Are you more considerate if…….

I was thinking about this the other day when I was in the store and saw all the “cabin people” there. Everyone was just tossing their stuff onto the belts. Worse, some people just stick those little baskets on the belt and don’t bother to unpack them. Do you know how much cashiers hate that? It’s a very odd angle and on the belt, that basket is hard to reach into. Do you know how much they hate it when the scanner isn’t working you say “it must be free today…HA-HA-HA,” or how irritating it is when you say “oh, I forgot one thing” and take off and leave everyone standing there? Or, when you stand there and watch her scan everything and when she’s/he’s done, you take out your checkbook and start writing your check. Why can’t you be ready? Write your check out WHILE she’s scanning your stuff.

This got me to thinking that since I was a cashier, I can feel for them when people do stupid stuff. I was also a waitress many MANY times so I’m always very thoughtful when I go out to eat. I always put my silverware on my plate with my napkin and I always clean up around the table. I try to help out in any way I can.

Do you find yourself being more considerate if you’ve done the job someone is doing for you? What are some of your peeves of people in public?

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26 Responses to Are you more considerate if…….

  1. SKL says:

    Well, considering I’ve done almost every job there is, it’s hard to say . . . I have never actually been a waitress, but I’ve thought about how difficult it would be to have that job (I think if I had a choice between that and begging I might beg), so I am very considerate of waitresses.

    Pet peeves, let’s see . . . I don’t live in a touristy place, so we don’t import a lot of cluelessness. I usually don’t have any bad experiences with “other people” except when I shop at discount-type places. Somehow they always seem to be staffed with people who could care less what you need, how you’re feeling or how they come across. And some of them attract customers who are similarly self-centered. Like, why do people think they should go around town in basically their underwear? (Yesterday’s underwear, even?)

    But most of the places I frequent don’t seem to attract a lot of riff-raff. My most frequent stops are the organic food store and the bookstore. You know, those “foo-foo” places where down-to-earth people never go. Come to think of it, I’m the riff-raff in those places.

    Another little pet peeve is the way store employees roll their eyes when they see you coming with kids. Give my kids a chance to trash your store before you curse them, okay? Even when my kids are on a sugar high and jumble stuff up, I clean after them. So get over yourselves. Seriously, most kids are a lot better customers than some adults. And they don’t even have BO. So blaah.

    • Joy says:

      I used to hate getting “that look” from people in small shops when I’d go in with my boys. They were also very well behaved and other than laughing or talking, they never caused problems but I think it’s so rude to look at people that way.

      You know what else is really bad is when you go in a toy store and they have a display way down at a child’s eye level and they don’t want kids to touch them. Why would they put them there? They want you to buy them but not play with them in the store. That really used to irk me.

  2. pammy wammy says:

    I was a waitress for many years,and that gave me a more understanding of them.I also clean up after myself,so less for them to do 🙂
    I have one pet peeve!!!I HATE when anyone does not replace the toilet paper roll when its finished 😦

  3. shanef says:

    The only job I had where I was a cashier was at best buy and I only cashiered occasionally. But it irritated the hell out of me when people started writing their check’s when you finish scanning everything, so I’m always prepared. “I never write checks” What I used to really hate is when people would get pissed off at you for asking for their I.D. I love it when people check my I.D. when I’m making a big purchase, all they’re doing is protecting you when they check your I.D. And when I go out to eat I never leave a huge mess that’s just disrespectful.

  4. Karen Joy says:

    I think Im very considerate.I always do what I can too and clean up around my plate,napkin and utensils on the plate etc.I worked in restaurant for a time so I know what its like.I had to laugh Joy at the” I quess its free today” line.For some reason I find myself WANTING to say that to the cashier but I stop myself cause I know how stupid it sounds.I think I heard it so much from the older customers that came to the salon that its drilled in my head but I WILL NOT use it!!I hope.And I wont count out change to a cashier unless it’s slow in the store,no one in line behind me..I know how much I hate that.

    • Joy says:

      The thing is Karen, that might be funny to say once. But think how many times a cashier hears it a day. Then it just gets annoying. Some people think they are the very first person to say that.

