Question of the day

Name the make and model of your first car, and which car you secretly wanted instead.

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14 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jenny says:

    My 1st car was a Ford Probe… I guess I didn’t really care what I got as long as it looked good! & ran good I guess too 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    My first car was a 1986 Chevrolet Blazer, but I really liked driving my dad’s 1970 Pontiac Firebird for no other reason than it was FAST!!!!

  3. Sue says:

    My first car was a Mercury Marquis station wagon that was two toned green. It was the UGLIEST POS I could have seen and I would have been happy with anything else. That damn car lasted what seemed like forever! It’s nickname was the Green Hornet. Man, I’m going to have to find a picture of it for you guys!

    • Laura says:

      My parents had a Mercury Marquis!!! It was a sedan, and it was a maroonish-red. Dad hated that car. It was exceeded in it’s horribleness only by the Lime-Green Matador that they owned before that, which was a complete lemon and quickly earned the nickname “Alligator”.

  4. mssc54 says:

    1973 Cuda, right off the lot brand spankin new (candy apple red with black interior with matching race stripes down each side)

    • Jason says:

      Nice!!! I have an extreme love for classic cars.

      • mssc54 says:

        Jason that was a really hot car in every sense of the term.

        340, three speed that topped out at 127mph! I was in the Navy at the time and had just returned from and 11 month cruise aboard the JFK. Had tons of money saved up so I just went down and purchased it.

        I still “dream” about that car. And when I see on of the new ones on the road, I think “Wow, if only…”

  5. SKL says:

    Depends how you define “first car.” When I was in grad school, my roomie and I went halfers ($225 each) on a yellow 1977 Chevette. It was 13yo but I think it had lasted because it was yellow – nobody drove yellow cars in those days. You couldn’t unlock the driver’s side door and the radio had to be turned up pretty loud to drown out the annoying squeal it made. Once we had to get some emergency work done on it to get home in one piece, and we were told that the engine was going to break free and fall onto the road the next time we hit a big bump. Other than that, the car was perfect.

    My dad let me have his old battered Chevy Camaro for a while, but I never paid for it or took title. It was totaled by a jackknifing semi one icy Sunday morning.

    So the first car I actually bought on my own from a dealer was my 1993 Saturn SL1. I really liked that car a lot. Drove it for 10 years, and then I bought a Saturn Ion, which I am still driving. Too bad I will not have the opportunity to buy any more Saturns.

    Oh, the car I secretly wanted instead – I have always liked the look of Mazdas. Every time I’d see a pretty, sporty little car back in grad school, I’d check and it was always a Mazda.

  6. Vicki says:

    Mine was a 1976 lime green Challenger.

  7. Laura says:

    When I was in college, I needed a car to get to my School Observations (I was an Ed. major). I didn’t have very much money, but I’d been kind of sniffing around the want ads for something that I could get for maybe $400… and I got a call from my brother. He was buying himself a new car, and did I want his old one? It was a lightish blue 1980 Toyota Celica, stick shift. Wicked little car. Nice and sporty, but solid, too. It was back when cars still had some heft to them, and even though it was small, I didn’t feel like I was going to fly off of the road in a stiff wind.

    I totally LOVED that car, got a vanity plate that said JIM IOU 1, and drove it like crazy for the next several years, until I bought my first new car… SKL – it was a 1993 Saturn SC1!! Purple. Those were awesome cars, and I agree with you. Such a waste that Saturn was dumped.

    The car I wanted? Hmmm…. hard to say. I think at that point, it was probably a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve always wanted a Jeep.

  8. Just a Mom says:

    I bought my 1st car with my own money when I was 16 which should explain alot! It was a 1970 Plymouth Satelitte that was a rust orange with these huge Sun decals on it. I paid $300 for it and my friends called it the Mexican Sundance.
    I really wanted a Mustang of any type!

  9. Joy says:

    I didn’t start driving until I was in my 20’s so when I did get my very first car that was all my own, it was a Toronado and I LOVED it. It belonged to my dad’s boss and it had all the bells and whistles and that thing had front wheel drive and was like a tank. But at the age when most kids get their first car, I would have wanted one of those Gremilns. I thought they were the neatest car. Now I’d want an old restored Mustang.

  10. lucy says:

    My first car was a red dodge neon.. could have been better ..could have been worse. I REALLY wanted and Audi or a VW Jetta…. but they were both way out of my price range.

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