What’s in Yours?

I’ve been following an occasional series over at PetitElephant, called “What’s in your purse?”  It’s an entertaining little series, and I got inspired.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a guy pick up my purse and utter those famous words…

“What the HELL is in that thing???”

Well, boys and girls, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.  Men, here’s a peek into the super-secret world of a lady’s purse.  Nothing scary, nothing mysterious, but mess with it, and we’ll mess with you.

So here we go.

This is the purse of the moment.  In addition to being an “office supplies whore”, I’m also a sucker for purses and handbags.  I love bright colors for summer, and for winter, I generally switch to something khaki, or brown, or leather, or whatever.  And I often change purses monthly, or to satisfy the activities for the day.  So here’s my current Summer Purse.  The lovely outside:

That stuff attached to the handle is a large carabiner, with a little globe attached to it.  Inside the globe?  Lip balm!  Mango flavored!  A free gift for going to a Dillard’s make-up show.  And then my car/house/everything keys are ‘binered to that.  I use Carabiners for EVERYTHING.  They’re lifesavers.  Why yes, I DO have an Indiana Jones Lego Guy on my keys.

And now the journey into the heart of the purse…

And here’s the guide:

  1. Wallet (Fossil.  Got it for nearly nothing, and I love, love, love it)
  2. Suede case for monthly necessities (says, “Need Chocolate!”)
  3. Checkbook (“please, please, PLEASE, let there be one check left!”)
  4. Aleve canister that now holds Advil.  Or Tylenol.  Or aspirin.
  5. Zicam spray
  6. Notebook for Blog ideas and whatever else springs to mind
  7. Beauty Necessities
    1. Purple leather pouch to hold: Clinique Lip Gloss, Clinique Mascara, Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm, Nail Clipper, Compact Mirror.
    2. Travel bottles of Clinique & Vaseline Hand Lotions
    3. Comb, barrette
  8. Birthday Candles – yes, there’s a story
  9. Josh’s socks.  Because you never know when you’re going to end up in a McDonald’s Playplace, or find a decent pair of gym shoes that he needs.
  10. Weight Watchers tracking book and weekly update newsletter
  11. A Plethora of Pens and their “Cars” Carrying case.  Yes, I know, I carry a ridiculous amount of pens. And a dried-up Tide To Go.  I should throw that away.
  12. Tape measure
  13. Harold the Helicopter
  14. Extra SD card for my camera
  15. Glasses.  Because my contacts prevent me from reading stuff
  16. Melted chocolate chip granola bar which got evicted directly after this photo was taken
  17. The offending broken hose from my lawn mower which STILL hasn’t been replaced
  18. Phone, which usually lives in my pocket (the earpiece lives in the truck)
  19. Fooseball.  Yes, a fooseball.

So there you have it.  Nothing insidious, nothing scary, just the basic necessities of life, except for sunglasses, a pocket knife and a roll of duct tape.  Those are in the truck!

I also often keep a softcover book in there, but right now I’m reading a large hardcover.

So here’s the challenge… What’s in YOURS?  Do you carry anything weird, like lawn mower parts or helicopters?  Or is yours tidy and neat with no extra stuff that you don’t need?  Do you use everything in there, or is there a bunch of “just in case” stuff?

And this isn’t just limited to the ladies… I’ve seen plenty of weirdness in men’s wallets and cars.  They just don’t carry it around in a purse.

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15 Responses to What’s in Yours?

  1. Joy says:

    I love this post!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I’m very neat and tidy and very orderly with my purse and only carry the bare minimum now. Hey, my purse is now mine. There are no socks or crayons in there. Boy, you’re a purse whore too??? LOL!!! I have a few but I’m very particular and once I find one I like, I typically stick with it for a few seasons. I love the purse I have now. It’s a Sherpani. This is it and I also have the matching wallet that changes to a little clutch purse with shoulder strap. I love it.

    Wallet-small camera cause hey, you never know. Ever since Sue got that shot of the eagle, I try to carry it with me. That shot should have been mine!!-hand wipes-phone-sunglasses with wipe inside for smudges-dental floss-lypsyl lip stuff-advil-nail file-q tips-3 pens-note pad for blog ideas-phone charger for vehicle-juicy fruit in case a grandchild asks for gum.

    When I’m out and about I will put junk in my purse like napkins or receipts but as soon as I get home, I clean it out. I ABHOR a disorganized purse.

    Almost one year ago, cigarettes and a lighter would have been #1 on this list.

    • Joy says:

      I have the raspberry purse. Here is the link for matching wallet. I really use it this way a lot when I don’t need my whole purse so I can leave it in the car. This is great when just running around.


    • Laura says:

      sherpani? SHERPANI?????

      I bow before you, oh my Queen.

      I lust after Sherpani. I saw this one (http://sherpani.com/sherpani-ivy.aspx?bO3FscouH=2&GQd0EjaqX=3&pmdoXJC4W=218) in Scheels (local sports chain) in “Chocolate”, and it made my heart sing. Until I saw the price tag… at $60, I couldn’t justify getting it, because I knew that I would use it for a while, and then I’d need a different style, or I’d use it in winter and set it on something salty and stain the outside forever or something stupid like that.

      But I still want that purse! It was the little ivy vine that really caught my eye (heh… maybe that’s why they call it, “Ivy”??)

