Free Chat Thursday

I laugh every time I look at this picture I used today. I could use a good laugh, as many of us can. So enjoy, I hope it made you laugh too!  🙂 I wonder if this guy knows about this picture!

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. We were supposed to drive to Montana in August. I have 2 sisters there, a best friend and several old friends. Well, to be 100% honest, one sister I don’t want to see. Long story! The other one, I’d love to see but it seems to me that the only time she calls me is when she’s fighting with her boyfriend. My two sister have a brother, by another mother. No one gets along, they are full of drama. Like high school crap. It’s so stupid, the things they fight about. No one person can stay out of the others business. They all feel it necessary to give their opinion, whether they’re asked for it or not. I don’t want to drive all that way, spend all that money and bring my son and husband into that crap.

So instead, I am flying my best friend, the only somewhat sane one out of the whole bunch, here to visit us. No stress, no fighting. I haven’t seen my best friend since I was 19. 10 years! We talk just about every day, and I miss her terribly. I just don’t know how to tell my family, I won’t be coming for the family reunion. I know honesty is always my best bet. But how do you say, “We’re not coming because ya’ll are nuts!” without hurting any feelings?Hmmmm????

I have to get back on track, health wise. I’m losing weight, very slowly. I’m okay with that. I wasn’t working out like I should be. I’ve only been getting on my elliptical once or twice a week. We haven’t been home, and that not only means I haven’t worked out but that means we’re eating out more. Sometimes it’s Mc. Donald’s, Taco Bell, Sub Way and sometimes Perkins. I always try to get the healthiest food on the menu, but I just feel weighed down right now. I am going to sit down this weekend, and plan out some healthy meals that don’t require a lot of time.

So tonight, Wednesday, is the night! Season Finale of American Idol is tonight!! Either way, I know Lee will make a CD and I plan on buying it. I just don’t really want the girl to win. Personally, she doesn’t deserve it like Lee does. We’ll see!

Have a great day, and fun weekend!

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31 Responses to Free Chat Thursday

  1. SKL says:

    LOL, I don’t even want to know what photos may be floating around with me in them! I am NOT photogenic!

    I know how tense it is when you worry about hurting your family’s feelings. I remember the first year I didn’t spend Christmas at my parents’ house. I thought my whole family was going to disown me. But, they didn’t! People get over things. Maybe Bailey will have a really important game that day or someone in the fam just can’t get away from work. What can they really say? Sometimes you have to just do it and then let it blow over. As long as you don’t tell them the real reason you aren’t going!

    So yesterday was the big day. The state political VIP was at my house. I arranged it so I wouldn’t be here. I didn’t want to waste hours being nice to people I don’t agree with, especially when my work is so busy. My partner was in her glory, though, as I knew she would be. On the positive side, we got the house cleaned up – and I didn’t have to do most of the work, for a change. We had some maids and a handyman come over 3 days and work their tails off. Most of the after-mess is even cleaned up. But, I’m not sure how many months it will take to pull all the crap out of the nooks and crannies where people shoved everything at the last minute.

    So we had a pyrrhic victory today. We have been fighting a political battle because another organization in town wants us to NOT write an application for tax credit funding, since they were applying too and it’s competitive (though many applications will be successful and we could both win, technically). Anyhoo, there was a lot of board influencing, etc. So today we had the final board vote and we “won” 4-3. We get to do the application. It’s a 100 page application and it’s due next Wednesday and we are in the middle of doing 6 others. Hooray . . . I guess. By the way, I was one of the 4 “winning” votes, so I suppose I can’t complain, can I?

    So I’m chugging along with my work. Still way behind schedule, but I tend to work well under pressure. Provided I can stay awake.

    It goes without saying that I’m not taking the greatest care of my health. I’ve had this craving for salt and I don’t want anything else. Today I ate up a bowl of cashews that was left over from the party. I hope I don’t do too much damage to my body before this is over.

