We Need Your Help

Dear friends,

We are in a quandary, and need your input on something.  Lately, we’ve noticed a distinct drop-off in comments whenever something of “substance” is posted.  The other day, I posted a lengthy piece on the Ground Zero controversy, and last week, a piece on Mel Gibson’s rants.  Joy posted recently about a child abuse case, and before that, about children being afraid of the dark.  With the exception of the child abuse case, most of our more serious posts rarely get any comments.  But when we put up a post, like I did last week, about the contents of our purses?  The board is burnt up!

We choose many of these pieces, not just because we feel passionately about them, but because we think you all might want to discuss them – in a place where we’ve all sworn to be nice to each other.  We’ve had plenty of spirited debate on here in the past, and we’ve all stayed civil, and we’ve remained friends, no matter how passionately we disagree.

So now we come to this… we really need and want your input!  We know that you’re coming around… we watch the stats, and can see that we’re getting plenty of hits each day.  But if you don’t comment, we don’t know what you like or don’t like.  Like I said, we truly like a good debate.  To be honest with you, we even like reading the comments when you agree with us but offer a different perspective.  But it gets very frustrating when we get little or no feedback either way.

So the question is this: what do YOU want?  Yes, this blog is for our own entertainment – we like to write, so we do.  But it’s more fun when we’re interacting.  So what do you like to interact over?  Fluff?  The “tell us about your day” stuff (although that can only go for one or two posts a week, after that, it just becomes Facebook)?  Or should we continue to post the thought-provoking stuff… and expect you to comment back to us?

Thanks for the input.

Us Girls

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28 Responses to We Need Your Help

  1. Joy says:

    I would prefer a little bit of everything and that’s how it’s been. But I have to say, it’s very hard to work for HOURS on stuff and then have between 500 to 800 hits, depending on the day and have nobody saying anything. It’s hard to tell with this dashboard what time it is. It’s in military time or some foreign thing to me. I publish at night so the posts are reflected a day before they’re in all day. Know what I mean? Like this one for example is for tomorrow but it’s in here the night before so this post is really dated Wed. So some of the hits are today (Thurs 26th) and yesterday (Wed 25th). It’s very hard to explain.

    Please tell us what you’d like to talk about more. The time spent by hours of writing have to stop if nobody is going to banter back and forth. I came close to deleting this blog today. I thought for sure that post would gather a good conversation. You should have seen the talk on FB. Laura spent 6 hours researching and writing it. That’s a huge waste of her time.


  2. SKL says:

    I don’t really understand it, either. Maybe some people prefer to avoid potentially controversial discussions. I have to admit that there have been times on here when I’ve been pretty direct about disagreeing with others, and I know I’m not the only one. Some folks may shy away from that.

    There also may be people who come, read it, and think “I need to take some time to write a good answer” but never get around to doing so. You can write an answer to a “fluff” piece in less than a minute, but commenting about something important takes longer.

    Another thing is that if you have already had a discussion about this on Facebook, some people are not going to feel like posting what they already said on Facebook. They may assume we’ve all heard it before.

    I feel pretty sure that most people who come to this site do find these topics interesting and also have strong feelings about them. The “serious” posts help to give the blog balance and I feel they are really important. I know they are really hard work, and I do wish people would comment more. At least say “I agree with __” or “you have an interesting perspective” or something. But I still think that even with limited comments, these posts add a lot to your blog.

    Anyhoo, that’s my 2 cents’ worth.

    • Joy says:

      I know so many of “us” in real life and I know none of us are really “arguers.” I have half a dozen family members who regularly say things to me about stuff that’s been on here yet they don’t hardly ever comment. I’ll say why didn’t you comment and there’s a variety of answers. I have some regular family member readers who have never made a single comment. One person told me they didn’t know how!! Come on!!!

      I also know that this used to be enough for me. Just to do the writing and take whoever came and be grateful but after close to 3 years, it’s not enough anymore. It is really fun and I do get a lot of enjoyment from it but not enough for it to occupy most of my day without “talking” to anyone.

      Also, Michael, what you did today really hurt my feelings and I have to tell you that. You came last night and made the second comment saying you’d be back and instead you took this to FB and talked about it all day long and never did come back. I’m sorry and you’re a good friend but come on. What was that about?

      • mssc54 says:

        Joy you are absolutely correct and I apologize.

        It certainly was NOT intentional I assure you. As you can see I sort of got caught up in a tit-for-tat with Lindsay.

