Grab a Spot at the Table

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  Grab a spot here at the table, there’s plenty of room.

Drinks are over there on the counter, we’ve got milk and several kinds of juice.  Hot coffee and water for tea are by the stove.  We’ve got donuts from the bakery on the corner, and I made the coffee cake and blueberry muffins fresh this morning.  There’s a bowl of fruit here on the table, if you want something a little healthier.  Help yourself.

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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27 Responses to Grab a Spot at the Table

  1. Joy says:

    I want this kitchen to be mine.

  2. Laura says:

    I’d be happy with the double oven. And the cleanliness…

  3. SKL says:

    Good news and bad news. The good news is, I haven’t spent any time reading Rush Limbaugh’s transcripts in weeks (or is that the bad news? I miss it! Plus I hate not knowing what’s going on!). The bad news is that I found another site to get addicted to. Ugh! But I think this new addiction will be short-lived.

    I got a few more installments of my big job out but am still behind. Same old stuff, different day.

    Guess what. On Friday night, I learned that we are hosting a reception at our HOUSE for an important government figure (no, not Obama! But one of his wannabes. Not my idea!!). Anyhoo, guess when the reception is: this Tuesday! As in the day after tomorrow.

    You should know that my house, which is about 30 years old, is in every imaginable kind of disrepair for a house that old. We rarely take the time to renovate and we have some obvious issues. For example, somehow water has gotten into our laundry room and made a huge gray mold stain on our floor, and it smells musty all the time in there. Our linoleum is permanently gray in the high traffic areas and every bathroom floor has obvious water damage. Our windows haven’t been washed in many months and many of them have leaks between the panes, so you can’t see out them very well. Our curtains haven’t been washed in years. Our blinds have to be held up by tying the sash cords to whatever is nearby. Our basement is visited frequently by skunks. Our kitchen and dining room lights are broken. Our carpets are in disrepair and several doorways are deathtraps due to wayward carpet tacks. Our roof is in disrepair with tiles falling off. Our front door and porch paint is peeling off. All of our lawn furniture is damaged due to years of rain and sun. Our jazuzzi outbuilding is deteriorating badly. I could go on all day. I mean, this house is fine for Mother Teresa but not to host significant government people! Mainly because of the snooty “other influential people” who will attend and who will make it a point to compare our humble dwelling with theirs. So we are doing some quick work to make it a little less worse, but we are in the middle of two extreme work deadlines. Nobody has time for this. I know we will survive it, but it is very stressful. And seriously bizarre.

    Speaking of all those household projects we need to do, I was stopped today by a guy who sells a lot of the stuff we need (roof, carpet, linoleum, windows, etc., etc) and offered a huge discount. So he is coming this Thursday to give us an energy saving assessment (there are tax credits if you do it right) and a quote. It’s about time. I really love my house because of the location, yard, floor plan layout, woodwork, windows, etc., but I am so sick of, e.g., not being able to see out of said windows. And the smells that don’t belong in a house. And the feeling that at the rate it’s going, the house seems doomed to fall down around us if we don’t act soon. The last thing I need right now is another project, but this is one I’d like to get behind me ASAP.

    My sister got free tickets to a nearby “Farmpark” so I looked it up and found that they were having a “horsefest” this weekend. I thought it would be nice for the kids. I had never heard of this place, but the Website said it has stuff to teach them a lot about where foods come from and the science behind it. So I set it up so that I would take them there, hang out for a short while, and then let my sister take them around (she likes horses and such so it is up her alley). So that’s what they did today and they came home happy and tired – just as it should be. We went for a nice long walk after that and then watched a short kid video and off to bed. We did skip baths, but it was nice to have a relaxed evening with them in the midst of all the craziness that is my life. My work hours today (so far) were 4:30am to 8am, 12pm-6pm (I had to do some shopping for the house this morning), and 9pm to now (though I have been on the internet for part of this evening). That is not enough, as I was roundly criticized for the time I spent taking my kids to the Farmpark on a Sunday (and I did work fulltime every other day since Mother’s day too). Why do I need this job again?

