Sesame Street a “no go” for Katy Perry

When I was watching Good Morning America one day last week I hadn’t heard this story about Katy Perry being on Sesame Street never mind they weren’t going to air it. Parent’s called in and complained that Sesame Street was dependable. That we can put our kids in front of the TV for that show and run take a shower. We can depend that it’s for our kids. We can count on the fact that it will ALWAYS be appropriate. So they released this statement:

“in light of the feedback we’ve received…….we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street.”

I read the blogs and people were very divided on the whole brouhaha. Some people said things like “get a life,” and “her dress wasn’t “that” bad” and “you see a lot worse.”  Then there were the “I count on this time to shower” or “I don’t have to sit right there and monitor the tv and I can do other chores.”

I was thinking about this one day about a month ago. Christopher (6 years old) was here with me for a while in the evening. I had on one of my soaps that I DVR’d earlier in the week and he was on the computer so I turned it on. It was an  episode of All My Children and one of the main characters called someone a son of a bitch. I turned it off and watched it later but you know what? That program is on at noon every single day. I later noticed they now say shit and bastard too.

So, do we really need anyone singing and dancing on Sesame Street like it’s MTV? Do we really need anything inappropriate on this show to begin with? I didn’t find the dress offensive but I didn’t care for the part where Emo’s running around her knees and it would appear,when he looked up, he could see up her dress. I just don’t feel it necessary for Sesame Street. Also, for the people who say “there’s worse.” To them I say “we trust and count on Sesame Street to be appropriate for our young audience.”

Jason used to just love Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street would follow. I’d lay Toby down for his nap after lunch and turn on these two shows for Jason and I could bathe or prepare supper or even sit down and read and KNOW what he was going to see was going to be okay for his age. I do however feel Sesame Street shouldn’t have let her wear this dress to begin with. In fairness to her, she showed up and did what she thought she was supposed to do. I think they should have manned up and told her to dress appropriately for the under 5 crowd.

This is how I feel. There are so few shows for toddlers that aren’t either a cartoon or irritating to no end. Tweens have their shows and then you have the cartoons but this is a good, stable “quiet time” show for little kids.

I mean really, does a toddler really need to see stuff like this? Doesn’t this all come soon enough as it is? We can’t change time and we can’t go back and undo some of the crap on TV but at least when our kids are watching Sesame Street, we know that we won’t have to explain “if you have an erection for more than 4 hours, see your physician.” It’s somewhat sacred.

How do you feel about this? Am I just getting old? I guess I feel kids grow up too soon as it is and some things, like Sesame Street shouldn’t change no matter how much the world is going down the crapper. Do you think TV in general goes too far sometimes?

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24 Responses to Sesame Street a “no go” for Katy Perry

  1. mssc54 says:

    I think everything is becoming sexualized. There has to be a “safe zone” somewhere. Call me Mr. Prude but I for one am glad they are holding to a higher standard.

  2. Sue says:

    Ok, I didn’t get to see the whole clip! First off, it was ugly and second, it was a little small for the 5 and under crowd. I liked Sesame Street and loved Mr Rogers and it’s nice to know that there are some shows that are still appropriate for little ones. Even some of the cartoons that claim to be for kids are not ok! If Katy wanted to play, then she should have dressed appropriately!

  3. SKL says:

    I did hear about this controversy. I don’t like the dress but to be honest, a wee kid isn’t going to notice the cleavage. But the kids who are a little older – say, early elementary – who may watch with the wee kids – they may notice. I recall when I still had the body of a child but knew enough about the sexualized body parts to be embarrassed by media that showed them off – including cleavage. Another point that was made was that this woman’s usual entertainment style isn’t wholesome and we shouldn’t be pushing her as an “accepted” entertainer on Sesame Street. I don’t know anything about her, but if she’s making music I wouldn’t let an older kid listen to (or that I wouldn’t listen to), why would I want them looking up to her when they are little?

    I don’t like Sesame Street these days at all. It’s loud and obnoxious, and I don’t feel that kind of stimulation is beneficial to kids. My kids never really watched it, and they seem to be OK despite the deprivation.

    The whole topic of what passes for acceptable family TV could be its own discussion. When we were in the ER last week, they put a TV in front of my kid while she waited for hours to be cared for. We surfed the channels and even when I landed on show archives with kid actors from the usual “family” hours of TV, I either had to change the channel or pray that my kid wasn’t old enough to get what they were talking about. Like the little brother asking the teen sister, “are you having sex? I hope you are using birth control.” (And that is supposed to be just hilarious.) Since I haven’t watched TV myself in years, this reminded me of why I’m so careful to keep my kids away from the boob toob most of the time. But, it’s sad that it has to be that way. I mean, who really needs to see that stuff day in and day out? A tween? A teen? An adult? Whose life is enriched by that?

