Pull up a Chair

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  Pull up a chair.  Coffee’s on, and the water is heating for tea.  There’s plenty of soda and ice water, as well.  I’ve made scones, and the guacamole for the chips is fresh this morning.  I’ve also got a loaf of bread in the oven.  It needs a few minutes, still.

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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22 Responses to Pull up a Chair

  1. Joy says:

    I love this idea. We’ll try it out for Monday’s and see how it goes. Sometimes with the week just starting out, it’s a slow day.

    How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? We had a good day. Would have been a better one had we been able to stuff “someone” in a closet with duct tape over their mouth!! But, an okay day. I’m very tired tonight though. I get worn out so damn easily now.

    My brother was here last night too so it was a late night. Somehow, we never mean for that to happen yet it always does. Not that beer and Wii bowling had anything to do with it!! LOL!!!

    So, let’s hear from the rest of you. How was your weekend?

    • Nikki says:

      I just kept walking away…I told Jason that on the way to pick her up. Any time she started in on anything, I was just walking away. I was NOT going to let her ruin my day.

      It’s was MOTHERS DAY for petes sake!

  2. Joy says:

    I forgot to mention how my whole day started. After a way too late night with my brother, I got up this morning and went for my coffee. I always make it the night before and Paul turns it on when he gets up. I walk towards the pot, see the green light and something looked “off.” Before Darryl and I went to bed, I put a bunch of dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on and went to bed. The coffee pot was in the dishwasher and I didn’t think of it and Paul didn’t notice.

    So…..there was a whole pot of coffee everywhere. On the floor. All over the counter. It ruined two books and some cards. Coffee grounds came out and stuck to the heating element and kind of burned on it so I couldn’t even make a new pot. I carried it to the sink and tried to rinse it off and a bunch of water went all over the floor. That’s when I got mad, walked to the door, threw the coffee pot outside, came in, got my keys and drove to Kimball (7 miles or so) for two HUGE coffee’s for Paul and I. I mean REALLY!!!! We NEEDED coffee this morning when we were having company. (I need it every morning but that’s another post)

    There is a point to the story.

    I feel so bad for Paul. He didn’t know “why” I was so upset. He didn’t know the coffee pot wasn’t there until the day was half over. He thought the filter collapsed or something and a “little” bit of coffee spilled and I just overreacted and blamed him somehow. (which I can’t EVER recall happening!!)

    Eeeee gads……..The day did improver and we did get a new coffee pot.

  3. SKL says:

    Yikes, that coffee fiasco sounds like something that would happen to me! You’ll both definitely laugh at it sometime in the future.

    My Mothers’ Day went well. I wasn’t ambitious enough to take the kids to Sunday School / Church as I’d hoped. I got too worn out Saturday and didn’t get enough work done Saturday night. My kids were both getting over something and the weather was cold and wet. I had to finish a bit of laundry, get a draft analysis out, and pack up a lot of stuff, besides getting the three of us ready. I was lucky to get out the door by 1pm.

    We were a little late getting to the Arts Center in my parents’ county, but we got to enjoy most of the dance show. A was riveted but E would ask after each segment, “is it time to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house?” It was a very nice show considering the venue and the price, and we had great seats. Not sure if my kids agreed, since all they would say was “why were the dancers half naked?”

    Next we went to Brother’s house for Niece’s 17th birthday party. That was fine, though it went kinda long. The latest family gossip is that my brother’s 32yo stepdaughter, her “partner,” and her 4 kids have flopped back in at my brother’s house and there’s no indication as to when they will move back out again. I have no comment – if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything, right? Since my sister was there, I gave her some recycled stuff for her baby – one more item checked off the to-do list.

    Next was Grandma & Grandpa’s house to celebrate both Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. My mom was not feeling well and my dad was tired. But since both of my brothers came over, I hung around until about 10pm. The kids were cranky and snotty, which is unusual for them. I guess they were still under the weather. I forgot several things such as bringing my dad the electronic photos he has been asking for, but considering how many things I did manage to accomplish, I can’t beat myself up too much. Got a call and a couple messages from a male friend who likes to tease me and I like to let him. Got home around 11pm, got the kids to bed, and sat down to work. Woo hoo!