    My sister called me last Wednesday with a request to borrow a month’s worth of my paychecks (pretax) in order to buy a dog that is supposedly a great deal. The bank info was provided Thursday and the wire transfer had to be made to Germany by Friday. Dude! I don’t have that kind of money lying in my checking account! I made arrangements to make the funds available for wire transfer, but the banker didn’t know how to do it. His bank just merged with another one and nobody seems to know how to do anything any more. Meanwhile the payee is unreachable. So I had to go on the internet and figure out whatever info was needed for the wire transfer. Finally a little after 5pm Friday, I was informed that the transfer was accomplished. Sheez.

    Am I the only person who ever dreams of a simple life? Is it even possible?

    • Joy says:

      The work you have to do just made me dizzy reading it. You should definitely take before and after pics of the work on the house.

      That Farmpark sounds like a pretty cool place.

  4. Ellen says:

    You have a dream kitchen! I love your taste!

  5. Joy says:

    We had a really good weekend around here. The weather permitted me to attend 3 of Bailey’s baseball games and I had a blast. It was so fun to be outside like that. I hadn’t really been out to that extreme since Easter and it felt really good not to get sick from going out. The boys also did really well and I got to see him pitch.

    My brother came out and he, Paul, Toby and Sue golfed in a tournament on Sat. According to them they sucked but I’m guessing they did okay. Everyone was a little red/brown and very tired Sat night. We went to bed really early for us.

    Now today it’s like a sauna outside. It was like this yesterday too and I spent the whole day inside. I can’t be out in this humidity for even 15 minutes. It could be a very long summer. I hung one load on the clothesline and struggled for breath the rest of the day. Not fun but now that I know, I can prevent it.

    I got a bunch of Rachel Ray cookbooks from Jenny so I want to scan some of those for us to put on the blog. I thought that might be fun and different. Thanks Jenny for them.

    Anyone watch Celebrity Apprentice? Brett Michaels won which I’m happy with but I wonder if it was a pure sympathy deal. This year’s end was kind of sad for Paul and I. We’ve just loved this season of it and we couldn’t decide who we wanted to win. Brett and Holly Robinson Peete did so well and we really enjoyed it. All our shows are ending 😦

    How’s everyone else today?

    • Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m glad you got to go out, Joy :). I completely understand the humidity problem… It’s hard enough to breathe when it’s humid for someone without any lung problems because it’s water going into your lungs – I can’t imagine how horrible it must have felt. I really hope your summer doesn’t stay quite so humid!!!

  6. Nikki says:

    I WANT THAT KITCHEN! I love everything about it!

    Well this weekend was so busy. Not manual labor kind of busy, just away from home a lot, busy! Bailey and his team had their 1st baseball tournament this weekend. It was about 45 minutes away, so that drive got rather old ofter 3 days of doing it. I hope to never have to go back to that town ever again! lol Craziness I tell ya!

    They came in 4th. Their last game was against a team that outscored every team they played by 30 runs! They only got our boys by ONE!!!! 🙂 That lose was very emotional. We have games all this week, next week and another tournament next weekend. That one we’re getting a hotel room for. Boys are excited for that!

    I got no work done around the house this weekend, the grass is so tall and the weeds are out of control so that’s what I’ll be doing on my down time this week, and this weekend. Seeing it’s Memorial weekend, we would normally do something but we may stick around the house all weekend. Our animals aren’t very happy with us being gone all the time!

  7. starlaschat says:

    I agree the Kitchen is a dream Kitchen! A perfect place for a Monday get together. I did watch the finial show of the Apprentice. I agree with Joy it was not a clear case of a winner. I think that fact that Holy said at the beginning that her 5 year old was also choosing Brett to win. It seemed to me as if she was saying She already felt like a winner and it was OK that he won. Just wondering I think Trump was in a difficult spot. Amazing really that he was even well enough to show up. Against doctors wishes, stubborn.;+) Speaking of stubborn I finally conceded to go to the Chiropractor because my back went out again. Friday, there was a note on the door be back Monday. It’s been a really long week-end. Lots of pain and a slow shuffle. I hope it’s something that can be corrected soon. The slow shuffle and me do not get along. I never really thought of myself as a zoom zoom type but take a wheel off my wagon and it makes me cry.;+(. Oh well, time to call the Chiro to make an appointment. I’ll take a donut and a coffee for the road. Thanks Ladies ;+)

    • starlaschat says:

      As long as that last post was I still didn’t get it all out. I think the Rachel Ray recipes is a great idea and look forward to that. Sad to hear Joy’s having so much difficulty breathing that can be very scary. OK now I’m good. Bye.

