Grab a Chair and a Cold One

Pool Deck

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  It looks like maybe…finally…the thunderstorms that have been plaguing the Midwest are subsiding, and the weather is turning nice.  I figured we’d enjoy a bit of a get-together, poolside.

We have service, today.  A fully staffed bar and staff to cater to our every whim, but who will also remain at a discreet distance, so our privacy is protected.  So kick back, relax.  Enjoy a chilled shrimp cocktail and a Mojito.  Feel free to grab a float and lounge in the water, or join us at the table for some good old fashioned chit-chat.  And most of all, enjoy this beautiful weather, before Summer realizes what’s happened and comes roaring back with temps in the triple digits and humidity in the unbearable range.

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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13 Responses to Grab a Chair and a Cold One

  1. Sue says:

    Great picture mum! Wish we could have stayed. The meeting was short (as always) and no one made it to the Fashion Review meeting anyway! Oh well. Got her form turned in for the fair so she’s all ready to go. We work the food stand Thursday Aug 5 from 11am-3:30pm so we could always do what we’ve done in the past and meet you guys after. She’s also doing the pet show on Saturday at 1pm with her hermit crab 🙂 LOL, that should be interesting! We had a great day yesterday 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    Thanks Sue. I thought this pic would fit for a while. Do you notice how low that back and right end looks? When they came around the point, Vicki and I thought there was something wrong with that pontoon. Everyone was sitting on the back end and right side and we couldn’t see that from shore. We really laughed afterwards. We did have a great day. Now Cathy and Mark are thinking of renting one of those cabins next year. How cool would that be?? I love spending time with them because it’s always so low key. It was a very relaxing day.

    Today I have my windows open and it feels divine to have them open and feel almost cold. I think we’re going to run to Sam’s Club tonight and get a few things we need for the cabin. Just as we were sitting down to eat yesterday, I noticed we only had 6 forks and 12 people!!! Sue saved the day and ran to South Haven but they’ve gotten far too much of my money on “forgotten” things and with the 4th coming, we need a few things. May even get a few “lake toys.” Have to have a looksee.

    We are supposed to have a wonderful week with the weekend heating up. We have a graduation party on Sat that my brother is coming to and if he feels like it, we may cram into the place and spend the night. Could be fun but we’ll see.

  3. Nikki says:

    We had a pretty good weekend. I went out Saturday night with some old girlfriends, and saw some people I haven’t seen in probably 3 years. That’s the way it goes though, life, kids, family…they tend to take up all our time. Thankfully the few I DO care to see understand that!

    I haven’t deep cleaned my house in a couple weeks. We pick up, and keep it clean enough to look half way decent if people come over. But we’ve been so dang busy that I when I do have the time to clean I don’t feel like it! So that’s what I spent my morning doing. Do you have any idea how many freakin books my son has?! They are everywhere, in every room, in every corner of my house. When my mom moves out tomorrow, I am going to find a BIG book shelf and put it in the loft for ALL of his books, and that is where they will stay. Read one, put it back before getting another one. We’ll see how that works.

    Well, we were supposed to go to a grad party this Saturday but we have to go pick up my niece in Iowa. That’s the only day we both can do it. We’re meeting her grandma half way. I have no idea what we are doing for the 4th.

    What else? I’m sure a lot but my brain is either on over load and can’t think or just plain mush lately…..either way January cannot come soon enough….DISNEYLAND, with my favorite sis, her kids and my boy….cannot wait!

    • Laura says:

      Good luck with that bookshelf thing… I feel for ya. I love that Josh loves to read, but I have the same problem. He’s got a bookshelf in his room, but the shelves keep coming undone, and dropping. I’m gonna have to fix that. Also, Josh is neat-challenged. NO IDEA where he gets that (looks away, whistling), but when he takes books off the shelf, they end up piled up next to the shelf, rather than neatly stacked on the shelf. So, really, let me know if the big shelf works. I might do that – Josh’s room is so tiny, and we’re going to have to do a big changeover in there… he’s almost ready for a Twin bed, and we’re thinking of putting a loft in there for him.

      • Nikki says:

        I sure hope it works! I have books on my stairs, all over his room, even the bathroom! The kitchen may very well be the only place his books aren’t! I love that he reads too, he falls asleep every night with a book in hand. 🙂 His room is small too, too small for a book shelf, since he has a queen size bed! I just don’t know if we should go through them and donate the ones he is too old for now, or hold on to them. I’ll ask him, but chances are we won’t part with any of them. Good luck to you too!

  4. Laura says:

    I cannot believe just how scattered I’ve been this week. My house is a pig pen, I haven’t wrote a word (save for this post last night, and a rant this morning, which thoroughly entertained me), and apparently, I can’t even use the proper tense of the word “write” for this sentence!!

    I love summer, I really do, but it really throws me off, too, you know? During the school year, there’s a schedule – I know I have a set number of hours where I will be child-free, and those hours are used to do my “adult” stuff – cleaning, bill paying, grocery shopping, meal planning, and yes, surfing and blog-writing. Now in these hot days of summer with no school, there are no child-free hours, so I’m off at the pool when I should be cleaning. I know, I lead a rough life.