  4. SKL says:

    Heh, I had to post the above without fully reviewing it, because my kid woke up with a nightmare about my parents’ dog. I hope she’s gonna stay asleep now.

    I am really too tired to work right now! Let’s see if I can sneak a few hours of sleep first . . . .

  5. Ellen says:

    My weekend was fine. Saturday, I had to work two split shifts, which is not really nice, but I am the new one, so I assume, they want me to do these shifts. Sunday I was off, which was great. Dan made Benedict Egg Muffins, which tasted great. He gave me a nice card and I had a sweet email from my son and a call from my other son. My stepson sang a song for me. The rest of the day was different than planned. We suppose to go hiking but we stayed home. Ryan was picked up much later than planned and Dan was working hard for Ruysdael Design. I mowed the grass, did laundry and other sores. Later. Dan and I watched our wedding video again (I love it so much to watch that video, because of the beautiful day but also because I see my family in it). We had some crackers with cheese and wine with it. After dinner we went to see friends here in town and now we are home again, almost ready to go to bed. Have a great week you all!!

  6. Laura says:

    I had a pretty good weekend… although Saturday, I woke up in a wicked mood, not sure why I was so cranky, but I couldn’t shake it, so that made me even crankier. And it didn’t help that we had errands to run all day, which is difficult on the best of days, with an impatient six year old and a blind man. Some days it shapes up as a comedy of errors, which just entertains, but other days, it wears me to the bone. Saturday, it wore me out.

    Fortunately, Steve wanted to stop at the flower shop (wonder why?) on the way home, and I caught the best ten-minute catnap EVER, and felt muuuuch better.

    Saturday night, my “little sister” (neighbor down the street) and I went to Dillard’s for a Cosmetic Event they were doing. They were giving free makeovers, massages, paraffin wax hand conditioning, and perfume sampling. They also had really good hors d’oeuvres. We each had signed up for the Clinique makeover, so we had that done, and we each got a massage (oh, how I needed that), and had our hands softified. And I nabbed some recipes for appetizers (ok, not the actual recipes, but I think I can recreate them close enough). So far, though, we haven’t won the massive basket of Clinique goodies that we entered the drawing for. We were there for the first half of the event, and we were the only two who had put our names in. We figured if either of us won, we’d split it, because there was so…much…stuff, that neither one of us could use it all. Of course, as we were leaving, two more ladies showed up for makeovers, so their names went in the pot, too. *sigh* oh, well, win some, mostly lose some. I’m still hoping for a phone call though…

    Sunday, we went to Little Sister’s house – down the street – for their annual Mother’s Day Picnic. They live on 40 acres, mostly wooded, so I went Morel (mushroom) Hunting. I got the least of the day, only finding three. Apparently, I went right, when I should have gone left, because two other ladies that started out with me, but split off, ended up with wal-mart bags BULGING with mushrooms! But my three are the size of my hand, so there’s plenty for me and Steve to eat.

    They have a golf cart, too, so I took Josh and a couple other kids on a long ride through the acreage… bouncing over ruts, splashing through the creek, kids yelling “WAHOO!!” (it was a requirement… I threatened to dump them off if they weren’t having fun)… it was a blast. We all expected the day to be really cold, after the frost over night, but it ended up around 60… even warmer in the sun. Nice day for a picnic.

    Unfortunately, Josh ended up with a wicked cold – he’d started the day with a little sniffle and coughing, and by nightfall, he was hacking up a storm. Benadryl, however, is my friend, so he got a good night’s sleep. I think I’m getting that cold, too. I can feel that tightness in the back of my throat. yuk. Break out the Zicam.

    All in all, temper tantrum on Saturday aside, it was a pretty nice weekend.