    • Joy says:

      Good luck Starla. I hope you feel better when you get home.

  8. SKL says:

    It’s getting hot over here. My room is the hottest because the sun shines in in the a.m. and I don’t get much of a cross-breeze. I don’t like turning on the AC because of the cost, but I would today for a while, except that they’re working on the house downstairs with the doors open, and our guest who lives in the basement (and is working down there today) would have an arctic experience. So I guess I am glad to save some money, but I am also sweating.

    Started off the morning pretty good. I “accidentally” got a full 8-hour sleep last night becasue I fell asleep and then my kids didn’t wake me up early. Got them off to school a little late for soccer but in good moods. Went to the office to pick up the mail and to the P.O. box for other mail. Got a little bit of walking in and just listening to the radio for a change. Stopped for a couple essentials on the way home. Then back to work. At least I got a little break.

    I locked my door so I could check the internet without getting “caught” and lectured about how selfish it is for me to take a few minutes to do something personal and non-essential.

    It’s funny, if you really don’t get much time to just do what “you” want, you appreciate those free moments a lot more. I used to wonder how folks could be happy back in the days of Scrooge, when they only got Sundays off and one or two annual holidays. Now I think I know.

    Not saying I work for Scrooge & Marley . . . ahem.

  9. lucy says:

    I’m finally back at commenting 🙂 Last week was crazy with work and I ended up working ALL of saturday to try to get things wrapped up. Yesterday was wonderful… I took the whole day off work (which is very rare). I worked out for about 90 minutes (so sore!!) and then and went shopping with my boyfriend. Unfortunately I never seem to find much that I like. We went out to dinner and then went home to watch the Series finale of LOST. This show has been part of my life for 6 years… sad for it to end. Did anyone else watch the finale or am I the only LOSTIE here?

    Looking forward to commenting more consistently as work will hopefully be less busy. 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I’ve not seen one episode of Lost. I’ve heard you either love it or hate it but I can really relate to losing a beloved show. We are losing quite a few shows that we really like this year. Law and Order. Thank goodness SVU will still be on. We also really liked that hospital show Mercy. That got cancelled too. We used to watch all the CSI type shows but haven’t watched any of them this year. We love Criminal Minds and a show we really missed this year that was my personal favorite is Without A Trace. I loved that. Oh yes, Cold Case. That’s not coming back either.

      We missed you Lucy. Good to have you back.

      • Laura says:

        Wow… that IS a ton of stuff getting the axe. Can’t say I’m surprised about Law & Order, that’s been on for so long it was probably just time. I gave up on SVU a long time ago, though… I used to really like it, until one season, it was just kids, kids, kids as victims in every show. And when one was a little five-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy… well, that was it for me.

        I’m whittled down pretty much to 2-3 shows that I’ll make time for… CSI: NY, The Mentalist, and Numb3ers (ok 4, if you count Red Green, but that’s PBS, late on Saturday nights). And they might have canceled Numb3ers this year. They kept calling it a “season finale”, but there was a very “final” feel to it. And nobody will commit to saying whether it was canceled or not. Very frustrating.

        Meanwhile, I’ve gotten hooked on a show that, apparently, is appearing on A&E… in the U.S., it’s called “MI:5”, in England, it’s called “Spooks”. It’s about, you guessed it, England’s FBI, which is called MI:5. I heard about it because they recently brought Richard Armitage into the cast (and I don’t think anything else needs to be said about THAT. happy to discuss it though…), but I decided to Netflix it from the beginning (I don’t have cable), and DANG, if I’m not totally hooked. Not only do the shows run a full 59 minutes (instead of the edited-for-U.S. 44 minutes), it just goes and goes until the end. Has you hanging on the edge of your seat. And the characters are truly likeable. Once you get past the accent, which can be hard to deal with when it’s really strong, it’s a rockin’ show.

