Fantabulous Friday Folks!

Hopefully by the time you read this tomorrow, all of us here in Minnesota will be engulfed in happiness by our Vikings first win of the season!  This would definitely make our Friday fantabulous and a great way to kick off the weekend 🙂  

It’s already the 2nd weekend of September!  Snow will be flying soon!  I don’t really have much going on.  I work Friday, my aunt and cousin from Missouri are coming up, and then we’re having a bbq at my mom’s house.  I’m suppose to make my oh so yummy coleslaw, which reminds me I have to go to the store today, to go along with all the laughter 🙂  Saturday is nothing special.  Just getting up early to head to the Little Falls Craft Fair with the ‘girls’ and spending the WHOLE day looking at crafty things.  Did you think my aunt and cousin were driving up from Missouri just to see us?!  No no no!  It’s a tradition that has gone on for more years than I remember.  Anyway, I’ll be writing a post about it once it’s over so you can get the full effect 😉  Sunday I may be going back to Little Falls, but we also have 4-H that night and I have to find time to get my raffle tickets for church turned in.  Our fall festival is the 19th and if you turn your tickets in before then you have a chance to win $50.  I wonder if I have to be present to win…LOL!  If anybody wants a chance to win a brand new lawn mower and other great prizes, the tickets are $5 and I’d be happy to hook you up with one!

All in all it’s just a regular weekend with nothing to do.   So, what are your big plans for this weekend?  Hope it’s great no matter what you do and have a fantabulous Friday folks!

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33 Responses to Fantabulous Friday Folks!

  1. Joy says:

    I plan on winning the lawn mower so I can mow.

  2. Jenny says:

    Well hopefully the Vikes can win!! 😀 This weekend…hmm lets not forget about Sue’s b-day on Saturday! I don’t know how you guys can do the whole crafting thing. I never really got into that. Kinda glad I’m not into that actually. It’s crazy that your family comes all the way up here just to go crafting.
    Saturday I work..blah After work Toys R Us is having a Thomas the Train playdate from 11-1. So we will probably be bringing Hunter up there to see what that’s all about. I think I read that they are having story time, coloring and other stuff. Hoping it’s not gonna be too crazy! Other than that…nothin else planned…unless someone decides to go out for her birthday on Saturday night! hehe

    • Sue says:

      Well, Trinity is spending the night at a friend’s house so depending on how tired I am when we get back from crafting it may just happen!

    • SKL says:

      That’s great that they are having a Thomas event when Hunter can attend! Stores around here have stuff for kids sometimes, but it’s always at like 2pm when my kids are napping. I hope you have fun!

    • SKL says:

      About crafting – it’s something I always thought I’d like to do, but haven’t been motivated enough to do it since I was a young kid. It’s one of those “maybe someday” things for me. It’s odd, I feel like a lot of my creative juices have dried up in recent years.

  3. SKL says:

    Oh, let’s see. Tomorrow (Friday) after work I plan to take the girls for our weekly shopping, because we’ll be doing our restaurant thing on Saturday instead. It’s Miss A’s “turn” (to pick the restaurant) and she’s picked the one that has a Saturday lunch buffet. Come to think of it, I’d better not eat anything heavy in the mean time! After the lunch buffet, there’s some kind of Indian festival right around the corner from our house, so we’ll probably swing through there. Then depending on whether and when the kids take a nap, I might try for the zoo and/or park and/or some more shopping. Sunday should be back to normal. The Sunday School is supposed to be back to the regular classes so my kids won’t need to go to the baby room any more. They acted like babies in the baby room – which I’m sure was a pain for the teachers, though they never complained. Hopefully they will act as they should (and are capable of) when they join the pre-K or whatever. If I get a little time over the weekend, I need to do some organizing, e.g., clear out clothes, toys, and books that are too small/young, put away the fall clothes I’ve bought, replace my broken CD player with the new one I just bought, assemble and fill up the CD holder I just bought, etc. Oh, by the way, is it Grandparents’ Day this weekend? I have some stuff for my parents, but I don’t know if we’ll make it over there. It isn’t a holiday we normally celebrate. I could send stuff home with my sister if we don’t make it over there.

