Happy Friday All. So how’s your week been? We’ve had a strange week here weather wise. It rained all day yesterday (Thurs) and the ground is saturated. It’s the kind of weather that’s chilly but humid so I haven’t really felt that well. But I wouldn’t be out in the rain anyway so it’s not like how I felt shut in on a really nice sunny day.

I’m not really sure what our weekend plans are. My brother might come out. He got new golf clubs and wants to try them out “one more time” before winter. It’s hard to say how many more golf days there are. It’s also member appreciation day at the golf course on Sunday and they give us a fee lunch so I may go with them and drive the cart. It all depends on the weather.

I talked to Sue today too and we talked about our redoing our living room so I have to get back on that and get the room emptied out. I have a really good start but kind of stalled. She offered to help but some of the emptying and packing away I need to do. Some of the stuff in my china closet I don’t really even want anymore so it looks like an easier chore than it is but once I start it won’t take me very long.


So, what’s your mind? What did you do all week and do you have any weekend plans?

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18 Responses to TGIF

  1. Sue says:

    I was wondering about the living room b/c you had said a long time ago Paul got the safe cleaned out, but nothing’s happened! We still don’t know what we’re doing this weekend. Lots of things have been talked about but nothing has been decided.

  2. Tasneem R says:

    Well yes I’ve planned something for this weekend . Will do some shopping and will hang out with friends , will go for lunch etc . It will be loads of fun this weekend !
    Holidays are Fun!

  3. Ellen says:

    We did not much more than laying in bed, and getting better of the flu. That was a big bummer. This weekend, we’re not sure yet. Would love to go hiking, but I am not sure that is smart to do already. We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

  4. Laura says:

    crazy week around here. Tomorrow is Josh’s “friend birthday”, so I’m going to have 15 first-graders running around here… and it’s supposed to rain! Gak!! I’m putting together indoor games, and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays dry and I can throw them out into the front pasture to play some kickball and run off the sugar high that I plan to give them.

    I plan to sleep all day Monday. These last couple of weeks have simply been non-stop. It’s been crazy. I also have to catch up on my post-writing. A couple of weeks ago, I was all gangbusters, and filled up the queue, but I think we’ve pretty much used all of them up. I’ve got some bopping around in my head, it’s just a matter of finding an hour of time to put them into words. Hopefully, I can get to that this weekend, too.

    Bears play Green Bay Monday night… We received a massive gift from the Lions two weeks ago, and last week we got some good breaks. I think this week, they’re going to have to bring more than their A Game to win. But we’ll see.

    • Joy says:

      You do know what I’ve been saving for the Bears/Green Bay game don’t you??? LMAO!!!

    • Joy says:

      Have a great party and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t rain for you. I’m planning on doing some writing this weekend so don’t worry. We’ll be fine. My brother isn’t coming. The weather is just too wishy washy and if it’s raining, there’s nothing to do. If it’s cold we can still do stuff but there’s nothing to do here if it rains so I’ll do some writing,

      Have a great time.

  5. Nikki says:

    I am so surprised ( I’m am knocking on wood as I type) that no one in this house has gotten a cold! With the drastic weather changes and school starting back, I thought it’d be a for sure thing. This may be the 1st September EVER that someone isn’t sick! I should knock really hard for that one!

    I had an okay week. Did a lot of Fall cleaning. Closets cleaned out, I rearranged my living room yesterday. Thinking about getting my Fall decorations out today!

    Bailey got his first tests back this week. We are very proud of him, he studied hard for them. He got an A on both his Math and History tests, and an A+ on his spelling test! 🙂

    My mom is taking him out to dinner and a movie tonight, so Jason and I are going out to dinner too. It isn’t very often, if at all, that we get to go out just the two of us. Not that I don’t like having Bailey with us 24/7….but alone time is always nice! Saturday the boys have practice, and they have two games on Sunday. Wish ’em luck!!!!

    • Joy says:

      I hope you didn’t jinx yourself with the cold thing!! LOL!! I don’t have a “cold” per say but I’m talking like a frog. I have literally no voice. I’m not even sure it’s enjoyable for Paul because it’s not like it’s silent, just froggy. I’m not sure what’s going on. My throat feels scratchy but nothing like I feel before I get a cold. I think I need some egg drop soup from the Annandale Chinese restaurant. Well, there you go, I think that’s our supper.

      What movie is The Boy going to see and where are you going for dinner?

      • Nikki says:

        I don’t know what movie they are going to see. I am hoping to go to that Mexican place over by the Chinese Buffet. I’ve only been there once, and it was the most authentic Mexican I have ever had. Plus, I hear they have the best Margaritas in town!

