Japanese Knickers from Darryl

God help us when this fashion hits Wal-Mart!

What you see are not see-thru skirts; they are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible.

They are current rage in Japan !

I  forward this as a public service, so you won’t  have a heart attack when the rage reaches  here!!

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26 Responses to Japanese Knickers from Darryl

  1. Jenny says:

    Those are hilarious! But why would you want to wear a skirt like that? A lot of those pictures look real! hmm I’m sure some of those people are already wearing them to Walmart. Except it wouldn’t be the fake skirt it would be the real thing.

  2. These are fckin awesome! ahahaha I cant wait to do that to all of my jeans!!

  3. SKL says:

    Those had better be photoshopped. Can you just imagine what those girls’ mothers would be going through?

    Under what circumstance would a person want to be seen like that?

    Now, I could see something a little less outrageous but along the same lines. Like a “slip” or something, but not a picture of a butt.

    By the way, does every woman in Japan have a wedgie all the time?

    • Ddrums says:

      Yes, they have wedgies all the time…because they have really great asses! When you’ve got a nice butt, it hugs the underwear! Now go get to the gym and work out! I notice you didn’t mention what the girls Fathers would be going through? Why is that, do you not care what Men think?

  4. Ellen says:

    Can you imagine, the average Wall mart woman, in these skirts????????? totally out of proportion! 🙂

  5. starlaschat says:

    Navar had to get a closer look at this one.

  6. Joy says:

    I think these are all rather humorous but I’m not really sure what kind of look they are going for.

  7. Wow. something to make my azzzz look better! lol. just kidding, they suck. I can see maybe the beachwear…..or a crazy halloween party, that’s it!

  8. LVISS says:


  9. Laura says:

    AAAHHHH!!!! MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!

    Seriously. WHY?

  10. Lmb says:

    where can these be purchased

  11. Gloria says:

    Nah, these are photshop stuff you can tell by the way the “pictures” match the leg stance.

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  13. Vera says:

    Of course it really is photoshop stuff 6Yand 2G2BT, otherwise the pictures would not look so natural. Kodos to the photographer. LWOS

  14. Lisa says:

    Come on, don’t be a bunch of fun haters – They’d be a great April fools get up!

  15. Nikki says:

    Oh man those are hilarious!!!! They do look real!

  16. Belinda says:

    I think we should give Japanese women more credit – as IF they would wear these. It’s just a very sad lonely man’s day out photoshopping.

  17. Flutterbye Lady says:

    But why would the last girl want to look like her panties are pulled down, you could walk right out of them at that rate…lol

  18. Gary says:


  19. Gary says:

    If anyone knows where to buy them wholesale let me know

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