Free Chat Thursday

The picture I chose today was just because I really liked it when I saw it! How free you must feel up there, like you’re flying. I’ve never brought myself to get on one of those swing rides, but I think I may this year! I’d love to go back to Valley Fair, with more people this time, and maybe no kids either. As much as Bailey did have fun, he doesn’t do roller coasters yet. So we couldn’t go on every ride we wanted to. I absolutely love roller coasters. I laugh the entire time though, so that’s rather annoying for the person I’m next too I’m sure!

Do you ever want to squeeze the ever-loving crap out of someone? That’d be my sister. There are 4 of us girls from my father. I have one sister in-particular that literally makes me think, WTH! She doesn’t read this, so I’m safe. And really this is nothing I, and the rest of our family hasn’t said to her. She’s so lazy, she is looking for her prince charming to come rescue her and take care of her. Well guess what? Every time she thinks she has found that guy, she chases him away. And mind you, every guy she meets is “the one.” I think in her mind, she thinks she’s 14 still. Seriously, no joke. She has a Facebook page, and yesterday she changed her relationship status from “single”, to “in a relationship”, back to “single”, then back to “in a relationship”! All in one day! All I can do now is laugh, except she has emotionally scarred her children and for that I want to squeeze the ever-loving crap out of her! Does that make me a bad person? A bad sister?! I don’t think so! Sorry about that little rant, it’s just that she’s on my last nerve right now.

School is almost out. For some, this is their last week. Bailey goes until June 1oth. I can’t wait! I can’t wait for the hardest decision we have in the day is what to do; the beach, cabin, park etc. But on the other hand, this year went by way too fast, and that means Bailey will be in the 5th grade! How in the world did this happen? I can remember taking him to preschool the first day, and thinking to myself, “I can’t imagine him going to middle school, how will I ever handle that!.” In one more year that will be my reality. 😦

His state report presentation is Friday. He only has last-minute details to do on his biography. He had to write one on someone famous from Mississippi, and he choose none other than our very own Minnesota Viking Brett Favre! LOL He also made up a quiz all about the state, and made a cover page for the report. I’m very proud of him, he’s put so much effort and time into this. He even drew the state bird free hand. He’s proud of that!

Other than school, baseball and enjoying the warm weather that’s about it for us! We leave Friday for a weekend tournament 2 hours away. We have hotel rooms with the rest of the team. We’ll do team activities in between games, eat, swim, just have fun! And hopefully win!

Have a great weekend!

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16 Responses to Free Chat Thursday

  1. Ellen says:

    You really can be proud of your son, Nikki! I wish you a wonderful weekend and I can imagine you look so much forward to your vacation! Have fun!

  2. Sue says:

    Well, I’ve been up for 30 min and already got all the bills paid without having breakfast or coffee yet! Toby let me sleep in this morning (actually I was dead to the world so maybe he did try getting me up!) and I woke just before he left for work and it hit me that I forgot to pay a bill on Tues so I flew out of bed and onto the computer. Since I was sitting here I got all the other ones paid too so at least that’s out of the way!

    I am on call this weekend so I have zip planned. As much as I don’t want to be there from Friday until Monday afternoon, we’ve been really slow so I’m not giving up the extra money!

    I’m done reading my latest Nicholas Sparks books and I have to say I liked the ending to this one much better than some of his other books. I’ve read 5 in the last month and a half and have enjoyed them. Thanks Mum πŸ™‚ Today is Trin’s last day of school so Christopher and I are going to the all school cook out for lunch, but we’re ducking out right after that! I have to go back to the outlet mall (that is 45min away) to exchange the sandals I got for Trinity on Tuesday b/c they’re too small. She’s 9 and a women’s size 6 is too small! Ahhh! I only hope that’s a sign she’ll be tall and not just have big feet πŸ™‚

    Good luck this weekend Bailey D! I hope you guys do well and have tons of fun. (Do they keep them in the 10 yr old bracket even for tourneys?) Oh, and good luck on your states report! You’ll do great πŸ™‚

    • Nikki says:

      Yes, they play 10 year olds. I have a feeling this weekend will be rather interesting. Jason had a long serious talk with the dad who is on the board. Jason didn’t start up with the how he feels about the coach, the other dad did. So Jason did tell him he agreed, and told him how he’d coach the team. The both agreed, they’d be coaching this team next year. He has say in who coaches so that is good! He also said he’d be talking with the head coach before Saturdays game, about winning and throwing fair out the window! I just hope there is no tension with those two (coach and board dad)

      We get to go tomorrow at 2 to see all the kids’ state reports. From there we’ll leave for Rochester.

      I know how you feel about Trins big feet! LOL….My goodness, these kids! Bailey is in a size mens 7. I think Trin will be very tall like you. She sure has grown a lot this past school year, her face has even changed, more grown. 😦

      Have fun today! Oh my mom said she saw you in her store!!! πŸ™‚

      • Sue says:

        Yes, I went in there on Tues hoping to find a swim suit since the last one I got there I liked so much. Didn’t have anything left in my size. I actually had horrible luck all around on Tuesday! I got Trin’s flip flops and a couple of things from the Children’s Place, that’s it.

