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Do you think the egg/salmonella scare was a real problem, or is it being over-hyped to help get new FDA regulations pushed through?  (yes, it’s tin-foil hat time)

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  1. Joy says:

    I’m not really sure. I hadn’t thought of it like that so I have to think there was/is a real problem.

    Do you think it’s being over-hyped and would you eat those eggs? Gosh, I’d miss eggs but we get them fresh from a cousin of Paul’s. We normally eat them once a week for supper but I’m not sure I’d take the chance if I had to buy them.

  2. Jason says:

    I read somewhere that since the 70’s- 80’s has drastically cut the amount of inspections at a farm. Basically the only time the farm is inspected is when there is a complaint. And with all the immigrants and no regulations on their cleaning methods it would be no suprise is there wasn’t more problems. One of the guys at my work was saying the man behind this specific operation was also involved in a previous incedent in Vermont where he was housing a whole bunch of illegal immigrants without giving them running water and had them working on his farm. Needless to say it had the same turnout.

  3. Laura says:

    I’ll be honest… I didn’t even think of this idea until Steve put it into my head. I had just bought a dozen eggs, taking care to make sure they were from a different egg distributor. I mentioned this to him, and he asked me the question. The way I am about government, honestly, it gave me pause. After all, it was one of the bigwigs in government who said, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and here we are with an FDA bill needing a boost, and tainted eggs. Really made me think.

    I honestly think it’s a big coincidence, but you never know. Now, where’d I leave that foil?

  4. SKL says:

    Well, to be honest, I haven’t been keeping up on the egg story. I rarely buy eggs, and when I do, they are not the mainstream kind. And funny thing about recalls, but when it’s a non-mainstream item, they always make it a point to say so: “organic lettuce recalled,” etc. So since I don’t have time to read too many news stories, I have let that one slip by me.

    However, that’s not a bad thought. The government lately does like to get people disproportionately riled up about things that help their cause. Like the Toyota recalls. As if Toyota was the only car company that ever had a recall. And now we hear that it was all BS. Coincidentally, the US automakers that Obama had just taken over / gifted to the unions were sucking wind, and needed a windfall. Hmm!

    And then you have the oil spill “disaster.” When it first hit the news, lib-minded folks were criticizing me for not boycotting BP and I said, “what disaster? The tsunami that killed a million people was a disaster.” Upon which everyone, friend or foe, declared me an idiot. Now, that story seems to have gone the way of the oil slick in the gulf . . . . But I digress . . . look at all the mileage that got (and continues to get with some sheepy folks) with respect to (a) the evils of offshore drilling, (b) the evils of fossil fuels vs. the extremely inefficient “alternatives” that the government is pushing, and (c) the evils of corporations / capitalism. Ugh!

    And how about the swine flu scare? OMG, we are all gonna die if we don’t get our shot! I have a strong feeling that Obama owed a big favor to the pharmaceutical company that produced the vaccines. Like, maybe in exchange for backing Obamacare? But I don’t think that worked out quite as planned, because most people recognized the hype for what it was.

    And not long ago, it was the china products – suddenly, it seemed that China had declared chemical warfare on the USA by poisoning all of its products and painting toys with lead. I don’t deny that some bad stuff was happening, but it was not the way they were making it seem. Meanwhile, nobody was mentioning the fact that China was quietly becoming the USA’s biggest creditor. If we go bankrupt (which is looking like a bigger possibility every day), based on our own laws, won’t China own us? But we gotta focus on the lead they put in the paint on the bottom of our shoes . . . .

    • Laura says:

      don’t get me started on the whole lead paint thing. Seriously. WHO LICKS THE BOTTOM OF THEIR SHOES????

      and if they do, they have a far more serious problem than lead poisoning…

  5. Vicki says:

    I don’t know if it was a real problem or not. I do know i had eggs that were on the recall list (had already ate 6 of them) so i scrambled them up for the dogs to eat and i went out and bought some that werent on the recall list..I love my over easy eggs!

  6. Sue says:

    I didn’t even know the FDA was trying to push new regulations! We have been getting our eggs farm fresh so luckily we didn’t have eggs in the recall, but it makes me nervous b/c Toby and Christopher both like eggs on toast. Not for awhile!

  7. Laura says:

    This is interesting to me on a second level – besides just the question.

    Living in Iowa, we hear about this during EVERY news update, constantly all day, every day. Because the egg distributors in question are based in Iowa. It’s interesting to me that some folks didn’t even know about the FDA thing. They’ve been connecting both around here for the last week. Well, not exactly *connecting*, more like doing the stories back-to-back so you had no choice but to be led down the road of “hmmm, those eggs were tainted. And now the FDA wants these regulations. I should probably write my reps and tell them to support it.”

  8. Ellen says:

    I am not so sure that this is purely news so the FDA can have new regulations. And if so, (which I still doubt), new regulations aren’t that bad, is it? There will be more checks with the farms and that is probably very much needed. But I think, that people did get sick and that it is a health issue. What I read above of comments, that the opinion is is that the government is involved in this. If so, Governments have been always involved in trying to fool and lie to the people: Think of the so called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which weren’t there, mentioned by the formal president of the USA. We all know what that led too….

    • SKL says:

      You have a point, but I think it was also the culmination of 13 years of Iraq thumbing its nose at the multi-national inspector / sancions folks, genocide, officially and jubilantly praising Al-Qaida and the 9/11 pilots immediately after the Twin Towers were attacked, and a few other things. That did make people more willing to believe that the French source reporting WMD was accurate. (And I still think they sneaked the stuff into Syria before it could be found.) But it was Congress that decided to go to war with Iraq. It wasn’t a matter of brainwashing civilian consumers to act a certain way or support a civil law.

      One thing nobody likes to remember is that Clinton periodically bombed Iraq without declaring war and without any proof of WMD. It would just come across as an aside on the news from time to time. Nobody protested it as far as I know.

  9. Nikki says:

    I really have no idea…I don’t know much about all that. All I know is our local store has been out of eggs and the boys aren’t very happy. I don’t eat them much, they bother my stomach but I do need them for meatloaf, and other things I cook. Whatever it is, they need to figure it out and fix it.

    • Laura says:

      In the meantime… have you tried the egg substitutes? I don’t recommend them for eating (gag-o-licious), but I’ve heard they work well for cooking. Just make sure that the packaging says that they’re real eggs.

      I haven’t used the packaged eggs for baking, except for the egg whites. I’ve used those for angel food cakes and they work like a charm, without me having to make a yolk-heavy omlette for dinner! So I’m sure that they’ll do ya for stuff like meat loaf, or as a “wash” for coating chicken, fish, etc.

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