story?

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25 Responses to I Wanna Rock!

  1. Joy says:

    This sounds like a super fun concert. I’m not sure I have a favorite concert. I’ll have to think about this one. I know I loved seeing Peter Frampton. I was so close to him that I saw his sweat. The Bee Gee’s were wonderful as was Elton John and Billy Joel.

    My mom used to work at Musicland and I got to go to a lot of free concerts back in the day.

  2. Laura says:

    I haven’t been to a stadium concert in YEARS. (ok, if I’m honest… decades)

    My favorite has to be from high school, though. My friend and I were completely devoted to Huey Lewis and the News, and saved for weeks to see them in concert at what was then the Rosemont Horizon, near O’Hare Airport. No idea what it’s called now.

    The show was awesome, even though we were in the nosebleed seats. After, we were on our way to the car, and noticed a few people by the loading dock. We wandered over, and discovered that those people were talking with the band members. They were all just kinda hangin’ out and chatting. So we joined them.

    The next night, we went to the concert again (I TOLD you, we were very devoted fans!), and went to the loading dock… and it was PACKED! Five deep. Needless to say, the band was nowhere to be seen!

  3. DM says:

    I remember going to a Grateful Dead concert back in the late 70’s…didn’t even know who they were but it was a concert right…so we went. sitting there among those old out hippies from the 60’s…someone passed me a joint…I didn’t inhale- honest, I didn’t..but remember feeling the love and good-will in the crowd
    Also remember seeing dirty Ted Nugent jumping off the speakers at a concert in the RKO in Davenport Iowa- there were 3 guys a few rows a head of us. everyone else @ the concert was sitting down @ the time, these 3 were the only three standing up, definitely on something and looked like 3 bobble-heads jamming to the music. funny how those little things stick in your head.

    I would LOVE to see U2 in concert so if you’re looking for gift ideas keep that in mind. 😉

  4. Sue says:

    My first ever concert was Garth Brooks in 1998. He put on a good show. Then I saw Metallica with Toby in 2000, but I was pregnant so the stench of weed in the venue didn’t sit well! We were also behind the stage so we couldn’t really see what was going on. Then I saw them again a few years later, and we had better seats, I wasn’t pregnant and the show was amazing! Then I saw Big and Rich a couple of years ago, and they had a fun show. They seemed happy to be on stage, cracked jokes and just made the audience feel glad to be there. I’m taking Trinity to her first concert on May 7th. Taylor Swift and we’re both excited!

  5. lucy says:

    The best concert I’ve ever been to was Tom Petty about 5ish years ago. It was at a natural amphitheater…so the sound was amazing. for a good part of the concert there was one of the most beautiful harvest moons rising behind the stage. And what made it even better was that I was there with a group of my best friends!

  6. Nikki says:

    I never would have pegged ya for a rocker chick! 😉 I love it!!! I’m so glad you had fun! I love everything there is about the 80’s! From music, to clothes to the slang! I however have never heard of Hairball, but I also did not grow up here. My very 1st cassette tape was Guns and Roses!! LOL

    My first concert was a concert in the park so to speak. It was Tim McGraw, but right before he went really big. “Indian Outlaw” had just came out, along with “I like it I love it.” It was at the Sacramento State Fair, and he had tight jeans on and a “wife beater” shirt on…Mmmm….I’ll never forget that!

    My very favorite concert has to go to Toby Keith and Joe Nichols though, front row, I could touch his boot if I wanted to! That was a cool show!!! Aerosmith was awesome too!

  7. SKL says:

    I haven’t been to many concerts. Even fewer that were really my thing, and fewer still when I wasn’t sick or getting rained on. Blah.

    The one I think I enjoyed the most was Yanni. The time we went, the percussion section was awesome, and I just love a great percussion performance. We had such bad seats I couldn’t even see, but that percussion finale made up for it. (OK, I’m weird.)

  8. starlaschat says:

    That sounds like so much fun! I also enjoyed the picture you chose, fun title too I wanna ROCK! Some days that’s how I feel turn up the radio and lets rock.;+) I’m glad you had such a good time.

    • Sue says:

      Thanks Starla! The picture is from Hairball’s website and it’s the actual band in their costumes! They looked so real on stage it was crazy. I changed the title to “I Wanna Rock” when I remembered that was the song Hairball opened with and so I thought it fit 🙂

  9. Laura says:

    Oh, my gosh… I’ve just been going through the concerts I’ve been to, and there was another one. Went to see Depeche Mode with my friends in… I dunno… ’86?

    Definitely NOT Huey Lewis. There were men in skirts, fishnets and combat boots, with nails through their ears, outside the venue. And it got weird inside.

    I wasn’t a big fan of their music, either – I went because my friends were going, and I was (still am) willing to give the music a chance. But it just wasn’t my kind – all electronics, and I’m an acoustic girl. I don’t mind amplified acoustic, or even electric guitars and keyboards, as long as that’s not ALL that’s being played. Call me picky, but I don’t have patience for “bands” that only have a synth doing all the music for them.

    I will give the concert this: it was certainly an experience.

    Now I’m waiting for The High Kings to come back to the U.S., and I will move mountains to see them. I’ve a weakness for Celtic Music, and since they’re really the only Irish group that tours…

    I do catch local Celtic groups, though, at faires around the state, and love love love them.

  10. mssc54 says:

    Wow, favorite? I was pretty rough on my memory for about a decaded from the early 70s to mid 80s or so.

    The last concert I saw was at the Cow Palace, in San Francisco, on New Years Eve. It was Pearl Jam, Nirvana and the Red Hot Chilipepers.

    Due to my lifestyle in the previous aforementioned decade or so, I’m pretty sure I saw all the hottest groups back then.

    But my favorite was probably The Eagles. I don’t know who warmed up for them. We had to bail a friend out of jail and got there just as they were opening with Welcome to the Hotel California. And we ALWAYS had seats on the floor, center stage, up close.

    Let’s see, Fog Hat, Chicago, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, The Eagles, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stix, Alice Cooper, KISS, Aerosmith. DEF LEOPARD, Foreigner, QUEEN, The Guess Who, Kansas, Black Sabbath, Dave Matthews, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Lynard Skynnard (original), Van Halen, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Jethro Tull, The Steve Miller Band, ROLLING STONES!

    I think that’s all. Now I will confess that I had to Google 70s-80s rock-n-roll bands so I could remember most of them. I still suffer from long term loss of short memmory.

    I wish I had HALF the money I spent in those days. Eh, easy come, easy go.

    • SKL says:

      We must have been young at the same time. But, I never went to concerts in those days. Couldn’t afford it. My first real concert was Bryan Adams when I was probably around 25. It was very nice. I had really resented my friends forcing me to spend the money to go to a concert, but then I was really glad.

      • mssc54 says:

        Maybe so, I was born in ’54. As far as being able to afford all those concerts… Ummm…. What are the statute of limitations on “Sales income.” It was sort of a perk! lol

        Ahhhh, those were the days. Waitresses would actually argue over who would serve us at our regular places. lol

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