Pull up a Chair


Welcome to our little corner of the web.  It’s really been nice around here since our river has stopped flooding and gone back into her banks.  The humidity is down, the sun is out, and there’s a little breeze blowing.  So I figured that today, we’d have our Monday Chat out in the garden.  It’s starting to produce some really tasty… produce.  Tomatoes straight from the vine are pretty darned close to the best thing ever.  There are plenty of other fruits and veggies if you want them, too.  Just reach out and pluck one.  If those aren’t to your liking, there are plenty of others, nicely washed and chopped, on the platters.  Plenty of ice water and iced juices are available, too.  So pull up a chair, grab a bench.  We’ve even got those cool little lights hanging from the trees, if we’re out her after dark.

While you’re here, make yourself comfy.  Unburden, tell a joke, vent.  We’re friends here, and as long as you keep your language toward each other kind, you can say what you want.  You can even swear, if you need to, but not at someone else.

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12 Responses to Pull up a Chair

  1. Sue says:

    All my news is posted below! Happy Monday!

  2. SKL says:

    Hi! I am glad everyone is back!

    We have had some interesting weather days. Hot and muggy, followed by weird, dark clouds bringing heavy rain, rinse, repeat, and this evening, it was actually pleasantly cool. It was the first evening in a long time when it felt nice to just sit outside as the kids ran around barefoot. This is how most of summer is supposed to be. Who knows what’s happening with the atmosphere this year.

    Little Miss E surprised me last night by tying her first bow. “Mommy, I made two bunny ears!” Today she did it again, so it wasn’t just a fluke, LOL. Wow, does this mean I can make her tie her own shoes from now on? Probably not!

    Meanwhile, I’m preparing to have Miss A evaluated for vision therapy. I had to fill out a long questionnaire that was mostly about her quirks. She certainly has quirks, but who knew that would have anything to do with her vision? (She got her new glasses last Thursday on our way to the circus.)

    I watched my kids’ swimming class yesterday. It didn’t seem much different from their first class back in June, except that the kids now seem to better understand what the teachers are asking them to do. I didn’t expect the kids to actually swim independently by the end of this class. But just curious – how many classes does it usually take before a child is literally “swimming” (unassisted, without floaties)? If I put them in another class, should it be the same one (preschool 1) or the next one up? (Or should I just take them down to the river and throw them in?)

    I rarely blog about restaurants, but I have to say I took the girls to Friendly’s yesterday and it was horrible. The vegetables were pretty much rotten, a fly kept trying to land on our fish, and the only thing the kids liked was the chocolate milk. Even the ice cream was pretty bad (and their “twist” soft serve machine was broken). When I told the waitress about the vegetables, she just shrugged her shoulders and said “nobody else has complained.” The bathroom was dirty and the family they seated next to us was loud and nasty (a mom loudly snapping at her kid the whole time). We will NEVER go back there. Sad thing is, we could have gotten a much better meal at Panera for about half the price. Sheesh.

    Took the girls to church and Sunday School today. We were late again, but that was totally my fault. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I am really happy to do the family worship thing, but it’s hard not having one day to sleep in, when you’re a night person. They have some stuff on Thursday nights, so I may look into that at some point.

    Work is pretty much the same. I have a customer who is being a pain in the butt at the moment. (Funny, he complimented me just a week or two ago.) This client is always ridiculously late on getting anything done. I do their accounting and reporting, which is hard to do “timely” when you don’t get so much as a bank statement until many months later. They need 2 signatures to do anything but it takes them forever to get the signatures. I have no idea what they are doing over there. Every time I call, they are all just over their head in work; they hired some new people over the past year and it’s only getting worse. Need I say they are “government”? Just do it, people!! And when we try to suggest a fix, suddenly it’s all our fault. I don’t think so!

    We’re working on putting on a fancy conference in DC, so my partners are all charged up about that. It’s not really my thing, but I’m happy that they’re happy.

    Another day, another deadline!

    Have a great week!

    • Joy says:

      Thanks SKL, it’s good to be back. Boy, we were gone for a whole 4 days!! LOL

      That’s awesome about the tying of the shoes. That’s such a nice accomplishment for a child. It’s also really nice for us mom’s who don’t have to do it anymore.

      I feel bad for you about your eating out experience. I won’t be eating at any of our nearby restaurants for a while. Last Friday when my brother came out, we weren’t even going to go out to eat but I’d been out in the yard working and I started to crave a strawberry daiquiri. So we go to The Triple R and I could really taste that drink. Guess what? They were out of the mix. On a hot summer day, they’re out of that?? The waitress acted like it wasn’t a big deal and tried to have me order something else but come on, I didn’t want anything else. I was very disappointed since that was the only reason we went out to eat so then the following Tues we went there for the taco Tues and I’m telling you, that meat had no taco seasoning in it and they were horrible. Another $60 wasted. Same thing last Saturday. We go to the Waterfront and I wanted a Miami Vice WHICH I GOT HERE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME and was brought something that looked like lemonade and was NOTHING near a blended drink. The waitress was unusually “perky” which irritated the crap out of me since after they claimed to not know how to make the drink came back and told me they were out of pina coloda mix. Seriously?? Who’s doing the summer ordering at these restaurants in a tourist community? She then brings me my salad and my dressing was watered down and tasted like vinegar. Another $125 in the trash. I won’t eat at either place for a long time. There is no excuse for this. We spend a lot of money at both these places and I’m sorry, I’m not doing that anymore. I know it’s not the end of the world but these are bars and restaurants and they aren’t cheap. Isn’t that why people go out to eat? In this day, I’d think these owners wouldn’t make mistakes like this and then the wait-staff act like you’re a bitch . If I hadn’t ever been at either of these places before, I’d never go back with first impressions being what they are.

  3. Nikki says:

    Awwwww my life is back to normal!!!!! 🙂 As much as I love my niece, I am glad I have Bailey back to myself, and he’s glad he has us back to himself! LOL I can honestly say I was not meant to have girls. I know I am one, but I don’t understand them! LOL Drama, drama, drama!!!! So dramatic! I’ll take my simple man (Bails) any day! No offense to girls, or those who have girls….they are just not for me! 🙂

    Okay, gotta go outside…the lil one is trying to kick down the door to get out. Have a great Monday everyone!!!!

  4. Joy says:

    We had a very hectic weekend. Saturday we had to be up very early to have Ella at her groomers by 9. Paul and I went grocery shopping in the town near where she was so we didn’t have to drive home and go back in an hour. We had to shop anyway so why waste the gas? It’s also kinda fun to go to a different grocery store for a change. I remember when we first moved out here, this was the store we always shopped at. It was a fun morning but we normally don’t get up nearly that early on t he weekend. Then Paul, Toby and Sue went and got the cabin ready for Christopher’s birthday party and then we went for supper. I came home and cut up the fruit for the party and we were both exhausted and were in bed very early.

    Sunday was a very good day for the party. It wasn’t too humid and everything went well. We grilled burgers and Sue’s parents and sister, brother in law, nephew and us went for a boat ride. It was a really nice day.

    Today I’m doing nothing. I have a few posts to finish up and get in the can but I need this day to regroup. Have a great day everyone.

  5. mssc54 says:

    So how was the break? I agree about the home grown tomatoes too!


  6. lucy says:

    Welcome back!! 🙂
    I’m on vacation and spending time with my family. Everything is wonderful… I just wish the weather was nicer!

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