  7. pammy wammy says:

    Oh Joy I feel bad for you.I did that one morning at work.I started at 6am.Started the coffee and left to get ahead of myself and then relax with coffee.I come back into the staff dining room.What a mess.I forgot to put the coffee pot on.YIKES!!!.So much for getting ahead of myself.It took forever to clean up the coffee mess.I double check now always.
    I had a great mothers day.I did work a short shift at work.It was a nice way to start mothers day.There were 16 visitors in the carehome for lunch.It was an overall great day 🙂

  8. starlaschat says:

    Cute Laura! I Love the warm welcome. Coffee Tea and scones. Wow and look at the couch and warm fire. I may just kick back and hang out all day! You may have to kick me out later when the coffees gone, no more tea bags left and only scone crumbs on my face. ;+) No need to worry about me cussing I’m on good behavior lately trying to be a good example of Navar soon to be teacher. He has been cussing up a blue storm. Finials week I guess.

  9. Nikki says:

    The weekend was great! Saturday I woke up in a shitty mood. But then decided to take Bailey out fishing, I read. It was so windy that only lasted about 30 minutes, we decided to go antiquing! I love that he likes to shop, for treasures, in his words! 🙂 Our town has so many little shops and antique stores. We found another one we haven’t been in! Joy, you would love it! We should plan a day of antiquing here some time!

    Sunday was a beautiful day here, the shade was a bit chilly but the sun felt wonderful! We spent the afternoon out at Joys, all the kids had fun,they always do! It was a relaxing day! After we got home we all started yard work, we got the new flower bed weeded out, the grass cut, and I used the weed-eater for the first time! That was FUN! Bailey mowed the grass for the first time too! 🙂

    And to top the perfect day off, a friend showed up with a 50 inch HD Sony TV for us. It’s so nice! His brother was just getting rid of it for a new one and he gave it to us! SCORE!!!

    Jason has today off, I love when he has week days off. I get him all to myself! We’re rearranging the rooms, making room for our TV in our bedroom. I’d like to sit down and watch Marley & Me when we’re done!

  10. SKL says:

    Wow, sounds like several of us had a rough Saturday! Or at least, part of it. I have to admit that this past weekend got the better of me in some ways. From my kids being sent home sick mid-Friday to the whining that was going on this morning, I have never been so happy to drop them off at daycare. I vented a little to their teacher and she probably thinks I’m nuts.

    Thing is, I usually have help with the girls on the weekends, because I work all 7 days (and right now is my busiest time). This weekend the regular nanny and 2 levels of backup failed on Saturday. Between that and my kids being sick, I made them “nap” for extra hours so I could work and they could be ready to go out with me at 3:30. That went OK but it was stressful. We went to the theater where they had an interactive dance show for little kids. My kids were perfect until the end. A went up when asked to join the dancers, E opted out, then later they moved back to sit with me. I told them they could go forward to sit in the front seats again (A had forgotten her glasses and I wanted to make sure she could see). E misunderstood and went all the way up to the stage (at that point there weren’t supposed to be kids up there). It would have been funny had it been anyone else’s kid, LOL. I tried to have a sense of humor about it but it did add to the stress level. Then the kids were crabby and A was sick and hungry and couldn’t eat. During our shopping she kept reporting that she needed to throw up so we’d go to the bathroom where she’d mostly just retch. Fun times. Then they both decided it would be fun to push my buttons and sing continuously while I was trying to find cards and gifts for Mother’s Day / May birthdays (in a Christian gift store, no less). I would normally have nipped that in the bud and my kids normally wouldn’t even try that in the first place, but I was feeling bad for my kid who was really uncomfortable. When I did finally discipline her, she looked so sad and tired. Oh, and the other kid was in a “mom can’t do anything right” mode. The drama! In all, we had 4 stops to make between 4pm and 9pm. Then I lost track of my cell phone so I had to figure that out (I did find it under my car seat). Got home late and had to deal with that. Worked until I couldn’t work any more. Then Mother’s day went on with its stresses, another late night, and I also think I caught the germ my kids had. So this morning, before finishing my first cup of coffee, I had to get a report out and then try to get the kids to school in time for soccer. In this context, the whining started up. “Mom, she touched my shoe. Mom, she talked to my doll.” Etc. I am sorry that I let it get to me, but really. I am so thankful for daycare. And to think there was a time when I thought I wouldn’t want my kids in daycare! Ha!

