Getting ready for the cleaning lady

I am almost used to someone coming in to clean my house for me. Almost. She’s been here three times now. I didn’t feel weird at all when Nikki was doing it but I do have to admit that I still feel somewhat odd about having a “stranger” come in and do it.

I really like the gal who does it so it’s not that but just having someone come in and do all the things I used to be able to do for myself is kind of sad but kind of nice at the same time. I never would have imagined having someone come to my house and clean though. It never EVER entered my head even 5 years ago. I might have thought it’d be nice to have someone come in a few times a year to do all those nooks and cranny’s that get lost but every two weeks is not something I ever would have imagined doing.

I’m wondering if everyone does what I do. I know we touched on it lightly on here a few weeks ago and I think it was SKL who said she picked up the clutter first. I do that same thing. I also pick up all the rugs and either wash them or hang them on the clothes-line and let them air out and I also really shake them. I move all the kitchen chairs off the floor and into the living room. I move the hampers and everything that’s on the floor. I even sweep. I also clear my counter-tops.

I figure that I don’t want someone else to do what I can but I also feel that I don’t want to pay someone else to move a pile of clutter from one spot to the next and I’ll have to deal with it anyway so in a way having someone else come clean my kitchen, laundry room and bathroom every two weeks helps me keep my house a lot cleaner everyday just because I know I’m going to have her coming so I’m a lot more organized about a lot more things now.

Do you have someone who comes in and helps you clean? Have you ever dreamed about it? If you did have someone come in, what would you do in order to prepare for her?

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18 Responses to Getting ready for the cleaning lady

  1. Jenny says:

    Have I ever dreamed about it? hmm let me think… LOL YES!! I would love to have someone come in and clean for us! Having a toddler in your house is very hard to keep your house clean. Hunter does help me pick up stuff off the floor so I can vacuum but as soon as I’m done he throws everything back on the floor like it belongs there! I think I would try to make my house look not so messy when the person would come. Didn’t want them to think we lived like pigs…lol I’m very jealous of you Joy!! 😀

    • Joy says:

      Believe me, I’d rather be able to do it myself. That’s why she doesn’t do the living room. Dusting and vacuuming is okay for me. I don’t seem to lose my breathe doing that but it’s the scrubbing motion that does it. It does sound fun unless you “have” to have the help.

  2. Laura says:

    I would LOVE to have a cleaning person come in. I think, to prepare the first time, I’d to a massive cleaning… I have a lot of clutter. But if I knew that she was coming, say, once a week, I’d probably keep after the clutter a lot better, and also probably get some other things organized that fall through the cracks because I have to keep up with all the other stuff.

  3. SKL says:

    I do have a couple of women come in once a month. The idea is for them to do the non-daily stuff that we just never get to. I used to be the person in charge of all indoor cleaning, but it is hard to keep up with when you’re not the only adult and we all have different habits. (That’s a nice way of saying I live with slobs, which I would never say.) It would take me 6 hours to clean the whole house pretty well. That included moving everyone else’s crap out of the way and putting things back in the right places afterwards. This would have been enough except I needed a full 6 hours at a time, which I didn’t get often enough. The maids spend a total of 6 hours (2×3) and they don’t get nearly as much done, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, my hips aren’t sore for the next 2 days.

    Before our maids arrive, I try to remove all the clutter (or put it on the upholstered furniture or beds, which they don’t clean anyway). I even put small pieces of furniture up on the beds, etc. because the maids won’t move them to vacuum underneath. Also, I put away all the knick-knacks, elaborate toys (dollhouse furniture), etc. which the maids would just fling around otherwise. If I have to put them back in order anyway, might as well not pay the maids to move them. I also try to do daily/weekly stuff that I don’t want them spending time on, like emptying garbages, basic kitchen wiping, etc.

    There are some things I do to hide some of our slovenliness. Like I’ll wipe out the sink or scrub the toilet if it is visibly dirty. Somehow a ring around the toilet just seems to tell the wrong story, you know?

    As for my long-term habits, I don’t know if they have changed due to having maids. I have always tended to be an organized person myself. If I could spend the next 2 weeks doing nothing but de-cluttering, I would, and it wouldn’t be for the maids. If anything, I have gotten more lazy due to having maids – other than handing off that occasional 6-hour cleaning. (And no, I don’t really feel badly about that. There are plenty of other projects to keep me busy around here.)

  4. Tasneem R says:

    No I don’t have any helper coming in . I do it all by myself . Having someone to do what you can do is not my cup of tea but ya having a helper surely saves a lot of time and energy . Actually the thing is helpers here seem to be very demanding . Moreover they come at their own convenient time . That’s the reason why I haven’t kept a helper.
    What portion of the house are you?