    Found a new “moms” website which I visit frequently nowadays. It’s similar to “that other site” but not quite as bad. It’s organized well so you can see the latest comments, the latest hot topics, etc. Is it just me, or is it sad that the hot topics are almost 100% about popular TV shows? And the second hottest topic type is sex. They do have other substantive stuff but it’s getting old pretty fast. One thing that’s kinda fun is that you can click a link and see a whole list of political-oriented articles. Which are predictably sad! But also telling. There are a couple recent articles about Sarah Palin. Now, I never understood this about “feminists.” They refuse to acknowledge anything positive about Palin as a woman, because she’s pro-life. She’s pro-life, therefore she’s anti women’s rights. The woman who was a state governor and ran for president is against women’s success. OK. Because we all know it’s a lot more important to be able to kill our babies than to have professional and political credibility and opportunity. I must be thick-skulled because I never can seem to get with the “women’s movement” as the feminists define it. I’m pretty sure “women” are the only group who think the way to get empowered is to kill ourselves off.

    So anyhoo. It’s getting hot around here! That’s about all I know about what’s happening in the world. No time to read much news. Just trying to hang on until this deadline passes.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the summery weather!

  2. mssc54 says:

    “No one person can stay out of the others business. They all feel it necessary to give their opinion, whether they’re asked for it or not.”

    Well… I think you are asking for my opinion so here it is. Exposing yourself to “toxic-time” is one thing. Involving your husband is another but dragging your child into it is entirely another! Just because we are birthed into a group of people does not mean that we are required to support (or defend) their behavior.

    I am one of six children. I am the only one who has moved away. My children have told me on more than one occassion that I “escaped.” Glad you got away too.

    Additionally I sometimes read a chapter in Proverbs each day. Since there are 30 Proverbs it makes it easy. I just read the chapter that coincides with the date. I read your Blog post first then clicked onto “” and looked up Proverbs 27 (I like that site because it has a speaker emblem I can click on and listen to it.) Anyway here is what I found interesting, as it pertains to your family delima.

    Proverbs 27
    10Do not forsake your own friend or your father’s friend,
    And do not go to your brother’s house in the day of your calamity;
    Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother far away.

    I think that fits nicely for what you are contemplatging. Don’t you?

  3. Laura says:

    I agree, Nikki, with the idea of making your excuses and bowing out gracefully. I might think differently if there were kids who are Bailey’s age that he gets along with AND the parents can keep their drama away from the kids. Because there’s fun drama (catching up on family stories, discussing/arguing politics, re-hashing old family events), and then there’s sapping drama (the petty bickering, the passive/aggressive control issues, etc).

    Once you’ve passed this event, if the occasion arises, you can always tell them for real why you didn’t attend the event. But you know there will be fallout… it’s just a matter of whether you want to deal with it or not.


    On other topics… Today is Josh’s last day of Kindergarten. I bawled like a little child when I found this poem in his folder yesterday:

    Sometimes you get discouraged
    because I am so small,
    And always leave my fingerprints
    on your furniture and walls.

    But every day I’m growing
    I’ll be grown up someday
    and all those tiny hand prints
    will surely fade away.

    So here’s a final hand print
    just so you can recall
    exactly how my fingers looked
    when I was very small.

    The poem is accompanied by a painted hand print and a tiny picture (the posed picture from school picture day) of him.

    And now my little tiny guy is a first grader. What the heck???

    • Joy says:

      I love that poem. Make sure to frame those little hand prints. Stop blinking now because the time is going to move very quickly.

      • Nikki says:

        Wow….1st grade! Seems like yesterday Bailey was heading to 1st grade! Way to go Josh!!! Hang in there MOM!

        I can’t believe Bailey will be 10 in only 46 days. 😦 Then one more year and he’s in middle school….ugh! wth?!

      • Laura says:

        The one that came home this year (I have one from last year, too) is laminated. I’m thinking about having last year’s laminated, too.

  4. SKL says:

    The baby hands are very cute . . . but I have to say that I’ve received so many “hands” artworks – between my nanny and my kids’ daycare, I get at least 2-3 per year – I feel like it’s kinda getting old. I suppose I am supposed to save all of them, but I will most likely just keep a couple of them. It seems more special that way.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, my gosh, the avalanche of paperwork that I have from the last two years, already!!