    I can’t believe that this weekend is the 4th already! Am I the only one who has the next four weekends taken up with stuff already? And then suddenly, it’s August and school-registration time, try clothes on for school, and then start! Already! Dang.

  5. SKL says:

    Yep, summer is busy, isn’t it? Our second “big June deadline” is tomorrow, and things are winding down a bit. As far as housework goes, who wants to hang around at home when you can do stuff outside? I am somewhat of a neat-nick myself, as is one of my kids, but the other one . . . let’s just say she needs reminders. For the most part, they don’t get much time to make a mess, but when they do, it might sit there for a week or two, because I’m not going to ground the three of us over a few dolls and books. Plus, I really don’t like the environment around here with the grown-ups in the evening. Hard to explain, but it just bugs me. I feel like my kids are better off elsewhere. I really need to get out of bed earlier so I can accomplish house stuff when the other grown-ups are asleep.

    My kids love their books, too. Most mornings you can find two little beds full of books. They are good about cleaning up if I remind them in the morning, but somehow we are usually running late. I gotta fix that. I love that the kids like their books; but we too have space issues. My challenge is to keep going through everything often and separating out the stuff they have outgrown. I hate to give away most of their books, though, before they can read the words. Even a baby book with words can be a learning tool. But maybe I’m just being weird.

    Weather out here has been very weird the past 2 days. On Sunday morning, it was hot as Hades. Then in the afternoon, it started to cool down and rain a bit. Within a minute or two, the little trickle because a massive thunderstorm with high winds, hail, etc. We went to the basement and the electricity went out. Of course it got pleasant again within the hour, so we took the girls out to survey the damage. I think there may have been a small twister, but as far as I know, no major damage occurred (not that I’ve had a chance to check the local news). There were some close lightning strikes. My sister took my kids out back to see a tree that had been struck by lightning. Later we went for a walk and all was pleasant. I put the girls to bed as usual. A few minutes later, there was a lightning streak horizontally across the sky and loud thunder. Needless to say my kids were terrorized and slept in my bed last night (which I normally do not allow). Their minds were filled with all the bad things that could happen if they went to sleep during a storm. The electricity didn’t come back on until 2am, so I got a few hours off work. Today, it’s been alternating between heavy downpours and hot sun. Mother Nature clearly has her own ideas of how things should be done. So now I’m wondering – should I take my kids to the park tonight or not??

    You remember my kids finally started swimming lessons after never having been in a pool before. I expected my older kid “A” to be really freaked out by it. She has some “sensory issues” and is usually reluctant to try new things, especially when she can’t cling to Mom. But on Saturday morning, while discussing the upcoming 2nd lesson, “A” was the one selling the idea to her sister, “E” (who was pretending to hold back – drama). I guess her athletic side overtook her sensory issues. She’s always my odd piece of the puzzle. I seem to be somewhat more of an advocate for her than for E, who seems likely to take on the world with little need for support.

    E’s project nowadays is to obtain a scooter. She asked me most pleasantly, “mom, would you please buy me a scooter?” She asked it a few times, and I always answered thus: let’s find out how much they cost, and then I’ll tell you how much work you need to do in order to earn the money to buy one. So we made it to Wal-Mart last week and the scooters are $32. I tried eBay but didn’t find anything better (considering freight charges). Doesn’t that seem a bit much? Actually, the scooters for older kids are lik $100+. Weird. They seem like such small stuff. Anyhoo, after I informed E that it would take 32 buckets of yard debris to earn the money for the scooter, I haven’t heard much about it. But after yesterday’s storm, maybe there’s a chance . . . .

    OK, I think I’d better get back to work. Hope everyone has a great week!

    • Joy says:

      I’m so glad to hear A&E are in swimming lessons. I think swimming is one of the most important things you can teach your kids. It’s funny that you protect them in every other way but some people forget that swimming could save your life.

      • Sue says:

        I think it’s important, too. Especially living where we do! I couldn’t imagine going to a boat ride and not being able to jump in when I got home b/c I couldn’t swim.

        • Sue says:

          Oops, I really should have proof read my comment! Should be …”going FOR a boat ride and not being able to jump in when I got HOT b/c I couldn’t swim”. Jeesh!

      • SKL says:

        I think I’ve mentioned some of the reasons I wasn’t in a hurry to do swimming lessons. For one, before age 3 they would have had to take “mommy & me” classes which means each kid would have to be carried into the pool by an adult. Not an easy task for a single mom of 2 – especially one who’s not eager to run around in a bathing suit. Another reason was all the chlorine in the water in public pools – I can’t believe it’s good for babies (actually I believe I saw a “scientific” study on that recently, proving my point). Yet another reason, which I might not have mentioned before: I didn’t want my kids to get any ideas about wandering toward any pools, ponts, etc. before they were old enough to understand/observe water safety. Because just knowing some swimming skills doesn’t mean a child is safe alone in the water. Maybe I was wrong, but I can’t help picturing a tot floating lifeless in a pool. This is one reason I am so militant about keeping our jacuzzi covered and locked up – and I was this way long before I had kids of my own. And I won’t have a swimming pool. The idea just scares me. Not even so much about my own kids as just anyone’s kid quietly wandering along and falling in. I’ve actually had dreams of finding little kids in the water like that and trying to save them. I don’t know why, but it creeps me out.

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