A bunch of CROC!

Raise your hand if you own a pair of Crocs? Since the day I laid eyes on them, I hated them. I swore them off, like the black plague. I never went into a Croc store. I walk past and think to myself, “Why on Earth would anyone want to wear those things?!”

Okay, I’m hanging my head low now and admitting, I went into the store last Friday! Not on my own, mind you! My mother wanted to go in and see what they had. See what they had?! They have Crocs, crazy women! I got drug in walked in, and was suddenly thinking to myself, “Do I admit I kinda like that pair?” Ohhh that pair too!!! And that pair!! My niece had to have this pair! Before I knew it, my arms were full of  “the black plaque” and I was loving this plague! Give me more, I want MORE! I had to put them all back and decide on one pair for now!

To my surprise they have more designs than just that one pair I hated so much, you know the pair! The original Crocs, the wide toes and holes in the top! They had Crocs that didn’t look like Crocs! Weird, I know, but it’s true! They had boots, they had ballet slippers, they had HEELS!!! Yes, you read that right, heels!! No I didn’t buy a pair, those are now my new black plague! Crocs should not have been made into heels! Sorry if you are reading this and own a pair.

So here are my new Crocs, and my nieces!! If you don’t think they are cute, let me reassure you they look darling with jeans! And I LOVE them! Slip your feet into a pair like these cute ones I bought, and it’s like slipping into a little piece of heaven. Plus, other than just being plain cute, they wipe off effortlessly! BRILLIANT! I’m taking my son there soon to pick a pair out too! Boy, I’ve really been missing out! If you have been avoiding them like I have been for so many years, I dare you to just walk through the door of a Croc store and try not to buy a pair! It’s not possible! Not even me for someone like me that has sworn them off!

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23 Responses to A bunch of CROC!

  1. SKL says:

    I have to admit, the little pink ones do look kinda cute. Remind me of little wooden Dutch sabots (I’m sure our Dutch friends will cringe at that comment!)

    I think I will just stay away from Crocs. Like you, I hated the original ones and most of the ones I’ve seen since. But besides that, I am cheap, and my personal storage space is very limited, so I only buy footwear if I absolutely have to. Since I will probably never “need” a Crocs product, I will probably never buy one, unless it’s a gift for someone else.

  2. Joy says:

    This is a really cute post Nikki. I like it and yes, I’m laughing.

    Okay, I have to admit another thing. Jeesh, yesterday it was Dr. Phil and today it’s Crocs! I did have the ugly ones. Some of the first ones with all the holes. I had a blue pair and an orange pair. They weren’t the same style. I also had a pair of flip flop ones that were lime green and pink and they were really cute. Ashley ate that pair.

    The thing that’s so nice about these shoes are mainly because they are so dang practical. You can slip them on and off. You can wash them off with the hose and they come clean very easily as Nikki mentioned. They are also very good on slippery surfaces. I love them more in the winter than summer. Paul also has some and he wears them all the time working out in the yard and around the pool.

    The styles have really changed and yours and Em’s are darling. How come you didn’t get pink?

  3. Ellen says:

    Your Dutch friends will not cringe, SKL 🙂 I really did not know what sabots were. I looked it up at Wikipedia and they sau it is French for clog 🙂
    I am pretty sure I will not buy them either. I am already doing a huge adaption by wearing sandals now and then 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    I have a friend who wears Crocs all the time. In the dead of winter, 30 below and 3 feet of snow on the ground, she’s wearing those stupid Crocs. Who wears holey sandals in the middle of winter?

    Aside from the fact that I’ve always thought that the originals are phenomenally ugly (I’ve seen the new ones, and yeah, there are plenty of cute ones… and yours are cute, too Nikki… but won’t they get hot during summer?), I’ve seen them for $30 and $40! They’re plastic!! And yes, this is coming from a woman who drops $100 on Keens – but those are made of leather, and last for ever and ever.

    I will admit, though, to considering a pair of Croc Knockoffs for Josh – I cannot find a decent pair of sandals for that boy ANYWHERE!! Who’da thunk you wouldn’t be able to find a pair of size 12 (little kid) sandals for a boy, for under $20! Even the sale shoes are $30 and up. And I can’t justify that for a pair of shoes that he may wear twice and then experience a growth spurt out of them.

    • Nikki says:

      $19.99 Laura!!! They were all on sale! I will wear them more in the spring and fall. I can’t see wearing them in the summer, with that fur inside of them. But for $19.99 they were too cute to not buy them!

  5. Karen Joy says:

    I hated them too but caved when my boss started wearing them to work and he thought them so comfy and good for his back,standing all day.I wore them ONCE,lol!I just couldnt stand looking down at my feet and seeing those ugly things.They were the origanal ones with holes on the top.So they sat in my closet for the last 3 to 4 years ubtil this spring.I dug them out and desided to make them my gardening shoes.Now they do have cute ones.Ive seen the flip flops and LOVE them,think Ill get myself a pair.I agree with others who said yours look like clogs-was the first thing I thought seeing them,very cute!Enjoy them Nikki!Great post.

    • Joy says:

      The pair of flip flops I had were super cute and I just went to try and find them but they don’t have them anymore. The hot pink and lime green made them look like a piece of watermelon. I loved them. Sure enough, any shoe I really loved, the dog ate ONE of them. Not the whole pair, just one shoe. Just enough so I couldn’t wear them!!! I do miss Ashley but she was so naughty.

  6. I DESPISE Crocs. But those you bought are SO CUTE!!!! Dang, I guess I’m like you – betraying the team of “Croc Haters”… My boyfriend swears that those ugly original ones are also the most comfortable thing in the world… So I bet those fuzzy ones are even BETTER.

    Next time I’m in the US, I’m definitely looking for a pair of these.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    Good post Nikki!
    I have not and will not try Crocs. But I am not much of a shoe person. I have my basic black flats for dress up, my Sperry Boat shoes and my black suede Granny boots (from 1986!!) for casual wear, my bad pair of sneakers for wearing on the boat and exercising and my good pair of sneakers for everything else!

  8. starlaschat says:

    I’m sold. Now all I need is to find a croc store! Funny post I too have never put croc’s on my feet. Plastic shoes yuck. But after that post I will be more open minded. Thanks!

  9. Laura says:

    You should send a copy of this post to Crocs, Nikki… they should pay you a royalty for each of the converts that you’ve made today!!

  10. lucy says:

    You know what the worst part is of entering a croc-shop? the SMELL!!! Its overwhelming. I hate crocs and think they are ugly… but do own a pair of black one’s because they are so damn comfy and perfect after working out!

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