    Oh, and my kid just asked me today (trying to be funny, with hand movements etc.): “when is my frickin birthday gonna come?” Me: “Your what birthday?” She: “My FRICKIN birthday. Heh heh.” She doesn’t know “frickin” is a “bad word,” but why does she think that is an adjective for “birthday” in the first place?

  4. Ellen says:

    I agree with you and you are no getting “old”. You just want to keep your values and standards. I do not watch Sesame Street but from your post, I can see where it is going and it is very sad, the writers are forgetting, little children do not need these kind of elements in THEIR TV show. The show is for the little ones and let them please allow to stay little for some time.

  5. shanef says:

    I watched the whole clip and it’s not really that bad, but it’s not suitable for little kids. It seems like everything on tv has went in the wrong direction. I used to love MTV but now there’s only a couple of shows I like and there music video’s are very ghetto and trashy. What happened to shows like Andy Griffith?

    • Joy says:

      I know Shane, her dress wasn’t “that” bad. But that still seems wrong that they’d try to put it on. I’m glad the parents stood up and were counted.

  6. Laura says:

    I’ve deliberately avoided watching the Katy Perry SS video. It’s been all over the parenting boards, and at first, I didn’t have time, but now, it’s a personal protest. Katy and Sesame Street are absolutely *basking* in the glow of this “controversy”. Nobody knew who KP was last week, and nobody cared about SS. Now? She and her chest are heading to #1 with a bullet. The whole thing is pathetic.

    Now, what do I think of her clothing? Ridiculous. She should have known better, and if she didn’t, the producer or director on the set… heck, the guy that plugs in the camera!! Should have noticed the clothing and said something. No, maybe it’s not “overtly” sexual – she didn’t rip her bodice or flip them out on the table – but at the same time, just… eew. And yeah, I know that kids see at least this much at the pool/beach, or when they walk in on mommy getting dressed, but they can put that into context, can’t they? “This kind of clothing is appropriate only when you go swimming/when you’re wearing it under your other clothes.”

    The whole thing just ticks me off. The lines are so blurred, and those of us who try to stand up for decency and modesty are laughed at and called “prudes”. But then THEY wonder why girls are getting pregnant earlier and earlier. Here’s a hint, people… it’s not because the school didn’t give them a condom.

    Geez, I’m ranting. I’ll shut up now.

  7. Nikki says:

    If anyone knows who Katy Perry is, they know what she brings to the table. I’m sorry but I can’t blame HER on this one. SS should have never asked her to be on there. I’m pretty sure they researched her, and knew what she was about. She is a sexual being, inappropriate for children. She doesn’t even have kids! Why the hell was she EVER picked to be on Sesame Street?! I blame SS, not Katy Perry. She was asked to do something, she came and did her part. I am a fan of hers, but I also know I wouldn’t have her on a children’s show!

    • lucy says:

      I TOTALLY agree with you!! Come on.. the girl’s engaged to Russell Brand and sings a song about California girls and kissing girls… you would think that SS would be smarter than that!!

  8. starlaschat says:

    I have noticed more cussing on TV. Just the other night watching the Amazing Race a few Son of Bitches slipped out they use to bleep that and a of few other words. I think the rules may be changing. As far as Seasame Street I didn’t think the clip was too bad, but I do think that Seasame Street should be a safe and innocent place for kids to tune in. Childhood these days is painfully short so I think to keep things sweet for them if at all possiable is the least people can do for them.
    I like your banner beautiful Fall picture. I was just thinking yesterday about taking a drive and taking a picture of the Larch Trees, maybe I’ll do that in the next couple of days.

    • Sue says:

      Yes, Starla, I’ve noticed that about TV too. The first night of Dancing With the Stars and Hasselhoff dances to “Sex Bomb”. (I think it was him) There sit myself and my 2 kids listening to the singers repeat “Sex bomb, sex bomb, she’s a sex bomb”. It didn’t get over fast enough for me! And thankfully neither of them asked me what a sex bomb was!

  9. Nikki says:

    I may be out numbered here, but oh well!
    In my opinion, if kids never hear the bad, or see the bad in this world they never learn how to react to it. I don’t filter as much as some parents, my son hears bad words, he sees violence on TV. And he knows he doesn’t speak or act that way. I use it as a learning tool. It’s out there, you can’t get away from it. I don’t want cussing on kids shows, but shows that are on in the evening that are directed more towards adults, I don’t really care if he hears the word shit, crap or son of a bitch, or sex bomb. I would hope he would ask me, then he’d know what it meant and know not to say it. But that’s just us, and it has worked for us very well. It may not for everyone.