      • Karen Joy says:

        OH I know!!!Its SOOO annoying!!I heard it myself enough from costumers and I’d want to just roll my eyes but of coarse you must be polite.Yea,like we never heard that one before!LOL!What I hated more was when I would get a quarter for a tip and the man/women(usually older)would say”Now go buy your self a treat”WITH A FLIPPEN QUARTER!Not nowadays.

  5. YES, Joy, I know exactly what you’re talking about!!! Once you do a job, any job really, you start to appreciate just how hard it is or how there are those little things that tick you off and you know you’ll never do them to everyone else.
    I’ve waitressed, so I’m exactly like you about that. I’ve also worked at customer-service via phone at a credit-card company, and since then I’m ALWAYS nice to people who work for customer service at any company. Because I know that behind their voices there’s a company, and the company is pissing me off, not the people.

  6. Laura says:

    Ok, guilty. I’ve used the “free” line. But only when they scan it like six times, and have tried putting the number in another six times. Honestly, it seems like if it’s not important enough for the store to put the numbers into the system, they must not think that item is important enough that I pay for it! But I digress.

    I do try to be respectful, even solicitous, otherwise. I always greet cashiers and waitresses with a smile, and do my best to arrange things on the belt so they’re easy to bag. Although with those ridiculous plastic things, nothing is easy to bag… (and when I bring my own bags, they’re always stacked at the front of my purchases, so I don’t have to say, “Oh, wait! I have bags!!” after they’ve put half my purchase in the plastic things) My family tends to be a bit messy at restaurants – a blind man and a six year old spill things with shocking regularity. So I’m always asking for extra napkins to wipe up after, and have been known to ask for a cloth now and again. I even offered to vacuum the carpet after one particularly messy dinner when Josh was a baby!

    Now, there is ONE place where I am rude to the point of obnoxiousness. The big-box stores and the electronics stores who feel it is their “right,” or privilege or whatever, to inspect my bag after I have just paid for my purchases. Excuse me? You have just stood there, watching me pay for my purchase. NO, you may NOT rifle through my bag now. And if they give me grief, I will (and have) asked loudly if they think I am stealing from them, and challenged them that if they do think I’m stealing, they should call the police. Because I am innocent until proven guilty, and am protected against illegal search. I apologize to anyone who has this unfortunate job, I realize that it is your stupid store’s policy, and that you are just doing your job. But the outrage is there, and rest assured, each and every time I’ve made a stink at you, I’ve followed it up with an outraged letter to your management and to the higher-ups in your company. I do tend to avoid stores that do this, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

    • Joy says:

      I can’t stand that either about Best Buy. They guard that door all the while watching you check out and they BAM…..No, I can’t stand that either.

      I’ll say one thing about those scanners. You can put those codes in the main computer and over and over and sometimes they just don’t stay there. Then you have the nitwit cashiers who keep trying instead of just punching the price in. I know it goes both ways.

    • SKL says:

      You would think that anything valuable at Best Buy would set of an alarm if you tried to exit without paying. So why would they need to look in your bags?

      I usually don’t care one way or the other if they want to spend money on door staff. I have nothing to hide. My caravan is slow-moving enough that that little delay isn’t going to make a difference.

      • Laura says:

        For me, it’s not the time, it’s the principal. I’ve just turned over a portion of my money to them, and there they stand, accusing me of stealing.

  7. SKL says:

    Once I was at Michael’s and they had a $1 clearance. I let the kids spend part of their earned money by choosing 1 thing each. Well, one of the items rang up as 1 cent instead of $1. I thought about all the hassle we all would have to go through to get the computer to accept $1 for the item, and thought, it makes more sense to just pay the 1 cent and be done with it. So that’s what I did. The cashiers looked at me like some kind of thief. But seriously. Now that everything is computerized, they have no idea what to do if the computer has the price wrong. Gonna call management, bla bla bla, to recover 99 cents? If I have sinned, I am sure God will mete out the appropriate punishment.

  8. Nikki says:

    Well I only worked as a cashier occasionally at target, and very rarely got those small baskets. I have just put my basket up there, not knowing of course it bothered them. I have made comments that they laughed at, and now that you say that, they were probably irritated with me. I’ve done a lot of these things…guess I will be more cautious from now on. I am very polite, and always try to engage in conversation. But to be honest, I’ve came across more rude cashier than I have nice ones. I still try to make nice and at the very least, smile and say have a good day.