        I usually read your posts at night on my Blackberry (usually in bed). It’s much more difficult to write a lengthy comment on my Blackberry than it is here at my pc. So I wanted you to at least know I had read the piece and had fully intended to go back later the next day (yesterday) and comment but got caught up “defending myself.” But the good news is that I STILL CAN! 😉

  3. Ellen says:

    To be honest, the post about ground zero was too long. For a blog discussion, I would prefer shorter posts. I am, as you probably know, new to this country. My husband and I are pretty liberal and respect everybody’s opinion. But, when I read “hate” posts against, for instance President Obama, I back off. I have the feeling then, that I cannot give my opinion about this because I am not really against him but I am not a fan (mildly saying) of Sara Palin and John McCain and even the Bush administration. I try to comment on issues, when they are not “my thing”, but sometimes I do not have a solid opinion and do not want to discuss it. I learned already, politic discussions are very sensitive in this country, so I avoid that. Mainly, because I think my opinion does not count yet. Maybe in another 10 years or so. Furthermore, I always love to read this blog. I am subscribed to it, so every evening, I try to read the posts that come in my inbox. Sometimes, I go to bed early and then, the next evening, I just read the newer ones 🙂

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Ellen. I know that we are very conservative over here but you know what? We value what everyone has to say and even when we disagree, it’s fun to talk about things. I do know though that there are some things I don’t really care to talk about either so I understand that.

      Thanks for coming every day.

    • Laura says:

      Ellen… PLEASE don’t think that your opinion doesn’t count “yet”!! Your opinion counts every day!

      You worked hard to get here – I read your story, and it’s inspiring, what you did. If ANYONE has earned the right to speak her mind, it’s you!

      • Ellen says:

        Wow, Thank you Joy and Laura, I feel really honored with both your comments on me. I is not that I think I am new so I should not speak (like “children, lol). I mostly do not go into a comment tread when I am pretty sure my comment is not based on solid information. Like, the egg post. I had no idea of the background point, with the FDA rules enforcement. I am not sure if that is the case however. So…writing this, makes me want to comment..which I am gonna do now 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    I do enjoy the more fun topics. When it is a serious issue, I either don’t know what to say or I don’t know that much about it. I agree with Ellen on the ground zero discussion being too long. Sometimes I see how long it is and I don’t even read it, depending on the topic. I like reading the personal stories the best!

  5. mssc54 says:

    I enjoy ALL the posts “us girls” makes.

    The thing is that on the “fluffy” posts it takes very little thought and time to bang out a comment. The posts with more content takes a bit longer to comment on and that may be why there are fewer commentors on them.

  6. Karen Joy says:

    I usually like all the posts.Of coarse some aren’t going to interest me but it’s very rare I dont at the very least skim over it.Those I probably wont comment on.I like a variety of “fluff” and serious.Its been said already by mssc that those more serious ones a person needs time to think about their comment.Thats true for me too and sometimes getting back on here to do that doesn’t always happen…unfortunetly real life messes with my computer time,darnit all!!:)Still everything you write girls write is very much appreciated.

  7. Sue says:

    I like the variety we have also. Laura’s post yesterday was great b/c she did so much research and as I read it I thought, “Why aren’t you writing for a newspaper??” I didn’t know what to say at first either so I didn’t comment until last night.

    As far as the fluff stuff goes, I happen to like those. I think those get the most comments because it’s stuff EVERYONE can relate to. They are fun to read, you can nod your head along with the story and say I’ve done that, and they give everyone a little glimpse of you and your life.

    I also think that we are all pretty much on the same page when it comes to politics and some of the major issues so how can you have a disagreement when we all tend to agree?! I’m not going to start an argument for the sake of comments and I wouldn’t doubt others feel the same way. I’m also not going to write something for the sake of filling the page and saying I wrote something. I like to have a good story to tell or an opinion to share.

    • Laura says:

      What a nice compliment, Sue! Thank you! And yeah, I have written for our local newspaper… but I tend to prefer news stories, and I was always assigned to report on town meetings, which really isn’t my “cup of tea”

  8. Nikki says:

    I do think a blog is suppose to generate conversation, what’s the point otherwise? That post of Laura’s had to have taken so much time, between researching, writing, editing…and then for only a few to comment is just frustrating.