        Bailey and Jason have both had the itchy throat this past week, but nothing came of it! Are you drinking tea with honey?

        • Joy says:

          I haven’t had any tea but after this comment, I’m off for the chair with a mug of Lipton chicken noodle. It’s my “not feeling up to par” comfort food.

  6. Jenny says:

    Not a lot going on this weekend I don’t think. Jason finished his quarter of school yesterday. So he’ll have a week off before he starts again. His b-day is next Sunday Oct. 3rd so I need to go shopping. No idea what to get!! Hunter’s halloween costume came on Thursday. He was so excited to see the Thomas costume. It was cute 😀 Nothing else is exciting! This weather makes me tired and blah….

    • Joy says:

      Oct 3 hey……good to know ahead of time. It is awfully bleak outside isn’t it? One of my bird poles fell down yesterday. The ground was too saturated to hold it up and I’ve had it 5 years and it’s never fallen. Today I’ve lost two bird feeders too. One of them I’m not sure if I can fix because nothing is made of “real” stuff anymore. *muttering under my breath* *STUPID PLASTIC* Duct tape might work. It’ll be another good day to work on the blog behind the scenes.

  7. starlaschat says:

    I’ll cross my fingers for your Vikings. I’m looking forward to Saturday watching our local college team the Grizzlies. There fun to watch. I’ve been sick all week with the crud Navar brought home from school. I guess we are initiated. I look forward to feeling less like a giant snot head and more like myself. It’s rainning here too, good soup weather. Your banner is really great simple but sublime. Driving the golf cart sounds fun, maybe I should take up golf cart driving.

  8. SKL says:

    Well, I had an interesting day yesterday. All was going great up until about 8pm when we had finished swimming and changed our clothes and went into the main locker room to wring out our suits and comb our hair. I was actually thinking what a good day it had been and how well I’d managed our time. Then Miss E decided to run toward the lockers and somehow managed to fall and hit her head on the bench. She busted open her forehead and it was immediately clear that she needed to go to the emergency room. Thankfully, three people with the rec center came in and helped with first aid. Those of you with kids know what this feels like, so I won’t get all dramatic about it. It was my first e-room experience as a mom, and I won’t mind if it’s my last. We got home at 2am with 6 stitches right in the middle of Miss F’s forehead. (F for Frankenstein.) However, thank God, it was only a flesh wound. The ex-rays were fine.

    So Miss E is sitting behind me watching The Secret Garden while her sister is at school. (Updated: didn’t like the Secret Garden, now it’s The Sound of Music.)

    The other thing I did this week was, I quit another obnoxious website. And I think this time it will mean less internet foolishness for me, not just switching to a different site. One of their bloggers got ticked at an “anonymous” commenter’s comment and started the “I know who you are” stuff, and I protested that I didn’t consider that ethical. The blogger said she felt it was perfectly fine to “out” anonymous commenters if they don’t like their tone. This incident was in addition to the one I mentioned about a week ago with a blogger some of us know. Apparently these are the new internet ethics. So I decided I don’t want to be involved in that kind of world any more. I’ll hang around sites where I have more in common with folks. And I’ll get a lot more work done.

    Funny thing, the other day, I got an email from someone on “that other site” asking me to contribute on certain things (answering some questions when they want different opinions). I politely declined.

    Let’s see, what else? Not much that I can think of. The usual grind. The girls’ swim lessons start again tomorrow, and Miss E will have to miss the first class. But she is doing great, so she can afford to miss one. I can’t think of much else (unusual) that we have to look forward to in the next week. Well, I do need to come up with something for Miss A’s birthday. The only things I’ve thought of are some cool weather dresses and a jump rope. Time to get serious!

    Well, gotta go, my kid wants a story . . . .

  9. Just a Mom says:

    I have had a busy but pretty good week. I have been playing major taxi cab driver between both of my girls. I got a raise at work after just 7 months and I will be getting another one at the end of the year. They have added a few things to my plate but it’s all good stuff! I love the people I work for!
    Tomorrow we are going to go see about putting my youngest daughter in scouts and then we are going to the High School football game. It’s Senior night and since my oldest is a Senior it should be fun! Sunday we have a family get together with my in-laws and hopefully I will get to watch the Cowboys Vs Texans game. It is has been a lonely week being a Cowboy fan here in Houston!

  10. lucy says:

    It sounds like you all have had busy weeks and a busy weekend ahead. I’m up in my neck with work so I will probably just continue with work throughout the weekend. I do have to run some errands and do some shopping.

    Have a good weekend!

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