I hate to say it but….

They just don’t make things the way they used to. Don’t you just hate to say that? Doesn’t it make you feel old? But really…..things just don’t last the way they used to.

These are my drinking glasses.

We got these from Toby and Sue for Christmas. I just don’t remember if it was the last Christmas or the one before but that really doesn’t matter. A set of glasses should last for years and years. I had 8 of each glass and as of now, we have 7 of the large ones. Mostly because we almost never use those. We have 4 of the small ones left and they are the ones used daily.

I have no idea how they get broken but I go through glasses MUCH too often. What’s the deal here? Sometimes they come out of the dishwasher broken or cracked or I’ll take one out of the cupboard to set the table and one is broken. How does a glass get broken sitting in the cupboard? I never would have put it away broken so WTH? Are there little elves in there that chip and chip away until there’s a crack or what? Why do I go through so many glasses? I can’t even blame Jason and Toby now. We live alone for Pete’s sake!!

I remember way back when, we had glasses my whole childhood and we never had to get new ones. I can remember a lot of the drinkware and tableware that my grandparents had and they had it their whole lives. How do you make glass different?

For two cents I’d go to an antique store and buy all different glasses and make that my theme. I’m sick of having to get new ones. It’s such a waste of the big ones that then get given to charity because you can’t just buy the small ones and heaven forbid if you did, none would match! Besides, we never use the big ones. I have never drank out of one of them once.

How about you? How often do you have to replace stuff like this? Are things made with much less quality?

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17 Responses to I hate to say it but….

  1. SKL says:

    I think people have gotten so used to things being easy to replace, and buying more than we need, we no longer demand long-lasting stuff. Well, my mom’s theory was that manufacturers intentionally make stuff crappy so you will have to replace it more often and they’ll make more money. There may be something to that with big stuff, but with small stuff? I don’t know.

    A lot of people don’t even keep the things that do last forever. Like plastic stuff – you should almost never have to replace it, yet how often do we buy more because we like the new color or style? I know my cupboards are overflowing with stuff that doesn’t match because it was bought over the course of time when we didn’t really need it.

    But I must say that I don’t have a lot of stuff breaking unexpectedly. In general, my glass stuff seems to last pretty long unless it gets banged around pretty good. Maybe you just got an unlucky product or lot.

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Joy,have you been inside my head recently?LOL!I have been thinking about this very thing as of late as I watch my glasses slowly one by one dwindle down in the cupboard.YES,what the heck is with the glass now a days!!??Its my small ones breaking too and I just stood in a store looking at a box,of coarse with both sizes and I thought I ONLY NEED THE SMALL ONES!!!I LIKE things to match so I quess Im forced into buying a whole new set soon.
    Joy,do you remember those taller glasses gramma had in a few different colors with this weird grippy white stuff in a pattern on the outside?Kind of hard to describe,I thought those were cool.Would like to come across them.

  3. Laura says:

    Gotta say, I haven’t had a moment’s trouble with the glasses that I have. I bought a set of them… oh, man, I can’t even remember when. Ten years ago, maybe? More? They’re traditional “pint” glasses (http://thebeerean.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/243px-pint_glass_mixingsvg.png), and they’re heavy and sturdy. I had one break when I dropped it on a concrete sidewalk, one broke in one of our moves, and one has the lip chipped. I was able to replace one broken one with a Sam Adams glass that I found at a garage sale, and the other one was replaced last summer when I found one from Lucky’s Pub, County Waterford… I found it in a thrift shop. I really don’t think it came all the way from Ireland, although it’s fun for me to tell that story.

    I don’t use the smaller glasses… for me, bigger is better, because I like TONS of ice.

    My parents like the little glasses. They will only drink their O.J. out of those little bitty skinny things… like the little glass jars that the spreadable cheese comes in, you know what I’m talking about? The short, skinny glass jars with the metal tops. Drives me nuts that they won’t just have a GLASS of juice. They have to have a “jigger”.

  4. I’m guilty of bashing them against the faucet when I rinse them out. The kids do their fair share of dropping too though. I never buy thin ones anymore. I bought the thickest tumblers I could find that are like friggin jam jars! and on top of that, I buy disposable cups too.

  5. starlaschat says:

    Joy, I was just saying yesterday, They just don’t make things like they use to! And I do feel old when I say that but it’s true. It’s sad things and I’m talking a lot of things are made to only last a very short time. It’s sad really. Vacuums for one there’s a long list. sigh. When I was a kid…….

  6. Sue says:

    I can remember the cups we had growing up also and my mom still has them! I don’t think things last like they use to and it’s frustrating. I’m down to 4 small glasses left out of our set b/c we never use the big ones either. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for glasses for you 🙂

  7. Our glasses break in the dishwasher too. Hubby’s taken to leaving the casinos with a cocktail now just to replenish our stock. 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    You know, I think my mom had breakage trouble with the dishwasher, too… now that we’re mentioning it. I think – and I’m thinking back a long way here – that maybe it was because they were put too close together, and the vibration int the dw caused the glasses to rub together, eventually weakening them. I don’t really remember, just that when she stopped putting them so close, they stopped breaking. i think she even tries to put a plastic something in between the glasses (like a tupperware, a plastic cup, whatever).

    worth a try.

  9. Nikki says:

    I hear a lot of people here talking about dishwasher, I have been told it’s because they get so hot and that causes them to break. They could be wrong, but that sounded like a good enough reason to me at the time.

    We go through WAY too many…I have stopped buying them, and get the hard plastic ones now. I have a few glass ones, but with kids, and ME breaking them, I just stopped buying them. I have picked some up at thrift stores. I’m all for that, nothing some bleach can’t kill. I am not too proud!

    My mom had the same ones growing up for awhile, but then once we started moving it was hard to keep them all together and to not break some, I suppose. The ONLY things I have kitchen wise from growing up, are cereal containers from Tupperware, I LOVE them! They have to be 25 years old by now.

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