Question of the day

What was your favorite grade in school?

mssc’s response: Without question the ninth GRADE.  I was a super jock on the football team/track team.

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10 Responses to Question of the day

  1. SKL says:

    Probably 2nd grade. I loved my teacher (Mr. Osborne). I liked my final year of HS too (grades 11-12 combined).

  2. Joy says:

    I really liked 5th grade. I loved my teacher but I also loved 8 th grade. I was in so many sports. It’s a toss up. I liked both grades. After that, I hated school and quit the second I legally could.

  3. shanef says:

    12th grade, I knew that was my last year LOL!

  4. mssc54 says:

    I was the first guy on any of the highschool teams we played that had WHITE SHOES! The Pros had just started wearing them and I want to be just like them. I suppose I will always remember the game we played when I scored SIX TOUCHDOWNS in that single game.

    I really miss those days.

  5. Jenny says:

    My Sr. year. because I was able to take it easy with my classes. I even got to sleep in 2 extra hours in the morning. That was the best part!!

  6. Ellen says:

    3th grade. My teacher was so good for the students. She gave us lots of confidence in ourselves.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    This is a tough one for me. I like 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th grades mostly due to some great teachers I had. After 9th grade I just gave up, man was I stupid!

  8. Laura says:

    I had a really awesome teacher in sixth grade – she was a lot of fun, but taught us a lot, too. I was in a speech competition that year, and won first place, thanks completely to the dual fact that I am a perfectionist attention-hog. The perfectionist in me caused me to memorize that speech word-for-word, and my attention-hog tendencies allowed me to act it out perfectly. (these were more like one-man-plays than “speeches”, because they told a story as you kinda sorta acted it out.) I can still remember the gist of mine – I was a babysitter on my first assignment, and it was a very, um… “energetic” baby. Man, was that fun.

    Really, I enjoyed school, so I don’t know that there was a grade that I really *hated*… I didn’t like first grade much. I was scared silly of my teacher. She was a very aggressive woman…

    I also really enjoyed college, but I guess that doesn’t count?

  9. joanharvest says:

    I have to say I didn’t like any of them. I guess senior year because I knew I was getting out. I got very good grades in school, mostly A’s but I just didn’t like school. I was a very quiet girl. I had a couple of close friends but I was too shy to make new friends. I don’t know where that girl went because I’m not quiet any more and I am definitely not shy.

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