Pull up a Chair

coffee shop

Welcome to our little corner of the web.  I decided that this week, I didn’t feel like making coffee or tea, or baking (unusual for me, I know), or even clearing off a table.  So I reserved a spot in the local coffee shop.  The espresso machine is fired up, the tea is loose and ready for pressing.  Scones and biscotti are fresh out of the oven this morning.

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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9 Responses to Pull up a Chair

  1. Joy says:

    We’ve had a pretty hectic weekend and it’s been super humid and hot but I’ve done okay. I thought I’d be super tired today but I don’t feel too bad. I do have a lot of things to do today at home so I think I’m gonna stay put for the day. We brought my mom to the cabin yesterday and I think she had a pretty good time. We had good food and good company. Man, what a fireworks show we had thanks to neighbors Sean and Vicki. It was quite a night.

    I hope everyone else is having a great 4th weekend.

    If any of you have an questions of the day that you can think of, please email me with them. I’m out and they’re hard to think of when you’re trying too hard.

  2. lucy says:

    I had a very relaxing weekend with good food, good company, and pretty fireworks. Trying to get stuff done around the house today before going back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a happy 4th of July

  3. Laura says:

    We had a busy but fun Independence weekend. My folks came out, and we went to our town’s Independence Day Celebration – the parade started the day at 9, and we hit the fairground for lunch. Then we came home, and I had to practically strap Josh to his bed, but ALL of us lay down for a while to take a nap. We were all just completely bushed, because the night before, we’d been out late too. We went (on Friday night) to see the Waterhawks – they’re a local water-ski team, and they put on a really nice show. After the Hawks show, we went out for dinner, and none of us got to bed before 11 pm. That’s HUGE for Josh, who is usually in bed by 8:30 or so. So Saturday, we all took naps. Then we hung out for a while, and went back to the fairgrounds for dinner and then fireworks at night. And man, did my little town outdo itself with the fireworks show! They brought in some new stuff, mixed in in with our old favorites… it was great.

    Yesterday, Dad and I spent nearly the entire day cleaning out the garage. I can finally see the FLOOR!!! Well, on one side, anyway. But that’s a HUGE thing! There was all that gook and yuk still in there from winter, plus boxes and stuff that just got shoved there… it was a *mess*. So we got that side cleaned out and up; now I can get started on the other side! I think I’ll wait a couple days tho. The house needs some attention.

    That’s pretty much it… Mom and Dad left about an hour ago, and Josh is home from his swimming lesson – he’s a Joshcicle this morning. So we’re just gonna kind of loaf today, I think.

  4. SKL says:

    I had a very busy holiday. I guess you’d say it started July 2, with the concert/fireworks on Public Square. The nearby city has a really world-class orchestra and they put on a free show every year. They used to mix some of the fireworks into the last couple of songs, but for some reason they stopped that. It was fun anyway. My kids were spoiled rotten and now they have little light-up sword/light sabers which open up a whole new world, LOL. Oh, lest I forget, I rode the “bull” at the “Cadillac Ranch” restaurant on Thursday. This was my first time and very likely my last. I stayed on for 32 seconds before thinking, “why?” and just quit trying. If it was free and convenient, I could see that being a fun way to keep fit, LOL.

    On Friday, we went to a nearby mall/park that is set up to look like a small town. They had a Beatles copycat band and the “old people” in my group – and my kid A – really liked it. (Me and E, not so much.) They also had a little carnival going on next door. We stood in line for the ferris wheel, but when it came our turn, they said A was too short. The sign said 36″ and A was over that, but they said they measure from the back of the head. Well, they coulda told me that before we stood in line for like 20 minutes. So we went on another ride and on the carousel twice. I was ticked, but there really is no hurry, right? They will have many more chances to ride a ferris wheel, LOL. I just wished I’d spent the wait time doing something more productive. We had to get back home by 10pm for the local fireworks. We are lucky because we live on top of the hill with a clear view of the fireworks. People come from all around to watch from our cul-de-sac. This year, they didn’t have fireworks in the my city or the nearby bigger city, so lots of folks were piling onto ours.

    I did/do not have any time off work for this holiday because “someone” promised clients that I’d work all weekend to get some stuff done. So on Saturday, Nanny came as usual. Then in the evening, the girls and I went for our usual “girls’ night out” – park, dinner, shopping. Nothing really exciting to report about Saturday.

    On Sunday, I got up early to take the kids to early church and Sunday School. The early church service showed me a few things I need to work on with my kids as far as being quiet. They are not used to the idea that when it’s quiet, that means you don’t talk – and you don’t whisper really loud either, LOL. And that folding papers and putting them in offering envelopes is noisy. Well, all in all, it wasn’t too bad. They chose several patriotic songs for the hymns, which my kids are familiar with, so that helped. Next was my kids’ first Sunday School class. They were the only kids there at the preschool level. I assume this was due to vacations. They did well. Then we went home and Aunt S was there to nanny them while I worked. Later we went to see the big fireworks at the “big city” nearby, which were really nice (as usual). I think they cut them in terms of duration, but that is OK. We sat along the river to watch the fireworks and then walked to the only nearby restaurant that was open. That was a big mistake, because it was super loud and crowded. However, we had drinks and appetizers before going home. Took us forever to get served and the server spilled my kid’s chocolate milk on her, but whatever. We were all glad when it was over.

    This morning I finally got to spend a little time with my kids outside (their daycare is closed). It was pretty hot, but I didn’t want them to just sit around indoors. My kid A showed me some impressive things she can do. She can do a standing “long jump” of about a yard (that’s how tall she is). She can jump over something higher than her knees (from a stand) and can throw an impressively straight pitch. I know all moms feel this way, but dare I think the child has talent? Anyhoo, eventually Aunt S showed up so here I am at my computer, getting ready to get back to work. No “plans” for tonight – hopefully we will get to bed on time and little E won’t be afraid to go to sleep now that people have stopped blowing off random fireworks all night. (She is not a fan of the noise this year.)

    T0morrow the kids have a “well-brat” doctor visit and I plan to ask the doctor to talk directly to the kids about healthy eating. They could both use some motivation in this area. A, because she won’t touch whole categories of food. E, because I’m thinking if she hears good advice from more than just Mom, it might be motivating for her. I’m planning on letting her help me plan “healthy” meals for all of us going forward. This was an idea I found on another Website. I do not want to get into a food battle with this child (which I would probably lose). Since she is very oriented toward food, might as well engage her early as my apprentice nutritionist. Anyway, I’m going to try it and see how it works. But back to the doctor – unfortunately, she’s a new doctor snce the one we saw last year has quit, and this one is also leaving the practice in August. The practice doesn’t have any more female doctors, so I might have to find a new doc. Oh well, at least none of us is sickly so it probably doesn’t matter much.

    Not much else to report regarding the last half-week. Oh, I did clear up a lot of my old emails, and I offloaded another of my nonprofit volunteer jobs (transition meeting coming up), so that is good. Hopefully it means that I can spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, my sister’s unemployment has run out, so she needs the nanny income more, though I think she had a job interview last week. We’ll see how it all works out.

  5. Nikki says:

    Since we’re chatting among girl friends here….my husband has been home TOO much! He needs to go back to work, or something. I generally love when he is home, but no, I do not right now. We are getting on each others last nerve, and well….I just hope we can make it past this week. He ONLY works Tuesday and Wednesday, help me! BTW, I love him. <<<<Safety clause (just in case he reads this)

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