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I would love to have someone come in twice a year to do the nooks and crannies. I would probably do the same thing that you are doing if I had someone coming all the time.

  6. Nikki says:

    I dream of it every time I do the dishes. It’s the one thing I hate. Washing silverware is the worst, but IF I ask Jason he will wash them. I also don’t like cleaning the bathroom. If I could, I’d probably have someone clean that. But that would be it. I don’t mind cleaning my house, I actually find enjoyment out of it. Turn some good music on and just go. It’s some kind of therapy for me.

    If it ever came down to me not being able to do it, physically, I’d probably do the same as you and pick up loose items around the house. Clutter drives me insane, so I don’t have that to begin with. “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” is my motto! LOL I wash my floors daily, and vacuum daily. I dust every couple days. BUT I’m home, and have the time. It would be different if I worked outside the home. Maybe. lol

    • Karen Joy says:

      You wash your floors daily!Wow!Wish I could be more like you.Thats usually the last thing I do and its like once a week maybe!I hate washing floors,dishes too!!I want a dishwasher..dreaming!

      • Nikki says:

        I have a dog and two cats, and daycare kids. It NEEDS to be washed every day. And I have a small kitchen so I have to have things clean and neat.

        • Karen Joy says:

          Ah,yes!That makes sense then.

        • SKL says:

          I would really like to sweep and wash the floors more often. I actually enjoy that stuff. But the problem is that I live with my business partners. They feel that cleaning is a waste of time that I should be spending at my computer. I have to pick my battles, so I let this one go long ago. A lot of housework I “sneak in” when nobody else is around. Can you imagine having to sneak to do housework? Rather than appreciate it when I do a tough physical job, they just say “you should have paid __ to do it.” Oh well, everybody’s different. They grew up never doing such “menial labor” so they don’t understand why anyone would actually want to do it.

  7. Karen Joy says:

    I have always liked cleaning but in the last 2-3 years its become a struggle.Ive had health problems and hip problems and on top of that I married and moved into a large house.I would absolutely LOVE to have someone come in to clean.Even if it was once a month to give it a really good go over.I think Id feel guilty because I dont work anymore and I feel I should at least do this.It just takes me longer to clean,needing breaks and I never seem to get the basic stuff done so I can get to the big stuff.I cleaned our sun room windows Sunday and thought after why did I bother,they looked awful after.I keep throwing the idea of hiring someone at my hubby but so far it hasn’t worked:( ….I should say I think if I did have someone come in I would just pick up the clutter,no sweeping or anything else,thats what Id hire out for.

    • Joy says:

      See, it’s different in my opinion if you can’t do it yourself. I was the same way. I “could” do it but it would take me two days just to clean the bathroom. I kept needing to stop and then breathing all those chemicals would take my breath away even more. I’m sure you could find someone to do the hard stuff for you. Give up something else in order to have this. I gave up smoking.

      • Karen Joy says:

        Yea,it takes me much longer to clean.I used to have everything done in no time but not now.I simply cant be on my feet too long.I just may hire someone to do a “spring” cleaning.Need my walls done and windows etc.This is a little of topic but I watched Wes this weekend staining our deck,on his knees,I felt aweful!!I wanted to help so much.I used to love doing things like that but I simply cant now and it drives me mad!!I cant get down on my knees cause of my hips.So hard when you want to do things yourself but cant!Im not sure what I could “give up” to have this,maybe eating,lol!I really dont do anything else for myself.Ill have to think that one over.

  8. starlaschat says:

    Honestly I get a little tired of the never ending cleaning. Seems like once I get one thing done then it’s time to go back to the first thing. A little like weeding a garden I supose. I’m blogging right now and after that I will be doing dishes laundry probably the kitchen floor. I did have some one help me years ago, because I had two jobs. The first person I think flaked out but I can’t remember. The second person was a man, I think his name was Robert and he really cleaned well, I was a little surprised. That’s probably not fair of me. It was a bit of a fluke hiring a man but he did a good job. It was only for a short time but it was nice to work so much and have a clean house as well. Ive also cleaned people houses a little bit as work. It’s rewarding work because standing back and looking at hopefully a job well done.

  9. kweenmama says:

    We don’t have anyone come and do the cleaning. That’s what the teenagers are for! 😉
    Actually, I do most of the cleaning around here including the carpets. This past spring I was just too busy to get the carpets cleaned myself so we had someone else come and do it. It was nice not to have to do it…I might just do it that way again! 🙂

  10. Gary says:

    We don’t have anyone come and clean our house although we have certainly dreamed about it OFTEN!

    I don’t think there would be any preperation done for the arrival of our cleaning lady if we had one. I would want to get my money’s worth so I would just leave my dirty underwear and stuff all over the house. LOL

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