    Now I have worked a lot of retail, and my mom has for 30 years. I can’t stand when people pick through stuff and mess tables up. I am always organizing them…even though I don’t work there.

    • Laura says:

      Heh, I do that too. Drives me nuts to find stuff where it doesn’t belong. And to find the clothes all messed up.

  9. Laura says:

    BTW… Nice fish, Joy!!!

  10. My first job ever was at a Wendy’s. This was back in the day, before the registers did the math for you (I’m math-challenged). Used to annoy me to no end when some schmoe would have a bill of $10.47 and they’d hand me $20.03.


    Had I known some of the language I know as an adult, well, I wouldn’t have been there long.

    Having to clean the dining room during “rush” sucked, too. I will never forget how sloppy some of those trays were. One was almost coated–I kid you not–with ketchup. To this day I haven’t any idea how that much ketchup wound up on that one tray. I always stack plates and silverware and such, as most of you have said. I don’t live like a slob at home, so why should I do it in public?

  11. Laura says:

    Oh… I’ve seen those YouTube videos, or maybe it was somewhere else, where the customers got upset that they had to wait forever for service, so they took the ketchup and mustard and wrote stuff on the table, then left. While I understand the sentiment, it’s appalling to me that someone would actually do it. Those people have to clean up that mess, and you don’t know what it was that caused the delay. Got a problem? Talk to the manager, don’t take it out on the waitress. Even if she’s your problem.

  12. Sue says:

    Well, you must have known that I had to go to WalMart today, Joy!!! I wanted to ring this lady’s neck! I had to go to CS to return a swimsuit that was too small for Trinity and at 6:30pm I thought I’d be able to walk right up to the register. WRONG! I was in line behind 4 other people. The lady right in front of me was on her cell phone and she was talking loud enough for the def guy 3 miles away to hear her! I kept thinking, this lady better hang up the phone when it’s her turn b/c it’s rude enough I have to listen to your stupid conversation, but it’s really rude if you can’t give the CSR the time of day. Guess what she did? Yup, kept right on talking as she plunked her return down and got mad at the CSR when she had to explain that it was defective. Not even after she was done did she hang up. She kept right on talking and I wanted to say something SO BAD but decided since I was working it wouldn’t be a good thing for me to end up in jail overnight! If I am on the phone when it’s my turn I say, “I’ll call you back” and hang up on the person I was talking to. The cashier has every right to be treated decently as they check out your shit! You are not that important people!!!

  13. SKL says:

    Oh, you reminded me of my McDonald’s experience this evening. I took the girls there and ordered, as usual, 3 plain fish sandwiches with no cheese and no sauce (just in case they didn’t know what “plain” meant). And 2 white milks, and a few other things. I had to correct my order even before he finished ringing me up, but that’s fine. So we waited and got our dinner and sat down. First thing I open one of the milks and it opens way too easily, and it’s half empty. Huh? I go get a replacement. Apparently they keep an open milk in the fridge for their own coffee. OK. So I sit back down and my daughters say, “this has white stuff on it.” Sure enough, out of the 3 sandwiches, only 1 was “plain.” (Now I distinctly heard the cashier telling the grill guys “make those 3 fish sandwiches plain.”) So back to the counter for another exchange. It was kinda irritating because I had to leave my kids for a while to get the exchanges accomplished after we had already started eating. I know it was “only McDonald’s,” but really. Fish sandwiches are expensive enough that I ought to get them the way we like them.

    Of course I was very nice about it all, but really.

  14. starlaschat says:

    I think walking a mile in someone else shoes, isn’t that the saying is really the way in like to understand and to really “get” what it’s like and how hard a job really is. I’ve done lot’s of labor jobs in my life I was just having a conversation with a lady who is older then I am and has done this type of work all her life. We were in agreement the pay should really be a lot more for what people have to endure.

    I defiantly try to keep in mind being helpful when I can I think it is really important. I think being pleasant can go a long way too you never know when someones having a really bad day.

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