    I agree, the “nothing” posts do get a lot of comments because everyone can relate and it doesn’t take too much thought into putting a comment together. BUT we are a diverse group. I write more personal, Joy does occasionally, but she is more of the daily news women, and Laura writes all kinds of things. I love that we all write a little different. But when no one comments on the issues we think to be important, it makes us simply not want to write.

    And still we sit here asking for help….tell US what YOU like to read….tell US what YOU like to talk about…because really, without all of you…there is no US.

  9. Vicki says:

    For the most part I read most all the blog every day. I agree with the couple which say ‘some’ blog posts are too long and i dont bother reading, I didnt need to read all of Laura’s Mosque/ground zero story to know what i felt about it..my answer in my mind was plain and simple..No it shouldnt be built there, its like a slap in the face for all americans. Build it elsewhere. I have no debate.
    Sometimes i dont comment because i dont want to cause conflict. offend anyone or get too personal, political or i just have no opinion at all. Its sometimes best to just stay quiet. =) I know Joy LOVES doing her blog and i know how much work she puts into it. I will never cause conflict or jeopardize a relationship over a blog post. you are my great neighbors/family after all. =)
    I love the more funny life posts i guess..such as Paul and Joys lawn mowing incident or the rug incident..god that made me laugh. But i personally know them both and i could in my mind see it all played out so well..Im laughing right now thinking about it again. lol
    In saying all this, this is the longest post Ive ever written on your blog.

  10. Vicki says:

    OMG!!! Youve gotta be kidding me!!!!!!I posted something here and it didnt show up..ITS THE MOST IVE EVER WRITTEN BEFORE!!! LOL Where did it go?????????????

  11. starlaschat says:

    Some days trying to write a comment can be very time consuming, like today. I am tired and hurting so it is a lot more difficult. I agree about some post being too long. I also don’t like getting into politics or religion unless it’s over coffee and I really have time to have a good talk about things. It’s difficult some times to sum up my views in just a few lines. Looking into my purse and telling you the contents or reading a cartoon maybe the time and energy that I have for that day other days I have longer. I read several blogs. My stats have been about cut in half the last week so maybe blogs are just a little slow. I think Ive had one comment today on my post. Some times I need time to think about a blog post and may need a couple of days to mull it over and other times I can commet quickly.

  12. Just a Mom says:

    I try to comment as much as I can. My problem is not that I don’t like to argue, because trust me I do, it’s that my opinion is pretty much the same as the rest of the people making comments. So with that being said sometimes I just read and really don’t feel like posting the exact same thing as everyone else.
    Did any of that make sense?

  13. Jason says:

    Along with everyone else on here, I like to read the post put up here by the “Girls”. Sometimes the discussions go from something so light-hearted and funny to something that it really causes you to take a step back and think about how you really feel and want to respond about the subject. I think this may throw people off a little in the response department. In the future I will try and make a point in letting you all know my view on your views.

  14. Laura says:

    Thank you everybody, for all of your input. It’s really important to us to check-in from time to time with you… keeps us on keel, and helps us make sure that we’re not helping you practice for the World Snoring Championships.

    Seriously, we really appreciate your help.

    And now, back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

  15. Joy says:

    We really do appreciate what you’ve all said today. Really. Thanks for taking the time and thank you for coming back here each and every day. It’s hard to have to ask for comments and our readership is way down right now so we just want to make sure we write what’s interesting and when nobody says anything, we just aren’t sure. It’s kind of funny (but not) that Laura and I were talking about “fluff” pieces getting so many comments and serious ones don’t and at the time a fluff piece was getting a huge amount of comments.

    The only other thing is it’s hard to write about funny things all-the-time because thankfully, Paul doesn’t always mow like that or bring home horrendous rugs!!! You make me laugh Vicki.

    If you don’t know what to say either say “you guys are nuts” or “amen sista.” That’ll say it all with no hurting of feelings.

  16. DM says:

    I have your blog on my feed so I’m a regular reader, although, it only shows the current post when I log on (and often times there are more that have been posted that don’t see- like this one) I’ve also almost deleted my blog on more than one occassion for similiar reasons…so I hear you Joy. I prefer the deeper stuff myself, but do not like getting into debates on the internet. I find it hard enough to communicate w/ someone who disagrees w/ me when I’m face to face- so wading into some emotionally charged issue on the Internet is something I am very slow to do. I appreciate just having crossed paths with you Joy (and your family) on line. I’ve seen enough photos and read enough of your thoughts, I feel like I really know Joy, Sue, Nikki, and someday a trip North for a visit is on my bucket list.

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