      About two months ago (I know, I’m a very slow learner), I started culling out the better art work, the more imaginative stuff (like, ‘complete the sentence: If I lived in the White House, I would…” and Josh filled in, “go bowling in the basement.”

      Stuff like that is priceless, and I have a small file of it. But out of curiosity, I saved all his work from the year, and it fills an entire large paper shopping bag (remember those? our local grocery still uses them, thank goodness. they’re wonderful for recycling paper). Most of that is going into the recycle bin – it’s handwriting work, math problems, that kind of stuff.

      • SKL says:

        My kids bring home a ridiculous amount of paper, and nearly all of it goes directly into the recycle bin. I have just kept a couple of things that show independent thought. I suppose my children will be warped for life.

      • Joy says:

        I’m not even going to begin to tell you the crap I’ve saved from my boys. I did save everything at first just because I’m so sentimental but you really do have to draw the line. A few things from each year is enough. Even now that they’re old enough to look back, if there was any more stuff, it wouldn’t be as fun to go though.

        • Laura says:

          that was my rationale behind pitching most of the ‘regular’ work – the handwriting assignments, the math worksheets, etc. His other work, the more creative stuff, is demonstrative of his progress in writing and whatnot, and it’s much more entertaining.

  5. starlaschat says:

    First things first. Nikki as far as family and taking care of yourself, if it’s way too much drama I think it’s perfectly OK to not want the drama in your life for now. I heard some where that we can say no without explanation. A simple I won’t be able to make it. You can add at this time hopefully down the road we can get together. But short and sweet.;+) LOL (That’s it) easier said then done. ;+) I have actually tried this a no without explanation, I also just read in a magazine using the word Won’t is a lot firmer then other words. I did try that a couple of times and it did work really well. Once you start saying why and giving an explanation, it’s so easy to go on and on and on and before you know it’s easy to change your mind before you hang up the phone shaking your head, saying what just happened.

    Sweet poem the little hand print poem. They sure do grow up quickly.

    I went to the Chiropractor yesterday, finally. I’m still really really sore. I hope this does the trick. I realize how incredibly important my back is and that life is really hard when my back doesn’t work properly. So I am going to work on really taking care of my back exercises and …. Sounds a little bit like bargaining. ;+) Please make this pain go away, and I promise I’ll be good. ;+) Cross your fingers. ;+) Other then that feeling just a little overwhelmed. Lots to do if my back comes back to me there is a lot that needs to be done. Cleaning the house really well for starters. It’s been hard to clean like I like with a bad back. I am glad for Spring and all the green Spring has been bringing, it is really beautiful here yesterday I was taking pictures of flowers. So pretty.

    • Joy says:

      I hope your back feels better soon Starla. Sometimes after a chiro appt you are apt to be very sore. You should try to loosen up and then maybe soak in a warm tub. Hopefully it will work itself out. When your back hurts, everything hurts.

      • starlaschat says:

        Thanks Joy! I did take a hot bath that is the one thing that seems to help. I’m looking forward to feeling better soon. Patience is not one of my favorite virtues.

  6. lucy says:

    Nikki, I agree with all the other advise you’ve gotten. Bow out gracefully… I think telling a little white lie in order to avoid a large blow-out with the family is OK.

    Staying on track health-wise can be difficult. There are so many yummy food temptations. I’m currently trying a new exercise regime, but I’ve been so sore these last few days. Hopefully my determination will last.

    • Joy says:

      My yummy food temptation seems to be salt. Just like SKL, sometimes I just crave it and then you get so bloated that it makes you feel even worse.

  7. Joy says:

    Everyone sure does sound busy. I’m thankful today for a nice day that’s not full of humidity. I even have my bedclothes hanging out on the line. Mmmm….I love that. I’m going to try going in and out today and it should be fine. It looks like we are going to have a really nice long weekend too so that will be awesome. The only plans we have made for sure is a cookout and pool party at our neighbors on Monday. I’m trying to think of some different things to make to share. Don’tcha get sick of the same old thing?