    Last Saturday was super busy, but Sunday – Monday were pretty relaxed. We just hung out together and it was really nice. The girls seemed so happy to just veg on the patio with Mama on Monday morning. I introduced them to sewing, which was a hit. I wish I could be a morning person and do a little more with the girls before school every day.

    Next Monday is Miss A’s first “vision therapy” session, so I’ll be interested to see how that goes.

    • SKL says:

      LOL, scratch all that! Today we’re going to dinner, tomorrow the Indian thing and maybe grandparents’ house after that, then a normal Sunday. Of course I’m working both days – that goes without saying. But Saturday is usually a bit lighter than most other work days.

      • SKL says:

        OK, so after dinner we tried to get to the theater for a free dance show, but it was over when we got there. Since we had paid $10 x 2 cars to park, we didn’t want it to be for nothing. So we tried to go to a party with a live band on the nearby square, but they wanted $25 per person. No way! We hung around nearby and enjoyed the music and Miss A danced her little butt off. Then we went to Starbucks and I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Then someone got the idea to go for a ride on the city bus, LOL. So that’s what we did. We got off at the big hospital area and rode back. Did some people-watching and all that. It was my kids’ first time on a public city bus. It was actually kinda fun. So yeah, we know how to have a good time around here!

  4. Ellen says:

    This weekend, I have to work both days. It will be okay. I prefer to stay home and go hiking or so, but as long as I work for the hospital, these activities will be rare 😦 Dan will have tons of things to do for Ruysdeal Design, so he will not get bored 🙂 I hope you all will have a great weekend.

  5. shanef says:

    So much for the Vikings winning 😦 I hate the Saints. Well I work Friday, I don’t have to work but need the $$$. Sat. and Sun. I don’t have anything planned.

  6. Laura says:

    Well. Tomorrow, Sept. 11, is a bittersweet day for me. On one hand, it’s the anniversary of the most incredible, joyous day of my life. It’s Josh’s 7th birthday, and we intend to celebrate like crazy with him.

    But it’s also 9/11, so I’m always weepy about that. It’s getting close to time when Josh will start making the connections between the fact that it’s his birthday and also the anniversary of that attack, which still remains so fresh. When it’s time, I intend to frame in in a “new beginnings” kind of way. Yeah, this horrible thing happened on that day, but what else happened, two years later, nearly to the minute? He was born. And life is renewed with the birth of a child.

    We’ll also be crazy-busy for the first part of tomorrow. It’s his first “duty” as a Tiger Cub, and my first as Den Leader (not sure how THAT happened!)… we have a Service Project to attend: cleaning up the football field after tonight’s game. And then, if we can make it, immediately following that, and across town, is the annual Punt, Pass and Kick contest, which Josh is all fired up about. He *really* wants to do that, so we’ll be cleaning really really really fast to see if we can get over there. Wish me luck.

    Somewhere in there, we will open presents, sing silly songs, and I’ll pick up an Ice Cream Cake for him. He’s getting THREE birthday celebrations, at least: one today at school (with homemade Lego Cupcakes), tomorrow with us, and then in two weekends, when he has his “kid birthday party”, which I think his grandparents are also attending. September is going to be crazy, and it starts today, with the delivery of his new Big Boy Bed. My little man is growing up TOO FAST!!!

  7. Nikki says:

    Well, the Vikings… disappointed as I am, I am still very excited for this season. It’s only game one, and people are acting like the season is in the drain already. How annoying is that?! We had a friend over for the game, ate some dip and chips, and meat and cheese…the good party snacks! 🙂 Bailey actually sat and watch the game, we let him stay up till 10. I was nervous this morning to see how he’d do on his own getting ready. I told him, he’s in 5th grade now, there is no reason he can’t get up, eat, get dressed and be ready for school without me hounding him. When I got up, he was all ready to go! 🙂

    Plans for the weekend? Saturday Jason will be golfing with his brother, dad and uncle. So Bailey and I will have a day to ourselves. Hoping it nice so we can get some more yard work done. If not, I have some movies from Netflix coming. We’ve had baseball practice 4 days a week, so I am looking forward to day off. Then Sunday is the big day. Our first game, and we’ll see if all this practice has payed off.

