Question of the day from SKL

How did you learn your cooking skills?

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18 Responses to Question of the day from SKL

  1. Sue says:

    Try, try again I guess. I really don’t remember my mom in the kitchen teaching us to cook. She may have laid out the cookbook if we wanted to make cookies or a cake and said here ya go. Ok, it may not have been that bad, but it wasn’t like I had Martha Stewart teaching me either.

  2. Nikki says:

    I have a few dishes that I make now, that my mom made. I can only go by memory of what was in it though. Being in the kitchen with my mom at all was not allowed.
    My oldest sister taught me how to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I know that seems like an easy thing. Her meatloaf is the bomb though, and her mashed potatoes have the skin still on. Even my very picky husband likes it that way now. My friend Kristin taught me how to make a GOOD lasagna, and many soups. So I guess, between my memory of childhood dishes, family, friends and the TV…I learned how to cook. Pretty good too, I think!

  3. SKL says:

    Cooking skills! Ha! What cooking skills?

    My brother started cooking the family dinners when he was 10. He was and is a great cook – obviously a natural. So when I was 12 and he needed to play football 3 nights a week, my brother “taught” me how to cook about 10 meals – roast stuffed chicken, roast beef, mac & beef, spaghetti, you get the picture. I am NOT a “natural” so I wrote stuff down in a notebook and attempted to follow it going forward. Not sure whether the instructions were bad, the note-taking was bad, or I just managed to screw something up more often than not. But my contract as temporary cook was NOT renewed for the next season, or any future season, thank God.

    So I never learned to love cooking and that was never a problem. I did actually cook when I moved into the dorm and I taught my roommate to cook. She took a liking to it and learned some new dishes and I was much happier cleaning the mess than cooking, so that was that. Nowadays I mostly don’t eat home-cooked food, other than quick boxed/canned meals. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live. But, I maintain that I “can” cook, I just don’t want to.

  4. Over time, through trial and error. I found many great recipes from magazines.

  5. Laura says:

    My mom taught me to cook, but she taught me to love baking. I grew up with homemade and home-decorated cakes, and we always made cookies and fun desserts for holidays. I got my first Wilton Cake Decorating set when I was about ten, and I’ve been at that ever since.

    Cooking, that came a little later. I learned the basics from Mom, but nothing fancy. The most important thing that she taught me was not to be afraid of the kitchen.

    So when I married Steve, HE was really into cooking, and I was the baker. It worked out really well for a long time, and then we discovered the Food Network when we had cable for a few years. He picked up a bunch of gourmet tips, and I learned how to experiment and combine things.

    So I guess it was a little bit of a lot of people who taught me, starting with Mom and ending with Me!

  6. Jenny says:

    I was in college when I started to watch the Food Network. I fell in love with watching the 30 Minute Meals by Rachael Ray. She just made it look so easy to cook. So I say Rachael Ray tought me how to cook. I have tons of her cookbooks. Now I get recipes from many different magazines. I’m so thankful I found the Food Network!! LOL

    • Joy says:

      You have some of Rachel Ray’s 30 minutes meals books? Could I borrow them and maybe put some of them on here? That sounds fun and I’d like some new things to make.

      • Jenny says:

        You sure can Joy!! I have a ton! Some pages might be a little dirty though. I’m a messy cook. If you want I can either just drop them by or send them with Paul when he comes for his massage.

  7. starlaschat says:

    Great Header!!! I can’t seem to pull myself away! drats. No playing on the computer for me town trip. shoot.

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Starla. This theme was really a lot of work to set up and now I’m still not sure I like it. Once you get that wheel for the border colors just so far, it goes too far and you can’t get back to where you started. It took me a long time and it’s a lot harder to match the side borders with a header. You can’t see the header while your trying to set the color. I only put Maddie up there because I was able to match the green easily because there were so many shades or it. I plan to change it asap.

      Also all the widgets on the sides are gone and it was like starting all over. I may post something else to see if others like this one or not. It’s also a little big for me. Do you notice that? I tried making the fonts smaller but that made them much too small.

  8. Joy says:

    My mom didn’t have the patience of teaching me much of anything when I was young. She just wanted things done in a hurry so she just hurried through them doing it all herself.

    I have two major cooking teachers in my life. One of them was Shirley Smith. I moved to Michigan when I was 17 to be her live in “nanny” but I really kept and ran the home. She is the one who taught me to make stuffing and most of the soups I make. She also taught me how to make Cornish game hens. She was an excellent cook and teacher.

    Then Paul’s mom Kate. She taught me the “meat and potatoes” type cooking. She was also a very good baker which she passed to Toby. Her gravies and meatloaf type meals are to die for and thank goodness we have all her recipes on cards. We all still make her dishes just like she did.

    • SKL says:

      My dad’s mom was also my mom’s main teacher. She claims that her own mom was a terrible cook. My dad’s mom was a great cook and my dad is pretty good too. It was inherited by four of my siblings. But not me. I was meant for other wonderful things!

      • Joy says:

        That’s the funny thing. My mom is/was a great cook but she has the kind of personality that makes it impossible for her to teach anyone anything. She’s very abrupt and impatient and would rather hurry through it. I’m really glad I have her recipe box and we still cook for each sometimes or share meals back and forth. She makes a mean goulash and corned beef and cabbage.

  9. SKL says:

    I wonder how my kids are going to learn cooking. I of course let them help in the kitchen and they know the bare basics. But the creative stuff? That isn’t likely to come from me. Their nanny and my sister, who come on Saturdays and Sundays respectively, do enjoy cooking and sometimes they cook a stock of food for us. They do it mainly when the kids are napping, but as the girls grow, I guess they will learn from these “aunties.” I have a feeling one of my kids will enjoy cooking while the other will be more like me.

  10. Just a Mom says:

    I was never really “taught” how to cook. I absorbed it by always being in the kitchen with my mom. That was our time to talk. She never wrote down a single recipe and amazingly I have been able to nail down her meals. I have been nice and wrote the recipes down for my girls. I have a binder in my kitchen that the girls have named “The Mom’s Diner Cookbook.” They argue over who gets it when I die! My girls are in the kitchen a lot with me when I cook as well.

    • Laura says:

      That’s really sweet… I’ve laid “dibs” on my mom’s favorite cookbook (she calls it her “bible”) and her recipe cards. My brothers can have pretty much anything else they want in that house, but they know to keep their mitts off the cooking stuff. Which is just fine with them, because they know I’ll be cooking for them when they show up on my doorstep!

      But that’s my goal for Josh, too. I’ve got most of my recipes in my computer, but the software that I use doesn’t work with Vista, so now I’ve bought a new recipe box and cards, and I’m transferring them all to cards. AND I bought Josh his own recipe box, too, so he can start collecting his own recipes. I hope to pass down our love of cooking to him.

  11. javajunkee says:

    took what I watched my mom doing cuz she never really took me into the kitchen for a lesson..then made up stuff as I went along. Somehow even not being allowed into the kitchen my mom raised 4 awesome cooks with 3 of us still living and cooking.

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