    I agree with the others Nikki. You can tell a little white lie and just say something came up or Jason has to work or something. Then say you’re sorry and leave it at that. What more can you do? I can sure see why you wouldn’t want to put the miles on your vehicle and spend all that money on something you don’t really want to do. I think you’re being smart.

    I feel a little lost with all our shows over with for the year. DWTS was good. I was really happy Nicole won. I thought Evan was really good but I felt his personality was just a little to drab and she was so fun and bubbly all the time. But those Olympians have a huge following and I thought he might win. The Biggest Loser now too. I was also very happy with the way that one ended this year. Criminal Minds was excellent last night and I don’t know how I’ll wait all summer to find out what happened. What are we going to do with our time????? On days I can’t be out I’ve come to depend and look forward to certain shows.

    Anyone have any special plans for the weekend?

    • Laura says:

      I’ve gotten hooked on MI:5/Spooks, which is an fbi-style show out of England. It started back in 2002, so I have what, 8 seasons to catch up on? So I’ve been Netflixing like crazy… I’m allowed to have three DVD’s out at a time, so I rotate them, so I’m getting a new one almost every day. There are two shows per DVD, so many nights, I’ve got 2 hours of TV to watch. Which is handy, because most nights there’s nothing on broadcast. It’s a handy thing during the summer. (I also have the unique talent to be able to watch the same show night after night. I think it’s the same talent that allows me to read books over and over again.)

    • SKL says:

      Plans for the weekend? You mean aside from the applications we’re working on? What’s a weekend, anyway?

      Actually, this Saturday is the date of the annual zoo picnic of my kids’ adoption agency. I am planning to attend along with my daughters, 2 sisters, and niece. Although I’ve told my partners about this, I think they have forgotten so this should be interesting . . . .

    • starlaschat says:

      Navar and I were just talking about that Joy. All the good shows coming to an end. All the finales it’s nice to have shows in the week to look forward to a little treat at the end of the day. Now what? ;+/

  8. SKL says:

    I’ve decided that I’m going to drink all the BAD, fattening flavored coffees in my cupboard until my big deadline is over. I am too nervous to eat half of the time, so this will be better than starving!

  9. Sue says:

    My week has been pretty uneventful. There were lay offs and hours cut at work on Tuesday so needless to say we’re all kind of on edge. There was a message on my answering machine this afternoon asking me if I’d voluntarily stay home tomorrow. She hasn’t called back to say I HAVE to stay home so someone else must of volunteered. Thank goodness b/c I only work 3 days a week as it is.

    I’ve been reading a lot lately and trying to get my gardens in order. Today I spent weeding the veggie garden that is just way to gigantic, but when you plant everything you want, it gets kinda big! I missed a spot on my back with the sunscreen so it’s a little tender at the moment! After the veggie garden I moved on to my pond in the back yard. I got it cleaned out on Tuesday so today I filled it and made sure the fountain works. Sounds really nice when you’re on the back deck.

    As far as weekend plans go, I don’t have anything set in stone. Trinity wants a friend to spend the night tomorrow night, the lawn needs to be mowed again and it’s suppose to be hot again so who knows what will really get done. No one has told us about the cookout on Monday so I guess I’m suppose to assume it’s happening and that Joy’s invite was our invite. Gotta love my family, why would we talk to each other?!

  10. sweetiegirlz says:

    I’ve been in your dilemma. I didn’t go to see family until family calmed down and changed the environment. It’s not worth the stress. have a great time with your friend.

  11. SKL says:

    What is it about 11-ish p.m. that makes all the babies wake up screaming? Every night I hear babies cry and look at my clock and it’s right around 11. And no, they aren’t my kids. (Though one of them sounds like mine, and has on several occasions caused me to get up and go see what was going on downstairs.)

    • Joy says:

      I didn’t know any other babies lived at your house.

      • SKL says:

        They don’t, they are neighbor kids. We all have our windows open at night, and I sit by my window when I work. So I hear it and I’m kinda tuned into, it because my own kids sleep at the opposite corner of the house, so I have to have sensitive ears to hear if they wake up.

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