  3. Joy says:

    I hope everyone has a great day. I think I’m heading to the cabin today. For those of you who don’t know, Paul and I rented a cabin for the rest of the summer and the greatest part is it’s under 15 minutes from our house and a stones throw from the lake. Lake views all around. It’s a great little cabin and we are all very happy. Our neighbors got the cabin right next to us so now we are neighbors everywhere!! LOL! We’re super excited. Last night we got the pontoon in the water and I also got my “wireless” laptop thing-y so I can even take the laptop. How great is life??? I need to take Maddie and Ella over there when it’s a nice calm day. They will probably both freak out at first.

    I’d love to slap some people upside the head sometimes Nikki. I don’t think it makes us bad people. I think it makes us normal. We’d be bad if we really did it. Thinking about it is okay. RIGHT??? Lord help me if not!!

    I also wanted to let you all know that Laura is gone now for almost 2 weeks so if nobody’s talking on here, I’m skipping main posts here and there. There’s no sense otherwise. Just so you all know. I hope you are having a great time Laura and hopefully she’ll get us some new header pics.

    Good luck Bailey Donald this weekend and have fun Mom and Dad. Good luck on Trin’s last day and have fun picking out new flip flops so you can wear yours and I can wear mine!! She kept informing me on Sunday that my flip flops fit her!! LOL!!

    • starlaschat says:

      Sounds like your Summers starting to rev up. The lake house sounds like so much Fun. I’m glad that Life is Good. That’s how life is ment to be.

      I also agree about you can think certain things it’s not bad unless you act apon them. LOL Can you imagine if people just smacked each other in the head when they felt like it. That’s a visual.

    • mssc54 says:

      “I think I’m going to the cabin today.” hahahahahaha

  4. starlaschat says:

    The first picture really is beautiful and the last saying is nice as well. Sound like your Summers lining up to be a fun one! I had to chuckle about your sister changing her status so much in one day. Family can be stressful. By the way what is your state bird? That’s cool the Baily drew your state bird. Sounds like he done a great job on his project.

    Yesterday I rested most of the day, recharging my battery. I’m feeling better. I did lots of Spring cleaning over Memorial Week-end. I still have lots of boxes still to go through but I can put that off a little longer. Not wanting to be too organized. ;+/
    Hope you all have a great week.;+)

    • Nikki says:

      We live in Minnesota, but that state was taken already. He did his report on Mississippi and their state bird is the Mockingbird. πŸ™‚ He is fascinated with birds in general! lol

  5. SKL says:

    OK, I’m really late today! I wait all week for this post, but last night I could not hold out any longer. I went to bed about 10 and didn’t wake up again until 8am.

    Well, my personal big news is that my “big deadline” was yesterday and it’s done. We took on too many applications this year – I argued against it, but in the end, I lost. So we all had several very hard weeks, especially this past one. Sleeping a couple hours a night until Tuesday morning. Then no sleep at all until Wednesday evening. The worst thing is that a few details and at least one important thing fell through the cracks on the last day. It was just too much to keep up with everything, and of course the online system was on and off all day (you have to enter the whole thing on line, item by item, and it’s hundreds of items). We submitted all of them, but we don’t feel all that great about one or two of them. Plus yesterday was the birthday of partner-boss’s nephew, who is our newest employee. He was not only worked into the ground, but his aunt allowed her stress to get the best of her and she was snapping at everyone, including him. So then he didn’t want to go out for his birthday dinner. Oh well, hopefully this was a learning experience and next year will go a lot better.

    Good luck to Bailey. I am sure it will be fun to go on the overnight. I hope the game is played well by all.

    About big feet – my kids have them too! It’s funny, because in my biological family, the kids had little feet, though they grew later. My kid sister wore size 1 until she was 1.5yo. My kids are already a tight squeeze in some of their size 9s. My peewee is short for her age, but her feet are long. It just looks funny to me, but I assume nobody else looks at that. At least I can find shoes that fit. Finding pants that don’t fall off her butt is another story. That’s one nice thing about summer – she can wear baby shorts / capris and nobody need know the difference.

    So today, I think I went until about 1pm without coffee. Is that weird or what? I got up a little late considering the kids have French at 8:45 on Thursdays. Didn’t think about coffee until I was out the door. Then I had to stop at the bank to request a replacement ATM card. I completely ran out of cash 1.5 weeks ago, so it’s a good thing most places take credit cards! This was the first day I had enough time to go do something about it. Back home, I washed my sheets and cleared off my computer (had about 100 files open from yesterday) so I could reboot it so it wouldn’t be so sluggish. Cleaned my kids’ room and rearranged their clothing drawers for summertime, and bagged up a bunch of outgrown clothes for the little niece. Fixed the toilet. Cleaned out the dryer, in which someone had left a rug and a huge amount of gritty mess. (Wouldn’t you know, my bedclothes were the next load to go in there, so I had to clean it extra well.) Cleaned the laundry room which was full of party stuff from 1.5 weeks ago. Got a couple more laundry loads ready. Got a little “work” work done. Now I’m working on clearing the emails in my inbox relating to what we finished yesterday. I have been clearing as I go, but literally received thousands of emails per day for the past few. Next I plan to finish a few odds and ends (work and personal) that have gotten backed up over the past month. And then it’s time to start focusing on the next big deadline, which is in about 3 weeks.

    Not sure exactly what I’ll do this weekend. We’re supposed to have the home remodeling guys come out for a few hours so they can put together a quote. Then there is a ton of stuff in the basement that was stuffed down there in preparation for that VIP party; we need to pull that back up and put it away. Want to organize some more stuff to give to my sister for her baby. Other than that, just the regular stuff.

    Oh well, I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend.

  6. mssc54 says:


    HAVE FUN! hehehehe

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