    Other than that, not much else is going on. School, trying to get back in to the swing of that! I was supposed to have an entire week off next week, but now it’s down to 3 days off. Which is still fine, that gives me a day to go out to Joys and help her in the yard, then two days of whatever I want. It will be weird though, I am very rarely alone. I’m sure I’ll be quite fine! 😉

    • Laura says:

      Oh, I am SO with you on the First Game thing. It makes me SO mad when I watch early in the season and the Bears lose a game (yeah, I know, it’s a regular thing), and suddenly, these “die hard fans” are all, “oh, well. There goes the season. I’m not watching this anymore.” And then they leave the room, or worse, change the channel halfway through the game! Where’s the team spirit? You call yourselves a fan??? HAH!

      Our first game is Sunday at Noon, against the Lions. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    • SKL says:

      That’s great that Bailey has become so independent and responsible! I can’t help looking forward to the day my kids get themselves ready in the morning. They can do each and every part of it right down to tying their shoes (well, E can tie them), but getting them to do it before we’re late to school is another issue!

      This morning was a bit of milestone for us. Miss E brought me a book and we sat there and read it together – actually read together. As in, Miss E read at least half of the words. I think she surprised herself! She was so tickled! Miss A was a bit quiet about it though. I hope it won’t be “too” long before she is able to do the same.

      • Nikki says:

        Whoohoo!!! I remember being quite taken back when Bailey started reading. Good for Miss E! That is quite the milestone…new stuff for the baby book! 🙂 I always forgot to write stuff like that down. I planned on documenting every “first” and it just didn’t work out that way! LOL
        And Miss A will be right behind her. All kids learn at their own pace.

        • SKL says:

          I have never been great at documenting. I used to keep a list of my kids’ “words,” but that was more because as international adoptees, they were on a different curve than most kids.

          I always just assume I’m going to remember the “big things.” Not to the day, but more or less. When I used to ask my mom about my milestones, she’d say “I had so many kids by then, I don’t remember, but I know it wasn’t later than __.” She remembers a few things based on what else was going on, like when my sister was born.

          I guess it doesn’t really matter, unless the info is needed for diagnostic purposes. I had to fill out a 6-page questionnaire for my kid’s vision therapy screening and I had to answer “don’t know” to a lot of it, because I have almost no info from before her 1st birthday. Oh well, we’ll get by!

  8. Joy says:

    I hate it too when people act like it’s the end of the world if we lose a game. There was so dang much hype to this one. I’m glad it’s over and now we can play the game. I hate the Saints too. There are just “those” teams I can’t get past. I also picked the Bears to win on Sunday. I picked them to win on the pick the winner board and the King Of The Hill board. So, my fingers are crossed.

    Like Nikki said, the guys are in the last golf tournament tomorrow. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I think I’m going to the swappers meet in the morning. It won’t be so huge tomorrow and then I may go grocery shopping. I’m just not sure. I also may start chopping the leaves off the lily’s, iris’s and hosta’s. Hopefully Sue and Jenny can come one day next week too when Nikki comes so we can split these up. I have WAY too many. So girls, what day works best? The only day that won’t is Thurs. That’s when the cleaning lady comes and I’d rather do it another day. Sue is off Tues, what about that day??

    I just feel so blah-sy today. I think I’ll go shower and see if I can shake this odd feeling I have. Have a great weekend everyone.

  9. DM says:

    love the new header! I (DM) am painting signs right now to go with our roadside stand. My goal is to have it operational by 6 AM tomorrow…talk to you later!

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