Question of the day

Have you ever been on a famous ride?

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9 Responses to Question of the day

  1. mssc54 says:

    Well I’m fameous (in my family) for routinely making a 700 mile drive in 10 hours or less. But that’s about it.

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Too funny Joy,Wes was just telling us(Adell and Stan were here)last night about his ride on the Sheika rollercoaster in Florida.He is a real story teller and he had us about peeing our pants from laughter as he described it all.To answer your question.NO,I have never been on a famous ride and NEVER want to be.I am happy leaving those things for others.I get VERY sick, and never mind terrified on those things!I’ll live through my hubby!!

  3. Yes! I’ve been on the Desperado in Primm, NV. It has one of the largest drops and longest tracks. My sister and I rode it, and agreed ahead of time that when it snapped our photo, we’d be sitting there, expressionless. Hilarious! We should have bought the pic. Just the thought of it still makes me laugh.

  4. SKL says:

    I live not far from Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH so I have been on all of their roller coasters up til the last time I went there, when I was about 25. Went to King’s Island in 1983 when I think their big ride was the Beast (or am I mixing up parks?) Been to Disney Land and Disney World and rode the Small World and whatever other signature rides (those were NOT scary). Been up in various needles, towers, etc. around the world. The Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls. Not sure what other things I’ve been on that would be considered “famous.”

    • Joy says:

      That’s so funny SKL. I’ve been to Cedar Point also back in the 70’s. Was there a “Comet” roller coaster? That’s what I remember. My brother and uncle went on it over and over but I’m with Karen, I can’t stand rides like this.

      I’ve also been on Maid of the Mist and to the top of the tower in Toronto. I never would have thought of those. Thanks.

    • SKL says:

      Oh yeah, does Thomas the Train count?

    • Laura says:

      “The Beast”! I’ve been on that one. I *think* it was King’s Island. We went when I was in (around) 8th grade, so… um…. sklrnk years ago?

      I grew up with Six Flags Great America, north of Chicago. I don’t think we had any “famous” roller coasters there, but I’d been on every one, up to 1995 when I moved away.

      Now that SKL opened the door, I’ve also been on Maid of the Mist, all the cool ones in the Magic Kingdom, some in EPCOT, and some of those at Disney/MGM in FL.

      I’ve also ridden the mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I’d NEVER do it again, since that ride crystallized for me just how serious my acrophobia (fear of heights) is… they were discussing airlifting me out of the bottom of the canyon, but I gritted my teeth made the ride back up. Truth be told, I’d made friends with my mule, Benjamin, and trusted him and nobody else at that point, to get me to the top safely.

  5. javajunkee says:

    gotta say nope and you couldn’t pay me to get on any of those pictures you posted!

  6. Nikki says:

    I have been on Space Mountain at Disneyland, that’s me favorite. The Wild Thing at Valley Fair here in Minnesota. I LOVE roller coasters, I get very nervous, and sweaty hands, and laugh the entire time. I love the rush!

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