      • Joy says:

        I had no idea there was even a website for these purses. I found it in a little shop in a town near here. You’d love it. It’s called Judy’s Cottage. When the day comes and you make it here, we’ll take you there. That chocolate purse is darling. You can bet I’ll be checking out that website RIGHT NOW and I’m pretty sure I won’t leave with an empty cart.

  2. SKL says:

    I don’t carry a purse. I don’t even own a purse.

    However, I endeavor to have as many pockets as possible in my pants, because I like to carry the following at all times:

    1) Wallet – it’s really just a business card holder with several credit cards, a couple “membership cards,” ID, and usually a couple $20 bills for emergencies.

    2) pocket comb.

    3) Keys.

    4) Tissues.

    5) Usually a few bucks of loose cash.

    6) A ponytail for my hair, and often ponytails / clips that have fallen out of my kids’ hair.

    That’s pretty much it. I don’t like to carry my phone “everywhere,” but when I need it (it’s a bulky Blackberry), I hook its carrier onto my jeans pocket. (I keep the carrier in my car.) As for cameras – I hardly ever remember to bring mine anywhere. But when I do, I either hang it off my wrist or carry it in my coat pocket (when it’s cold).

    • SKL says:

      My previous Blackberry (actually Treo) had a tiny pen attached to it. I thought that was a great idea. But really, I don’t need to write that often.

  3. Jenny says:

    My purse is usually very messy. Coins all over the place! It’s kinda heavy too because of the coins. I have my phone, wallet, gum, & usually lots of snacks. I carry snacks pretty much wherever I go. Not only for my son, but for me too! There’s always a fruit snack in there for Hunter. For me I carry some breakfast bars. And for when we go out, of course a camera!

  4. mssc54 says:

    I don’t even have a “man purse!”

    Our 26 year old (widowed) daughter has more than TWO DOZEN COACH PURSES!! Just think how much $ that is.

    But in my wallet I have cash, credit cards, various business cards, free movie tickets, insurance cards for me and the kids…. hmmmm OH, drivers license and hunting/fishing license.

  5. Laura says:

    I forgot… my camera is usually in the purse, too, but… duh… I had to have it out to take the pictures!!

    And I’ve replaced that manky, nasty, melted chocolate glob with some crunchy, NOT meltable, granola bars.

    I’m sorry to admit that my purse, like the rest of my life, is more often than not, a ridiculous mess.

  6. Sue says:

    I, like you Laura, switch my purses with the seasons. My purse of choice currently is a pink and white leather Coach purse that still smells like cow and is roomy enough to sneak snacks into the movie theater along with all the regular stuff! Right now my purse contains my camera (came in very handy at the restaurant last night!), cell phone, loose change, small bottle of Purell, Natural Ice lip balm, Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Peony, coupon for OshKosh, bobbi pins, my pick, wallet (which is heavy itself b/c of the change), coupon for Penney’s, receipts, my comb (that’s not usually in there!), couple of hair barrettes, couple of hair binders, pack of Skittles, coupon for DQ, my planner, 2 pens, nail file, and my ID badge for work.

    I like to keep my purse tidy, too, but most of the time it’s not! I’m getting excited to switch my purses for fall/winter so it’ll get a good cleaning then. Great post, Laura!!!

  7. starlaschat says:

    Very good post, Fun. I don’t really switch purses often. I may have to give this swicthing purses some thought. I carry usually two cameras, a power cord for my lap top that cracks me up, because it’s so big. Right now a book, reading glasses, check book,sun glasses ( I just went to look) A CD that says Serenity ( that made me laugh I have no idea why that’s in there) It relaxing music, I guess you never know when you may need a soothing CD. :+) A bunch of paper which I should just throw away right now. A planner that I don’t use I should take that out. No wonder my purse is so heavey. Asprin always, and a asthma thingy. I think I’m going to clean out my purse now. :+)

  8. Nikki says:

    My purse is a mess, but I don’t have a whole lot in there. Receipts tend to over take it. Which this post reminds me, I should clean it out since I have to tell you what’s in it!

    I have a knock off designer purse, I will never spend more than 30-40 for a purse. And that is a splurge too!

    So, lets see….I have my pink wallet, Degree body spray (I used to carry deodorant but people thought that was weird so I stopped!) hand sanitizer, multiple chap sticks, lip glosses, balms….I’m addicted to them. Dental flossers, small lotion, several hair ties, tube of StingEze for bug bites (thanks ma!) and my phone is in there most of the time. That’s it. Depending on where I am going, I’ll stick a Special K bar, or some sort of snack in there. There is currently some chap stick melted in one pocket. 😦

    • Laura says:

      I watch what I spend on purses, too, Nikki… that’s why I mentioned that the Fossil wallet came for “nearly nothing”. It was on super-duper double-off sale after Christmas, I had store credit from a gift exchange, AND I had a gift card. The wallet started out at something like $100 (it’s leather), and I think I paid about $5 out-of-pocket.

      LOL with the deodorant!!! I keep a stick in my truck!!!

  9. kweenmama says:

    Fun post! My purse is pretty minimal. If one were to go through my purse they would find my wallet, phone, an extra pen and pencil, my key ring (with keys to our house, car, truck, condo, and my parents home) plus another key ring with keys to our church, there is also an emery board and some mints. That’s it, and that’s the way I like it!

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