    • Nikki says:

      And I’m not saying I welcome it, I don’t. I just don’t shelter him from ALL of it.

    • Joy says:

      The thing is though Nikki, even if it’s “okay” with you if Bailey hears things like this while you’re with him, that’s one thing but I’d be really embarrassed if it were me that was with him. You know? I also feel the under 6 crowd is way different than the Tweenish age group. I feel Sesame Street is for toddlers and I don’t think you should have to explain things to them. I think at times life is going too fast. It used to be if you wanted to let your kids watch certain things, you had a choice. Now things on at 7 embarrass me sometimes in front of the kids. I’m not their parent. I feel those shows are on way too early. I was watching Big Bang Theory last week and I LOVE that show but it made me blush a few times. The sexual connotations were blatantly obvious and it’s on at 7. I don’t think there should be censorship, I just wish they could wait till 9 to put some of these on.

      Lucy and Ricky couldn’t even sleep in the same bed and now look.

      • Nikki says:

        Right. I may feel different when it’s my grandchildren. I was just stating my opinion on my child. I said in my first comment, that I don’t think kids shows should ever go that far, they shouldn’t cuss, or have people like Katy Perry on them.

        Shows that start at 7, I guess you have to use your own best judgement, and as our philosophy may not be the most popular one, it has worked for us.

  10. Joy says:

    Okay. I’ll admit. I don’t like Katy Perry. I don’t like Lady Gaga either. The are both just too weird for me. I heard a Katy Perry song the other day and thought it was Justin Bieber. It was the dumbest song. I’m pretty broadminded when it comes to music. I like most music a lot of people my age wouldn’t like but I don’t like people who put on “acts” like she does. She acts dumb and I think that image is wrong to show young impressionable kids. I think we should focus on smart more than beauty where kids are concerned.

    I don’t know when the song I kissed A Girl And I Liked it came out but Trinity was still pretty young and when she was singing along to that song, I almost wanted to throw up in my mouth. I’ve never like her since and I can’t stand Russell Brand. I know that may not make sense but I can’t help it.

    I really don’t blame her for this though. Like Nikki said, her image was out there for anyone to see so why in the world would they pick her?

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t think my words out coming out right across the internet. LOL I am not OKAY with it, if I could banish every swear word from this world I would. If I could stop all violence and nudity and sexual content from TV and the outside world, I would. That would be a perfect world to raise your kids!!! But I can’t, I have just chosen to use it has a learning tool for the real world. I don’t make him watch it, or hear it…it just happens. Am I making any sense at all?!

      • Joy says:

        Yes. You are making sense. I understand what you mean.

      • SKL says:

        I understand that kids need to see what the “real world” is to some degree, in an age-appropriate manner. But what is seen on TV really doesn’t fairly reflect the real world. And, little kids don’t realize this. For example, the average American household in most communities is still relatively conservative. The parents may swear, but they don’t permit the kids to swear. 9-year-old boys don’t ask their teen sisters about their sex lives, as if they were asking what’s for dinner. Parents want their kids to know about the miracle of life, but both parents and kids want sexual experiences to happen only after the kids are mature enough to deal with the emotional, physical, and financial consequences – which for most of us means NOT in middle school! Yes, there are some things that happen in real life that don’t fit that description, but on TV, those undesireable things are made to look commonplace, OK, and even desireable.

        While I have been known to fire off the “F” word in front of my kids, they also know I’m not proud of it, and I don’t accept it as part of everyday speech. If they view casual swearing on TV, it just looks like “ain’t I cool.” Now I could sit next to them and give my commentary while they watch, but can you just imagine my steady stream of complaints, preaching, etc.? Besides, there are things I’d rather not draw attention to. So for now, the TV stays off.

        I used to enjoy watching “Ugly Betty” as a break from my long work hours. It’s full of stuff I wouldn’t want around me, but I’m an adult and I can watch it on a screen. However, I hope to God that my kids never see that show until they are at least in their mid-teens, and then only if they are mature enough to filter a lot of nonsense.

  11. SKL says:

    Oops, did another long comment get lost in cyberspace?

  12. Middle Man says:

    I think this is an, unfortunately, typical over-reaction from a section of the American society that feels it has the monopoly on morals. You might also enjoy this:

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