Free Chat Thursday

Nikki has the day off today. Being it’s Bailey’s birthday, they are all out doing fun things today and I told her I’d do that chat today.

I don’t really have much news. It was a long weekend last which makes it a short week today. I’m always thrown for a loop when this happens. I’m lost all week and can’t keep track of what day it is.

We will all have ice cream and cake at Jason and Nikki’s tonight which I’m sure will be fun. We are meeting my dad and Mary for supper first which will be fun too since we haven’t seen them since they’ve been back from AZ in May. Time flies and they are so busy.

I was telling you about our “diaper” life jackets and I have pictures to prove how nuts we are and we really do wear life-jackets upside down. They keep you upright without keeping you out of the water with your arms all uncomfortable. I really swear we should patent these.

Here is Sue and I.

1-2 AND 3


The guys have a golf tourney this weekend so my brother will be coming up and I always look forward to that. What are you all up to and what’s your weekend look like?

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12 Responses to Free Chat Thursday

  1. Jenny says:

    I LOVE those pictures! They are priceless. I love the cabin. I will definitley have to tell my mom to rent it again for next summer. And you guys too, Joy!! Hunter has so much fun playing down there with the kids. Its a nice getaway.

  2. SKL says:

    Well, probably the most “interesting” thing that’s happened in the past few days is my kids’ “well-brat” visit. I was expecting it to be a quick in-and-out but they decided my kids needed another shot (contrary to what I was told last year), and one of my kids needed her ear cleaned out, and they ran hearing and vision tests and probably a few other things I hadn’t expected. I didn’t feel I connected well with the doctor, but that’s OK because she’s leaving the practice anyway. So on to next year. The girls got a clean bill of health, other than the fact that A is so little for her age. The shot they had to get was the DPT, which has kept them pretty uncomfortable for the past 2 days. And now E has a rash on her cheeks, which I’m hoping is just from some irritation. Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

    Yesterday the girls vegged in front of the boob toob (kiddy music videos) because Elena really couldn’t walk comfortably. They liked that because it was a nice break from our usually busy life. Today we went to the usual Wednesday night place. I picked them up from school early so we could get there in time to grab a parking spot (it’s included in the cost of my museum membership). So we had a little more time than usual, which was nice. We spent a little time in the museum. They have an outdoor sort of mini zoo which is usually closed by the time we get there. So we went there and saw some foxes and owls and stuff like that. And it was nice to spend a little time in the museum because it was really hot outside up til maybe 7pm. The band was not that great, and the girls were not in great moods. But, at least we were together, right?

    Work-wise, I’m making progress at getting caught up, even though I seem to get a new project every day. I just wish I could believe it will make a difference, i.e., that I will ever be able to take a weekend (or even a day) off without getting a guilt trip.

    This weekend, I’ll work Saturday 8-4 as usual, then take my kids to that open-air theater I keep talking about. Then I plan on spending the night at my parents’ house and coming home late Sunday. So that will be a day off to make up for the fact that I worked through the July 4 weekend. Although I’ve been told to keep it tentative in case I don’t finish everything . . . grr . . . . So I will probably take the kids shopping tomorrow (Thursday) night. Looking forward to a somewhat more normal week next week.

  3. Laura says:

    You waited too long to patent, believe it or not… I saw a couple of little girls with similar-type life jackets on, at the pool the other day! It was a solid floatie on front and back, with nylon straps through the crotch, and weave up the sides, very similar-looking to your “diapers”!! Aaah, well…

    • Ellen says:

      Och, that’s a bummer, Joy! There goes your multi million business! 🙂 It looks hilarious but I bet it felt wonderful, floating in the water like that!
      This weekend, I’ll work but most important: The finals of the FIFA World championship Soccer. I am a bit nervous about it, silly, isn’t it. I tried to change shifts, but so far, no luck. We’ll recorded it and watch it later. Have a wonderful weekend with lots of water pleasure! 🙂

  4. lucy says:

    Happy birthday Bailey!!

    Love those pictures! Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun!

    I’ll be having some fun this weekend, but mostly I’ll be working. I have about 2 weeks left before my vacation and have a ton of stuff I need to do. The fun part will be super fun though. A couple of my friends and I are tubing along one of the local rivers – hopefully we’ll get out early enough to avoid the hoards of drunken idiots! 🙂

  5. mssc54 says:

    Those life jackets would get in the way if you have to pee though. 🙂

    Your accent is different than Nikki’s too.

    • Laura says:

      HAH!!! They’d only be hard to pee through if you’re a guy! FINALLY!!! A situation where it’s easier for a girl, ’cause the hole is in the bottom. Especially if you do the “squat”. (and no, I honestly cannot believe that my mind just connected that. I’ll go back under my rock now.)

  6. Sue says:

    OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!! I should have known you’d post them, but I thought it was enough putting them on FB! HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m going to have to start spray tanning! LOL!

    We’ve been busy with trying to find the garden it’s not even funny. The weeds took over and it’s been a slow painful process! Toby found some straw yesterday so now we have bedding which will help us not get in this mess again. 11 hours of weeding and you think we’d be done.

    As Joy mentioned, we’re going to Bailey’d b-day party tonight and I still don’t have his gift b/c the town I work in doesn’t have much other than Target and Walmart and the book he wants the Target in Hutch didn’t have so…off to Cloudy this morning. I went running this morning and have the windows open! Great day so far!

    • Sue says:

      PS Mum, I’m done with that book 😉 Read Miracle on the 17th Green last night and it was pretty good for a golf book!

  7. starlaschat says:

    Sounds like everyone is having Fun and enjoying Summer. The water looks inviting. I haven’t been swimming yet this Summer looking at these pictures makes me think about getting into the lake or the river. The weather heating up here so now would probably be a good time for that. Ive been very busy with company and will be for the next couple of weeks. I’m grateful when I have any time to jump on the computer to do a little blogging. Beautiful header great picture. Hope you guys have a great time tonight at the Birthday Party.

  8. Just a Mom says:

    I love that you posted your diaper pictures! When I was a kid we did this all the time when we went to a lake!

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