        On the upside of a buncha stuff getting canceled, maybe there’ll be some really good shows coming up in their place? Either that, or you’ll have a LOT of reading/Wii Bowling time. Not necessarily a bad trade-off, if you ask me…

        • Joy says:

          I thought of you. Yes, Numbers got the ax too. There are two coming that I’m looking forward to. One is a cop show taking place in NY with Tom Selleck and Mark Walberg. I think it’s called Blue Bloods. It’s about a family generation thing of cops.

          There was one more family drama that I wanted to watch but I’ll be danged if I can think of it right now. Figures!

          • Laura says:

            Dang. I suspected the Numb3ers axe. Good thing I have an alternative to my “Colby Crush”…

            • lucy says:

              Its crazy how many shows are ending. I just heard that “24” had its series finale yesterday.

              I do watch a few cop shows (CSI, NCSI, SVU) but just the reruns .. almost never the new ones. I stopped watching a few seasons ago and now I feel like I dont really know whats going on in the story anymore.

  10. Laura says:

    BTW… I’m so glad y’all like the kitchen! I googled “Kitchen” and “Kitchen table” and a bunch of other keywords, and this was the best one that came up, that didn’t look like an ad for a construction company, a furniture sale, or whatever.

    I have to say, it was the table that got me. I absolutely LOVE that table. (ok, and the pig. the pig cracks me up)

    By the way, if you’d like to see more pics of this lovely kitchen, and the house in which it resides… it’s for rent in Vermont

  11. Sue says:

    I love this kitchen too except for the wallpaper and I didn’t even notice the pig so I had to go back and look! I have a lot to say, but don’t really want to. I’m in a funk and feel very unsettled/almost anxious about it. Why is it life throws things at you from left field when you thought everything was going ok. B/c that’s the way life is I guess, but it still sucks! I feel like I don’t fit anywhere and like our life is kind of on hold. We’re not moving backward by any means, but we’re not moving forward either and it’s starting to get to me. To make matters worse, they started laying people off today at work. I don’t think my department has much to worry about since we’re the ones that make the hospital money, but it’s still unsettling. And maybe that’s why life has just kind of been on hold b/c it knew something was coming. IDK. I can feel my heart racing just thinking about everything. I’m going to sit outside in this heat to maybe bake it out of me!

    • Joy says:

      I’m so sorry you’re in a funk Sue. BELIEVE ME, I know the feeling. I also feel like I was moving toward one thing and now have to just focus on what I have and fix that and just live and I feel I have been holding back a little and now I’m going to move forward. My whole live changed last fall and the reality of it is just starting to hit me now. All the things I won’t be able to do and such, it sucks. But, I told Paul last night that I need a different mindset. I can’t let depression win and I need to think of fun and new things I can do inside instead of feeling depressed because because I can’t be outside because at this point, I’m not moving out of state. Minnesota is not a good climate for me to be in but it’s my home and I don’t want to move.

      I guess be glad you do have a job and God willing, you won’t lose it. I know you love your job. I really know how when you’re in a funk, everything hits you harder. Maybe you need a date with the Captain. It will do you good to get away and take your vacation.

    • Laura says:

      I know it’s trite to say, Sue, but hang in there. Life delivers slams out of left-field, and the best thing to do is just to roll with it, and consider all your plans to be “temporary”. I know the holding pattern that you’re talking about, I’ve been in one for a long time. Seems like every time I try to break it, life says, “Um, no, I don’t think so.” So I just consider it a life-imposed break, a chance to catch my breath and regroup before going back into the fray.

  12. kweenmama says:

    I was going to ask whose kitchen this was, but then got the answer as I read the comments. I love it! I covet it! 🙂

    I’m jealous to read that you had such nice weather over the weekend. And that you are dealing with heat and humidity. It snowed here today. On May 24th! Snow! Sick. Of. It.

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