    Now I hope that whatever goes on in daycare (hopefully a loooooong nap) puts my kids in a good mood for the evening. Otherwise, an early bedtime sounds good to me.

    My poor children will be warped for life. I don’t even care, if it means the whining will stop. Please, no more whining!

    • Laura says:

      I think we’ve all had crappy days… or weekends…or in my case, weeks… like that. I’ve learned to take LOTS of deep breaths, stay “in the moment”, and stay as calm as possible. Which for me is like trying to hold back the wind. That boy sure knows how to hit every button I have, and I think he does it without even thinking.

      Here lately, we’re dealing not only with a terminal case of The Whines (God help me with the whining. You have my sympathies there, SKL), I’m convinced that he’s going to be a lawyer. He nitpicks his way around every rule I set… plays every angle, tries to find every loophole that he can. It would be admirable, this tenacity of his, if it wasn’t ME he was arguing with!!

      But a friend reminds me… as horrible of mothers as we feel like sometimes, we’re there. We’re giving them love and boundaries and guidelines. We’re hugging away their hurts, and even when we have to dole out spankings, we’re doing it with love. And our kids, bless their screaming, tantruming, whining, fit-pitching little hearts, know that.

      And they’ll be just fine. And one day, they’ll be calling us, saying, “Mom, HOW do I handle this situation with my little one? How did you manage? You did it so effortlessly!!”

      And the halls will echo with our laughter.

      • SKL says:

        Thanks, I swear reading your comment made my breathing easier.

        • Laura says:

          Sometimes we need to have someone who has been there, or who is there now, remind us that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Triple marathon, if it comes to it. These are just little bumps and potholes in our road.

          Glad I could help!

  11. starlaschat says:

    I’m back for more coffee. Are there any scones left? I had no plans for the week-end. Navar wanted to go to the Library, he knows it’s the one place I wont talk to him while he tries to do his homework. As we were driving into town I noticed something unusual town was packed, for this time of the year. Turns out it was Art Walk. A friend of ours was showing 3 paintings in our local museum. It was great to see her, and to be able to be at her first art showing. We had a wonderful time walking around looking at art in the shops and eating snacks the shop keepers put out. Navar got a fair amount of homework done so he was pleased. A lot more fun for me walking around having fun then trying to be quiet in the Library.

    When I use to waitress a few times Ive seen waitresses forget to put a pot on and start the coffee machine. It was always a crazy panic. I would not want to start my morning that way. Actually I think we have done that at our house.

    • Laura says:

      There are plenty of scones, Starla. Help yourself! I made them with magic, so they will be here as long as we need them.

      And then the dishes wash themselves!

  12. Sue says:

    I had a pretty good weekend. Friday I took Trinity to her first concert and it was great. We saw Taylor Swift and she puts on a great show! Saturday I was in my pj’s until about 1:30 I think. I went to Joy’s for a little bit to help her get ready for company, then we headed to Kimball for a spaghetti dinner benefit for a lady I know that has TTP. We got home from dinner in time to pick up the house before the sitter came and then we headed out for a night on the town. Sunday I just couldn’t get going so I didn’t get up until 10:30am! I NEVER sleep that late! The rest of Sunday was good and we all had a nice time I think.

  13. Joy says:

    I do have to say that yesterday simply wore me out. I slept for 2 solid hours this afternoon. The raining and cloudy day didn’t help so I just closed the curtains, unplugged the phone and slept like a rock. Normally when I nap, it’s not that soundly. Now we are just getting ready for some leftovers for supper.

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